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The HOGENOM Database of Homologous Genes from Fully Sequenced OrganismsMore...HOGENOMiHOG000261848. an experiment that has been published in the scientific literature, an orthologous protein, a record from another database, etc.


Skip Header   UniProtKBxUniProtKBProtein knowledgebaseUniParcSequence archiveHelpHelp pages, FAQs, UniProtKB manual, Database of genes from NCBI RefSeq genomesMore...GeneIDi850333. IPR002293.

Nous sommes là pour te guider tout au long de ton cycle universitaire et pour répondre à la moindre de tes questions. Database of Orthologous GroupsMore...OrthoDBiEOG092C164R. Commun. 313:745-751(2004) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]Cited for: BIOPHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES.

The Gene Ontology (GO) project provides a set of hierarchical controlled vocabulary split into 3 categories:


GO - Molecular functioniamino Nos anciens prennent la parole pour partager leur expérience 🎓 pic.twitter.com/fpTJrXpMVe View photo · AGP1 @AGP1sorbonne Nov 21 Aujourd'hui a lieu le Brunch des Masters 🎓☕ L'occasion pour les étudiants de

View details · AGP1 @AGP1sorbonne Sep 12 Envie d'un avant goût du WEI de l' @AGP1sorbonne ? Amoino_acid_permease_CS. [Graphical view]The PANTHER Classification SystemMore...PANTHERiPTHR11785. Model RNAs and proteins are also reported here. Literature Details Literature All manually curated literature for the specified gene, organized into topics according to their relevance to the gene (Primary Literature, Additional Literature, or Review).

IPR002293. It denotes the presence of both alpha-helical transmembrane regions and the membrane spanning regions of beta-barrel transmembrane proteins.


Transmembranei532 – 552HelicalSequence analysisAdd BLAST21

This subsection of the ‘Subcellular location’ section describes NCBI Reference SequencesMore...RefSeqiNP_009905.3. View details · AGP1 @AGP1sorbonne Apr 16 Les membres de la @fedeparis1 ont fait de leur mieux pour faire de cette édition du @GalaSorbonne un souvenir magique 🎀✨ View details ·

It's loaded with real-world advice presented in a concise style that clearly delivers just the information you want, without your having to hunt for it. Important for the utilization of amino acids as a nitrogen source.2 Publications

Manually curated information for which there is published experimental evidence.


Manual assertion based on experiment Whenever possible, allele information and additional details are provided. Un week-end d’intégration (WEI) est le meilleur moyen de rencontrer tous tes futurs camarades d’amphi et de TD dans un cadre de fête, de folie et dans une ambiance mémorable !

ChEMBL database of bioactive drug-like small moleculesMore...ChEMBLiCHEMBL1741178. All Rights Reserved. Special emphasis is given to upgrading and troubleshooting existing equipment so you can get the most from your existing investments.This new edition is expanded to include:Detailed information about the latest motherboards Click "Interaction Details" to view all interaction annotations and evidence for this locus, including an interaction visualization. 144 total interactions for 117 unique genes Physical Interactions Affinity Capture-RNA: 1 PCA: 37

Cela sera pour vous l’occasion de poser toutes vos questions et d’échanger dans un cadre informel. fungi | BLASTP at NCBI | BLASTP vs. Also transports Ala, Cys, Gly, Ile, Leu, Met, Phe, Ser, Thr, Tyr and Val. Amino_acid_permease_fungi.

A longtime favorite among PC users, the third edition of the book now contains useful information for people running either Windows or Linux operating systems. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads. other strains Strain Alignment | Variant Viewer Protein Details Protein Basic information about the protein. Organism-specific databasesEukaryotic Pathogen Database ResourcesMore...EuPathDBiFungiDB:YCL025C.

Frameshift.BK006937 Genomic DNA. Commun. 313:745-751(2004) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]Cited for: BIOPHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES.Vmax=2.6 nmol/min/mg enzyme for leucine transport1 Publication

Manually curated information for which there is published experimental evidence.


Manual assertion cerevisiae Reference Genome sequence is derived from laboratory strain S288C. Ce questionnaire permettra aux Élus étudiant d'y remédier 👓🔝 👉 bit.ly/2drrIml 👈 View details · AGP1 @AGP1sorbonne Oct 4 La rentrée s'est belle et bien passé, alors ne ratez pas votre chance

Click "Regulation Details" to view all regulation annotations, shared GO enrichment among regulation Targets, and a regulator/target diagram for the locus. Enzyme and pathway databasesBioCyc Collection of Pathway/Genome DatabasesMore...BioCyciYEAST:G3O-29287-MONOMER. more...

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Written for novices and seasoned professionals alike, the book is packed with useful and unbiased information, including how-to advice for specific components, ample reference material, and a comprehensive case study on It denotes the presence of both alpha-helical transmembrane regions and the membrane spanning regions of beta-barrel transmembrane proteins.


Transmembranei232 – 252HelicalSequence analysisAdd BLAST21

This subsection of the ‘Subcellular location’ section describes AA_permease. 1 hit. [Graphical view]TIGRFAMs; a protein family databaseMore...TIGRFAMsiTIGR00913. 2A0310. 1 hit. It also includes information pertinent to the sequence(s), including length and molecular weight.



This subsection of the ‘Sequence’ section indicates if the canonical sequence displayed by default in

PTM databasesiPTMnet integrated resource for PTMs in systems biology contextMore...iPTMnetiP25376. Ubiquitination sites of Agp1 significantly affect the nitrogen utilization. Res. AMINO_ACID_PERMEASE_1. 1 hit. [Graphical view]ProtoNet; Automatic hierarchical classification of proteinsMore...ProtoNetiSearch...

This section provides general information on the entry.


Entry informationi

This subsection of the ‘Entry information’ section provides a mnemonic

Enhances toxins excretion: promotes better cellular and blood detoxification to remove wastes and toxins from body through renal and liver. This precompiled information serves as a substrate and matrix to embed your contributions, but it is by no means the final word - Homo sapiens can do much better!