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DVD not registering

dvd not working in vista

Dvd not working properly

DVD not Working.After Installing XP.

DVD Drive not recognized by XP

DVD not Detected

DVD Drive not working properly

DVD not recognized/Odd internal PC sounds

dvd not responding

DVD player buttons do not work on laptop - Please Help Me!

DVD drive does not work

DVD R/RW Problem

DVD R/W Drive Not Working

dvd drive will not work

DVD Drive will not work properly.

DVD Rom drive not working

DVD Optical Drive not working properly

DVD Player writes but can't read dvds?

DVD not working

DVD RW drvie not recognised

DVD player not visible in "My Computer"

DVD Rom can't read DVD's i've written

dvd is listed as cd-rom in DM

Dvd re-writer not being picked up as a dvd re-writer

dvd rewriter not recognized

DVD Drive not showing in my Laptop!

DVD drive not showing on "my computer"

DVD reader doesn't read DVD's

DVD not recognizing boot disk

DVD -R does not recognize some audio CD's

DVD Rom not working like it used to.

dvd writer not working

DVD/CD driver not found

DVD write not working

dvd/cd rom drive problem

DVD RW Has Stopped Working

DVD writer not detected

DVD/CD Drive not working

Dvd Rom Stopped Working

DVD is not recognized!

DVD x copy caused CDROMs to disapear

Dvd Rw Help Please !

DVD Rom/Writer not working

Dvd Rw Drive Help

Dvd not recognised

DVD Player not working right after upgrading to windows xp

DVD Writer - Writing but not Reading

dvd/cd not working

DVD RW issue-not functioning

dvd/cd-rw drive problems

dvd/cd drive problems

Dvd/cd drive not being recognized

DVD Recognition

DVD/CD stopped working - no errors in device manager

DVD ROM not recognised

DVD-drive not recognizing Vista DVD

DVD drive not working properly in Vista

DVD_Rom device not recognised

DVD RW won't read DVD's but will read CD's

DVD/CD ROM drive stopped working

DVD/CD-RW Drive isn't working.

DVD\Cdrom not recognized

DVD-ROM Drive stopped working

Dvd-rom device not found?

DVD/CD-ROM Devices not working.

DVD RW Drive now being recognized as CD ROM

dvd/cd problem

DVD USB Not Recognized

DVD/cd-rom drive not operating

DVD/CD-ROM Driver is miissing in Windows Explorer

DVD-ROM not detected after firmware there HOPE?!

DVD RAM drive not working

DVD-ROM and CD-RW missing from system. Secondary IDE broken (Code 10)?

DVD/CD rom not detected.

DVD/CD Drive Not Reading Discs

DVD-RW & XP Problem

DvD/CD player not working

DVD-R Drive Missing From Device Manager

dvd740 on 98se

DVD-Rom Not recognizing CD-Rom Game

DVD-R Drive not being detected on boot?

DVD R/RW Drive not working.

DVD-Drive not under 'MY Computer'

DVD/CD ROM rewritable problem

DVD-Rom Drive not detected

DVD+-RW Drive not detecing DVD+RW

DVD-R\RW Won't work correctly

Dvd Writers Not Regognised By Explorer (device Problems)

DVD/CD drive not detected in Bios

dvd/cd-w problem

DVDRW Drive not recognizing discs

DVD-ROM Functions of DVD/CD writer drives stopped working

DVD-R issues with vista

DVD/CD Drive not opening/responding in Windows Vista

DVDs & CDs not detecting!

DVDs not recognized by drives.

dvd-rom and cd-rw quit working

DVD-Rom not being detected

dvd-rw drive not working properly

DVD's Not Recognized

DVD-RW Drive Not Recognized in Windows

dvd/ windows problem

DVD/CD-RW don't see disk

DVD/CD Drive recognition problems

DVD's not being picked up in my drive

dvdrom drive wont work even after firmware upgrade

DVD-RAM Drive not reading disc

DVD-RW Drive Undetected

DVD-RW Drive Not Reading Discs

DVDRW Drive not reading discs.

DVD-RW Driver Problems in DOS

DVD+/- RW Installed - Not recognised

DVD/CD-R working only sometimes.Please Help!

DVD-RW software issue.

dvd/cd drive not working correctly. help!

DVD-writer drive not working and need help

DVD-RW Drive gone missing

dvd/cd drive not recognized

dvd/cd rom question.

DVD/CD Drives not being detected or recognized

DVD's Play-Music CD's Do Not

DVD-ROM drive not working at all

DVD-RW Drive Not Recognized

E Drive Not Working.

