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No video on Gateway Laptop

No Words on windows 7 startup or desktop

no video after startup

No Video After XP Install

No Video Display After Random Crash

not your ordinary black/blank screen

Nothing after windows startup screen!

nothing happening after windows XP screen

nothing on desktop but windows vista in corner?

Not your typical Acer aspire 7551-7442 Black Screen

Nvidia black screen and SLI

Nvida Win 7 Black screen

NVIDIA driver upgarde - Screen now Blacks out

Nvidia Derivers Temporary Blank Screen

Oblivion -- Black screen HDR lighting

Oblivion Problem

Oblivion has blank screen

occassionally monitor screen stays black on boot up.

Nvidia Geforce 7800 Gtx (256)-brief Black-no Signal Screen/startup

Odd Black Screening

ONE FOR THE EXPERTS - blacks screen on startup

Ongoing intermittant black screen problem

OS problems; black screen with mouse pointer

Overclock Performance Error/Black Screen

OverHeating & blackingout of pc

Partial boot then black screen

password screen after startup programs

Pc boots to black screen

PC boots up only to a black screen!

Pc black screen.

PC crashes to black screen

PC crashes to black screen help!

PC 'boots' with black screen after changing harddrive

PC boots to blackscreen

Pc black screen while gaming.

Pc keeps beeping with a black screen

PC Extremely Slow and goes to Black Screen when launching programs

PC freezes for 20 seconds on a black screen after loading bar during boot up.

PC blacks-out whenever network connection is present

PC Starts after few minutes goes black

PC takes ages to start up.with hijack log


PC Wont Boot!Black Screen!Beeps!Lights flashing.Please help

PC Working Normally & then 'crashes' to black screen

Photoshop screen goes blank

Please help black monitor on boot

please help me play oblivion!

Please help! Black screen upon reboot

Please i a laptop acer the screen doesnt display clear?

Plz Help Black Screen

plug n play monitor display splash screen keeps flashing on

Power on laptop no desktop vista installed

Powers on to Blank screen w/ no bios

presario c700 missed characters on internet

Presario 2200 screen goes dark

Presario CQ-61 Laptop Display Issue

Presario Notebook Problem


pressing "shift" key ending in black screen.

Prevx 2

Prevx CSI

Pro Evo 2008 screen flickering?

Problem - Black Screen Of Death

Problem starting up

Problem with Acer Aspire laptop

Problem with black screen after BIOS

Problem with Screen blackout thingy

Problem with screen on Acer Netbook

Problems with windows 7 home screen after update

Program files not loading & blank screen

Radeon VE + Black screen when Launching Games

Random blank screens and system shutdowns-need help!

Random black screen crashes - not on boot

RAM upgrade now a black screen

rebooted from compaq to gateway

Recurring Crash - Looping sound and blotchy colours

Red screen and no task manager

Re-installed Vista SP1 and now graphics card won't work

Remote Desktop getting black screen

Remove XP antispyware and cannot access anyprogam on computer

reoccuring kb922582 setup screen after startup

Repaired windows xp installation after 'black screen virus' - still infected

Replacing Compaq Presario C300 LCD Screen: blank screen now

Restart/Reboot brings back only black screen

Resetting my pc leads to it halting with a blank screen

Rome 2 Crashes Video Driver

safe mode then nothing but a cursor

Safe mode black screen ):-S

Safe Mode Blank Screen - Help!

Same old black screen crash is back.

Samsung black screen after showing the samsung logo

Samsung laptop windows 8.1 black screen mouse pointer

Scandisk - Black screen/Safe Mode hanging

Sceen goes black for 1 second then back to normal when i have logged in windows xp

screen died

Screen dies when I boot up

Screen Blackout

Screen / Fans turning off

Screen flashes black when viewing some websites (fresh WinXP SP2 install)

screen blank on start up hdd doesn't sound like is running

Screen flashes after login with Vista

Screen For Desktop is Blank!

Screen cracked Compaq Presario C500

Screen Blacks out the moment windows loads up. I need the help.

