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Help computer 100% usage

HELP CPU Usage 100% [image name] System

Help me w/ High CPU ussage.

Help Needed - CPU always greater than 50%

Help please - CPU running 100%

Help please with 100% cpu usage

help taskkb.exe hogging cpu cycles

Help with CPU Problem

help with cpu usage

help with my CPU!?!?!

Help with Trojans and high CPU usage

Help! 100% CPU Usage?

Help! CPU at 100% when opening My Computer

Help! CPU Usage @ 100%

HELP! I have 100% CPU Usage

Help! My CPU Meter Shoots Up 100%

Help! My cpu is always maxed out.

HELP! My computer is running at 100% cpu usage all the time

Help! Random 100% CPU Usage!

hi cpu usage

High CPU and really

High CPU usage 98 - 100%

High CPU usage

High CPU

High CPU usage/extreme slow down

high cpu usage virus maby? plz help

High (idle) CPU usage

High CPU Use - Toshiba Laptop

High CPU Usage - help pls!

High CPU use with nothing running?

High CPU useage

High CPU when I run Firefox and Itunes

High CPU usage and other issues

High CPU % sometimes

High cpu usage with nothing running

high cpu 70-100%

High CPU usage and slow computer

High CPU usage and sudden slowdown

High CPU Activity

High CPU Usage by Firefox

hidden processes using 50% of CPU

High CPU Usage (caused by almost every program)

High cpu usage from 1 program?

High Cpu usage issues

High CPU Usage and CPU Fluctuation

high cpu usage problem please help

High CPU Usage causes frozen programs after awhile

High CPU Usage and constant freezing

high cpu usage percentage

High CPU usage & USB problems

High CPU usage while playing World of Warcraft (not necessairly)

High CPU Usage on Fresh Install

High CPU usage problem on one core

High CPU Usage Problem.

High CPU usage.must have malware or is it time to upgrade?

HJTlog - Whats making all my cpu go to new application

Hovering at 50% CPU usage

How high should my CPU Usage be in relation to the Processes my computer is running?

How to alleviate CPU 100% with 100 web pages open and their too many Flash Objects

i have problems with 100% cpu usage

Idle computer maxes out CPU usage

IE uses 100% CPU when opening new tabs: causes system freeze

IE uses 100% CPU usage

IE locking up/CPU 100%/ HJT included

IE7 Sitting At 99% cpu Usage

iexplore.exe 100% cpu usage

iexplore.exe 99-100% CPU usage on startup {Moved thread needs help}

iexplore.exe causes cpu usage to spike at 100%

In need of assistance! CPU sluggish

Intermittent freezing + wild CPU usage

Internet Browsing / Games Bogged Down. possible remains of virus?

ipconfig.exe using 100% CPU slowing down

Is 100% CPU usage a bad thing?

Is it possible that I'm not getting my cpu's full usage?

Is there a PC load monitor program?

Internet game causing 100% CPU

Is this CPU issues?


itunes 9 high cpu

kernel n cpu usage going high

Lag spikes and freezing up in computer - URGENT

Latop Running Extremely Low

limiting cpu usage?

loading Word slow - 100% CPU usage

LOW CPU usage

Low Memory and lots of space on my computer? But Task Manager runs slow?

Major CPU Usage Issues

Massive CPU usage on a regular basis

Max CPU Problem

Max'd CPU usage

Maxed Processor

Laptop is running very slow with high CPU usage - HELP?!

Micro freeze / CPU spike

Most activitys take CPU Usage to 100%

most exe. real slow/uses 100%cpu

Mouse skips (cpu usage spike)

moving windows causes cpu to shoot up

Mozilla Using Too Much CPU and Memory

Multiple browser processes using all my resources

Multiple issues. CPU 100%

My batch file is killing my processor usage

My computer Usage is 100%

my cpu is always close to 95% with lots of ram to spare

My CPU is always jumping high and low

my cpu is runnning at 70% usage

My CPU keeps going to 100%

My CPU USAGE is almost always maxed out to 100%

My CPU usage is nearly always at 100%

My CPU usage is always 50% or higher!