DVD's gone missing after installing XP

DVD/CD-ROM issues after update to XP

DVD/CD not recognized

E:drive not functioning

Error - DVD rom not being recognised

Esata Hard Drive not being found

esata hard drive not detected

Explorer doesn't recognise old files on my external USB Drive

Ext USB drive not detected

Ext Maxtor drive not connected

External Disk Drive- Help

external drive cant find drivers

External Drive can't get drive letter

External DVD help

External drive not connecting to pc (did first time)

External Disk Drive Trouble

External DVD drive not recognized

External Drive Not Displaying at Boot

external dvd/rw is not being recognised by my system

external combi drive not reading

External Hard-drive not recognised on Windows 7 or Vista

External HDD Enclosure Not Recognizing Particular Drive

External HD's not seen consistently by XP pro

External USB enclosure problem with NTFS HDD

External hard drive not recognized suddenly

External USB Drive cannot get working

External USB hard disk drive not working!

External USB HD: No detect on startup only

EZ CD won't work anymore.get this error message.

Failing CD/DVD-Rom drive on a notebook

Fan/New CD Drive error!

Files From External HDD Won't Show Up On Windows

Flash Drive not being recognized

Flash Drive Not being Seen

Flash Drive not recognized on desktop today

Flash Drives no longer work on my PC

flash memory not recognised

Flash drive is not recogniozed by computer

Flash Drive isn't recognized

flash drive not recognized

Flash Usb Is Not Detecting! >:|

Flashdrives not getting read

Flash Drive Not Detected; Important Data to Recover ?

Floppy drive not ready

follow up: dead cdrw

Formatted USB drive now files not recognized

Fourth HDD not recognised by WIndows Me

Formatting to fix problems is not being smart.

hard disk drive not found

Hard disk drive not visible in My Computer

Hard drive & USB problems

Harddrive not reading

harddrive not reading correctly

Harddrive Not seen by Vista

HardDrive + USD Issues

HD gone after USB Stick

help cd-rw not working

Help External Hard drive not showing up Windows 10

HELP- CD-RW Drive (D:) not working

Help help help. Dvd-r and driver/Nero problems

Help Me please with my DVD Burner

Help please DVD/CD writer

Help please - 2nd sata drive not recognised

HELP PLS!dvd/cd rom

Help trying to use new external drive not working showing up

help with cd drive

help with cd rom drive

Help With Cd Rom Ide Detecting

help with cd-rom/dvd drive

Help with my usb disc drive

HELP! CD/DVD burner not working.

HELP! DVD drive is not DETECTED

HELP! HD not being assigned a LETTER!

HELP! is this a cd rom issue?

HELP! New LiteOn drive not recognising DVD's

help! optical drives reboot my pc!

HELP! My USB flash disk is no longer matter what I do!

HELP!my laptop is not recognizing my dvd/cd-rom drive

Help: Re: CD-ROM Drive

help; computer not heres a disc in the driverecognising t

Help: Installing new DVDROM Problem.

HELP.cdrom not reading.

How can i access an external drive on a PC

How Can I fix Paritions on my external USB Drive

How Do I Detect CD Drive On Old PC?

How does a USB memory stick malfunction

how to make drive not show up?

How to reformat computer when DVD drive is not working?

HP 533W with CD burner lost

hp cdrw/winME

HP DVD Writer 400i does not recognize anything

HP laptop: dvd/cd-rom drive not detected

HP pavillion CD rom issue

I can not see my USB stick

I built a new computer and my new dvd drive has not worked from day 1 help!

I cant use any flash drive on my pc!

I can't see my external hard drive on my laptop

I Have Not Got No Dvd Rom!

I need help with my cd-r/cd-rw samsung drive

I think I have the CD burner working

IBM Laptop - Drive Bay not being Detected

IDE CD R/RW disappeared NO SOUNDS

Inop CD Writer!

Insert a USB device to this computer

Install wizard won't recognize removeable media

installed cd doesnt work

Installed DVD ROM not working.

Installed RAM but now both DVD & CD burner drives don't work

Intermittent error in Windows when trying to access optical drives

Internal Cd-rom does not work help!

Internal DVD R/W no longer recognized

Is my DVD ROM connected properly?

Lacie External HDD PC/MAC problem

Laptop Cd rom TROUBLES!

Laptop CD/DVD drive not detecting CD

Laptop DVDRW Firmware update is Factory made?

Laptop not dectecting CD drive

Laptop not detecting DVD

Laptop not detecting working flash drive

Laptop not reading CD1

Laptop not reading removable drives

Laptop not reading USB stick

laptop not recognizing disc drive driver

Laptop won't display drive letter for USB HDD

Laptop won't play DVD-RW's only CD-RW's

LG CD-RW stopped working

LG CdRw w/ Windows ME

LG combo drice not recognized as CD- RW.