Screen black on login

screen blacks out and on reboot

Screen blank in DOS

Screen goes black after loading Windows XP

Screen goes black after XP logo

Screen goes black after Windows Logo

Screen Freezes Graphic driver BIOS update HELP!

screen goes blank after windows xp boot screen

Screen goes black on certain common websites

Screen goes blank with no respose to input

Screen blank after restart

Screen goes 'blank' at bootup

Screen goes/stays blank

Screen becomes Black after Login

screen is fine till windows then goes blank

screen goes black when desktop appears at bootup

Screen not coming up after resuming from standby or hibernate

Screen goes black when I load up a game

screen only active when win loads up to dekstop

Screen goes black after a video card driver installed

Screen Goes Black and Sound Loops

Screen Problem: Recently upgraded to XP

Screen goes black while I'm playing WoW

screen goes black during start up

Screen goes black as windows vista 32 loads.

Screen goes black then pc crashes and repeats the sound it was making

Screen blank on startup

screen goes black then pc crash and repeats the last sound it was making

Screen goes Black halfway through startup

Screen Help - Blank

Screen Goes Black on Startup

Screen blank at boot up!

Screen Scrambles After Windows Loads (Pictures Included)

screen showing pdf?

screen suddenly goes black hjt log attached

Screen turns off after startup

Screen stays black after screensaver

screen turns black after windows startup

Screen turns off after boot screen

second hdd was there and put in a fan and its gone :-S

see a black screen

Shader isssues?

shutdown hangs up at black screen

Sims Online Screen Blackout

Slow computer/Connection HJT Log included HELP!

Slow startup with black screen

Software Wizard for Logitech webcam drive is a blank screen

Solved: "Black" screen of death

Solved: "Repair your computer" with no media - Black Screen of Death

Solved: 8.1 and logging in

Solved: Acer Net Book screen

Solved: Acer aspire laptop

Solved: Acer Aspire One Help

Solved: After WinXP Loadin Screen Get BSOD And NOTHING ELSE

Solved: After Signing In As Admin At Startup Win Won't Start. Blank Screen And Hourglass

Solved: Alot of BSOD's and now the informas black screen of death.

Solved: Acer on-screen display

Solved: Antispyware quarantines trojans - now blank screen at startup

Solved: Antivirus XP 2008/BSOD Screen Saver (HJT)

Solved: AspireONE Startup Error

Solved: Antivirus 2008/ BSOD screen saver removal

Solved: Asus 6920 need help

Solved: Black Screen Security Software?

Solved: Black screen startup

Solved: Black Screen

Solved: Black screening on opening email/web browser

Solved: Black Screen with mouse cursor

Solved: Black screens of doom.

Solved: Black Screen on Boot - Missing File or Folder

Solved: Black screen on boot up

Solved: Black screen & Blinking dash on Startup

Solved: Black screen with movable cursor

Solved: Black screen & nothing

Solved: Black Screen with White Underscore

Solved: Black Screen After Directx 9 Install

Solved: black screen on bootup?

Solved: Black screen disaster!

Solved: Black screen during startup

Solved: Black screen forever?

Solved: Black screen hang in boot sequence

Solved: Black screen while loading BIOS

Solved: Black Screen Of Death After Setup Is Being Restarted

Solved: Blackscreen full of text

Solved: Black screen on reboot

Solved: Black screen on start up

Solved: Black screen on Restart

Solved: Black Screen on Startup

Solved: black screen of doom

Solved: Black screen with blinking cursor

Solved: Black screen after putting in new card

Solved: Black screen with cursor

Solved: black screen with error message at start-up

Solved: Black screen with Ip Address

Solved: Black Screen during gaming

Solved: Black screen after video card installation

Solved: black screen at bootup?

Solved: Black Screen at Startup

Solved: Blank screen after POST

Solved: black screen on acer aspire

Solved: Black Screen before login

Solved: Blank Screen after Startup

Solved: Black Screen comes and goes.

