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Your e-mail username (example: [email protected]) is also your Instant Messenger name. When you read a message, the message subject is no longer displayed in bold text and the icon changes to to show read status. Depending on the browser, the behavior will be different. How do I address a message?

or Microsoft instant messaging software. If the person is online you can click the Send an Instant Message button and send a message that they'll receive in real-time! Email address: [email protected] (i.e. All rights reserved. click resources

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You can hide the full header information by clicking the arrow again. Home AboutWHOA Cyberstalking Statistics JayneHitchcock Resources SoftwareHelp Agent AOL Becky! How do I forward a message? To close the full headers and return to brief headers, click the yellow triangle again.

In addition, any Instant Messaging program that is "Powered by AOL" will work as well. Each line of the original e-mail text appears in the reply message preceded by a (>). Clicking Reply displays a new Write Mail screen where you can write your reply. Netscape Mail Try It FREE!

How to tell if you have the built-in plug-in To tell if you are using the built-in AVI video plug-in, launch Communicator and go to this Web page. How can I tell the difference between new and old messages? It's fast, simple and very convenient. When you click Keep as New, the message you are reading will close and you will return to the New Mail folder.

Forwarding E-mail Accounts: Print a copy for your records: Forwarding instantaneously and transparently sends messages addressed to an e-mail address such as [email protected] to any existing e-mail address you Netzero Can I see a copy of the messages I send? The page will reload with the New Mail tab forward. Groups help you organize your Buddy List.

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Click the sign off link to exit Mail on the Web. You will be able to send Instant Messages directly from Mail on the Web with any of the following programs - CompuServe Instant Messenger or Netscape AOL Instant Messenger, AOL Instant Netscape Isp Email When you click the e-mail address link a small window appears allowing you to do the following: • Send an Instant Message if your friend is online • Send your friend Netscape.net Mail [email protected]) NEXT Under "Mail Servers" input these settings: Mail server user name: your user name Outgoing mail [SMTP] server: mail.us7thcavalry.com Incoming email server POP3: mail.us7thcavalry.com NEXT click on Edit Server Name:

Netscape News I found a simple way to view the headers of news spam in Netscape. When you SEND e-mail it will have your new us7thcavalry.com address as being from you. You must specify at least one recipient in the To field before sending your message. You will be able to send and receive email with your existing ISP provider information instantaneously and transparently! Netscape Browser

To copy this to a email message press Ctrl-A to highlight the entire message then Ctrl-C to copy it. You will receive E-Mails addressed to your 7th Cavalry address and your 7th Cavalry E-Mail address will be shown on all outgoing messages These instructions should work for most recent Netscape Or you can hire us to call Netscape for you and help with your issue. Follow the directions that appear on this screen to attach a file to your message.

Try It FREE! Comcast Click the Write Mail link to open a blank Write Mail screen in a new window. Extra E-Mail Addresses Get two additional e-mail accounts. $2.00/month Learn More PC Anti-Virus Protection Comprehensive Anti-Virus Protection from McAfee VirusScan. $3.00/month Learn More Extra E-Mail Storage Upgrade to 1gb of storage

How do I send an attachment like a picture or a web page?

Help keep your PC running smoothly with AOL Computer Checkup.Try It FREE! Right-click on the first frame of video that is displayed. 2. To see the next or previous 25 messages, click the Next or Previous link. Aol Mail Pay only for what you choose.

Type one or more e-mail addresses in the To, CC or BCC fields, separated by commas. How do I add someone to my Buddy List from Mail on the Web? Free E-Mail Virus Protection Free email virus checking watches over your email. Keep a message in the New Mail folder by selecting one or more check boxes located to the left of the e-mail date and clicking the Keep as New link in

Click the delete link to delete the message you are currently reading. Hint: You can select all the messages that appear on the screen by selecting the checkbox next to the text, "Select All Messages" at the bottom of your message list. Hint: You can select all the messages that appear on the screen by selecting the checkbox next to the text, "Select All Messages" at the bottom of your message list. To control the video, right-click on it and select an option.

What is a Buddy List? What versions of Instant Messenger is Mail on the Web compatible with? Instant Messaging is a whole new way of communicating that allows you to send and receive messages in real-time. Mail on the Web is not compatible with Yahoo!

Clicking Reply All displays a new Write Mail screen with the To, CC, and Subject fields filled in with the original e-mail author in the To field, the original copied recipients What is my Instant Messenger name? Click the Previous or the Next link to display the previous and next e-mail in your e-mail list, respectively. To read a message, click the e-mail subject in the New Mail or other message lists.

The attachment will either automatically open, or you will be asked if you want to Open It or Save It. See more help topics Instant Messenger What is Instant Messaging? Launch Netscape Mail (Messenger) Under "Edit" select "Preferences" (for Netscape 6.x "Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings") Under "Mail & Newsgroups" select "Identity".