LG DVD R/RW Burner - won't work

LG multidrive doesn't recognise DVD_RAM

Liteon CDRW/DVD not recognized by BIOS

Loading CDROM without the drive being present

Loss of CD/DVD drive and USB printer

Lost IDEs wont recognise any drive cept CD

Lost My BluRay Drive

Lost my CD/DVD drive listing (i.e. E: drive)

Machine Go Slow / DVD-RW not recognised

machine won't recognize zip drive

Major CD-ROM Problems

Malfunctioning DVD RW Drive

Maxtor Dimension ll drive not recognized by my computer

Maxtor Drive not showing as available

Lacie portable hard drive not being recognized by pc

Missing CD drives

Missing cd player

Missing CD-Rom and CD-WR dirives

Missing drives in Vista

Missing External Drive

Missing optical drives.

Missing Removable disk

Missing CD-RW & DVD-ROM

movies on dvd-rom drive: problem with color

Multi user disc software problem

my a: drive won't work

My C.D Drives Stopped Working

my cd burner is not recognized

My CD Drives have disappeared! (Here's a thinker)

my cd rom icon disappear in windows

my cd rom drives arent recognized

my cd/dvd drive not working

MY CD/DVD drives are not recognized.

My cd/dvd player on my dell inspiron 1501 stopped working

My CD/DVD RW Drive not working properly

My Cd-R/CD-RW and DVD drive disappeared

My CD-Rom is not recognized on my computer

MY CD-RW drive?

My CD-rom DVD rom-stop working!

My CD-RW not working & i need to format my laptop

my comp wont read my warcraft disk please help!

My Computer and External Hard Drive Not Responding

My computer wont read any disc.plz help!

my Computer" malfunctioning My Computer, Add-Remove programs will not work My Computer, d&e drives not responding My Computer, unable to run My Computer. My Computer.Died! My Computer/ drive double click error My computer/documents crashing explore

My D And E Drives Aren't Showing

My disk drive is not working and I'm having problems with my audio configuration.

My disk drive is not working anymore!

My disk drive will not work

my drive is not working probably

My dvd drive is not working!

my dvd rom wont play dvds`

My DVD ROM is not working?

My dvd r/rw driver is not working

My dvd player reads dvds but not cds all of a sudden=[

my dvd rw wont work?

My Dvd-rw Draive

MY DVD-RW Drive will read cds and dvd movies

My DVD-RW stop working

My E drive isn't connected

My HP dv5000 Pavilion Notebook is failing to recognize the internal CD-ROM drive.

My PC can't install drivers for external USB drives after.

My Pc is Not Reading My Harddrive To Get To Windows

My usb memory stick won't work

My usb ports are working but won't read my flash drives

Need help finding a thumbdrive

Need Help from Pro . my CD rom drive do not work .

need help w/ dvd-rom drive

Need help with CD-ROM Drive

Need Help! Disc Drive doesnt work?

Need help.programs cannot see DVD burner

My DVD-Rom is no longer there.

Need some help with windows not recognizing my Sata DVD-RW

New CD/DVD drive help

New CD-RW drive problem

New CD/DVD Burner will not play DVD's

New CD-RW won't show up in My computer

New drive not detected

new DVD drive problem.

New DVD Drive Not Detected

New External DVD drive not recognized

New DVD rom not running correctly

New DVD rw install problem

new ext.cdrw drivers not recognized

new flash drive not reading

New hard-drive not displaying

New CD-Rom drive not working

New DVDRW drive not recognized

new DVD CD drive is not detected

New Internal DVD/CD Drive not playing disc

new laptop wont read disks

new SATA optical drive not recognized

New PC won't see my Flash Drive files

New Pioneer DVD/CD Writer not working.

Newly Installed DVD/CDRW not playing DVD's

No "E" Drive i-con in "MY Computer"

No CD/DVD Rom Detected

no cdrom or dvd icons

No CD-ROM drive detected

no cdrom in windos?!?

no cd-rw drive

No Detection of CD/DVD/FLASH Drives

no cds work r thing i down load

No CD Drive - Registry problem?

no CD drive detected

No CD-ROM Icon In Windows Add Program Box

No DVD/CD Function with Windows 7

no driver for cdrom. how do I get one

No Optical Drive Detected - no lower/upper filters

no longer regonising disc in drive

No Read RW ?

No USB flash drives ?

Non working CD / DVD

Not able to add to a CD after Vista update

Not reading USB stick

not picking up a USB device

Now that my cd-writer is installed.

Not recognizing memory stick

Now CD Writer won' recard at all

Odd CD-reading problem

Odd CD-RW Drive issues

One Drive on my USB Disk in Missing in "My Computer"

One partition on external drive not loading

optical drive not reconized

Optical Drive Does Not Work

Optical Drive Not Working

Optical Drive Recognized But Cannot Be Found

Optical Drive not detected in Vista Home Premium 64 bit

optical drive not recognized

Optical drives not in My Computer

Optical drives not reading in XP

Optical drives not recognized.

