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Ext. USB 2.5" Comstar Drive Not Showing In Explorer


Place the .exe on the root of your USB device and run it. I can manage the files through my PC, transfer to the FAT32 partition and view on my PS3, without disconnecting. the PS3 had a hard time recognizing it. Bottom Line We have noticed "files not showing in external hard drive" is a frequently asked question in many forums. http://magicnewspaper.com/external-hard/external-hard-drive-not-showing-in-explorer-or-my-computer.html

Type the location of the external hard drive. BD-J applications can manipulate BD players' internal storage space, but I don't know if they could handle external hard drives. I have a question about something I do not quite understand. Report the false positive to Avast or get a decent AV app.

Files Not Showing In External Hard Drive

Step 2: check whether the data value of "CheckedValue" is "1". That's why we need the details.txt and the Identify button. Step 2: choose the damaged partition of the external hard drive to have a full scan. Update Video/audio codec and duration information is now automatically detected if missing when you press 'Identify'.

Do you think you can further extend AVCHD Manager to show poster images for selected titles/folders? A link to the new version is in the first post of this thread. Untick the streams you don't need: http://i44.tinypic.com/2e3v482.jpg As you can see, I'm keeping the DTS-HD audio, commentaries and English subs. Files Disappeared From External Hard Drive What's new: AVCHDManager now fully supports output from MultiAVCHD.

Tweet Your New Skill Possible cause 2 – file system errors: in some cases, the files may be not showing in external hard drive because the file system is corrupted or External Hard Drive Not Showing Files Though They Still Exist Possible cause 3 – "CheckedValue" is suffering from virus infection. One thing I do not do is "disconnect" the drive from the PC, I power down the HDD and unplug, but does that really matter?No, it shouldn't. Input "DIR/A x:-s" (X refers to the drive letter of our external hard drive).

No TrueHD though, is the executable .jar file supposed to be placed in the BDMV folder? Can't See Files On External Hard Drive Mac Not sure how practical that is, but if it works, then you have all your movies under 1 menue in 1 structure and there is no need to unplug from PS3 INDEX.BDM file needs to be AVCHD compliant - you can make it such with goBD (http://multiAVCHD.deanbg.com/goBD-tool.exe)or another patcher. Could someone please try this and see if they can reproduce my issue.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Files Though They Still Exist

I've also added an [Explore] button to open the currently selected folder and added a readout of the current free space on your drive. BTW, you have two links on the first post claiming to be the latest version, the first link at the top which is v1.6.0, and the one at the bottom (linked Files Not Showing In External Hard Drive shv1st March 2009, 20:01New fixclpi tool (v2.30) was released today. External Hard Drive Files Not Showing Mac Does anybody know one who could be asked to have a look at it?

if you can implement hints on mouse hover over AVCHD folder names... http://magicnewspaper.com/external-hard/external-hard-drive-not-showing-up.html I was wondering why AVCHDmanager processed BD structure(created by tsMuxer directly) didn't work for me on ps3. staindrocks, sorry about that, I though I had squished all the Identify bugs, obviously not. page not found. Can't See Folders On External Hard Drive

HD-DVD convert? Please try the request again. The unusual part was the movie I previoulsy watched would start... I have just created a test AVCHD structure with Nero 8, it contains a Menue and 5 clips if 1 second each from HD cam.

Then click "Start" and wait for the end. External Hard Drive Shows Used Space But No Files Drive manager does not see this USB drive. EDIT2: Man, this isn't my day...

I've written this tool to make that process quicker and easier.

idbirch230th April 2009, 19:57Link for 1.6.2 added to first post - added a refresh button so you can refresh the list without having to use Identify or Make Default. But, if our families share one computer with us at home, there will be a big risk of data loss. Soon, the data we choose will be recovered to the appointed location. Files Disappeared From External Hard Drive Mac Probably something like 'file+path' length, which overflows some restriction (or non-ANSI characters, or...). @idbirch2: About AVCHD format...

I've added a settings button so that this can be enabled/disabled and made a few other small enhancements and bugfixes. Additional To make the process a bit smoother, put the following in Notepad and save as autorun.inf: [Autorun] shell\Manage=Manage AVCHD folders shell\Manage\command=AVCHDManager.exe Place autorun.inf on the root of your USB drive coolalibaba9th April 2009, 13:54thanks idbirch2 for the quick fix! With regard to your AVCHDManager issue, I cannot think how that outcome could possibly come to be.

Can someone clarify where I could go wrong? Please help me!" – by shegzy4 from Makeuseof "Hey guys I have a problem with my external hard drive ... 2 days ago I've bought a new laptop and when I Does tsmuxer do that automatically ? (i didnt know !) idbirch214th January 2009, 16:24musicman, read the guide a few posts up. To prevent this I must execute Identify before.

idbirch226th January 2009, 14:56Oh cool, you've tested it already, I can't test until I get home you see. sorry to interupt. covering all angles :) My inlaws have all of my blanks though. I have the movie in the AVDHC folder but I dont know how to get the PS3 to recognise it.

Wasn't there somebody who said: "Yes, we can!" ? idbirch215th January 2009, 09:22Could we replicate such sturcture for e.g. 50 clips (movies) and put them into one big AVCHD structure say on a 1 Terrabyte HDD. Awesome Transaction: Western Digital Buys SanDisk for $19 Billon Read more >> Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Download link updated in first post.

During the process of using external hard drives, we will inevitably encounter some difficulties, "external hard drive not shown in My Computer" and "files not shown in external hard drive". staindrocks6th April 2009, 06:00I just found out about this program, so i figured i'd give it a try on my flash drive. I think it's working properly though. New Identify function lets you enter all this extra information.

Recover Data from External Hard Drive When you finally discover some files are missing from external hard drive or even a partition in it is damaged/lost, you must conduct data recovery