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(Solved) Downloaded a program

( has been removed but still can't view hidden folders!

[Solved] having problems cleaning computer

[SOLVED] HELP! somone has taken over my computer

[Solved] I need help fixing my computer.

[SOLVED] my computer freezes up frequently

[Solved] My computer was hijacked!

[SOLVED] PC Freezing Problems

[solved]my computer has been hijacked - please help

1 computer has internet access/ 1 computer doesn't work

~tmp1174 taken over computer

A little advice from a knowledgeable Computer Professional please.

a slow down in my computer

advice on computer reinfecting in hours at one location

After restarting many missing files

After Download Cannot Run Programs-Not on Desktop-Need Help!

All the games on my computer crash?!

Am I Safe? My computer is very slow.

areaconnect popups which leads to the slowing down of my computer

Assistance For A Newbie/Unable To Access Anything On My PC

attempts to access my computer through a remote

Audio from unknown source on my computer?

Background music in Windows 7

Been highjacked need help!

Big Trouble! Helping Clean Out Friend's Computer.

Blank screen when I turn on my computer

Brand new computer hijacked

Brother been on my computer (may have virus)

C Drive hi-jacked

C drive won't open

Cable access goes dead frequently on XP.

camera wont download pictures

Can anyone look through this HiJack log and see if something wrong

Can not access "my Computer"

Can Not Access my PC at all. ?

Can IE open thru ISP when not online first?

cannot download hjt after reloading my pc

cannot get into my computer help

Cannot download anything Slow Computer Please help

Cannot log into XP - possible virus? HELP!

Cannot even get into my computer

cannot open my drive in same window in my computer

Cant access 'My Computer'

Can't access My Computer?

Can't detect printer port

Can't figer out what is wrong with My PC

Can't download any new software to my computer

Can't even open My Computer

Can't get into "My Computer" and lots of other problems

can't get into my computer.

Can't get this stuff off my computer.hijack log

Can't Keep Computer On!

Can't Open C Drive. says "Choose a Program"

Can't open facebook from my computer!

Can't open Facebook on my computer

Can't play music files.

Can't Play a Music File

Cant play music on computer

Can't update any programs (told i was hijacked) please help

Cant use my computer.

Can't use my computer!

Click on IE icon get nothing but can go to Google Earth so internet is there.

Comp locks up. Won't restart

Complete computer shutdown/takeover!

Computer acting wierd ( XP Home )

Computer "revs up"

computer a little slow

Computer acting funny and slow

Computer a bit Laggy

Computer been hack. need it !

Computer being stupid/Hijack Log.

Computed hacked and need help

computer being compromized

computer being hacked help

Computer always freezing

Computer Doesn't Recognize Phone

Computer Doesnt Recognize Printer!

Computer extremely messed up. hijack here.

computer got hacked

computer has been taken over and locked out

Computer has been taken over by popnav

Computer goes offline

Computer has been taken over

Computer Hijacked - PLEASE HELP ME?!

Computer has been acting up lately.

Computer Hijacked - Post here when all else fails

Computer freezes/admin missing

Computer I have been Hijacked

Computer has been taken over Please Help

Computer Hacked by a trojan or some other User

computer hacked help

computer hijacked almost fixed but need help

computer freezes alot

Computer guy can't figure it out

Computer is powering down!

Computer is lagging all of a sudden.?

Computer Hijacked Please Help

Computer just died.

Computer is messed up please look at hijack log attached

Computer on the

Computer just keeps cutting off

computer plays audio by itself

Computer Plays Audio on its Own

computer hijacked? Im freaking out

Computer Periodically Shuts Off on its Own

Computer refuses connection with USB printer

Computer Seriously Hijacked! Every Password has changed! Can't even start it now!

Computer RUNS & RUNS but nothing is open!?

Computer running slow at the start up can someone look at this hijack log

Computer runs loud and slow

Computer Skips?

Computer seems to be hijacked. Please review log.

Computer slowly dying. hijack this wont even work. please help

Computer taken over!

Computer taken over.need advice

computer slow and acting funny

computer WILL NOT stop freezing!

