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Blank screens halfway through boot and before XP setup? Hopeless?

Blank screen when i start up?

Blank black screen after Xp splash page on boot - new install

Blank Screen (?)

Blank screen/freezing in Windows 7

Blank screen when booting?

Blank scren once games loaded

Blank black screen at startup up? help

blank screen when logging in?

Blank Screen / My Fault

Blank scrren when i log in my user accaunt

Blank screen on WXP login

black screen after "starting Windows" installing windows 7

blank screen on reboot for Check Disk task

Blank screen on start up - possible virus?

Blank screen when turning on computer

Blank screen after update

Black screen after safe boot

Blank Screen With All Games

blank screen after windows xp loading screen

Blank Screen Problem

Blank Screen in Flash Presentation

Blank/black screen and beeps

Blank screen after first installation reboot

Blank screen appears on playing old PC game but audio works

Black screen for all full screen games

Blank Screen at account/profile page

Blank screen lock-up when running cdrom game

Black Screen [video card problem]

black screen on acer aspire 5335

Blank screen with mouse icon

Black Screen of Death on Startup

Blank Screen When Starting Windows

Black Screen on PC

blank screen with pointer

Blank screen with cursor

Blank screen with pointer? Can someone please help?

Blank LCD screen

Black screen with movable cursor problem!

Blank screen when booting (XP)

Blank screen when coming out of hibernation

Blank Screen after Boot

Black screen upon boot

Blank screen when I enable my display drivers

Black Screen on eMachine

Black Start Up Screen

blinking light left head corner of screen

BLANK After Loading .

Blank screen at startup

Blank screen after startup even in safemode

Blank screen after Windows loading screen

Blank Screen when installing Nvidia Driver

Blank screen when logging into windows

blanks screen

blotchy black login screen

Blinking Cursor of Death

black screen with curser.

Blue & Black Desktop Virus

Blue or Black screen problem

Blank screen on boot up

Blue Screen + Complete Blackout

Blue Screen / /Black screen

Blue screen of death now just black screen.

Blue Screen Then Black Screen

Boot fine - Screen goes blank periodically then into safe mode

Boot up prblm - black logon screen

Boot issue - black screen after safe and normal mode selection.

boot up mouse pointer

Boot to Black Screen with some Text

Boot to black screen.only sometimes?

Booting up only until mouse cursor appears -- nothing else.

Booting up problem - cursor

Booting with black screen

Brand new monitor goes blank when running 3d apps at high res

Boots to black screen with curser.

Brand New AMD not working

Brand New HP dv6t-2300 black screen

Bootcamp Windows 7 Black Screen Before Login

Booting to a blank display

BSOD after Vista upgrade! Rollin' Rog Please Help!

BSoD and black screen with cursor help

BSOD when Video or recorded webinars are played

BSODs and Black screens

BSOD then black screen

Build Trouble - blank screen >.<

Building a PC but after first start get no img on screen

Built comp-black screen

Built new computer - black screen

C Drive Full - Laptop only comes on to brand name then sits on black screen with dash

Camera will not show picture on screen

can not log on black screen

Can not see BIOS

Can only see my curser but no desktop

Cannot Boot/Go into Desktop (Black Screen)

Cant access windows.Black Screen

Cant boot at all. Blinking white dash on black screen?

Can't boot to windows black screen with cursor

Can't Boot Laptop After Vista SP1 Installation

Can't get past OS black Screen to Windows XP-Virus!

Can't get windows to install and now have a black screen when pc is turned on !?

Can't get to Safe Mode; Stuck on Vista Home Premium screen

Can't Login to Vista - Blank screen with mouse

Can't load window welcome screen! stuck at dark blank screen

Cant see BIOS/bootup screen

Can't run video capture device

Can't see images on the screen

CD Cursor Logo

changed BIOS settings - computer screen blank?

checking for viruses and black out screen

Check Disk Black Screen at Startup on Vista

checking hardware then goes to black screen

Clicking on hyupertext yields blank screen

Comp Screen turns blank during WoW

compact presario cq61 black screen

Compaq CQ56 has black screen. won't boot. please help!

Compaq presario boots with no display

Compaq Presario F756NR boots but no screen

Compaq Presario 1685 Display Problem

Compaq FP700 monitor dark

Compaq Pressario A900 Blank screen

compaw presario monitor problems

Compaq Presario V5000 stuck on black screen

Completely blank screen

Computer blue screens/Black screen/Locks up during gaming

Computer Boots To A Black Screen

Computer - Black Screen of NO HOPE!

Computer boots to blank screen!

Computer crashing (black screen)

Computer Crashes to blank screen (games)

Computer Crashing into A black Screen! Please HELP!

