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(motherboard?)pc freezing after loading configuration upon xp install

(Resolved) CFS1 Freezes Computer

(Solved) Computer Freezing when opening certain applications

(Solved) Computer pauses while on line

[HELP] Irritating PC freezes

[HELP] PC Freezes

[HELP] Computer Freezes

[New Build] System Crashes and Speakers Play Static!

[Resolved] Desktop frozen after bootup

[b]desktop freezes after booting up complete[/b]

[Need Help]Computer freezes after

[SOLVED] Computer crashes after prolonged activity

[SOLVED] DVD causes computer to hang

[SOLVED] PC Freezes up

[SOLVED] PC freezes/locks up

{RESOLVED} System pauses then resumes

{RESOLVED}Internet Explorer Temporarily Freezing

3.5mm headphones not detected after Windows Explorer crash.

A freezing computer

A problem with freezing

Accessing My Network crashes/hangs My Computer

Acer M5802 (Windows 7 64 Home premium) audio interference problem

after boot up at desk top screen

After 20 Minutes my computer starts freezing up?

after sitting awhile pc's can't find internet

All Browsers Always Freezing up upon connection!

Another computer freezing on start-up

another freezing issue

Antivirus causing system to freeze randomly?

any window software feezes!

Applications freezing during startup

AR5005G Random Lockups

Assortment of random Windows 7 Problems

Asus A8V Deluxe onboard NIC causes reboots and freeze

Audio and video freeze

Audio Freezes Up Computer

battlefield 2 pauses & hesitates

big sound freezes games

Black screen freezeup when inactive

Boot freeze

Boot Lockup Issue

Boot up hang

Bootup Freezes

Both PC and Laptop Freezing When Surfing the Web

Booting up lockups!

Boot's But HAngs.

Bootup hanging

Browser freeze (regardless of browser type)

Browser freezes after web search

bsod & freezing problems

BSOD and freezing

BSOD - multiplayer game freezing

buzzing and clicking sound then freezes up

Buzz or Continuous beep and freeze

Buzzing noise and pc freeze when starting game


Certain programs cause my computer to freeze

Click on IE icon and computer freezes

comp freeze

comp freezes

comp freezes after a while and need to restart

Comp freezing during video

comp freezes during games

Comp won't "see" wireless card and freezes from inactivity after a few min.

Comp Freezing on Boot


Comp continuously freezing.

Comp Randomly Freezes

comp screen temporarily freezes

complete freeze

Compaq Pres. Insane beeping everything locks up HELP!

Compuder freezing

compter freezes

Complete system lockups/freezing.

Computer "freezes"

Computer always freezes

Computer boots to desktop

Computer ALWAYS freezing up

Computer Crashes and Makes a lot of noise

Computer crashes during video after upgrading to 7!

Comptuer randomly hangs

Computer Crash on Startup - Whirring Noise

Computer completely freezes

Computer constantly freezing up

Computer constantly freezing! Need Help!

Computer completely freezes in certain situations

Computer completely freezes up on start upi

Computer Constantly Hanging Up/Freezing

Computer becoming unresponsive ever 20 min

Computer Crashes When streaming video

computer crashes suddenly leading to buzzer sounding continuously

Computer Constantly Freezing

computer constantly crashing/freezing HELP!

Computer constantly freezes

Computer crashes after 30 mins

computer crashes after audio/video capture

Computer Crashing; making weird noises

Computer Crashing at Random Intervals

Computer desktop/start menu freeze when i try to start certain programs

Computer Crashes during video playback

Computer doesn't respond after being on all night

Computer freezes / locks up

Computer freezes and crashes for no apparent reason

Computer freezes at boot

computer freezes and shuts down runs slow and is going to die soon NEED HELP FAST lol

Computer Freezes during game play

computer freezes and sometimes shuts down

Computer freezes a minute or two after login

Computer Freezes and Startup and When Idle

Computer freezes at completely random times.

Computer freezes during backup and MSE full virus scan

computer freezes and stays frozen.

Computer freezes during video playback

Computer freezes during gaming. Manually turn off computer

Computer feezs when uploading semi-large files?

Computer freezes - No help from system logs!

Computer freezes frequently! Hijack this log enclosed

computer freezes from code 10 (internet)

computer freezes easily when bumped

Computer freezes each time I try to change volume

Computer Freezes every 10 mins.

Computer freezes every 60 - 90mins

Computer freeze's ?

