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Constant system freeze ups

Constant freezing issues

Continual Freezing of Comp

Constant lockups

cpu freeze

CPU Freezes during gaming

CPU Freezing/Sound skipping while gaming

cpu hang at startup?

CPU lockup and freezing!

Crashing/freezing during download

Crashing And Freezing During Start Up

Dell Insprion Freezes whil on internet

Dell Studio/Vista 64bit computer crashes when idle

Desktop freezing up

Desktop freezes while booting

Desktop causing freezing

Desktop freezes at random

Desktop freezes and stops outputting to monitor; needs reset

desktop on cant connect it freezes when i try to go to a program

desktop randomly freezing

Desktop system hangs and hesitates

Desktop Freezes Up Randomly

Dial Up Modem Hangs After 15 Minutes

Did your pc ever froze when played games? If so what did you do to fix it?

Different desktop loads up! help!

Disc Driving causing freeze/lock-up

Downloading crashes computer

Downloads freeze my computer!

DW15.exe hangs my PC on shutdown. Please help

Electro-static freezing problem

Everything freezes way too frequently.


Fan Running Crazy & Crashes

final installation of Windows 8.1 is hanging up.

Freeze for no apparent reason!

Freeze issue while browsing the internet

Freeze on Boot

Freeze on bootup

freeze or re-boot

Freeze problems

Freeze at startup

Freeze & Boot Issues

Freeze then reboot on Vista?

Freeze during games

Freezes at startup

Freeze While Gaming

Freezes Completely

Freeze for no aparant reason?

Freeze at "Windows Starting Screen"

Freezes after startup

freeze after using internet and can't shut down

Freezing while surfing

freezing on start-up

freezing often

Freezing Issue

Freezes At Startup Screen

freezing computer.(memtest freezing aswell)

freezes during boot

Freezing - even on post screens - hardware?

Freezing on booting

Freezes frequently

freezing up pc

Freezing Windows

Freezing winxp at "connect to"

Freezing and Hanging-up problems

Freezing when opening programs

Freeze up after coming out of sleep mode

Freezing in game buzzing noise

Freezing with annoying buzz

Freeze-ups happen only to one user on machine

freeze while booting up

Freeze after Hibernation

Freezing problem!

Freezing Computer HELP

Freezing Issues

freezing while booting up

Freezing upon inactivity

FREQUENT HANGS.please help!

Frequent Freezes

Freeze when multiple windows open

Freezing upon loading of my desktop

Freezing on wakeup from Standby

Freezing Programs

Freezing at boot up.

Freezing only when online

Freezes Problem!

Freezing problems

Freezing during online video's or while surfing web

Freezing and weird noise when playing games

Frequent Lockups

Freezing and sometimes rebooting

Freezes at boot up

Freezing with buzzing sound

Freezes when booting

Frequent lock ups

Frequent temporary monitor freezeups

Freezing problem with new hardware

Freeze ups. application hangs

freeze after a few hours

Freezes.a LOT of Freezes!

Freezing screen

Freezing on boot up

frezzing an stops .

Frozen on boot screen! hard disk problem

Freezing Up While Booting

Frozen Desktop After IE 8 Update

Frozen out before computer boots

Frozen desktop! Please help!

Freezing PC No boot up

Game crashes and freezes up my computer. Please Help!

Game Freezing and Weird Sound!

Games crashes to a white screen and buzzin sound

games freeqing

Games caused my computer to lock-up and crash

games freezing for no apparent reason

Games Freezing

Games freezing my computer at random intervals

Games freeze for an instant.

game freezes after downloads

Gaming/simming causes freezing and hard reboot

Gmail freezing computer while typing.

Hanging PC Dependent On Bootup

hang while booting

Hangs on boot-up.

Hanging on boot

hanging on bootup

Hanging/Freezing PC - PSU issue?

Hangs permanently and always need to restart

Hang Up/Freezing

Hard Lockup + odd sounds

hard freezes for over a year and a half

hard hang/random power off and reboot

Hardlocks please help!

Having Serious Freeze Issues.>.< please help

Help ! My PC Freezes

Help computer freezes to much!

