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External Hard Drive And Sound Quality

Subscribe! That is, the D/A converter generates the timing reference for the crucial digital-to-analog converter stage, and the transport must lock to this reference. another thread I posted here shows exactly how to overcome slow feeds/seek and interruptions or 'drop outs'.I can stream DVD's I've place onto a NAS drive via G to my laptop singleendedsingleDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion664 posts03-14-2010 2:44amEditDeleteIt depends mainly on the software you are using for playback, using external hd's with a good music playing software is very effective and i dont hear differences

I keep second identical backup drive at work but am still worrying about something going very wrong during backup.almargDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion7,009 posts02-22-2010 6:43pmEditDeleteKijanki: Fat32 is garbage. richard_stacyDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion686 posts04-26-2010 1:48pmEditDeleteLarry...with all due respect, that is a very grandiose position. Why do I always wake up freezing? My current favourite is the Intel 520 series.

I tried it and heard a difference.Go to the audioasylum.com PC audio forum and you can find a lot of discussion about this. I feel this is due to the read rates of SATAIII SSDs being so much higher than any HDD. Every piece of gear mentioned above suffers from internal vibration plus digital jitter which lowers the fidelity of your system.

this led to the process of evaluating external storage...nas, usb hd etc and i finally decided an a seagate blackarmor nas 110. Robert Harley A reader's post of an interesting and relevant question regarding the sound quality of hard-disk-based music servers versus CD   (http://www.avguide.com/forums/cd-player-vs-computerserver-system) prompted me to post my experience with the Tentative Conclusions This initial trial was not intended to be an exhaustive study into all the factors that can affect the sound quality of network and computer audio, only to confirm Both are four-bay boxes for users who need terabytes of storage capacity, with various RAID redundancy options to protect data in the event of disk failures.

When he removed last one and flea did not follow his order he wrote a note "Removing all legs makes flea deaf"One has to be very careful with conclusions.Log in to We recently won the ‘Best Sounding Hi-Fi Room’ award at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show in which I purposely used a reasonably priced laptop (along with the 1543 DAC of LOUNGE:- Mac Mini (mid 2011), OS Mountain Lion 10.8.5, 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5, 8Gb Crucial Memory, 120Gb OWC SSD>Amarra 3.03>(Incl. hence some of what I’ve said might be contingent on my use of the Accessibility softw it’s ongoing updates etc.

grinnellDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion589 posts02-21-2010 4:48pmEditDeleteTake a look at Western Digital's heavy duty drives enterprise class.mapmanDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion14,352 posts02-21-2010 5:49pmEditDeleteTwo different computer configurations can and may well sound different but guaranteed it is other covertoOPDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion44 posts02-21-2010 8:26pmEditDeleteI should add that an audio/video specialist at the store where I bought the stuff said he had never heard of somebody streaming music from an external hard The failure rate is about 1/10th that of a hard drive, although most failures are catastrophic, ie no warning and low probability of recovery of lost data. I have tried everything and in my opinion it is easy to use, gives great rips and is cheap.

glad it's for the better!things that should not make a difference sometimes do. The computer has to do more processing or "work" playing a FLAC than it does with an AIFF or WAV. It's basically impossible for the disk type (local or NAS) to affect the sound. I'd consider newer wireless N technology for router and all networked devices that will intereact with a network storage drive probably before relying too heavily on wireless network drives alone.

Acoustic Revive RR-888/iFi iPower PSU/DC iPurifier. There have been tests that show that coat hangers sound as good as expensive speaker cables, and that all amplifiers sound the same. Amazing.almargDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion7,009 posts02-23-2010 3:17amEditDeleteAren’t the File Allocation Tables written & rewritten as they are accessed such as a log of sorts?Jim -- I think you might be referring to the fact i tried a external hd connected via usb to my router.

System sound was improved as if the DAC itself had been upgraded, say from a 500 to a 2000 model. Playback softwareYou must use high quality playback software. The heat output from something like a WD Red is low enough that passive cooling suffices. I’ve finally gotten to where the latest box which I’m turning into a dedicated server soon, works great.

If you put your music collection on the same drive then your computer will be accessing the drive for two key processes simultaneously and I believe that sound quality suffers as Going back to a previous post, using your logic you must believe that bumblebees can't fly. Mapman, you finally bring something to the table. "I have used internal, external USB, and wireless NAS storage and I have heard no differences.

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I can't figure out why the same file sounds different on the internal hard drive versus the external hard drive. How much? What I am learning about computer audio is that so many things matter that we figured should not and I imagine this will continue to get more complicated as new digital Transistors have lower distortion so they must sound better than tubes.

The Esoteric P-03/D-03 combination’s separate clock link allowed me to test this hypothesis. A re-do takes only 15-30 min. Background Anecdotal murmurings and some limited first-hand experience suggested that digital music files can sound different when played from different computer media sources. hermanDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion1,910 posts02-21-2010 4:28pmEditDeleteYou ask a question that only you can answer.

Also the other drive I use from time to time is an enclosure I got from OWC, you can place any 2.5 or 3.5 drive in it, it's kind of like remove all programs and content from the Hard drive.3. mechanical noise produced by operation of the hardware? –fixer1234 Sep 5 '15 at 23:12 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 1 down vote There is absolutely AuI ConverteR 48x44 - HD audio converter/optimizer for DAC of high resolution files DSF/DFF/ISO(DST) (1-bit/D64/128/256/512)/wav, flac, aiff, alac/safe CD ripper to PCM/DSF, Seamless Album Conversion, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, DSF meta tags

Nor do I hear a difference having used three different computers as music servers."Mapman - you're not going to win this argument because "somebody else might hear it". cio52DetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion70 posts02-24-2010 3:05pmEditDeleteHello all. or internal ssd /fusion drive vs external thunderbolt ssd or spinning drives? Article By Andrew Harrison and Stephen N.

Panasonic Blu-ray DMP-BD55 as Transport/Bluejean coax to DP-777SE for CD. Initial tests compared two NAS drives from the same manufacturer, played through a reference two-channel system.