My cpu usage is high

my cpu usage is nearly 100% all of the time! Please help!

My CPU usage is constantly at 100%

my IE8 is using alot of cpu usage

My pc has a high cpu %


Need a CPU use logging app

need help high CPU usage

Need Help with PC Rebooting and CPU Usage at 100%

new computer-50%cpu usage

New laptop with High CPU Usage . Help please :S

Nonexistant CPU usage?

Nonstop 100% CPU Usage

Norton says CPU usage is high in Internet Explorer in Windows7

Norton System Doctor CPU Usage sensor not working

Odd Virus taking 95% of my Bandwidth and Slowing my System down

Okay to load CPU 100% all the time?

once again.100% CPU usage

One program takes up 97% of CPU

Outlook (2000) is using >95% CPU

Outlook 2003 causing CPU usage surges

Outlook 2003 - Cpu Goes To 100% Usage

Outlook 2003 CPU usage 99%

Outlook 2003 - using up too much CPU Power

Outlook Express consumes 100% CPU usage when opening

Overlly high cpu usage

PC is very slow CPU usage at 100

pc on 50% usage all the time

PC slow & CPU usage up and down?

PC runs at 100% CPU and doesn't shut down

PC's CPU USage is 100% almost always. HJT here.

periodic computer freezes (DPC takes 100% cpu)

Physical memory at 65% CPU usage spiking to 100%

Please help - various computer problems - high CPU usage

PLease help with 100% cpu usage

please help to sort out 100% cpu usage become system slow

Please Help! I think my computer is infected with Virus or Malware. Cpu usage 100%

Please Help; Cpu Consistently At Max W/ Ram 25%

Please help. CPU running at 100%

Poor syatem performance an Processor constantly running

Pop Ups and CPU Usage 100%

Pop ups before I open a browser and 100% cpu usage

Possible virus? high cpu for unopen programs

Problem with CPU usage

Problem with constant heavy CPU usage.

Problem with CPU usage percentage

Problems with XP at 100% CPU Usage

Processor use - virus?

Processor Jumping

processor wrong speed after xp sp2 upgrade.

processor usage

Processor problem or windows.

Processor Jumps to 0% or 100%

Processor maxing out

Processes at 50% CPU usage

Processor being used 100%

Processor maxing @100%

Processor Performance Problem

Processor maxed out!

Proccessor = 100% constant

Process running on startup causing 100% cpu usage

Program that tells you CPU usage?

Programs Hogging CPU

Processor Running At 50%

Programs use to much cpu

Processor running 50%

Processor usage slowdown

Promise Ultra133tx2 large CPU usage

QUAD Core running slow cant figure out why.Log incl. Tried many things

Question about Window XP's CPU Usage graph

Random Crashes - High CPU Usage

ran a spyware remover. average processes went from 43 to 70

random max cpu usage problem

Random pop up and cpu usage 80%+

Randomly Fluctuating CPU usage

Really Slow Recently.100% CPU usage?

Really big C.P.U problem

Reasons why CPU usage increase

reformatted xp now if i open more than 1 program they end up "not responding"

rpcss.exe. causes cpu usage of 99%

Running programs hog cpu

rundll32.exe problem 99% cpu usage HJT log

Seconcd Attempt To Get Help For PC Running Programs Badly.

Security suites and cpu usage

Serious Slowdown! 100% CPU Usage all of the time! Please help :-(

Serious CPU performance problem

services taking up ~5% of cpu process

Severe lag and available physical mem. loss

Should my game be using 99% of the CPU?

Should my game be using 99% CPU?

Skype causes 100% CPU usage

Skype. Hogging up my CPU!

Slow and 100% CPU usage.Lots of Bad Looking stuff

slow comp + 100% usage

Slow CPU (spyware?)

