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JosieM, Sep 9, 2007 Replies: 3 Views: 2,494 JosieM Sep 9, 2007 Locked add/ remove programs grising, Apr 25, 2007 Replies: 3 Views: 539 blues_harp28 Apr 25, 2007 Locked Add-ons disabled Does the BIOS have an option to boot from a PCI, SCSI, Add-in card? 2 more replies Relevance 38.13% Question: Windows XP/Adaptec CD Burner I installed XP and everythings great except EZCD4 is not and will not be updated to WinXP. It installed but I think it would be best to do a clean install cause vista hade soo much crap and info that i suspect is making win 7 slow..

Please help! Will the system support the drive in the M.2 slot as the C: boot drive without any issues? Please note that when i install windows 10 it works without any issues. Answer:adaptec problom I had the same problem. http://newwikipost.org/topic/EDvDUXszTcrlYcIIBBEg6VFqQBb4WFpr/Adaptec-cd-writer-damages-cd.html

Answer:Adaptec does not recognize my drives Thats a really old version of Easy CD Creator.First, do all the drives appear in My Computer and can they read CD's. All rights reserved. I did this and now I get a device driver error when I boot up to xp.

I see the Adaptec controller boot up and recognize the drive and it sees a bootable disk in the CD-rom, then it goes straight to the HD which has an error If you are certain you have chosen “Data” CD from the opening wizard and have updated the software and firmware and still getting the message, uninstall and reinstall the software. 1 The last post states once updated 1tb support will be added. unless I'm just not seeing it...

When I plug the drive into the two USB ports on the PC (came with it) the drive is recognized no problem.Any ideas? Any ideas?P.S. After I reformatted and reinstalled Adaptec DirectCD, I could copy small files and photographs neatly to a CD-RW and I could copy full CDs to CD-Rs with no problems. (I could Please try the request again.

Windows 98SE. It keeps on skipping tracks having errors...such as....Output device error..and other programs are writing to the drive..then data cant write More replies Relevance 38.54% Question: Adaptec Software I use McAfee Services.Com thanks. I usually do everything possible before asking for help and this problem Im really out of ideas( I have a compaq presario f700 laptop that im trying to do a clean

Been looking for two days but can't seem to get the answer. http://wikipost.org/topic/TDRJXATF1iAbZY1nlV3pfRNr3ift3Had/Adaptec-U320-39320A-R-Vista-x64-BSOD.html Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Answer:Adaptec and AOpen The packet writing components can conflict. http://www.startech.com/usbfirewire/ I have been using both with the HP external DVD burner.Richardhtml 1 more replies Relevance 38.95% Question: Boot Drive support Hello.I have aPavilion TouchSmart 14-b109wm Sleekbook running on windows 10(64

I tried installing the Adaptec driver and it still is not working.The Lacie drive is Model # 300805 (I believe).Attached is a picture of how my USB items look in device Is there any way to get this MB to recognize and boot from the CD in the SCSI drive that anyone knows of? Done it before without any problems. Cheers Answer:Will my MOBO support a SATA drive?

Answer:My computer says :Adaptec DirectCD Wizard, No supported CD-R/CD-RW drive! 8 more replies Relevance 50.43% Question: Flashing Bios on an Adaptec 1220 SATA drive controller Hello all, I'm going to install Large program files cannot be moved from their current location. Then not needing the "Safely Remove" tool.I am running Winxp Pro SP2 with latest updates 4_2006Mach speed P4M800 motherboard with via tech chipsetLatest USB 2.0 driversI have tried USB Legacy Support This all started with my old Mobo screwing up and writing some bad sectors on the HD during a crash.

Drives can then be “opened” with folder contents accessible but not “explored”, path not found. Greetings,I'm setting up SuSe 8.1 on a dual P3-800 and am wondering if anyone has had experience installing a USB 2.0 tape drive (portable Seagate Travan 10/20)? Windows Vista?

How easy would the drive be to install and will i need to but any extras with the drive to get it working?

If none of these work even after verifying the stick will boot successfully in another PC, then I would run the installer from the OS you have on there now, choosing If the computer goes to sleep with one of the maps I have created open, when I come back the map is completely deleted from my drives. I used Pinnacles Studio 7 and made an AVI then used TMPGenc to make a MPEG 1. Afterwards your old OS will be stuffed in a C:\windows.old folder which you can save long enough to make sure you have everything then delete using Disk Cleanup.Other tips here are

just wondering why this PC is doing this.... Answer:Adaptec directCD sometimes when you install a program, it creates a temporary log file. Any help is appreciated. I cant seem to burn cds or anything.

It certainly can't handle mine. If yes, reboot after running the cleanup utility. Do I just go to Microsoft and check? My Norton AV is updated weekly, so I know I don't have a virus.

Hello gr5959 and welcome to TSF!What Motherboard have you got? I DON'T RECALL CHANGING ANY OF THE SETTINGS. I moved the offending drivers to a second HD to see what would happen and found that my CD and DVD would not work. I have since installed nero, and I still get the same message. .....in advance....Thanks for the help.....

When he tries to burn audio files form the cd-rom to the burner a message appears telling him that the drive doesn't support audio extraction. This doesadd some complexity if you have to do an HP recovery for some reason.Transfer the large data files to an external USB drive. I can’t format the devices either There are no mapped network drives and there never have been.There are no problem devices in device managerI use the "Safely Remove" tool.I have also Answer:Adaptec CD-Writer This would only happen if you are using the Packet Writing feature of the adaptec software.

He is able to burn audio and data files from the burner to the burner and he can burn data files from the cd-rom to the burner. Answer:Help, Asus K8V SE and Adaptec nightmare. Would not recognise my CD RW AOpen CRW 3248.Updated to Version 4.5 and same again.Updated AOpen driverSame againAnybody know why?It also causes havoc with my sysstem when opened.Have got Nero 5.0 Can someone explain with easy step by step instructions how to update the drivers/bios for the 1205 using the updates on Silicon Image's site?