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Crazy Cover Page Anchoring Problem In Word 2010


The strange thing was that the document displayed normally when viewed on 5 networked computers but overlapped on the sixth computer. Mario Sandoval Nice! Also, be careful that your quotation marks didn't become curly quotes by mistake; if you're creating or editing your XE fields manually (not using the dialog), which I recommend, you need But really, that's what I would expect: leading shouldn't occur at the top margin.

What's worse, when I select it, Word selects *everything* on the cover page, as if all that stuff were anchored to this crazy paragraph instead of the one at the top As a side note, whenever you remove an entry from your index, remember that you have to delete any cross references that target those now-removed entries. Joe Thanks!! Use the Picture Tools Formatting tab. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/crazy-cover-page-anchoring-problem-in-word-2010.1051880/

How To Anchor A Table In Word 2010

Try moving your entries around, especially if they don't appear in "normal paragraphs." For example, if your entries are inside a table, try moving them around within the table, such as You must manually instruct word how this subentry should be sorted. The flags most likely to be causing your problems are the XE \f flag and the INDEX \f flag.

You can then replace this with the uppercase version, XE "A. (NOTE: If you are using autocorrect for quotation marks, turn that feature off before you perform this task. If an image slides around the page like a junior marketing executive at the office Christmas party, it's because the image is floating, and it should be in line. Author Bio Allen Wyatt With more than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Allen Wyatt is an internationally recognized author. Microsoft Word Overlapping Text The limitations of your bookmarks are the same limitations in your page ranges.

I have gone to "line numbers" on "page layout" and it has none checked. How To Anchor A Table In Word 2013 But perhaps you're wondering, where is that darn tag? NEW How can I build a hybrid indented-style/run-in-style index? here chris.

Loading... How To Fix Overlapping Tables In Word If the XE index fields are the only fields that you use in the entire document, then you can safely delete them all using search-replace, and you're finished. Any suggestions? This happens when non-Word documents are translated over, since most translation tools are designed to preserve special characters as literals: WRONG: {XE "Washington, George\:cherry tree fable"} CORRECT: {XE "Washington, George:cherry tree

How To Anchor A Table In Word 2013

If you're certain it's not a spacing or capitalization problem, perhaps it's a style problem. https://lawyerist.com/40232/three-microsoft-word-formatting-snafus-solved/ That means using the arguments sites and species won't get you want you want at all, because Word only notices the initial s in both words, and they match. How To Anchor A Table In Word 2010 One approach is to check the box to select all matched items, when you search for ^d. How To Anchor A Table In Word 2016 This is a living document that should probably be a wiki: there is always something going wrong with Word's indexing features.

Tracked changes can include partial index entries, which is why you can get such weird results. This will make it easier for you to add indexes without worrying about words, finding all the codes of a specific index and changing them, or semantically changing the intention of Oh, but wait, you want to do it anyway? When I go back into the settings, the boxes are filled with black dot which I'm assuming means set on. Overlapping Tables In Word

Subscribe Get tips like this every week in Word Ribbon Tips, a free productivity newsletter. However, if all of the whitespace symbols are not visible and you can still see the XE fields, then you need to do something else. Help! UPDATED Why can't I get certain characters into my headings?

Maislin Most recent significant updates made in March 2011 Indexing with Microsoft Word (any version) isn't easy or effective. How To Stop Tables From Moving In Word Julie Aquavia07 Nov 2016, 17:45 Thanks for this tip. If you need to create a special kind of cross reference, such as a See also specific, you will need to italicize within the document window; you can't do any text-level

Don't even get me started on our ‘FREE' WIN10 upgrade.

Now, without unhighlighting them all, copy/paste all of your orange fields into another document, with hidden text visible so you can see what you're doing. You do what seems to be the sensible thing: placing your cursor before the line and hitting the Delete key. Your best choice is to get out of Word and build the hyperlinks using something else. Microsoft Word Letters On Top Of Each Other Issue one is leaving the caption page unnumbered.

Gayle I used to be able to see the lines in a table when I cleared them so they didn't print, but all of a sudden I can no longer see To determine whether an image is in line or floating: click the image click the Picture Tools Formatting tab click the Text Wrapping menu you'll now see the current setting highlighted. They do offer 2 other color choices but...)But I also have to do some 'hot, quick' jobs and resorted to the 2010 Publisher. In other words, fields like {XE "name"} {XE "main entry:subentry"} will sort separate from {XE "name "} {XE "main entry: subentry"} because of those extra spaces in there.

The {XE} field works only in Microsoft Word. To understand better how sorting works, and how to override it, see the FAQ items "Individual Entries Are Not Sorting Where You They Should" and How to Override Sorting. If you have index entries that aren't properly embedded, you don't really have index entries.