Slow comp/High CPU

Slow Computer-100 % cpu usage

Slow laptop cpu racing at 99%cpu

Slow computer and high CPU usage

Slow IE and Firefox (100% cpu usage)

Slow performance with high CPU & PF usage

slow pc high cpu usage

slow pc + high CPU

Slow System Performance 100% cpu usage

Sluggish CPU performance (possible memory problem or virus)

Slow startup and 100% CPU usage

Solved: "System" Causing CPU to be at 100%

Solved: "Registry Mechanic" report valid?

Solved: 100% CPU Usage

Solved: 100% CPU usage and internal modem problems

Solved: 100% CPU Usage and Extremely Slow

Solved: 100% cpu useage

Solved: 100% CPU Usage by system. No other program.

Solved: 100% CPU can't kill process

Solved: 100% CPU usage from login

Solved: 100% CPU Usage.When Idle :/

Solved: 100% CPU usage! please help

Solved: 90-100% CPU Usage

Solved: Card game stuck in task bar

Solved: Chrome is spiking my cpu usage!

Solved: Computer using higher CPU resources recently and slowing down

Solved: Constant 100% CPU Usage

Solved: Constant CPU load / excess HD seeking

Solved: Computer is 100% CPU usage and won't let me open any programs

Solved: Cpu 100 %

Solved: Cpu

Solved: CPU always 100% SLOW

Solved: CPU at 100%

Solved: CPU 100% consumed task manager shows nothing

Solved: CPU constantly at 100%

Solved: CPU at 100% for long periods

Solved: CPU being hogged

Solved: CPU keeps reading 100%

Solved: CPU problem

Solved: CPU running at 100% all the time

Solved: CPU usage always 50% or above

Solved: cpu running at 100%

Solved: CPU Problems

Solved: CPU Usage at 100% All the Time

Solved: CPU USAGE 100% (Image Name:system 80-100)

Solved: CPU usage 100% explorer.exe culprit

Solved: CPU performance

Solved: CPU Usage 100%: What?

Solved: CPU usage at 28% with no programs running

Solved: cpu usage 100% almost sorted but need further help ?

Solved: CPU Usage high - unlisted program?

Solved: CPU runs at 100%

Solved: CPU high % usage

Solved: cpu usage 100% all the time

Solved: cpu usage problem

Solved: CPU usage question. Help me to understand.

Solved: CPU usage highly sperratic

Solved: CPU Usage Spikes

Solved: CPU usage constant 25% at idle

Solved: CPU usage sticks at 100%

Solved: CPU spikes every few seconds; infected?

Solved: CPU usage always 95-100%

Solved: CPU usage spikes. can anything be done?

Solved: CPU hog issue.

Solved: CPU Usage stuck at 100%

Solved: CPU Runs very high with games

Solved: CPU running at very high levels

Solved: CPU showing 100% Usage Constantly?

Solved: CPU usage 100%!

Solved: CPU runnning too high

Solved: CPU Usage is down in the dumps

Solved: CPU usage at 100% all of a sudden. Help Pls.

Solved: CPU goes 100 %

Solved: CPU usage spikes with Google Chrome

Solved: Dumbing Down My CPU

Solved: extremly high cpu usage

Solved: fairly new processor getting bogged down

Solved: Firefox is hogging nearly 100% of cpu. Why?

Solved: firefox.exe uses 100% CPU

Solved: Google.exe is in my task manager 5 times using excessive cpu

Solved: Heavy CPU Load for no reason

Solved: Help CPU Usage pegged at 100%

Solved: Help with CPU issue

Solved: High CPU usage when idleing.

Solved: HELP: CPU taken 20-90% by winlogon. virus?:(

Solved: high CPU Usage

Solved: IE 6 w/SP2 opens 1 browser only vs multiple 1s when new links r cliked

Solved: iexplore.exe taking 100% UC

Solved: Internet Explorer 8 reaching 100% CPU

Solved: internet explorer freeze and briefly 100% cpu

Solved: Is my CPU usage normal?