Solved: Black Screen Problem

Solved: blank screen at start up

Solved: blue screens black screens green screens

Solved: Black Screen with Active Cursor

Solved: Blank screen on boot

Solved: Black Screen on Laptop Power up

Solved: Black screen upon trying to start Windows XP

Solved: blank screen after installing display driver

Solved: Black screen when computer turns on

Solved: Blank Screen Error on Startup

Solved: Blank screen In WINDOWS XP

Solved: Blackscreening computer

Solved: Black screen after start up.please help

Solved: Black Screen Of Death & keeps on Restarting

Solved: Black screen of death at startup

Solved: Black Screen of Death with Cursor after chkdsk

Solved: Black screen - I can't access anything - Help

Solved: Black screen after bios flash screen

Solved: Black screen when turning computer on

Solved: Black Screen/Video Card Problem

Solved: Black Screen Before Welcome screen appears

Solved: Black Screen appears after Window Xp logo & can't do anything

Solved: Black screen during boot

Solved: Boot Up Delays

Solved: blank blue screen with mouse arrow after xp splash screen

Solved: Blank Screen - Is my computer dead?

Solved: Blank screen after Shutdown. OK after Restart

Solved: Black screen after loding windows

Solved: Black Screen on Boot

Solved: Black Screen Vista problem?

Solved: Black screen during login on XP SP3

Solved: Black Screen After Upgrade

Solved: Black screen Oblivion

Solved: Black wallpaper spyware?

Solved: Blank screen when computer is on

Solved: Black Screen from USB Webcam

Solved: Blank/black Screen

Solved: bought used laptop - see only AVG 2007 on it

Solved: Blank screen with cursor

Solved: Can the pale blue and white welcome screen be chaged?

Solved: Can't log in just a black screen!

Solved: Can't load any PC game w/o black screen.

Solved: Compaq PC

Solved: Computer infected and desktop is a black screen

Solved: computer makes it to window screen but after that nothing help please

Solved: computer wont start up / black screen

Solved: Computer screen Crashes

Solved: Cursor "stuck" (Vista SP2)

Solved: DDR mem.install= BLACK SCREEN

Solved: curser frozen after boot up

Solved: Dell Freezes screen goes black

Solved: Cursor only shows 1/2 way. ?

Solved: CTRL-ALT-DELETE screen not fully visable

Solved: Desktop Under Blank Screen

Solved: Dell inspiron d610 strange graphics at startup

Solved: Display driver with duel boot question.

Solved: Dual Screen setup works fine during system bootup; TV goes crazy when Windows

Solved: Dual-booted Vista won't boot after installing updates

Solved: Fat32 Consistency check frozen?

Solved: First Time Boot (Blank Monitor)

Solved: First time build. Black screen when powered on. Help pleaese.

Solved: Fresh install of XP starts with Classic Theme.

Solved: Freeze Crash Blank Screen Error

Solved: Frozen cursor in safe mode

Solved: Gateway/ black screen

Solved: HELP AMD ATHLON XP wont start up - black screen

Solved: Help! BIOS update failure on Acer Aspire 1410

Solved: HELP! spyware related/ desktop stuck as black screen

Solved: Help! Windows 8 black screen of death

Solved: hi i am running xp and i have this virus

Solved: how to reinstall beep.sys after infected (Vista)

Solved: How to make white mouse pointer go black?

Solved: HP laptop 2 years old--black screen

Solved: I'm getting a black screen after Windows (normal mode) boots!

Solved: Installed new hard drive but blank screen PLS HELP!

Solved: Intermittent Blank Screen on Boot

Solved: Internet Speed Monitor/Black Desk Top

Solved: Just did a fresh install of Windows XP Home; system freezes seconds after ful

Solved: laptop black screen won't start with F

Solved: Laptop got Vista

Solved: Laptop shows black screen on desktop

Solved: Laptop presario F500 screen balnk

Solved: Keys for screen pointer

Solved: Keyboard/Mouse gone on XP Boot - not before

Solved: Laptop: External monitor no longer works (after fresh XP install)

Solved: Link shows as black screen

Solved: Latop goes to Black Screen

Solved: Loss of Task Manager via alt+ctrl+del

Solved: media center black screen moveable cursor

Solved: Medion computer not starting

Solved: Monitor error message " Wrong Frequency"

Solved: Monitor Dying? Can't Access "normal mode"

Solved: Monitor does not always start when I start computer.

Solved: Monitor problems after clean reinstall

Solved: Monitor Turns Off Before Welcome Screen

Solved: Monitor Goes Blank After Loading Screen XP

Solved: Monitor goes blank during boot

Solved: Monitor goes blank during startup

Solved: Monitor is black on startup

Solved: mouse pointers xp

Solved: Need help starting Windows Xp. It goes on a black screen. Please can anyone help!