Computer stopped letting my unload pictures

Computer taken over completely - log inside

Computer/Network/Internet/? Please Help

Computer's slowing and frauds keep coming

computer's shutting down on its own

coms keep hang check my hjack pls

Computer won't recognise my phone

Connects & Views Webpages Wired. But Cannot view wireless?

Could someone give me their opinion on this computer?

Could I have a hacker even if I don't have any trojans?

Could this be the reason my computer is so slow?

Could someone PLEASE help me with my computer?

Cpu Fan Makes Noise

CPU fan making noise

Cpu fan noise!

Dad's pc's got everything! Help!

Data recovery after virus/ hacking

dektop icons get larger on boot up?

Desktop has been hijacked.

Desktop hijacked again :(

Desktop Hijacked - Help! :)

did someone just try to hijack my computer? :S

Digitial camera won't download pics.

Does someone else have control of my computer?

Does God fix computers?

dont know wats happening - isp site hacked or my pc

Don't know what is slowing down my computer

Don't know what is wrong with my PC

DoPatch error message - dll reports error causing pc to seize-up (HJT attached)

downloads won't run

Dragging my computer down

enigma music cd Trojan

Everything is wrong with my computer.

Everytime I restart my computer

Everyday theres something new infecting my system

Excessive Fan noise in my computer!

External Hard Drive holding large files hostage

Fan making too much noise

Freezing Help

Froggle Am I Hijacked? Help Please

frozen windows

Games Causing my computer to Crash? HELP

Gateway Laptop may be hijacked ?

Gateway DC-MAC42 is no longer recognized byUSB

Getting my computer back

Hacked Computer Need Help!

Hacker locked-up computer

Hacker inside my computer

hackers & your hard drive

Hacking Recovery drive?

Hacked-What to look for?!

Hackers moving from hacking Java to hacking Flash

Hacked and had trojans.System Restore?

Hacked programs gone wrong

Hacker On My what?

Hard drive intrusion feared

Has my computer been hijacked?

have I had a bogus call (Moved From Windows 8 Forum)

Has someone got into my laptop(hijack this inc)

Having same issue as Random music playing virus

HDD revving sound.

HDD revs up

Help - my computer is acting up!

Hello My Computer is Not running normal.

Help - Someone has hijacked my computer!

Help - I think I've been hijacked

Help can not get online

Help Diagnosing why my computer is so slow!

help i am badly hijacked

help i have 3 computers being hacked

Help fixing my computer

Help Im Hijacked!

Help I think my computer is hijacked.

Help computer virus and my computer runs slow

Help me cleaning this simple 2 comp home network mess I created please:)

help me with my computer please

HELP ME whats wrong with my computer?

HELP my computer keeps turning off!

Help my computer keeps freezing

Help me! Somone is taking over my cpu

help my computer is being slow

Help my computer is so slow What can I do?

Help My Computer Soo Slow I Have Lots Of Psyware And Problems Help

Help needed please concerning a Tag on my phoneline.

help my computer is slow

Help my computer is running realy slow

Help Needed Urgently! My Computer is Absolutly Useless At This Point!

Help Please My Computer Is a Mess!

Help please! I beleive computer has been comprimsed and I need help

Help please with Computer problem.

help please. my computer is running REALLY slow. thanks

Help Pleeeaase! I think my computer got hijacked

Help someone has remotely accessed my computer and put in user accounts

Help to clean up computer - Freezes so often.

Help with my fan

Help! blazefind and other evil stuff invading my computer

HELP! Computer hijacked by remote administration!

HELP! Computer taken hostage!

Help! COmputer Hacked!

Help! A hacker seems to have got into my computer

HELP! Is it my system has been hacked?

help! I've been over taken!

Help! I'm Being Hacked!

Help! My comuter has been attacked by something and I'm not sure what!

Help! My computer has been hijacked?

Help! My computer problem.

Help! My computer is all bugged up!

Help! My computer is slowly

Help! My computer is so slow

Help! My computer is crashing.I think!

Help! My computer is horribly slow. Possible Malware problems.

Help! my computer keeps on freezing

HELP! New computer being attacked!

Help! My Computer is SOOOOO Slow

Help! Someone has access to my computer

HELP! there is something wrong with my pc

help! think something is messing my cpu up

Help! What happen to my computer?

HELP!? My Computer is running very poorly.