Solved: Java is CPU hunrgy

Solved: jqsnotify.exe takes 100% CPU Cycles

Solved: Memory and CPU usage help

Solved: More Problems. 100% CPU

Solved: most games locks up and cpu 0%

Solved: My cpu usage is at 100% My System is running slow.

Solved: My CPU is @ 100%

Solved: My CPU is running at 50% when idle

Solved: My cpu is running at 100%

Solved: My proccesor only works at 50%

Solved: My CPU Usage always shows 100%

Solved: My CPU loading is very high

Solved: pc is slower and 100% cpu a lot of time. Hijack This log is included

Solved: Problem 100% cpu usage and extremely slow pc

Solved: program needed to monitor heat in Vaio with 64-meg WIN7 . ?

Solved: Resource meter maxs out when.

Solved: RTVSCAN High memory and cpu usage

Solved: Services.exe "Plug and Play" excessive CPU usage

Solved: Serious CPU issue help!

Solved: slow computer with high cpu usage

Solved: slow cpu

Solved: Slow PC - Hence a Hijack This Log!

Solved: something pulling all cpu resources log included

Solved: SPYWARE STRIKE got me too

Solved: Task manager shows nothing but 100% cpu consumed

Solved: Unable to end process pswin.exe 100% cpu usage

Solved: Unusual CPU useage. Log included.

Solved: Vista running slower and slower need some tech intervention

Solved: Web browsers taking 100% cpu usage

Solved: What is using most of my CPU capacity? (moved from SW)

Solved: Why is my CPU Always Active

Solved: will acer aspire l100 run on vista well

Solved: Win XP - Processor and Peripherals go down. help!

Solved: Win 2000 too much CPU Usage

Solved: Windows 7 slow but low CPU and RAM usage

Solved: Windows 7/8 not using more then 20% of CPU

Solved: Windows xp locks and modem shows excessive activity.

Solved: Windows xp sp2--Computer is freezing up--just started doing it please read

Solved: Windows XP Constant 50~100% CPU Usage

Solved: Windows XP Home SP2-Problem with Kodak Easy Share Can someone help?

Solved: Windows XP SP2 don't know if I am in the right forum have a question on RAM

Solved: xp updates 'failed to install' and cpu usage max out issues

Solved: Yotube - Im going crazy!

Something blocking my antivirus and cpu running 100 pecent

something is using most of my CPU

Something is Causing My Background Programs to Eat Bigger CPU - help!

Startup list/Idle Process at 80-90 constantly

Sticking CPU Problem

Sudden CPU Usage surge when i move mouse

Suddenly SLOW but normal mem usage.

Super Slow - CPU at 100% (malware

Suppen spike in CPU and RAM

Super slow CPU

Svchost and/or Explorer at 50% CPU = lags/freezes

Svchost.exe "system" and "Bonjour"

svchost.exe at 100% at boot.

svchost.exe utilization and Home Page hijack

svchost.exe 100% cpu spiking on windows vista 32bit

SVCHOST.exe and/or SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS consuming 99% CPU[moved from XP for Security

symproxysvc eating up CPU time.

System is SLOW (CPU @ 100%)

System Locks Up an Processes Max out!

System locking up at 100% CPU usage

System Process making cpu usage jump.

system perfomance down . to 38%

System process stealing 99% resources

System in Task Manager always high;CPU 100%

System resources working overtime.HJT logfile

system task manager process constantly eating half my CPU power?

