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screen saver causes computer to hang

Screen saver freezes

Screen Saver Freezing

screensaver locks up computer

Screensaver locking up

Screens turn off and sound repeats rapidly

Search in Windows 8 hangs

Self Reboots and Freezes

Semi-Freeze on Startup

Short Freezes With Loud Buzzing

Slow computer and freezing sound

Smart Fan Control Freezing games ?

Software Freeze for No Reason

Solved: After connecting to internet computer freezes

Solved: Annoying Random Freezes. I have hijackthis log

Solved: All games freeze or crash

Solved: Boot screen freezes

Solved: comp hangs at start up

Solved: Computer freezes

Solved: Computer freezes up

Solved: Computer freezes up on a regular basis.

Solved: Computer freezes very frequently.

Solved: Computer freezes when i get on!

Solved: Computer freezes when I try to use a file converter program

Solved: Computer freezes constantly

Solved: Computer freezes for short periods

Solved: Computer freezes after startup

Solved: Computer freezes while usng internet

Solved: Computer freezes all the time

Solved: computer freezes and hangs what to do?

Solved: computer freezes and keeps dropping internet connection

Solved: Computer freezing

Solved: Computer freezing up regularly

Solved: Computer freezing at random

Solved: Computer freezes before boot up

Solved: Computer Freezing Issue

Solved: Computer randomly freezes and has troubles coming back up

Solved: Computer freezes after boot

Solved: computer freezes and unfreezes randomly

Solved: Computer has frozen! (sob)

Solved: Computer freezes often

Solved: Computer Freezes While Gaming

Solved: Computer freezing ( PC Funeral )

Solved: Computer locks up after inactivity

Solved: computer freezes possible virus?

Solved: computer freezes when i download my photos

Solved: Computer Freezing during boot up

Solved: Computer freezing when booting up

Solved: Computer Locks up on Startup

Solved: Computer screen freezing

Solved: Computer Temporarily Freezes

Solved: computer freezing and other problems

Solved: computer freezing & other weird stuff

Solved: Computer freezing at random times

Solved: Computer works normally for 30-45 minutes

Solved: CPU at 26°C + low 12V + freezing

Solved: Desktop freezing immediately after booting up

Solved: Farcry 2. Locking up?

Solved: Friends computer has major freezing problems.

Solved: Freeze when downloading photos

Solved: Freezing on start up

Solved: Freezing/Lockup issue-Only with MMO's

Solved: freezing problem;hardware elimination

Solved: Freeze on startup

Solved: Full computer freezes when using ANY internet browser

Solved: Got Help? My computer locks up.Needs a Fix

Solved: Help! USB keeps crashing my system

Solved: How do I remove an email which hangs my computer

Solved: IE 8 running slow and locking up exhausted all forum search suggestions

Solved: Laptop freezes after being idle

Solved: loud fan noise an systems hangs

Solved: Mom's computer freezes up

Solved: My computer freezes and I have to power off every 7min

Solved: My computor works for a while and then stops responding

Solved: My Computer freezes when goes to screen saver

Solved: My computer started randomly crashing while playing games. >.<

Solved: My eTower 633id computer freezes after GoBack

Solved: Need advice - Freezing computer

Solved: My system is hanging on startup.

Solved: Need professional HELP! Computer FREEZES - getting worse.

Solved: Need More Memory or New Machine? System freezes

Solved: No text when computer has been idle

Solved: One dirty computer

Solved: Pc freezes at random

Solved: PC freezes on boot

Solved: PC getting hanged while connecting to internet.

Solved: PC Crashes when I try using any video stuff

Solved: Pc Started To Freeze

Solved: PC Freezes after booting

Solved: PC freeze at boot up.

Solved: PC randomly freezing - possibly caused by sound card.

Solved: PC freezes on desktop screen when turned on.?

Solved: Pc Freezing Every So Often

Solved: Please help me stop my computer from freezing during log off

Solved: random freezing with lines and buzzing!

Solved: Random and Strange PC Freeze Problem

Solved: Repeated freezing

Solved: Screen constantly freezes

Solved: START-UP STOPS please help

Solved: Starts up-then locks up

Solved: system freeze in mid-boot.?

Solved: System Locks up during game.

Solved: System freezing

Solved: Unstable mobo/processor PLEASE HELP

Solved: Upgraded Processor Incorrectly ID'd during POST

Solved: Vista goes out to lunch after 20 minutes or so

Solved: Weird pc freeze

Solved: Why did my computer go bad overnight?

Solved: Windows Stalling

Some games freeze every 2 seconds

Sometimes freeze up.

Sometimes my pc freezes and need to reboot to fix this

sound freezes about once a second

Sound Freeze

Sound randomly crashes

sound looping/freezing + bsod

Splash Screen Freeze on Startup.