Computer crashing: Black screen and looping sound

computer completely killed by "system fix"

Computer dead after Vista update

Computer Freezes at Black Screen

Computer freezing and going blank

Computer Freeze then Black Screen

Computer goes to Mfg screen then nothing

Computer has a black screen after Windows Logo

Computer hangs at black screen on startup.

Computer has a Black screen cannot fix it!

Computer is booting to a black screen?

Computer keeps on restarting at logo screen after deleting trojans

Computer reboots to blank screen

Computer Screen Crashing

computer screen wen't blank

Computer screen blank

Computer Screen Blank/Black

Computer screen goes black when trying to start Windows

Computer shuts off randomly - Black screen

computer sleep mode/black screen

Computer stuck on black screen (blinking /) Bad CD Drive?

Computer stuck on black screen with cursor

Computer stuck on blank screen!

Computer Starts With Windows XP Then Goes Blank With White Dash

Computer won't boot + black screen

Computer won't get past black screen after showing PC brand logo.

computer wont start up and gets stuck with black screen

Computer/Monitor Shut Down After Boot

Computer will not start -- can only see the mouse cursor

Constant Black Screen during boot-up - Computer won't work.

Counter-strike screen problem

Crash followed by black screen with blinking cursor fiollowed by unable to detect hd

Crash after Windows Loading Screen

Crashing and black screens

Crash to black screen when gaming only

Crashing to black screen or freezing pc

CQ60 Blank White Screen

crash/reset problem with every game.

Cpu will not boot up.Blank Screen

cursor freezes in world of warcraft trial

Cursor problems in Vista basic home

cs:s and hl2 crash prob with looping sound

Cursor screen appears at bootup if printer is plugged in

ctrl alt delete blue screen task manager

Crossfire Display Issue

Cursor just dies!

Dark Screen At Startup

Dark screen on Compaq laptop

Dark Hiya PC Monitor

Dark Screen when starting up Windows

Damsel in Distress-Black Screen of Doom is about to go flying out the Window :)

Dark-Black screen

dark screen

Dead screen after Vista SP 1 update

Death By R9 290x?

Dell 600m laptop has black screen

Dell Dies during startup

Dell Dim 8400 Screen Goes Black after Dell Logo

Dell Inspirion 15 Black Screen No Mouse

Dell Inspiron 1501-Black Screen after Welcome message at startup


Dell Inspiron 1545 Blinking Cursor problem

Dell Laptop--Windows XP SP2-turns on but won't run nothing on screen

Dell laptop attacked and won't boot up

Dell Insprion 6000 black screen

Dell Optiplex 210L Black Screen Blinking Cursor

Dell Vostro 1500 - Blinking Cursor Issue (Yes

DellXPS Black Screen

Desktop background Color changes back to blue on restart

Dell Inspiron Vista Black Screen!

desktop blank screen

Desktop black at first

Desktop just goes black

desktop screen black

Desktop Screen Goes Black After Startup

Digital monitor goes blank on startup

Disabled vga device = black screen

Display goes black after post

Display goes blank after Windows welcome screen in XP

Display is Black

Display is Blank at BIOS

Display goes black right after windows splash screen.

Distortion and black screen during games [Nvidia]

Divx and Black screen

Download window goes blank after download is complete

Driver loading turns monitor black

emachine start up problems

Emachines E627 Laptop screen issue

Emachine black screen after restore

Emachine troubles

Error loading > Blue screen > Blank screen

error caused by anti virus.?

Error Message Black Screen of Death

Everything's okay until I try to log in and there's a black screen.

explorer.exe error black screen

Fallout 3 Black Screen

flashing cursor on post.

Flashing underscore at startup

Flashing underscore before startup

Flashing underscore on black screen at startup

Flat screen monitor blank on start-up

Flashing Underscore

follow up to black screen

Frequent Unexpected Shutdowns / Black Screen-No Pwr / Repeat Patterns in Event Viewer

frequent background clicking and slowwww.hijackthislog attached.

Fresh installation XP black screen after last updates

From gaming to black screen = Windows Update?!?

Full screen blank 404 at startup

Fullscreen nonsense in Youtube after Flash-Firfox update

Full Black Screen when certain tasks happen

Fujitsu Laptop No Monitor Activity

Game Crashing first time then fine the next?!

Game blank but still can hear waaa

Games go blank then my system reboots

Games crashing black screen

Gateway NE71B screen stays Black!

Gateway Laptop goes black after Bios splash Screen

Gateway MT6840 blank screen

Getting a brief blank screen

getting black screen at corners of gaming window

Getting black screen on Windows XP

Getting Black Screen (After MS load screen) with active mouse; HELP!

GFX Card install = Black Screen

Goes to compaq screen

Google Maps Satellite images do not display in Firefox

GPU fan is on but screen is black.

Grafical Bugs followed by Blue screen

Graphical problems before windows loads

Graphics problem + Black screen of death!