Computer freezes occasionally and temporarily

Computer Freeze/Crash. Weak processor? Because case fan is unplugged? PLEASE help.

Computer freezes and is a little sick

Computer freezes every so often

computer freezes often

Computer Freeze/Restart at least 3 times a day

Computer freezes during download.

Computer freezes 15 minutes after start up :(

Computer Freezes after power loss

Computer freezes after being idle for a few minutes

Computer freezes often. PSU problem?

Computer freezes after boot. Need help.

Computer Freezes and Too Many IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers

Computer freezes after pressing PrintScreen and some other things.

computer freezeing

computer freezes and requires hard boot

Computer freezes during first quarter after bootup

Computer freezes and restarts NEED HELP

Computer freezes but mouse works

computer freezes every time I open a program

computer freezes at random

Computer freezes after removing antimalware doctor

Computer freezes few times a day

Computer freezes after connecting to internet

Computer freezes after restarting

Computer freezes and sometimes shut down suddenly

Computer freezes at random times

Computer freezes and unfreezes

Computer freezes during startup

Computer FREEZES or RESTARTS itself

Computer freezes and/or shuts off when plug anything into USB ports

Computer freezes up while connected to internet

Computer Freezes + VPU recovery

Computer freezes after new GPU

Computer freezes while playing online videos (must restart).

Computer freezes within a minute of bootup

Computer Freezes Completely

computer freezes as soon as it logs in

Computer freezes in both XP and Ubuntu

computer freezes constantly

Computer freezes after minutes of activity

computer freezes when i go into my computer

Computer freezes for a few seconds and continues

Computer freezes after start up

Computer freezes persist after reinstalling

Computer freezes after OS loads

Computer Freezes 2-30 minutes after startup

Computer freezes for approx. one secound now and then

Computer freezes within few minutes of booting with Dual Channel.2GB corsair pc26400

computer freezes a lot.heres my hijack this log

Computer Freezing (?) When Audio Starts

Computer Freezes after about 30 minutes

computer freezes when I open incredimail

Computer FREEZES constantly! Help!

Computer freezes frequently

Computer freezing often. Check HJT

Computer freezes after startup.

Computer freezes when loading!

Computer freezing mid boot after system restore

Computer freezes at startup

Computer Freezes Is Slow And Restarts

computer freezes up

Computer Freezes When I play Youtube Videos

Computer Freezes after reboot

Computer freezes/hangs randomly.

Computer 'freezes' after booting

Computer freezes and Secretmaker

Computer Freezing Constantly

computer freezes in few minutes

Computer Freezes every hour

Computer freezes randomly - Makes strange click noise

Computer Freezing Issue

Computer Freezes and dont know why

Computer freezes up after Avast 7 update

Computer freezes upon plugging in headphone

Computer Freezes for odd reason

Computer freezes upon screen maximization

Computer freezes randomly and reboots

Computer freezes when playing video

Computer freezes when playing videos online

Computer freezes up after idling

Computer Freezing Problem

computer freezing on start up

Computer Freezes Half-Randomly Half-Not

computer freezes at least once a day

Computer Freezing for 2 secs then ok

Computer freezes diagonal pattern?

computer freezing due to browsing the internet. please help

Computer freezes b/c of Address Bar?

Computer freezes when returning from Hibernation

Computer Freezing - cant do anything

Computer Freezes while using the Internet

computer freezes on preparing to standby

Computer Freezing for no Reason

Computer freezes when using CD-ROM

Computer freezes and switches itself off - HELP!

Computer freezing - possible spyware?

Computer freezes upon startup.

Computer freezes on random occasions.

Computer freezes regularly

Computer Freezes when watching a video

Computer freezes using specific programs.

computer freezes/random restarts

Computer Freezes when accessing Floppy Drive

Computer freezing after startup

Computer freezes when booting

Computer Freezes during game play and watching videos full screen

Computer freezing after startup on desktop

Computer freezing and locking up.

Computer Freezes! HJT inside

Computer freezes on startup - what to do?

Computer freezes repeatedly

Computer Freezes - Drivers failed to load - Fips

Computer freezing issues

computer freezes when browsing

Computer freezes on boot -- hardware issue?

Computer freezes/restarts at random

computer freezes due to internet connection?

Computer Freezes when changing volume

Computer freezes if I try to run anything

Computer Freezes on Boot Due to Secondary Slave HD

Computer Constanly Freezes

Computer freezes seconds after startup!

computer freezes when connected to internet

Computer Freezes on boot up

Computer freezes during 3d applications and games

Computer freezing

Computer freezes and then mouse won't work

Computer freezing up on starting

Computer Freezing and BSODs

Computer freezes shortly after bootup.

