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I Just Have A Few Questions On Setting Up SATA On My Laptop.


The site I saw before was wrong, it comes with 800 GB but can use 1.6 TB.A good option for you then would be to get an old computer or build Do I require any jumpers on these drives if I were to hook up 2 SCSI drives together? I think you will eventually be able to get the info off-one way or another. New Laptop, replacing HDD -> SSD, Fresh W10 install, few questions before I proceed..

The bios detected the drive and reboot. I tried different connecters and different sata ports in my MB. Glad you got it working. You can try changing cables and trying a different power connector, but if the drive worked and then no longer works, this likely means the drive has failed.

How To Connect Desktop Hard Disk To Laptop By Usb

The HDD spins (that means power is clearly working), but the BIOS just doesn't pick it up. Have you tried running just one for a while to see if that behavior persists? Loading windows 7 x64 took almost 3 hours!

Can I replace the 6g with the 40 safely. Any ideas or solutions? Is there a way to solve the issue or is it time to really start looking for a new computer? How To Connect Laptop Sata Hard Disk To Pc it started booting slow then slower after a window 7 update which was attempting to install IE11 which failed repeatedly.

I plug the new hdd to powersorce and sata socket and when i turn on the pc i can feel it runing, but when i enter in device manager i see How To Connect Laptop Hard Disk To Another Laptop Thanks Dave. I installed Hard Disk Sentinel and the disk is shown but no action on the disk. Once it loads, you should see an "Initialize Disk" wizard pop up.

Keep up the good work Reply Richard on August 10, 2007 at 9:10 am My 2nd EIDE (XP) drive installed with surprising ease -- no BIOS or jumper changes (cable select). 2.5” To 3.5” Ide/sata Hard Disk Adapter Converter You can try right-clicking My Computer, select Manage and look for the Disk Management section. Where do you think is the problem? The intent was just a secondary drive for extra space.

  • Went to My Computer there was still no F: Drive but the C: Drive properties showed both drives listed… only I couldn't figure our how to access the second drive and
  • Is there a chance that there was a small difference that I didn't see?
  • What would an average user need 800 TB for?What you have isn't your average SATA.

How To Connect Laptop Hard Disk To Another Laptop

Is this likely to be a PSU error as sometimes they work just fine? Cher Reply Kieron on August 22, 2007 at 11:25 am How do I set up a slave hard drive in windows without formatting it as I have information on it. How To Connect Desktop Hard Disk To Laptop By Usb but i used it before and it runs fine but after some days this prob is showing.. Connect Laptop Hard Drive To Pc Via Usb And by what definition, or rather What is it, that defines that Sata is on your laptop.

Do you have any suggestions I could fix this permanently thanks Jon. http://magicnewspaper.com/hard-disk/solved-install-on-laptop-with-sata-hd-and-no-floppy.html The +12V rail on SATA power connector in Laptop does not connect anywhere. With that said, a new hard drive will set you back almost $200 these days. March 21, 2012 Jon Hi, Dave, it is a spare I got from a friend and he used it for Linux only and gave it to me when he upgraded to Connect Laptop Hard Drive To Pc Usb

I am using a full version of XP Professional as the OS, and after it reformats the drive it starts stopping on some of the files it's trying to copy. I'm sure i must be overlooking something really simple, but what?!?!?!? The latter can often be found splashed across the screen when you first boot the PC. Problem is , that there is very little space left on the system drive.

How would they know whether they have an IDE or SATA hard drive if they have never even heard of those abbreviations before? Usb To Sata Eide Adapter I don't want to be slotting out/in the harddrive every time to get it to work as this is not going to do the connections any good at all. But this option would be easier and work with other drives in the future too: StarTech USB3SSATAIDE USB 3.0 to SATA or IDE Hard Drive Adapter ConverterA laptop hard drive can

what to do????

SSD's use a mer 5 watts or so. 2) not really. The second one was for storage. Q. Ide/sata Hard Drive Enclosure At that point the bios stopped detecting my second drive and only detected the main drive and my DVD writer.

You can then move the files off. This was a very easy task. Has the 9th Circuit Court been overturned 80% of the time? Then i "play" a litle starting up from Hirens boot cd from cd drive and i go to Gparted software, then i exit and restart my computer, and voilá Bios can