Graphics Problem After System Standby

Graphics card turns off after windows has started

GTA goes to black screen when launching

gta iv black screen during game play

GTA IV: Little black screen at startup

H.264 and black screen

Hanging on black screen at start up

Hardware causing Low-level system Crash? Black Screen+Repeating Sound.

Hdmi boots but dies After Windows bootscreen

Help a Noob with no DESKTOP at STARTUP!

HELP : My Presario 1516 US laptop monitor is dead

help black screen

Help I have the black screen of death on my acer aspireone netbook

help laptop flashes cursor "thats it"

Help windows 10 black screen nothing is working ><

help with black screen

Help With blank screen

Help! Blank Screen

Help! Can't install screen with -

help! black screen crash

HELP! Computer boots to a black screen!

HELP! black screen wont go away! error message

HELP! I goofed and now I have a black screen

HELP! Hang on Black Screen During Shutdown & Freeze During Games

Help! Login screen is Black w/ white arrow and can't start except safe mode

Help! My laptop comes up with a black screen?

HELP! My Windows XP monitor just went black!

Help! I can't boot into Vista anymore!

Help! Newbie with black screen of death!

Help! Ram upgrade caused black screen

Help! Windows not starting/ black screen

HELP: Black Screen on Bootup.


How do I fix a black screen of death?

How do I get off this black screen?

how to fix black screen of wimdows 7 without cursor

How to fix the Windows Black Screen of Death

How to make Windows 7 get working (black screen with a cursor)?

how to wipe clean my dell when i get a blank screen at startup

HP A305W No Mouse at First Bootup

HP desktop powers up but flat screen gets nothing

HP 6820s Display Problem

HP Laptop Black Screen With Blinking Cursor

HP Laptop blue screen crash now black screen with blinking cursor

hp invent boots to a black screen with flashing curser

HP Laptop HD light and monitor/vid out not working

HP laptop running Vista.severely annoying network problems.

hp pavilion ze4500 monitor never comes on

HP pavillion dv2000 wont start

HP Pavillion screen but ca nsee with flashlight

HP Pavilion p6126f desktop restarting with blank screen

HP Pavilion s3220n Vista - Black Screen and More

hp screen is all i get on pc

HP zt3010us laptop blank screen

HUGE Problem please help. xp will not load just a black screen

Hyphen shown on screen while shutting down

I AM BLIND !HELP ! Black Screen .

I am getting a black screen everytime I turn on the computer. Help

I am getting a black screen. Why?

Huge Problem. Black screen THEN.

i can across widows vista black edtion

I get a black screen

I have a Black screen of death when I start it up.

I get a black screen after reboot?

I think i just got the Black Screen of Death

I used my a6763w Restore Disc now screen is black

I used my a6763w Restore Dics now screen is black

ibm think pad blackout problem

IBM Thinkpad T40 Freeze Then Black Screen

icons and screen blank out and reload win 8OS

IMB Thinkpad R31 - Black Screen & Lock HELP!

In WinXP @ sign in screen it goes black for a second.

Inspiron mini black screen with curser

Installed newest Video driver now i get blackscreen freeze!

Installing new harddrive causing monitor to not get signal

Installing video drivers (9800gx2); bluescreens

Instant black screen of death problem!

Intermittant Black Screen Problem

Intermittant Black Screen

intermittent black screen after new gfx card installation

Intermittent black screen

Is this the black screen of death?

iTunes isn't playing some of my videos

Just cursor

Just set up new system - blank screen

Just Splash Screen then Nothing w/new Drives

Keep getting a black screen PLEASE HELP

Keep Getting Blank Screen @ Startup.

KOTOR2 Blank Screen

KSOD - black screen after windows logo for a long time

laoding to black screen

Lappy Windows XP with SP2 - Black Screen

Laptop black screen when resuming from sleep mode.

Laptop boots but nothing but black screen

laptop boots to Black screen

Laptop Boots only to Mouse and Blank Screen

Laptop does not load after showing the boot screen

Laptop freezing and going to a black screen.

Laptop has black screen with no access to BIOS

laptop just blackscreen with curser

Laptop LCD Display Issue: Delay in Loading?

Laptop Not Booting - Goes to Black Screen With Underscore

Laptop only boots to black screen

Laptop powers up but boots to a black screen

Laptop Satellite L650 Black Screen/Overheating related problems

laptop screen blank(aspire5610)

Laptop screen screen at boot

Laptop screen dies after "Starting Windows"

Laptop Screen Flicks Blue Then Goes Black After XP Sign.

Laptop Screen is black until Windows Login Screen

Laptop starting up with black screen?

Laptop Stuck on black screen.

Laptop turns on then the "Lenovo" screen then blackens

Laptop Turns on Then Black Screen!