Computer freezes in-game

Computer Freezes while Browsing/Downloading

computer freezes and trojan HJT log

computer freezes on boot up screen on wndws10

Computer Freezing/Stalling

Computer freezes on booting

Computer Freezes on Startup when it reaches the sound icon

computer freezes at desktop

Computer freezes when opening most applications

computer freezes while doing things

computer freezing after noise

Computer freezes at logon + Malware Issues

Computer freezing soon after start-up

Computer freezes while gaming on Windows 8

Computer freezes at second page during boot [w/ PICS]

computer freezes before doing almost everything

computer freezing at bootup

Computer Freezes next morning

Computer freezes before fully loading

Computer Freezing Temporarily

Computer freezes while gaming

Computer freezes constantly and can't even run HijackThis

Computer Freezes still

Computer Freezes when plugging any item into USB ports

Computer freezin'

Computer Freezes then Endless Beep

Computer Freezes no error message

Computer froze 4 times in 15 mins!

computer freezes continually

Computer freezes due to i8042prt?

Computer freezes while im away

Computer Freezes When Downloading Music From Internet

Computer froze and since

Computer freezes on and off

Computer Freezing then turning restarting

Computer freezes to the point of restart regularly - broke?

Computer freezes up when projector is connected

Computer Freezes. Help?

Computer freezes during gaming !

Computer Freezes on Games

Computer freezing and not booting

computer freezes up when ripping audio!

Computer freezes when gaming (black screen + loud buzzing)

Computer Freezes. New CPU Problems?

Computer freezing/ rebooting

Computer Freezing etc.

computer freezes help please!

computer freezes after post and bios identifier

Computer Freezing.I have no clue why

Computer Freezing every few minutes

Computer Freezing at Startup

Computer Freezing/ Restarting Randomly - Real Challenge

Computer freezes when running 3D apps and games

Computer freezes with pixelation

computer freezing during booting and afterwards

Computer freezes when idle.

Computer freezes when I burn a DVD

Computer Freezing/Locking up

Computer Freezes - HJT log

Computer freezes after boot?

computer freezes when install games and software ! on new pc

Computer Freezes when Idle and during Transfer

Computer freezes after leaving internet.

Computer Freezes Randomly ** Tried Everything **

Computer hangs after boot.

Computer Freezes When Streaming Video - HJT log included

Computer freezes then turns off

Computer Freezing when running Games

Computer Freeze's Up

Computer freezes please help

Computer hangs at random intervals

Computer Hanging / Crashing / Failing to start

computer freezes with wmv and avi

computer freezes up when i put a disk in

Computer Freezes with weird noise.

computer frezzes up

Computer freezes constantly.plz help

Computer freezes when I insert a blank DVD in drive

Computer freezes during boot

Computer Freezes when typing

Computer Freezes during bootup. Please help!

Computer Freezers

Computer Hanging on Reboot Win2K

Computer Hangs ever 5 minutes

Computer Froze-Up

Computer freezes when scanned for viruses! Pls Help!

Computer freezes on bios start up

Computer Freezing Repeatedly and Doing StartUp Repair but then freezing etc.

Computer freezes on bootup.

computer freezes when.

Computer hangs for no apparent reason

Computer freezes while playing video

Computer Freezing while playing a video

computer freezes on certin games

Computer Freezes On Opening FP

Computer hangs for no reason

Computer freezes while printing.

Computer freezing due to inactivity?

Computer freezes on windows loading screen

Computer Hangs After Start-up

Computer freezes while watching video

Computer hangs at boot. Any way to troubleshoot?

Computer Hangs on Bootup at Desktop

Computer freezing while playing games. driving me nuts

Computer Halts on startup

Computer hangs and freezes

Computer Freezes Sporadically

Computer hangs and restart

Computer Freezes whilst playing games

Computer freezes/reboots

Computer freezes while streaming video

Computer freezing while streaming video

Computer Freezing [HELP]

computer freezes when connected to the net

Computer hang at startup

Computer freezes starting up.

Computer hangs at startup

Computer freezes on start up

Computer freezing within seconds

Computer hangs on bootup

Computer hangs on booting.

Computer Hangs on downloads

Computer freezes when I pull up Youtube! Beeping as well!

