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Big IE Problem.


The note "These are usually done by the manufacturers of higher resolution systems." in the MSDN article (in the "How to Activate Scaling "-part) lead me to this thought. No one else seems to be affected. Also I think, that this might be an accessibility issue to low-vision / vision-impaired users who have a low resolution with large fonts enabled. It's not my native language. :) http://magicnewspaper.com/internet-explorer/ie-problem-file-delete-problem.html

Floating a box so that a section of text will wrap around it is a fairly common technique in web design. Notice how the top navigation wraps strangely. Additionally the "UseHR"-key has to be added for the IE to scale fonts and images according to the internal system-setting. Thanks very much. read review

Internet Explorer Css Fixes

Open up Internet Explorer again and visit the website The end. Permalink // 38 blabs to High Res Problem on Windows Add something to the conversation! This should not have been placed automatically on the registry, and there should have been an easier way to turn it off without having to resort to fiddling with the registry. So what's the result?

The file is suppiled as-is, and I have no guarantee it will work perfectly. Floating a box so that a section of text will wrap around it is a fairly common technique in Web design. I work on a 19" CRT with 1600 × 1200 and I never encountered a problem like this. Internet Explorer Css Compatibility It's there just to make it easier to see when a false margin is being applied.

Not all of us can visualize a 75 pixel width, or know when we're looking at one, so to help out I've included a blue, 75-pixel-wide image in all of the Here's my current (still under development) live site. This is inexcusable behaviour for Microsoft and Internet Explorer. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie9-windows_7/font-size-is-too-large-every-website-is-displaying/c07b36c9-554f-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5 So this reg-key should not be existent on systems not delivered with such HR-displays (it sure is not in my reg.

Cal generously let me know how to make the .reg file, so here it is for your convenience. Problems With Internet Explorer 11 And just to see if the bug is symmetrical, we can swap the direction of the floats:

That 75 pixels comes from the 75 pixel left-margin of the sidebar div. It makes so much more sense than a ‘maximise' button does, especially with widescreen displays.

  1. Oh, and added to that, Internet Explorer decides to increase your image sizes to match the higher font size.
  2. No indent.
  3. Example 5 Screen shot: And one more time, with a different kind of in-line element getting the fake indent, in this case a string of images: Since images are in-line elements
  4. The box to the right appears in the document mark-up just before the first word of this section of text.
  5. Working with Emily Business / Featured / Lealea / EE Podcast Relaunch EE / Featured / Lealea / Handling "Rejection" Featured / Business / booking for: Bright Umbrella.
  6. Can we make this another request to the IE team to fix?

Css Not Working In Ie 11

Get out of Regedit and close all instances of Internet Explorer. https://css-tricks.com/ie-css-bugs-thatll-get-you-every-time/ Please? Internet Explorer Css Fixes If someone can make me a .reg file that is just easy to download that applies this change immediately, please contact me with the file! Margin Not Working In Ie I found the setting in the "advanced"-dialog of the display-properties (where you can set the actual resolution).

Example 2 Screen Shot: Which is what we would see without the wrapper div except for the bug, and what we do see in other browsers. http://magicnewspaper.com/internet-explorer/please-help-having-some-problem-with-ie.html What's With The Blue Thing? Each example uses the same basic mark-up:

some content
Changes in mark-up will also be documented when they're used. Not only does that margin create white space to the left of this box, but it also creates white space to the left of where the div occurs in the document Ie Min-height

Example 6 Screen shot: So what gives? < This section of text is unstyled in order to show the bug—if it were enclosed in

tags the bug would not appear. Instead, that first line wraps 75 pixels before we should expect it to. http://magicnewspaper.com/internet-explorer/is-this-an-ie7-problem.html When you said about the problem I was completely stumped.

There is an MSDN article that gives you a bit of a registry hack that isolates the culprit. Ie11 Min-height Name Zach Inglis Date Oct 27 02:11 AM Heh. Notice how the apparent indent of the text in the larger box disappears.

Name Lea Date Oct 26 11:04 PM I suppose I should clarify that I haven't tested this strange occurence on any other instances besides the one of my client.

I asked my client to visit my own website (what you see here) and a couple of other CSS websites, and he mentioned problems with text overlapping some images as well Yes, this is default behaviour on computers with widescreens. Quite lucky to find out the problem, you could have been there for hours. Ie11 Padding Issue I don't think this issue is related to high-resolution-display settings.

The relevant style declarations in the header are: body{ font-size: 100%; background-color: #ccddcc; color: #000; font-family: arial, helvetica, geneva, sans-serif; margin: 0 15%; } .box{ clear: both; width: 80%; background: #fff The indentation is caused by IE6's weird handling of margins on floated elements. Book now! 38 Comments // Filed in Web High Res Problem on Windows added: Summarized update here My client woke me up with an interesting problem today. directory Maybe you can reproduce that problem even on low-resolution systems if you do the changes to the internal font-size and add the reg-key manually.

After talking to me and Dell customer support, he found out that one widescreen monitors under supremely high resolutions (he's at 1680 ? 1050) Windows, the font sizes default to 120dpi. I just tried to look it up). It should almost butt up against the 75 pixel wide background image (1em of padding will separate them), but as you can see, the actual margin rendered is twice what is We use it to place images on a page as well as to create sidebars, like this one, which work well for testimonials and similar pieces of information.

X X X X X X X X X X The bug causes a "reverse indent", or a 75 pixel margin to the right of the first line of text—notice none Let's Start With Something We Know First a review—the infamous IE6 margin-doubling bug could be one of the most pervasive problems ever to come out of the IE browser. I wonder if/when Microsoft will ever implement the function that Safari has where the green button automagically resizes the browser window to fit the current page perrrfectly? Also notice that the images are all disgustingly pixellated as if I set the JPG quality settings to 0.

The white space to the right of this box is what we expect, but the white space to the right of the end of the first line of text is a But I tested it on my end and it seems to have worked, so please test before deploying on your clients. Example 4 Screen shot: Miraculous! Example 3 Screen shot: You can see that he first line of the text is indented 75 pixels right.

Fortunately this doesn't seem to be the case, since this is the first time I have heard about this specific problem. =) (Sorry if my english seems a bit… odd. current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Press OK. I Use & Recommend ExpressionEngineBest CMS out there EngineHostingReliable with great support FreeAgentAll-in-one accounting solution BasecampOnline project management Must Read...

Name Johan Prawiro Date Oct 27 06:09 AM Hi! Talk about a badly implemeted ‘feature'. Fortunately, there is a bit of a workaround. It's easy to spot because it's blue and says "This is 75 px wide." In all cases this image is applied as a background to the div holding the example and

Here's my client's screenshot. Also, it's quite possible that this problem can be replicated on non-widescreen but super-high resolution machines that are under Windows. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed