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Help With An Auto-install *.exe

Unfortunately, using "strings" will not help you guessing. To learn more, see Debugging an Installation on Any Computer. Note that the /verysilent switch may reboot the machine without prompting, which is pretty much the worst of all possible worlds. Specifying the /hide_progress option hides the small progress dialog for those installations, so end users would see just the splash screen without any progress indication.

When a Ghost installer runs, it creates a little graphical window which says "Ghost installer wizard. These installers first extract some stuff to a temporary folder and then run a command from inside that folder. If this is an InstallShield package, you can create a response file.Run the installation with the /r switch, and select your installation options as normal. Use this option if you are launching the installation from a Web page manually. http://www.techrepublic.com/forums/discussions/unattended-install-script-for-a-exe/

Perhaps the most important common property is the REBOOT property, which you can use to suppress any automatic reboot the MSI package might try to perform. The EXE bootstrapper will replace // with the actual path to your MSI file. Thanks for letting us know. Repackaging There are several tools around which can take a snapshot of a machine's state before and after a manual installation, compute the differences between the states, and bundle them up

Project-specific information is listed for each option. You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this installation for all users of the machine. If you want to pass more than one argument to Msiexec.exe, you can use the /v option multiple times at the command line, once for each argument. To make an educated guess about how to run an installer unattended, you need to know which system was used to create it.

For example, we eventually figured out that the IBM Update Connector requires these flags for unattended installation: updcon532.exe /s /a /s /v"/qb" The first /s tells the PFTW installer to extract This command will check for all the switches which have been defined by the software manufacturer for this software. 5 Wait for all the switches to appear. Show suggestion form I want to see on Ninite. Some hotfixes use an old Microsoft packaging technology called "IExpress", whose switches are more-or-less documented in KB article 197147 and an old USENET post.

If the package is run from a non-elevated command prompt the install will fail with the "Error 1925. Our website is free for home use (money-wise, but also free of ads and junkware) because Pro users keep Ninite running. Steps 1 Download the software that you want to install. If this option is not used, the installation automatically assigns a value to INSTANCE_GUID (for multi-instance installations, this value is a newly generated GUID; for standard installations, this value is the

Use the same options as listed in Table 20-1, Configuration File Options (docs.oracle.com). Read InstallShield's documentation for full details. As an alternative, you can run "strings" and grep for "NSIS"). AutoIt scripts do have drawbacks.

They also support the /r:n switch to suppress the reboot. Setup is preparing the Ghost Installer wizard..." together with a progress bar. This file will include all of your responses to the InstallShield dialogs, allowing you to perform unattended installations as if you were giving the same answers again. All rights reserved.

switch to find out which other switches it supports. Our productsAdvanced InstallerAWR CloudAWR DesktopContact infoBlogCase StudiesTestimonialsContactPartnersSite MapResourcesDownloadDocumentationFeaturesPricingEULASupportStay in touchSubscribe to our RSSSubscribe on YouTubeFollow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookCircle us on Google+Questions? WARNING: Be careful what characters you use in these file names, because InstallShield silently strips certain non-alphanumerics (like hyphens). For a Basic MSI project, the following command runs your InstallScript custom actions in the InstallScript Debugger: Setup.exe /v"ISSCRIPTDEBUG=1 ISSCRIPTDEBUGPATH=\"path-to-Setup.dbg\"" /debuglog Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI The /debuglog parameter lets you generate

Run the installer as follows: jre [INSTALLCFG=configuration_file_path] [options] jre refers to the JRE Windows Offline Installer base file name (for example, jre-8u05-windows-i586.exe). This field is available as of the 7u10 release. Here's what's new: Visual Studio Code updated to 1.9.1. 21 hours ago Skype updated to 21 hours ago Thunderbird updated to 45.7.1.

It's licensed for business use, faster because of its download cache, works offline, can uninstall apps, has options to disable built-in updaters and desktop shortcuts … we could go on, but

This switch works both with /r to create the file and with /s to read it. So you can recognize these installers by this behavior. (Actually the verification procedure is optional, but most installers have it enabled. Here, is an html version. Manage multiple machines?

The /s switch instructs the PFTW package to run silently, although this does not necessarily mean that the underlying setup.exewill run silently. Quotation marks around an option's parameter are required only if the parameter contains spaces. Once you have a setup.iss file, run the installer with the /s ("silent") option. http://magicnewspaper.com/help-with/help-with-install-of-new-drive-winxp.html About this wikiHow How helpful is this?

For example: Setup.exe /v"/l*v c:\test.log" /v"MYPROPERTY1=value1" /v"/qb" As an alternative, you can pass multiple arguments through the /v option as in the following example: Setup.exe /v"/l*v c:\test.log MYPROPERTY1=value1 /qb" Note: If The default code for the OnMaintUIBefore event handler function conditionally displays the SdWelcomeMaint dialog, depending on the value of REMOVEONLY. /instance= Basic MSI The /instance= option—which is available for Basic MSI You should make sure that your script contains a [ADLIB] section to catch surprising reboot requests. switch, but they do not always tell you everything.

For more information, see Specifying Command-Line Parameters for an InstallShield Prerequisite. /f1 InstallScript, InstallScript MSI Using the /f1 option enables you to specify where the response file is (or where it This command was deprecated and you should use /proxyusername instead. /passwordSets the password used by the proxy server in case the Installer needs Internet access. The two basic principles of Windows system administration: For minor problems, reboot For major problems, reinstall This document is part of Unattended, a Windows deployment system. Navigation: Introduction | Download Once installation is complete, you should have a setup.iss file in either c:\windows or c:\windows\system32.

Your software will get installed automatically. Note that this does not work if the Setup.exe file is in a read-only location. will tell you anything at all, even when there is something to tell. This is done automatically when you check the Limit to basic user interface (simple progress and error handling) option in the Install Parameters page.2.

STATIC=1, if used, specifies a static installation. See Installing With a Configuration File (docs.oracle.com) for more information.