Help in Diagnosing Weird Random Computer Freezes

help please! desktop freeze

help plz IE is freezing/hanging/not responding

Help please! Computer Freeze!

help system freezing up

Help with computer freezing up

help! - computer freezing up!

HELP! BSOD and Freezing

HELP! Computer constantly freezes.

Help! Can't tranfer photos from DVD+R back onto my PC w/out freezing.

HELP! Computer freezes right after boot up

Help! Computer Freezes For No Reason!

Help! Computer Freezing at weird times

Help! PC Freezing During Gameplay

Help! Random lockup's

HELP! Unusual Repetative System Lock-up

HELP! XXClone hangs/froze at 96% complete

Help!XP Lockup/Freeze computer freezes every 20 min.

help.hang when i turn on my PC

HJT log (computer freezes and net stops working)

How to check what causes games to constantly freeze

HTML freezing PC

HTPC locks up while idle

I dont know what to do. Computer freezes constantly

I have a couple of different issues.freezes on boot up

Idle Computer Start Up Problem

Idle time and then freeze.

IE just suddenly will freeze and "stick". ?

IE Hangs Computer for 1 to 2 Seconds

IE8 Beta 2 Hanging/Freezing

IE7+ Hard Freezes

IM programs crash internet?

Interesting CPU Problem causing lockups?

internet causing computer to freeze?

internet connection freezes comp

Internet Connection works for a bit then locks up.

Internet Explorer 7 Frozen-log attached

Internet Explorer Freezing/Lag. Help :(

Internet freezing after svp2

Internet freezing up after 30 minutes

Internet Hanging coz of some programs

internet hanging then pc wont restart

Internet Hangs on Boot Up

Internet keeps freezing - Help required please

Internet programs hanging

Is there a utility that tells you why your computer is freezing up?

Internet Explorer keeps freezing on me (Hijack included)

Issue with Advent laptop - strange typing and random 'crashes'

Issue with computer freezing

keyboard locking up while trying 2 boot

Laptop freezes after disconnecting NIC cable

Laptop freezes after using some programs

laptop freezes and buzzing sound if playing a music

Laptop freezes and hard reboot needed

Laptop freezes for few minutes then comes back to life

Laptop freezing every few minutes!

Laptop hang on startup from standby

Laptop hanging on start up

Laptop hangs at desktop on startup

Laptop Locking up no BSOD hard restarting

Laptop Locks at boot

Laptop locks up when monitor turns off

Laptop randomly freezes when I walk away from it

laptop starts up and hangs?

laptop stutters then crashes while playing certain games.

Lock up with constant tone

Lock ups and auto reboots

Locking up my computer.

locking up froze screen and shutting down by it self

Locking up-or freezing up from Mittcamper

Locks up after being on all day.

Locks up after no use for 1-6 hrs

Lockup and screen freeze.

Lots of bluescreens & freezes! I'm desperate for a solution!

Loud 8800 GT (but only sometimes!)

Loud static noise then total lockup-crash

Machine crashes after short period of non-use

Machine lockup after inactivity

Mailto:[emailprotected] links freeze my PC when I click

Major PC issue diagnosing / freezing

Many Hardlocks

Laptop & interent freezes for few minutes then comes back to life

Microphone = Vista Lockup

Momentary freezes followed by blocky graphics

Monitor Locking up after PC exits "Standby"

monitor won't turn on after idle. or maybe just frozen

mouse and clock problems

Mouse stutter/freezes for a split second.

Mouse/Screen Freeze-plz view logs

MSI Laptop randomly hangs and makes static noise from speakers.

Multiple Applications freezing temporarily when printing

music stuttering as hard drive led flashes.

my comp freezes

My compaq motherboard freezes as soon as it starts

My compute locks up when running

My Computer Constantly Freezes Up

my computer freezes

My computer freezes on games and youtube

My computer freezes all the time / must restart

My Computer Freezes Immediately After Windows XP is Loaded.

My Computer freezes part-way open.

My computer freezes up please help

My computer freezes on startup

My computer freezes on start up.

My computer freezes repeatedly

My Computer Freezes Up

my computer freezes up once ethernet cable is plugged in

My computer freezes upon startup

my computer freezes when it starts up

My computer freezes while i play games!