Laptop with black screen

Laptop won't start up past black screen with blinking "_"

Laptop won't start: black screen - lights flash on then off

LCD black screen

LCD black screen issues

LCD goes blank during XP reinstallation starts

lenovo flex 3 black screen

Lenovo t61 (old) black screen

Lenovo G405 laptop cannot start

Lenovo Z585 turns on but black screen

Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad - black screen

links producin black screen

Live Web-Cam Black Screen.

load up problem

Load up to windows logo and then black screen

Loading to a black screen

Locked to a black screen/Spyware

Log In Issues Black Screen w/mouse?

log of takes 5 mins

log off then black screen

LOG: dell boots to XP logo and then black screen

Login Problem (Black Screen)

logon screen after display turned off

Logon Screen doesn't come up after Nvidia Geforce installation

LogOn Screen remains black

Long delay from opening screen to Windows 7 startup screen

Long laptop start-up (black screen) after Loggin In.

Looping sound upon boot and black screen

Loosing video after I boot to a Cd

lose power on laptop within 5 seconds-black screen

m9040n Black screen nothing else?

MADDEN 2002 - exit leaves blank monitor

Main monitor loses signal after Windows XP boot

Log off to a black screen

Main user won't load. Just a black screen. All programs close immediately

Media blackscreen

Messed Up- Comp Boots to Black Screen After Attempt 2 Replace Memory

Mobo Drivers --> Hanging Boot

Mobo will post to Bios but goes Blank when It starts OS

moniter goes blank on start up

Monitor almsot black after bios reset? Please help

monitor black at startup

Monitor Blanks Out | Random Beep Noise : All Specifications Detailed

Monitor blank after driver update

Monitor blank and cannot load in safe mode

Monitor blinks once on XP startup after desktop comes in view

Monitor display problem - HP desktop

Monitor display problems. virus?

Monitor goes black at Windows 7 start

Monitor goes black when Installing

Monitor goes black at end of boot

Monitor goes blank after "boot" text

Monitor goes blank after XP loads

Monitor goes black on loading the internet

Monitor going blank after start up

Monitor Going Black-After updating Nvidia?

Monitor is fine on startup (DOS) but dies in Win

Monitor gos Blank after Windows Xp Loading Screen

Monitor issues with a Acer P191w

Monitor off until OS loads

Monitor screen goes black after startup

Monitor screen goes black-but solns from prev posts don't apply

Monitor shuts down during WinXP boot

Monitor Shuts down when XP start to load up!

monitor starts black and fades in

monitor stays off only on restart

Monitor Works Until Windows Loads

Mouse boot up.

Mouse frozen Computer black HELP!

Mouse Issue In Vista Business

Msconfig screwed up my task bacr display and internet connection PLZ HELP!

MW2 for Mac - Black Screen problem

My Compaq's screen has gone black

my computer just shows a black screen when i on it

My computer shows a black screen?

My computer suddenly has a black screen?

My computer will not start in XP because black screen with white writing is appearing

My dell desktop has a black screen and a mouse!?

My desktop is blank after I bootup from either a reboot or shutdown

my hp dv2000 laptop is not turning on?

My laptop is stuck on a black screen! Help!

My Laptop now boots up to a black screen please help

my roommate's laptop monitor is effed up

My screen goes black after window logo

My screen is black after running malwarebytes

My System Hangs too much and also show Black Screen

My Vista Home Edition PC Will Not Boot Please Help!

My Vista Computer Takes 40 Minutes To Boot! Blank Screen Shown. HELP!

need help - black screen appear after installing nvidia driver

Need help please! Cant boot vista!

Need help with dead Compaq

Need help with My Vista Laptop (Blank Screen)

Need Urgent Help! Blank Screen before startup - XP Pro

Netbook turns on but screen is blank

Neverending Blue And Black Screens!


new builder/blank screen at boot

New build w/ blank screen

New Computer Black Screen

New Hardrive-Monitor blank

New Monitor-Black screen after splash

New screen plays videos in black screen

New System. Blank Screen

New to PCs: Black Screen with No Cursor - Tried everything?

New Windows 10 Update gives black screen on boot.

New XP Installation. hangs at black screen on CD Boot

Newer games blackscreen in fullscreen

No boot just black screen.

NO BIOS blank screen laptop help!

No boot screen

No desktop on startup

No Desktop on Start-UP

No Desktop after Vista Bootup

No Display After Windows Splash Screen

NO display; except lines down windows loading screen

No display on monitor after blue screen

No display on windows 8 laptop

No display on monitor after bios start.

No Monitor Signal after boot (XP SP2)

No Monitor Display After Updating Nvidia drivers

No POST / black screen

No screen on Startup

no screen output for a moment after overclock

No Post Screen (cant Access Bios)

No POST Pavilion zv5000

No signal black screen after exiting games

No screen on server

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