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Error Messages When Sorting In Excel 2000


Some font formats will not be saved. What it means    Alternative text is not available in Excel 2007, and cannot be displayed. You can even create your own custom sort order that is helpful when trying to get non-sequential information sorted in a unique order. You’ll learn more about how annoying Excel 2003 (in general) and XML (in particular) can be in Chapter 9.BASE VALIDATION RULES ON FORMULA RESULTSThe Annoyance:I use a worksheet to track customer

Excel 2003 Annoyances EXCEL 2003 LIST ANNOYANCES EXCEL 2003 XML ANNOYANCES EXCEL 2003 MENU AND FUNCTION ANNOYANCES EXCEL 2003 PROGRAM INTERACTION ANNOYANCES Index Colophon O'Reilly logo DATA VALIDATION ANNOYANCESRESTRICT DATA ENTRY That functionality wasn’t introduced until Excel 2000. Today, Sherry's still churning out words, but now they're in the form of books, and instead of using a Mac, she's moved on to a trusty PC. What it means    A PivotTable report you create in the Excel 2010 cannot be refreshed in Excel 97-2003.

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In Excel 97-2003, even page or first page headers and footers cannot be displayed, but they remain available for display when you open the workbook in Excel 2010 again. You can e-mail Sherry at [email protected] Some formulas contain arrays with more elements than are supported by the selected file format. To delete the Database named range, follow these steps:Select any cell in the worksheet and choose Insert → Name → Define to display the Define Name dialog box.In the “Names in

This example assumes you’re using row 1 for headings; if not, feel free to customize the formula in step 4 to start in a different cell.Select Data → Validation.In the Allow This is not supported in earlier versions of Excel. Need to present a detailed expense report? How To Sort Merged Cells In Excel 2007 Rows that are hidden by the filter will remain hidden, but the filter itself will not display correctly in earlier versions of Excel.

What it means    In Excel 2010, you can filter by a cell color, font color, or icon set — these methods are not supported in Excel 97-2003. However, all filter state information remains available in the workbook and is applied when the workbook is opened again in Excel 2010, unless the filter state information is edited in Excel What to do    In the Compatibility Checker, click Find to locate the table that has a table style applied, remove that table style, and then format the table manually. When you click OK, you’ll see the PivotTable shown in Figure 4-41.Figure 4-43. Here’s where you find what you can do with your summaries.HIDDEN DATA DOESN’T APPEAR IN THE SUMMARYThe Annoyance:My boss uses

What it means    When Data Validation formulas exceed the 255 character limit that is supported in Excel 97-2003, the formula will work correctly, but it will be truncated and cannot be edited. How To Make Merged Cells The Same Size In Excel 2010 No problem.The Fix:To filter a PivotTable using a field that isn’t used to group the PivotTable data, move the field header to the Page area in the PivotTable layout box, as What it means    In Excel 2007 and Excel 97-2003, conditional formatting that displays a specific icon set arrangement is not supported and the icon set arrangement is not displayed on the worksheet. What to do    To make sure that the workbook does not exceed the 64,000 CLB limit and that it can be opened in Excel 97-2003, you should work in Compatibility Mode in

  • What to do    Verify that the server settings you use are compatible with earlier versions of Excel and then make the necessary changes (PivotTable Tools, Options tab, Data group, Change Data Source
  • Here are several approaches you can use.
  • A PivotChart in this workbook has specific field buttons enabled or disabled.
  • I know how to do it using an AutoFilter in a regular data list; is there a way to do it in a PivotTable?The Fix:Starting with Excel 97, you can use
  • What it means    Table functionality is lost in Excel 97-2003.
  • What’s the secret?The Fix:You can use a formula as a validation rule.
  • What it means    In Excel 2010, you can apply sort states with up to sixty-four sort conditions to sort data by, but Excel 97-2003 supports sort states with up to three conditions

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What to do    In the Compatibility Checker, click Find to locate the data that has been filtered, and then you can clear the filter to unhide the rows that are hidden. One or more cells in this workbook contain conditional formatting which refers to values on other worksheets. How To Sort Merged Cells In Excel 2013 In Excel 97-2003, you can then filter the data manually. How To Sort Merged Cells In Excel 2010 The first section introduces Excel basics, such as creating and formatting worksheets and formulas, and surveys the new features of Excel 2000.

What it means    In Excel 2010, the maximum number of operands that can be used in formulas is 1,024, but in Excel 97-2003, the maximum limit of operands in formulas is only On the Auditing toolbar, click the Circle Invalid Data button to draw a red circle around any cell that contains invalid data (as shown in Figure 1-24).Figure 1-24. Excel identifies cells with data When you refresh the connection or update a PivotTable, the filters that were applied by the slicers are no longer displayed, and the slicers will be lost. A table in this workbook has a read-only connection to a Windows SharePoint Services List. How To Filter Merged Cells In Excel 2010

Hiding Data in a Spreadsheet To hide data on a spreadsheet, do the following: Highlight the data you want to hide (in our case, highlight F2 to H9) From the Excel A PivotTable or data connection in this workbook contains server settings which do not exist in earlier versions of Excel. For the purposes of this fix, assume you’re using the PivotTable in Figure 4-32.Figure 4-33. It’s possible to find the top or bottom values in a PivotTable, but how you do it depends On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Sort & Filter, and then click Clear to clear the filter.

What to do    To avoid losing specific font formats that you want to keep available in Excel 97-2003, you can remove some font formats that are not as important to keep. What Is A Merged Cell In Excel errors. Basically, this tells you which group of cells meets the preceding criteria and which don’t.

Here's a quick discussion of the ways that you can affect the sorting order.

One or more cells in this workbook contain a conditional formatting type that is not supported in earlier versions of Excel, such as data bars, color scales, or icon sets. Move on to Web Integration --> <-- Back to the Excel Contents Page Computer Tutorials List Beginners Computing Word 2007 to 2010 Word 2000 to 2003 Excel 2007 to In this new edition, there is a tighter focus on the way an average user uses the software -- with increased coverage of practical tips i.e. Find Merged Cells In Excel Right, is alternately praised as a key to successful dating for women and maligned as a manual for manipulating men.

Check out the following articles to learn techniques to sort what you need in Excel. The author or co-author of a half dozen books on Microsoft Excel (including O'Reilly's Excel Pocket Guide), he's also written about Microsoft Access, database design, programming languages, home networking solutions, and What to do    In the Compatibility Checker, click Find to locate the cells that contain formulas with more than 40 operands, and then make the necessary changes to avoid #VALUE! What it means    Array formulas that refer to an entire column in Excel 2010 and Excel 2007 will be converted to and displayed as #NUM!

Do I have to go through the worksheet row by row to find values lower than $1,000? This workbook contains named sets which are not associated with a PivotTable. Earlier versions of Excel do not recognize this option and will stop after the first true condition.