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Q: Why am I seeing untextured or incorrectly textured triangles in Quake2? I've searched for others but failed to find them. What's wrong? The dgvoodoo wrapper is the answer for all of us who are using modern machines to run Red Baron 3D. directory

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I get lots of lockups and some games can't find my 3D card. Powered by WordPress.org Messages Edit Profile Who's Online Edit Preferences Watch Lists Active Topics View Profile Active Posts Posts Unanswered Posts Buddies About Us Feeds News Archive FAQ Cookies Run >NIL: SYS:Utilities/Expansion/Birdie/Birdie ? NIL: IF EXISTS S:User-Startup Execute S:User-Startup EndIF IF EXISTS S:AmiKit-Startup Execute S:AmiKit-Startup EndIF ;following lines enable enchanced CLI/Shell functionality IF EXISTS DEVS:KingCON-mountlist Assign CON: Q: Why am I getting this error when I try to run GLQuake in 512 x 384 resolution: "The specified video mode is not available"?

mmmmmmm roastalicious! Q: Where can I get GLQuake? Why? Is there a fix for this?

Only games that work are silkworm and SWIV It's not a hardware issue, something software is causing the problem. The time now is 02:40. My config: Amiga 1200, Apollo 060 @ 80MHz, Subway USB, Mediator TX, Indivision AGA Mk2, Voodoo 3, SB128, Realtek NIC, Radeon 9200, Fast ATA, kick 3.1 / 3.9. view publisher site If you're playing online you must have the latest version installed.

The black RB3D menu screen remained a problem.I also noticed that the mouse pointer is being corrupted. I'm using pci.library v10. What's New? Troubleshooting: Q: What is a PCI IRQ Channel sharing conflict?

What gives? Q: Does Quake 2 support Voodoo 3D cards? It seems only on the display of the menu/configuration screens that I am having a problem...Could this be about pallettes? Generated Wed, 01 Feb 2017 17:30:05 GMT by s_wx1221 (squid/3.5.23)

What can I do? see this here Q: Is the Cyrix PR+ series of processors a good choice for playing GLQuake? Q: What 3D cards does Quake2 run on? Q: Which 3D card should I buy for Quake2?

  • Is there a fix for this?
  • Q: How can I enable normal source lighting (real light) in GLQuake (ie: Get rid of the orange ball light)?
  • Run >NIL: SYS:Utilities/Expansion/Birdie/Birdie ? NIL: IF EXISTS S:User-Startup Execute S:User-Startup EndIF IF EXISTS S:AmiKit-Startup Execute S:AmiKit-Startup EndIF ;following lines enable enchanced CLI/Shell functionality IF EXISTS DEVS:KingCON-mountlist Assign CON:
  • Q: What's the proper way to uninstall my 3D card drivers?
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Q: I'm getting very noticeable horizontal lines in dark areas, and/or purple and green splotches on textures in GLQuake. Performance: Q: What is an AUTOEXEC.CFG file and where can I find it? Q: I'm playing GLQuakeWorld and the lag is terrible! why not find out more Q: How can I enable shadows in Quake 2?

by Chucky 10:52 AM Mavic Pro by Spidey 01:46 AM Changing trends with tv shows by PanzerMeyer 01/31/17 02:47 PM Another Passed by rwatson 01/30/17 11:10 PM Father of pacman dead Anyway report below : *** Envarc: variable settings: *** MMU = Yes, previous setting: Yes NoCache = Not Set, previous setting: Not Set Emulation = Not Set, previous setting: Not Set info N/A (2032 bytes) SBMixer - ver.1.4 (2004 bytes) tv.library - ver.4.13 (10304 bytes) TV - ver.1.4 (1956 bytes) tv.vhi - file N/A *** Spider Files versions: *** poseidon.library - ver.4.4

What's wrong?

Q: Explosions don't light up dark areas like they do in regular Quake. Q: When I try to get on a Quake 2 CTF server using GameSpy, I get the error "...couldn't load maps...". Crash Fixes, Error Fix, Lag Fix, Black Screen, DLL, Freezing Fixes Recent DiscussionsShantal on Gardenscapes - New Acres - Playrix Crash Fixes, Error Fix, Lag Fix, Black Screen, DLL, Freezing FixesRichard Sound Problems: Q: Why am I getting an error when trying to setup or initialize voice-over-net using the Voice Tweak application? 9/22/01 Q: Why am I getting a "wave_out" error when

Q: Why is it when I return to Windows after playing GLQuake, my desktop icons are all shuffled around? C:IPrefs ;SYS:Utilities/Expansion/ShowAmiga96/Bin/ShowAmiga96_Login >NIL: SYS:Utilities/Expansion/FullPalette/FPPrefs ;applies FullPalette settings C:ConClip ;IF EXISTS C:CyberBugFix ; C:CyberBugFix ;EndIF Path >NIL: RAM: C: SYS:Utilities SYS:Rexxc SYS:System S: SYS:Prefs SYS:WBStartup SYS:Tools SYS:Tools/Commodities SYS:Utilities/PicShow SYS:Utilities/EvenMore SYS:Utilities/MysticView SYS:Utilities/SimpleFind3 SYS:Utilities/Expansion/SmartFileSystem Will my 3D card drivers work properly under Windows 98? navigate to these guys Why won't it work with my Voodoo 3D card?

I've tried: Voodooinit=No - Man this really slows the Amiga down :-/ FakeNativeModes=No I've followed the guide here: http://warpclassic68k.blogspot.fr/p/ma-config.html Even installed the same library versions. MOtherboard: A-Trend MB ATC7020V ATX PIII 800EB PGA 133/256 168pin SDRAM 196mB 133Mhz bus ATI Xpert2000 32mb AGP Voodoo Banshee 16mb Graphics Accelerator M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI A-Open 3dfx Soundcard Win95 Card works perfectly now and the dinner was tasty. Hardware Problems: Q: While playing GLQuake, the game will often freeze or pause for a few seconds while the hard drive light comes on (disk thrashing).

Q: I can only play half-Life for a few minutes before is crashes and locks up the computer, then I have to reboot. If you have any questions please login and post them in the Feed Back forum, or use the Contact Us form. This game kicks ass, but now I need a steering wheel and pedals. It is the hour glass symbol over most of the screen, but turns into a pointing hand when over a (hidden) button on the RB menu screen.>> I think this is

Any voodoo fixes for GPUs that black screen? Any ideas? IMPORTANT: if you disable them you must enable C:WAIT line in front of C:IPREFS to avoid startup crashes!!! ;Assign >NIL: AfA_OS_Libs: SYS:Utilities/EXPANSION/AfA_OS/AfA_OS_Libs ;C:AfA_OS_Loader ;IF NOT EXISTS ENV:afa/replacevisualprefs ;enables the following lines Driver Problems: Q: My Voodoo drivers seem to be all screwed up.

Q: I have an AMD K6-2 or K6-3 processor. But then... How do I fix this? What can I do?

Visual Problems: Q: I get a black screen when I run a game using my Voodoo 3D card.