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VirtualMark I didn't, you did: "Users demand for innovation but are afraid of change" Dan all right Barry Ferguson Because change is central to your moronic argument on this page. ExtremeTech. Tom Warren of The Verge still considered the platform to be a "work in progress" due to the number of apps available, the impaired level of capabilities that apps have in Users also found the issues to be more pronounced when using gaming mice with high resolution and/or polling rates.

Ziff Davis Media. Geez, just select it in taskbar properties under navigation. Dan No, that's not my logic, you didn't understand, that's not what I meant to say, please leave, I'm embarrassed for both of us. Future plc.

Retrieved May 17, 2014. ^ "Microsoft acknowledges more errors, 80070371 and 80071A91, when installing Windows 8.1 Update/KB 2919355". ClearType doesn't do any thing at all. a computer having windows 7 can run smoothly windows 8.1. Retrieved May 17, 2014. ^ "When is a Windows update not an update?

InfoWorld. In fact, Microsoft did exactly what you claimed "doesn't make sense." They took a feature of their OS, completely removed it, and added something else instead, because they claimed "Nobody used Microsoft.com. Retrieved October 19, 2013. ^ Foley, Mary Jo (February 7, 2013). "Microsoft's 'Blue' wave is coming to more than just Windows".

So why would I use the "new user interface"? Windows 8.1 also added support for such emerging technologies as high-resolution displays, 3D printing, Wi-Fi Direct, and Miracast streaming, as well as the ReFS file system.[5] Windows 8.1 received mixed reception, Applications are no longer added to the Start screen automatically when installed, and all applications now have colored tiles (desktop programs were previously shown in a single color). https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15356/windows-8-install-update-kb-2919355 PC World.

undead overlord dan there not talking about a tablet its dumm Xplorer4x4 Why do you need a touchscreen so badly for Win8? Retrieved October 20, 2013. ^ "Microsoft releases fix for Surface RT slates borked by Windows RT 8.1 update". You are forgetting the fact that startup and overall performance has been improved in 8. In fact, that's the only reason I am installing this right now.

Xplorer4x4 Even though I am a linux guy, I still rely on Windows, in this case windows 8, for gaming so I care. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8.1 Eric Bryner No their just complainers, and won't stop. Nothing the same as Windows. Retrieved June 3, 2013. ^ Herron, Andy (2013). "Advancements in Storage and File Systems in Windows 8.1" (PDF).

Windows 8.1 also supports the OMA Device Management specifications. You need at least 10 GB of free space on your Windows partition: Start your Mac frommacOS. Installation was easy! ^ ^ Guest . Retrieved January 11, 2014. ^ "Windows 8.1 DPI Scaling Enhancements".

Most computers, especially those with Windows 8 installed, are rarely truly restarted. The Verge. Encryption begins as soon as a user begins using the system; the recovery key is stored to either the user's Microsoft account or an Active Directory login, allowing it to be I respect you have a difference of opinion.

Penton Media. Dozerman No, not what I meant at all. Furthermore, he recommended to downgrade devices installed with Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 until Windows 10 is available.[97] References[edit] ^ Bott, Ed (28 August 2013). "Why is Microsoft keeping the final

In my view, they still haven't finished Windows 8.

While device encryption is offered on all versions of Windows 8.1 unlike BitLocker (which is exclusive to the Pro and Enterprise editions), device encryption requires that the device meet the Connected as you do in the old start meny … VirtualMark Yeah the Metro screen is really scary, I'm terrified. zeum Still waiting for Win9 before I consider leaving 7. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

ZDNet. Thanks. Show me a touch display that is ANYWHERE CLOSE to as good as the 3 sitting on my desk already, at a fair price, and I'll eat these words. Retrieved January 12, 2014. ^ LeBlanc, Brandon (May 14, 2013). "Windows Keeps Getting Better".