Solved: No BIOS Access

Solved: new video card black screen

Solved: No input on monitor after Windows Loads

Solved: No Video Display After Logon On Laptop LCD

Solved: Notepad screen @ bootup

Solved: On screen mouse arrow.

Solved: page numbers underlined in black

Solved: Pc has black screen while installing xp pro

Solved: PC wont boot black screen

Solved: PC crashes to black screen while in game

Solved: Random blackouts on computer screen - help please?

Solved: Random Bootup Black Screen. Please Help!

Solved: Restart = Black Screen

Solved: Screen gone black

Solved: screen goes black on boot up

Solved: Screen issues with Compaq laptop

Solved: Screen is black after system restore and update. Set back one day

Solved: Screen keeps going back to Black screen with Windows XP icon keeps coming up

Solved: Screen is black in Windows

Solved: screen goes black

Solved: Screen goes blank on start up

Solved: Screen went blank but loads Windows

Solved: Screen turns fractal?

Solved: Screen goes to Black during Boot

Solved: Solved: PC crashes to black screen while in game

Solved: Some Screens On Startup

Solved: Some sort of evil liquid on my graphics card chip?

Solved: SP1 for 7 blackscreens pc

Solved: SP4 installed to my W2k pro box wont boot

Solved: Start laptop - sometimes black screen

Solved: Start-up Screen - Win7 - Unwanted

Solved: StartUp error 15 HELP! :'(

Solved: STARTUP problem. Please help. Thanks.

Solved: Stoped during Win2k load to black and white checkerboard screen

Solved: strange beep and screen flash

Solved: Start Screen completely Blank

Solved: Stuck at black screen

Solved: Strange boot up for Vista

Solved: System restore option gone/blank screen

Solved: System keeps going blank after reinstall.

Solved: System Restore gave me black screen with a cursor

Solved: System32 & Black Screens Problem

Solved: Teamviewer or Remote Desktop Connection?

Solved: Totally Blank Monitor?

Solved: Toshiba Satellite black screen no cursor- help!

Solved: Video Card Installation -> Screen Goes Black

Solved: virus causing blank desktop

Solved: Very Odd Situation with XPSP3 booting to Black Screen (diff than my search re

Solved: Video shuts down just before login video card dead?

Solved: Videos playing black while audio plays just fine

Solved: Vista boots to black screen on external monitor

Solved: Vista SP 1 killed computer

Solved: Vista startup

Solved: Vista SP2 login screen appears now

Solved: Vista black screen after login

Solved: Vista stuck with blank screen

Solved: Vista 32 bit: Screen randomly goes black/blank

Solved: Vista Black-SOD after booting

Solved: Vista not booting

Solved: Vista: Black Screen Problem on Bootup

Solved: Vista won't boot up on Dell laptop

Solved: When Logging Onto My User Account I get Blank Screen

Solved: Will not boot. blank screen.

Solved: Win XP Home - Nothing after Boot Logo Screen

Solved: Win7 laptop with XP installed.display too dark

Solved: Windows 7 black screen when i boot

Solved: windows 7 Black Screen

Solved: Windows 8.1 black screen

Solved: Windows 7 Black Screen on Web streaming

Solved: Windows 98/XP a question about both cause neither one works now

Solved: windows long time logging in --> black screen --> limited access logon

Solved: Windows turning Black

Solved: Windows XP Boots to Black Screen

Solved: windows will not start up after lcd connector was changed :(

Solved: Windows XP SP1-Memory in-driver not working-freezing-black screen-Please help me?

Solved: Windows XP Monitor Black

Solved: windows XP SP2--monitor-video card question?

Solved: Windows XP takes 10 minutes to boot. Tried EVERYTHING. Strange problem. PLEASE help

Solved: Windows XP Home SP2 - Blank Screen

Solved: Windows XP Pro SP 2- loaded ie-spyad now I have a black screen can't do anything- Ple

Solved: xp black screen of death and then some

Solved: XP Display Setting Issue

Solved: XP freeze & black screen after log in

Solved: xp black screen after logo

Solved: XP Home Cursor

Solved: Xp screen goes black & machine reboots

Solved: Youtube videos come up as black screen

Solved: YouTube - Black

SOLVED] winxp serious problems SOLVED>Data retrieval from old HDD Solved-screen goes black,then locks out Solver dialog box solver lost Solving defrag problem with GoBack3 software? Solving hard disk or other hardware problems Solving my overheatin

Some sort of black screen on PC?

