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Help With Changing From 210 To 2091

I'll continue going over the javascript files and see if there's something missing. i see 2 errors; 1 of which looks like your own doing, the other error looks like it is part of the FEC plugin. The BT Voyager 210 has been cracked! Please make sure that your Broadband Voice password is correct.) Phone 2: Broadband Voice is not connected. (Authentication failure.

I might create a 2091 page so we can coordinate the effort. One of the running programs is 'vodsl' - I can't find any source for it on the CD so I presume BT have built the executable into the firmware. Section Links main 205 page stealth get a static ip nat recipes p2p port probe troubleshooting tricks advanced other voyagers UP The "Other Voyager Router" page. If you manage it, a free mass and confession for everyone!!! click for more info

vof - 31.01.06 11:00 pm Squbel: Not sure what you mean by 'BT package'. It would probably be better you looking at the next release (2.21L.05?) to see how it differs. If you don't sign up for BT's Broadband Voice service (and who can afford it?), you should see the following on your initial configuration screen: Broadband Voice Status Status: Broadband Voice Unlocked BT Voyager 2500 Firmware Want to use your 2500 with a different ISP?

As soon as he switched to using an RJ11 cable he could connect immediately, and said it was like doubling the speed of his line. for now.. ;o) Cor Jim - 05.12.05 9:33 pm Hi Cor, Thanx for the open wrt link, I feel I might be getting somewhere now. These changes are necessitated, and carried out by McGarrell Orthodontics, in order to protect you and our http://mcgarrellorthodontics.com website. In the modified Dynalink 1050W firmware, I was not keen on touching the following section which contains size/address of loader/rootfs (this could make your router unusable!) I calculated the checksum with

Chocolate medal on its way! ;o) Cor vof - 01.02.06 11:21 pm Well done Squbel! After unpacking the original file, you get a couple more .tar.gz plus a consumer install script. I'm not sure if it's the same version that BT is sending to ppl (I haven't received it yet despite I requested it twice). 2. https://books.google.com/books?id=j-3Ri95KBQAC&pg=PA476&lpg=PA476&dq=Help+With+Changing+From+210+to+2091&source=bl&ots=-LFEIM9WgF&sig=o42zoAmnKaH1He2lND5V2WkAGnk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiV_OXpmtnRAhUK2IMKHSl7DsUQ6AEIJjAC cor - 22.11.05 10:58 pm [205 stuff snipped] swapmeetpete, Mort, hohoho, thanks for the Voyager 2091 information, but until someone can verify that 205 telnet commands are in any way useful

DO NOT CLICK on it! 6. It's Quantum Physics! More info! ;o) Cor Squbel - 05.01.06 10:52 pm http://www.voyager.bt.com/gpl.htm - but probably you have to pay few pounds for "shipping". Their forum even has a section especially for it.

When you have had the experience with broadband like we have, then you can criticise what i say. #22 13-August-2007, 18:31 Austin_KW Guest Posts: n/a Re: Urgent Help Now this may prove interesting for any corzlings with Voyager 2xxx boxes. (These boxes are Askey sourced and use mips32 based Broadcom 63xx parts.) The CD has 5 files on it: What we know so far.. Set VPI to 0, VCI to 38.

They really look pretty compatible. An unlocked firmware is available.. Furthermore if your computer is some distance from this socket you simply cannot use a standard BT phone extension to reach your modem. Most of this impedance is going to be in the the muti kilometer run from the exchange not the 2m cable from the nte socket to your router/modem.

please let me know if this works. Reid). There certainly wasn't any *.cgi in the GPL package I've used. for now.. ;o) Cor Unclebob - 20.12.05 2:04 pm Hey everyone I've got a 2091 with the updated firmware, got the box for free so if there's anyway i can unlock

return to paged comments swapmeetpete - 18.11.05 1:24 pm Anyone know how to unlock the BT Voyager 2091? please keep my name private !!!!!!! I got that in the mail this morning.

Does anyone have a file copy of any of these Voyager firmware versions, or know where they can be obtained? (The BT sites don't have any to my knowledge.) vof edinclimb

i'm guessing that: modules/pages/no_account/jscript_form_check.php is missing. PPP: PPP_0_38_1 Start to connect ... But really, I wasn't hopeful! Accordingly, this page could read differently as of your very next visit.

Open WRT promising open source router firmware. As well as firmwares for the 220, there's also this cute JavaScript hack.. Nice chaps down at BT homemovers agreed to send me a new wireless one since i was signing up for another year, anyhoo... http://magicnewspaper.com/help-with/help-with-the-sims-1-expansions-changing-language.html Y.

Then follow this simple procedure (adapted from Dan's comment).. I think there is even a wizard in this router which prompts for the settings, and most will be defaults. #11 20-March-2007, 21:56 Rowan88 Guest Posts: n/a Re: If anyone has the BT Voyager 2091 CD can they please copy it to there computer and email it to me please. I did this pretty much what I found on http://skaya.enix.org/wiki/FirmwareFormat: From the Voyager2091 - cfe-voyager2091_btr-v301m-a2pb018c1 I took from the very beginning of the file 36 00 00 00 20 20 20

I note that you did NOT get a setup disk with your 2091, so you'll need the following instructions :- According to BT, the browser setting is this has to i can not find it elsewhere in the plugin or on my site. Click Next. Anyways, I created a new torrent, and the tracker is now running on port 46969.

Tried to flash my Voyager 2091 with 2 different firmwares (Voyager 2110 and Belkin) - not working via http - "The firmware update is failed. firmware version Part of that many Voyager firmwares is GPL, and publicly available; we have recently aquired this. You may not have subscribed to a second line.) Attempts are being made to work out how to modify the settings in a 220V to allow it to work with other

I doubt whether BT added anything significant or useful that we would miss. The rest, as they say, is history. *g* Check out the Useful links section below for the file you need. You will not be able to make Broadband Voice calls. If this page is important to you, you should check back frequently as no other notice of changed content will be provided either before or after the change takes effect.