System Usage randomly jumps

Task Manager CPU usage prob.

taskmgr.exe & High CPU usage

TaskMgr.exe running at 99%

taskmgr.exe uses 100% CPU

Taskmgn.exe Max CPU Virus (and Russian Dialogue Box)

Taskmgr.exe using 10% CPU usage

task manager running REALLY slow - help plz

Task Scheduler won't run. CPU at constant 100%

Too many open applications makes Win XP seize up

Too much CPU usage - what can I delete/uncheck from startup

too much CPU useage

TPSrv.exe is making my cpu run at 100%

Trojan causing CPU speed issues

Trouble-Very slow boot-up and high cpu usage often

UGH! Now what do I do? High CPU USAGE

Unexplainable high CPU usage

Unexplained Increase in System CPU

Under-Performance CPU

Unknown .exe in startup

Unknown Process 50% CPU Usage

Unknown exe file at Shutdown

Unknown Malware Eating up my Desktop.

Unknown Processes - Any Help Appreciated

Unknown executable

Unknown CPU memory usage

Unreasonably High CPU Usage

unstable cpu usage

Unusual CPU Usage

Unusal CPU usage

Unusually high CPU Usage.

Urgennt help-cpu 100% usage

Used 100% System Resources in Win2K?

Very High CPU Usage

Very high CPU usage when no applications are running

Very high CPU usage while running WoW

Very slow on web but cpu usage is not high

Very large CPU usage and severe slowing down

Very high CPU usage and slow computer

Video only CPU Spike

virus causing cpu at 100% & running slow

virus eating my bandwidth and cpu

Virus shot down my on line connection

Virus: CPU usage 100%

Virus trying to hault DCOM service

Virus? Services.exe maxes CPU to 100%

Visa CPU running at 40-70%

Vista hanging at low CPU - Please help!

Vista Gone Haywire! Plz help!

Vista hb cpu usage spikes then drops to 0%

Vista load problems- virus?

Vista machine slowing to a crawl every couple of hours

Vista Processor always active

W2k Pc Restarts - High Cpu Usage - New Plextor

web page causing high CPU usage different on TWO machines

Webroot Spy Sweeper unusual CPU usage

what is CPU usage?

What is a normal % for resources free w/ only explorer running?

What Is Eating All my CPU?

What to do About High CPU Usage

Whatever program I'm using maxes my CPU

When I upgrade to XP SP2 Pro CPU usage sits at 100%

When i play videos on any media player my cpu usage spikes to 100% please help

Why 100% CPU usage?

Whole computer lockes up/ Spiking CPU usage

why high CPU on start up

why is cpu usage at 60% with no programs running?

Will more RAM fix the problem?

win 2K system slow down

WIN 7 cpu 100% usage

Win 7 slow/freezing laptop cpu's maxed out always

Win 7 CPU usage

win xp memory usage and reporting

win2K 100% cpu usage

Windows 2000 4 Reinstalls in 5 Months - Startup Hanging - Etc.

Windows 2000 Very slow and constant popups

Windows 2000: Laptop getting hotter &fan running more

Windows CPU usage sits at 50% at times

Windows Explorer is Frozen-100% CPU Usage

Windows Explorer intermittently uses 99% of CPU

Windows IE7 reaching CPU of 100%

Windows HIgh CPU usage but only after fine working for some time

Windows Task Manager - CPU Usage & Processes Questions!

windows xp cpu usage at 100%

Windows XP - CPU Problems

Windows Xp high CPU cant figure out why

Windows XP Pro CPU spikes ( up and down)

WindowsXP CPU Usage

Winprvse32 has high cpu usage

WinXP - Too much CPU Usage.

WinXP CPU Usage Always 100%!

Winword CPU usage during typing

winxp startup and cpu usage

WMP causing full CPU usage in Wins 7

XP 100% CPU usage issue

XP 100% processor running

XP 100% cpu utilization

XP Home running 85% CPU+

XP in trouble - Start-up & Processes Overload

Xp Pro SP2 "system" running at 50% CPU

XP Running at a Crawl - Resources Constantly in Use

XP randomly locks up/ CPU goes 100% on screensaver

xp slow taskbar empty cpu usage around 0

XP suddenly goes to 100% CPU usage

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