Computer freezes up----help me

Computer Hangs at random times

Computer Freezes with Buzzing Noise

Computer freezes when I try to install a game

computer freezes when installing software

Computer freezing up after about 45 min

Computer freezes with high pitched sound-2 HD ok

Computer freezes when USB2 PCI card is fitted

Computer Hags for every 15 min

computer freezing when i start it normally- please help i need this for school!

Computer is Freezing Is Freezing When Opening any Program.

Computer hangs on screen before XP fully loads.

Computer is freezing randomly for no apparent reason

Computer freezes right after it's turned on

Computer freezes up and has to be restarted

Computer Hangs Up

Computer is constantly freezing when streaming video

computer freezes when i close it and open again

Computer Frezzes At Start

Computer Hangs Up/Freezes Frequently

Computer game temporarily freezes

Computer hangs while booting

Computer freezes at 20 min then instantly when rebooted?

Computer is freezing after 10 or so minutes of being idle.

Computer is Freezing and Rebooting Randomly.

Computer keeps freezing while watching YouTube Videos and.

computer is frozen at bootup - desktop loads then it freezes

Computer freezes when isntalling PCI X Card

Computer Help - Freezes then Buzzes

computer freezes when trying to get online with IE.

computer is almost unusable because of freezing

Computer keeps restarting/freezing!

Computer is freezing up and restarting every little bit

Computer keeps freezing temporaily.

computer kept freezing and restarting

Computer is constantly freezing

Computer Lockup

Computer hanging need help

Computer locks up / freezes during gaming.

Computer locking-up momentarily

Computer Locks up after booting to Desktop

computer locking up @ Windows startup

Computer Loads but then Freezes

Computer hangs on fresh install

Computer hangs randomly

Computer keeps pauseing

Computer locking up consistently at 45 minutes - an hour.

Computer Locks up when playing Video sometimes

computer halts on boot

computer hangs as soon as it is turned on?

Computer locks up (freezes) when going into Stand By mode

Computer Locks Up After Short Period Of Time

computer locks up randomly

Computer locks up while streaming videos

Computer Locks Up without any reason

Computer makes a noise then freezes

computer lockups/ reboots

Computer Pauses as I surf the net

Computer locks up when attaching printer

Computer keeps pausing.

Computer Randomly Freezing/Shutting Off (detailed description).Need Help!

Computer periodicly freezes during D2 + more

Computer randomly locks up after 15-20 mins

Computer randomly locks up/reboots - could it be the hard drive?

Computer Processes after screensaver comes on. .

Computer Randomlly Freezes and requires restart

Computer Problems. Freezing etc.

computer randomly freezes please help!

computer problems freezing up completly

Computer Randomly Freezes/Restarts

Computer randomly freezes and I have to restart - virus?

Computer randomly freezes or crashes and can't turn on again til a few minutes later

computer programs freeze when accessing net and email.

Computer restarting itself and also freezes

Computer randomly freezing(computer stays frozen until I shutdown)

Computer reboots/freezes at random time and place.

Computer screen freezeing.

Computer screen Freezes

Computer screen freezing with audio loop while gaming

Computer running very slow and turning off when unused for 20 min

computer slowed to a stand still and freezing

Computer slow and screen is freezing

Computer Stalling for no reason

computer startup hangs

Computer starting to freeze up need help

computer still freezes

Computer stalls every few minutes please help.

Computer starts up in safe mood but freezes when I try to uninstall anything

Computer Still Freezez Randomly!

Computer stalls in games but. GOOD Comp SPECS

Computer stalls while loading anything.

Computer takes three minutes to get out of splash screen

Computer Stuck on home screen

computer started random freeze-ups

Computer stopping

Computer stops

Computer Stops repeatedly for about 3 minutes

Computer stops working every couple weeks

Computer starts freezing up when I do anything

computer temporarily freezing-help please

computer stops responding after 15min of inactivity - can't find cause

Computer totally locks up.DSL problems

Computer stucks when running games

Computer stop responding when I go afk

computer still freezing during during games

Computer started to freeze

Computer stuck while booting. :(

computer's freezing

Computers freeze up!

Computers "freeze" when surfing web

comuputer freezing

Computer won't restart after a period of inactivity

Computer works perfectly fine then all of a sudden freezes

Connection freezes

Constant Freezes!

constant freeze-ups

constant hardware-related(?) freeze-ups

Constant Freeze up problem

Constant Freezes Playing Anything

constant computer freezes

Constant Freezing Problem

Constant Game Freeze

Constant random freezes-sound card has to be taken out and reseated

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