Optical drive recognition problem ?

Optical Drive not listed and won't read or write DVDs

Optical Drive not reading most discs

Optical drive's contents won't appear on monitor

Partition Magic 8.0 does not recognise removable disk?

pc cant seem to read usb

PC Doesn't Recognise USB Flash Drive

PC doesn't recognize camera as external drive

PC not detecting USB memory stick!

PC not detecting cd/dvd rom drives!

PC not finding DVD or CDRW drive

PC won't detect both my USB portable Hard Disk

PC won't detect USB devices (sticks and External Drives)

pc wont recognize flash drive

PC-DVD drive not detected

PC won't read USB flash drive

Pendrive cant detect

Pendrive Not Showing

Pioneer CD Drive not working

Pioneer DVD writer problem.

pioneer dvd-rw not working

Pioneer DVR-K17LF not reading any disks

Please help - my CD rom doesnt show in my computer

Please help CD Drive not working!

PLEASE help me fix my dvd drive

Please Help Me: CDROM not detected in Vista

Please Help Me ! | Windows DVD Player has stopped working

Please Help! CD-ROM not working!

Portable Hard Disk Drive Not Showing

Portable Hard Drive doesn`t Show in My Computer

Portable Drive issue

Possible issue with my DVD RW drive?

Probably simple but.not seeing USB drive

Problem finding drives in Windows Explorer - Help!

Problem in my Windows CD

Problem Installing DVD-ROM & DVD-RW

Problem installing 2000 on a Notebook with a USB Cd-ROM

Problem w/ CD-Rom/DVD-RW Drive

Problem w/ CD-ROM drivers

Problem w/ my DVD CDRW drive

problem with cd/dvd-rom

Problem with browsing the files in my flash drive using windows explorer?

Problem with both CD-Drive

Problem with CDROM Drives

Problem with Dell Laptop DVD+RW Drive

Problem with DVD/RW drive

Problem with DVD drive

Problem with DVD/CD driver. PLEASE HELP.

Problem With DVD rom Drive

Problem with DVD-ROM drive in XP Home

Problem with DVD-RW and DVD-ROM

Problem with cdrw/dvd

Problem with DVD and CDRW drives

Problem with DVD-RW/CD-RW

problem with my DVD-CD Drive E and the player!

problem with CD and DVD

problem with my cd.dvd etc. hardwares

Problem with my cd drives

Problem with my CD/DVD drive

Problem with my USB Disks

problem with the DVD/CD Drive

Problem with recently installed Samsung CD-R/DVD-R burner - Please help!

problem with my dvd rom on pc

problem with pioneer dvdr

problems adding a cd burner to my pc windows 98

Problems loading a cd

Problems With Creating a CD

Problems with DVD drive.

Problems With DVD+RW Drive installed as DVD RAM

Problems with DVD-ROM Device

Problems with my USB Storage Device

Problems with playing dvds/cds

reading from CD ROM

Recognize Drive

Recognizing CD drives

recognised as cd drive

Recovering data from flash drives that cant be seen in MyComputer

reinstall when the CD/DVD drive doesnt work

Removeable drive not recognized

removeable drives wont read

Removeable disk drive aint showin up

removable drive recognition problem

Replacement CDR/DVD-ROM Dell drive not working

Rom drives work fine but not showing up in my computer.

Running 2 DVD-Drives

RW drive (drive E)

Samsung HDD not recognised by XP

Samsung DVD-ROM wont work

Samsung Cd-writer doesn't work

samsung cd writer problem

samsung write master dvd/cd drive not workin

SATA drive not getting drive letter in XP

SATA Drive not showing up on drive list

SATA Drive Not Mounting via USB

SATA Drive Not Coming UP

Sata drive not assigned drive letter

seagate recognized but not recognized.

Seagate Freeagent external drive not recognized.

Seagate FreeAgent Go external drive not recognized

Seagate External Drive not found

second drive not showing

Seeking reason(s) why computer will not recognize new external hard drive

Severe CD drive issues.

Should be Easy: Not displaying optical drives.

Showing 3 cd roms

showing too many disk drive(CD DRIVE not detecting)

smartdisk 250gb external not recognised

Software does not recognise dvd writer

Software not being read

Solved (twice no less): Thumb Drive not recognized

Solutions: Win7 does not recognize the CD-ROM

Solved: 2000 Not recognizing CD Drives

Solved: [XP] DVD Drive Not Working.

Solved: all cd drives aren't detectable

Solved: App for USB flash drive?

Solved: Back up drive c to cd-r

Solved: Both CdRom drives not recognized

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