SSD hangs returning from sleep

Standby freezing

standby freeze upon log off (help me)

Start?/All Programs=Freezes

Start Up Freezes

start up freezing problem

Start up screen freezes

Startup Freeze

startup freezes

Startup Freeze-Up

Strange and annoying crashes

Strange freezes

Strange computer lockup

Strange Freezing Problem when multiple programs open

System and programs hang (also restarting problems)

System freezes at random.

System Freezing & Starting Problems

System freezes due to HD adding

system freezes for a short time

System freezes incessantly

System freezing

System freeze on startup

system freezing during search

System hangs and freezes

System freezes on startup after installing antivirus.

System Hanging on start up

System Hang on bootup

System hangs during bootup

System Freezes Temporarily:

System freezes up!

System Freeze Help

System crashes ~40 minutes after startup.

System lock up

System freezes

System freezes and hangs imediately it boots onto desktop (HP630

System locking up after being idle

System hangs whenever I use any web browser

System Freez without any cause

System Freeze - Halp!

System Freezess

System freezeups

System hangs after noise

system hangs on startup

System halts during bootprocess

System lock up-not sure if its hardware or software

System freezing constantly

System Regularly Freezes

System Pauses

system pauses for a sec and is very slow

System Freeze/BSOD

System hang at startup

System Restore freezes PC when trying to turn it on

System randomly reboots and occasional screen freez

system sometimes hangs after resuming from standby

System Security Malware + Computer freezing on start-up in normal mode

System Start-up hang

System Skips/Hangs at Random

System Temporarily Freezing During ANY action.

System freezes - looking for suggestions

Systems Hangup and software issues

Sytem freezing.?

the GMER downloaded then froze?

to stop getting frozen computer

Too many Freezes

Trouble uploading digital video to computer - freezes part way through.

Troubleshooting stalled boot

Turns on/off when returning from Sleep Mode and freezes occasionally.

Ultra 100 FREEZE On Boot Up

Unable to open files on USB Flash drive-computer freezes

Under half a year old PC freezing occasionally

Unresponsive for first 5 mins after login

Unusual and annoying errors causing system lock up

USB crashing computer after startup

USB Freezing XP

usb has malfunctioned related to system freezes?

USB ports crashing my PC - help!

Usb to hdmi tv: computer freezes whan i play video!

usb printer hangs pc up

Using front USB ports causing system to freeze

using usb causes the big freeze

Video and sound stutters and hangs.

Video crashing my computer

video playback causes crashes

Video Locks PC Up!

Videos freeze and cause lock up

Video locks computer

Videos lockup windowsxp

Virus & computer freezes

Vista 64 freezes after loading desktop

Vista freezes after i connect usb printer

Vista freezing then rebooting Hijack Log attached

Vista freezes at Deskstop load up!

Vista freezing while on screensaver

Vista hangs for 30-180 seconds

Vista Programes hanging up and freezing and strange noise coming from speakers

Weird noise randomly and freezing of computer

Weird XP System Hang

What is causing my computer to freeze?

Whats causing my computer to freeze?

when going to MYCOMPUTER it freezes and hangs!

When I log into my computer it freezes help!?

Whole computer freezes!

why does my os keep on freezing

whole computer freezes w/ HD

why freezing on bootup?

Win 2000 Pro Hanging every 2 minutes for 30 seconds

Win 7 64 bit freeze when using flash based online videos

Win 7 freezes while browsing

Win XP constantly locking up/poor performance at random intervals

Window Freeze

Windows 7 Freezing And Restarting

Windows 7 freezes and must be forced shut down

Windows 7 keeps freezing as I try to watch video!

Windows 98 freeze caused by virus brought in .gif file

Windows Constantly Freezing

Windows explorer will lock up/freeze if I'm away for a few minutes

windows feezes regularly

Windows Freezing after start up

Windows hang during startup

Windows Freezes while downloading

Windows Freezes

Windows hangs on boot when modem turned on

windows hanging a few seconds before closing

windows freezes if i leave it alone

Windows freezing when LAN enabled

Windows frezzes

Windows Freez

Windows Freezes at the boot screen!

Windows freezes and HDD doesnt respond

Windows Locks up

Windows is freezing

Windows Lockup Problem

Windows restarts or freezes when it wants

Windows starting frequently and freezing on startups

Windows randomly freezes on startup

Windows Vista Basic freezes up for about 30 minutes after idle period

Windows XP freezing ever minute or so

Windows XP Pro freezes during heavy downloading

Windows Xp pauses for short periods of time

Windows XP Home Freezing while online

Windows/System Freezes right after boot-up.

WinME hang/freeze for 2 mins after modem disconnect

WinXP is periodically freezing briefly

Word freezes computer after random amount of time

XP crashes if I try to view video online

XP freezes on booting after running some anitvirus-software

XP Home Hangs sporatically

XP keeps Freezing for 5 seconds and then resumes

Xp stops responding when left idle

Youtube Computer Crash

YouTube freezes my computer

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