Sound turns off when I play Video Games on PC

sp2 display problem upon reboot

Spyware-virus black screen

Starsiege tribes keeps black screening

Start up black screen

Start Up Repair - every 2nd boot - Acer/Vista home 32 bit

starting up to blank screen with white cursor

Starcraft 2 Blackscreen During Play

Startup Error (Bios scanlines) to black screen?

starting Sims goes to black screen

Startup Delay after Welcome Screen

Startup delayed by Computer's LOGO

Start up Problem - Monitor Lights all flashing - blank screen

Startup problem - black screen (WinXP)

Start-up includes long blank screen

Start-Up ends at a black screen with only the cursor

Startup gets stuck on black screen with cursor

Starting computer leads to black screen.

Startup Problems - No signal on monitor after XP loading bar.

Startup: Blank Screen

Start-up stuck on black screen 20 min each time

Startup failire - pointer and black screen

Strange Black Screen

Strange black screen problem

Strange freezing and looping going on

Strange crashes during games

Strange hanging and black screens on startup

Stuck at black screen after hibernate.

Stuck at black screen before logon

Stuck on a black sccreen with flashing bar on bootup.

Stuck on black screen loading

stuck on black screen with cursor

Stuck On Black Start Up Screen

Sudden black screen. gpu fan at 100%

Sudden-death Blackscreen - no malware - ?

System booting to blank screen

System restore help from black screen?

System restore in safe mode stops at 37% then black screen

System Restore shows up as blank screen

Task Manager error message after second log in?

TES4 : Oblivion Problem

the "black" screen of death =\

The BLACK screen of DEATH! Need help!

The Movies - black screen

Thinkpad LCD goes black

Thinkpad 770 display gone kaput!

THIS is a DILLY! Black screen

Toshiba Black Screen and Cursor after Startup

toshiba L455 blank screen after Microsoft updates

Toshiba L305-S5955 will not power on

Toshiba l300d laptop black screen with cursor

Toshiba l355 black screen w/ cursor

Toshiba laptop won't screen with blinking cursor

toshiba satellite c660 black screen on xp

Toshiba Satellite M35 - No picture

Tried to remove virus now I get a black screen on start up.

Trying to access BIOS

Try to load xp and get black screen with blinking cursor and Youtube Black screen

Two computers with black screens at start up

Unable to get past Windows Screen: Hard Drive problem?

unable to view any screen after boot

Updating AMD driver causes weird hue

Updating CPU resulting in black screen on start up.

Updated GPU from 460GTX to 660TI now no display

Urgent. Vista installed. XP won't Boot!

Used Malawarebytes to remove AntivirusXP-now have blank screen

user accounts is blank screen

Variation of Black Screen of Death

VGA dialog box stays on after start up

Video black screen/crashing

Video Card drivers causing my computer to hang at welcome screen

Video goes blank when starting Vista

Video Display Problem after System Antivirus 2008

Video card installed.Windows XP Splash screen then blank

Videos in browser are black but play sound

Virus attack - Vista Ultimate won't load

Virus caused black screen? Need help removing

Virus destroyed my OS black screen!

virus shuts down monitor

Virus. Blank Desktop problem

Vist won't boot. Please Help.

Vista - Screen remains black after startup

Vista - Random black screen but doesn't turn off

Vista 32 bit turns off after 1 minute of trying to load/start

Vista Black Screen and Cursor nothing else

Vista black screen freeze! HELP!

Vista Black screen of hanging

Vista Black Screen On Boot

vista black screen on boot up

Vista Black Screen Unable to access account

Vista "hangs" and won't boot

Vista Blackscreen

Vista Business won't boot after updating

Vista blank-screen or errors (will not boot)

Vista black screen with cursor

Vista Doesn't Always Sleep: Have to Reboot when this occurs

Vista doesn't boot after restart

Vista - Black Screen - First Restart/Reboot

Vista Doesn't Boot After Hardware Upgrade

vista black screen on start after trojan infection

Vista - black screen after log in

vista booting into a black screen with only the cursor working?

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