My Computer freezes with every game

My Computer Froze when i used it! HELP!

My computer frequently freezes

My Computer hang-up

My computer hangs and locks up every few minutes and i have to hardboot

my computer has been playing up a lot recently

My Computer is Freezing up after booting it up! Help!

My computer is freezing

My computer is hanging up.need help

My computer jamming up

My Computer Keeps Freezing Unless I Run IE 1st

my computer still freeze

My net keeps freezing for no reason!

My new computer freezes whenever i play a game

My Pc Freezes

My PC freezes completely

My screen freezes at start up screen

My screen freezes while surfing - help please?

My system freeze for a minute & then continues

my system freezes

my system freezes after start-up

nascar4 crashes to desktop or locks up

Need help - computer freezing

Need help -- Computer freezes after POST

Need help with computer freezing

need help with xp freeze up

Need help: PC Freezing

Network is causing computers to lock-up

New computer freeze-help

New Computer Freezes

New computer crashing during video stream

New computer freezing randomly.

New computer but it freezes

New Computer Freezing up

New CPU=lock-ups and reboots

new computer freezing

New computer freezes up

new HD hangs every few mins

New Here Have Virus From Online Games! Computer Freezes Quickly

New PC is Locking Up and I'm Stuck

New PC locks up whenever online WINXP PRO

New pc freezing and not working in general

New PC Experiencing Freezes When on Desktop

New PC Freezing UP?

New RAM causing computer to freeze

New PC Hangs on Program Startup

New Processor + Crashes

new system please

New System Lock ups

New PC experiencing lockups.

NEW! Scratchy sound frezzes computer + random trojans detected

Newer PC Freezes Constantly

No internet access after PC hard lock / freeze forced a manu

No reponse from computer after inactivity

Noise at startup--computer freezing

Non-random system freeze/hang

Notebook locks up everytime its left untouched for 5 mins

Occasional Freezing on Bootup & Online

Occational Lockups. Please Help

Occasional hard crashes

Odd USB audio problem causing computer to freeze

Old build newly randomly pause-freezing?.

Old computer freezes

Only during PC gameplay

Operating system freezes

PC "freezes" constantly. Why?

pc crashing and losing connection

PC crash - sound problem

PC completely stops when it starts

PC Freezes after boot up (LONGISH)

pc freeze problem

PC Freezes - Hangs-Up

PC freezes (stalls).

PC freeezes every morning around 9:00am

PC Boot Hangs up

pc freezing on start up

PC Freezes before boot up

pc constantly freezing during start up and running

PC freezes at Boot Menu

pc hangs for 2 seconds

PC freezes constantly.

PC Freezes: what's wrong?

pc hanging/freezing/stalling

PC Freezing with buzzing noise while playing games

PC freezes on FLASH video

PC freezes during startup

PC freezes after 10-30 seconds

PC Freezes

PC freezes on games.

pc freezing

PC Hangs & Freezes - is it the BIOS ?

PC freezes at random interval (hardware problem)

PC freezing. What else can I try?

PC freezes every minute for 10 seconds

Pc freeze completely

PC halts at bootup

pc freezes up randomly

PC freezs while attempting to Boot

PC freezes on desktop

Pc hang while starting it up

PC is freezing up

PC hangs on boot

PC freezes and locks up after removing Internet Security 2010

PC froze twice

PC freezes then Recovers

PC Freezes - Wifi to blame?

PC freezing / Crashing at startup - Win XP Home

PC freezes when logging off or re-booting

Pc Freezes Today Tomorrow Not

PC Freezing up

PC freezing after bootup

PC freezing on boot: Help!

pc freezing up more frequently

PC Freezing Without Explanation

PC hangs randomly for few seconds and then works normally

PC freeze constantly

PC is hanging and wont reboot then

PC hangs. Need 2nd opinion

PC freezes when typing. HELP!

Pc freeze's in game

PC Freeze!

PC Freezes Periodically - any ideas

PC Hang on start up

PC Hangs – Sort Of – can not start anything

PC goes whacky on start-up

PC Freezes/might be graphics card or ram

PC hangs during start-up

PC is Freezing

Pc freezing and ain't starting up normally

PC freezes at startup - virus or hardware?

PC Lockup during certain installs

Pc freezing at start up and no boot menu

PC lockup/freeze

PC hangs when starting up

PC Freezing and Strange Noises

PC freezes after a day or two

PC Freeze Issue?

PC Freezes up! Please Help!

PC boots to windows

PC Freezing & Restarting (Plz Help!)

PC Freezing / Crashing with loud buzzing sound loop

PC Freezing while watching Youtube

PC locks up when booting up

Pc Frezzing

PC freezes and makes buzzing noise in headset frequently.

PC freeze's during game play

PC Freezes/ resets

PC freezes everytime it's turned on

Pc hangs out while booting

Pc locking up momentarily

PC Keeps Freezing right when I turn it on

PC keeps freezing while gaming.

PC hangs for minutes at a time randomly

pc freezing constantly

PC hangs on startup

PC Hangup.I think

PC randomly freezes! Please help

PC Lockup problem

PC locks up 5-10 seconds everytime I close a Window?

PC randomly freezes?

PC hangs only on idle

PC Problem on startup. Freeze.

PC freezes during game play

PC locks up during gaming

PC is frozen.but not frozen?

PC Randomly Freezes And Stops Responding

PC freezing and upgrade question.

pc restart on lockup/powerfailure

PC freezes while gaming

PC sometimes freezes during booting at desktop/black screen

PC Sometimes Won't Boot to Windows & Freezes

PC starts up then freezes.

PC/everthing locks up

pc would freeze when small icons appear

PC randomly freezes only when IE is open

Playing a streaming video crashes internet?

Please help! Computer Freezes then Reboots

please help! pc reboots and freezes randomly

Please Help! Computer freezes every 2 min!

Please HELP! Computer Freezes!

Please Help! system freeze

Please help. computer freezes and ISTBAR.F & B found on computer

Please HELP! Desktop Frozen

Please save my computer! Just got bluescreen! Constantly freezing

Possible causes for computer Freezing?

Power down sound + freezing up WinOS

PPLive Streaming Video Crashes My Computers

Print command hangs

problem when pc is idle

Problem with Computer freezing up when it starts up

Problem with computer freezing

Problem with random lockups.

Problem: Computer freezes and randomly restarts.

Problems with monitor and freezes

Program freezing.

Program freezes.

programs freeze

Programs and computer constantly freezing or crashing. is spyware the problem?

Programs freezing

Programs lock up when I try to print!

Programs Seem to Hesitate for a couple of seconds before repsonding

PSU blew up causing lots of bad sectors. Now what?

RAM card freeze/beep

Random desktop freezing needing manual shutdown

Random BSODs + freezes

Random Freezes with no apparent reason

Random computer freezing

Random freezes/ reboots? Please help!

Random Freezing! Now can't even boot!

Random Freezes: Hard Restart

Random Computer Freezes!

Random computer lockups and/or freezes

Random Lockups Need Help

Random Lockups - Please Help!

random reboot and now froze so had to manual reboot

random computer lock-ups crashing sound in headset.

Random Machine Crashes

random hard freezes

Random Freeze on Laptop--Think its hardware related

Random freezing with buzzing noise

Random freezing with buzzing sound from speakers

Random screen freezes

Random Screen Lockups

Random Lock ups becoming more frequent - Stop error message

Random PC freezes

Random Restarts After Removing IDE Hard Drive

Random Short Lockups

Random game freezes for 2 years =) can anyone help?

Random startup freezes and sudden shutdowns

Really strange laptop crash/freeze

Really need help. Freeze after start up.

Reason of freezes

Rebuilt Computer Locking up

regular freezing - hard reboot and increasing problems

Regular freezes causing problems

Regular application hangs

Renewed Freeze Ups So Sad

Repeat Freezing/Lock-up Problems

Repeated Computer Freezing

Repetitive Freezes?

repairing a XP pro install and the computer freezes

Running DXDIAG restarts PC every time

screen freezes while browsing

Screen freezing

Screen freeze

Screen freezing on startup

Screen freezing when coming out of "sleep" mode only.

screen freezes up

Screen Locks on startup

Screen locks up

Screen hang

Screen Freezes

screen going crazy buzzing sounds crashing and booting down randomly.

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