HELP!My desktop has benn hijacked - dunno what to do!

Help!.I feel I have another virus!.Thanks to NORTON!

HELP.What Does this HJT report mean? and how can i fix my computer

Help: I have a blank screen every time I start my computer

HELP?!. Computer login problems

Hi. I have a hacker in my computer

Hijack after formating

Hijack Log needs reviewed please.Trying to fix Mother In Laws Computer!

Hijack log-would someone take a look please?

Hijacked - Here's the log and history of whats been done

Hijacked and can't control computer

Hijacked Computer! Please Help

hijacked computer

Hijack my computer. please!

Hijacked? computer is acting up.

Hi-jacked Computer?

Hijacked data backup HDD

hijack-my computer is so slow HELP

Hijacked (log inside too)

HiJackThis Log: My computer is acting funky please.

HJT mom's computer is totally messed up

home pc is being hacked

How can I access the HIDDEN DRIVE on my computer? SOmeone has hacked into it.

Hotmail works on all my computers except one

how can i find out if i have a cd/dvd burner

How do I get my computer on my desktop?

How do I stop "McciTrayAppSSR. " from slowing my computer down

how to find my computer?

How to put the icon "My computer" on the desktop

I believe my router has been hacked.

I been told I have been hijacked

I am told that some of the CA internet security must still be on my computer.

I can't find out what is wrong with my computer

I can't keep my computer running for more the 20 minutes

I can't get into my computer

i cant stop a hacker? accessing my laptop & router

I don't see fpink or fgreen in my volume control settings

I can't get the internet to work on my computer (LAN connection)?

I have a hacker on my PC

I have a virus probly Hackingtool or somthing

I have messed my computer up

I have ruined my computer!

I have run all the checks CAn someone look at my hijack scan now

I have unlimited popups here's my hijack log HELP

I may have told my computer it is what it isn't. (HAL drivers

I just wanna sleep. my computer

i keep getting this on my computer everyday

I NEED HELP! precisonad has taken over my computer!

I need someones help right now with a computer

I restarted my computer and many of my files were deleted

I really need some help with my computer

I think I was hacked and have a keylogger! Please help!

I think I helped someone hijack my computer!

I think my computer security has been compromised?

i think my system is hijacked help

I want my computer to be on speed!

i think some one has control of my computer

I think my computer has been jacked!

I think my PC has had it

I was told to get security on my desktop because of hackers.

I think i got hijacked.

I want to clean my pc. I'm tired of error messages.

i think something's wrong with my pc

Icons in my computer

Identifying computer slowdown

If I had a RAT or just a keylogger would it show in this HJT log?

If I want to show my desktop

Im looking for issues on my computer

I'm not sure what's wrong with my computer

I'm losing control of my computer

Im wondering if anythings wrong with my computer check it out

I'n pretty sure there is something wrong with my computer

Infected - Norton cannot clean

Install problems - random programs

Internet being jacked and causing the rest of computer to mess up.

Internet Connection Speed has changed since i turned my computer off at wall

Intert Police Have Seized Your Computer

Is my computer getting hijacked?

Is my computer hijacked or is this problem with mouse?

Is my computer hacked? Or does it have a virus?

is my computer secure

Is my PC secure?

Is some hacker in control of my PC?

Is Someone Trying To Take Over My Computer?

Is something wrong with my computer?

is the amount of startup programs and consistent processes slowing down my computer?

Is there anything wrong with my computer?

is there something wrong with my computer

Internet drops when desktop boots.

Is this a good computer?

Is this a Virus? Pls help me remove it

It took over my computer Help!

I've been hi jacked

I've been hacked with a keylogger and I want to remove it.

I've Been Hacked! Now What?

Ive been hijacked. SOmeone please help me.

I've been infected/hijacked

ive tryed everything! dowload after download. plez help

JAPANESE VOICES? Hidden Voice Pop-UP Being Launched Through Internet Explorer

Keep people off of my computer

Laptop going online

Laptop hijacked - someone is taking control of the screen

laptop hijacked too Help please

Laptop is hijacked by different viruses

laptop taken over by something

laptops been compromised

Lightning hit my Computer

locked out of my computer due to scam

Locked Out Of My Computer! Forgot Password

LocksUp Immediately - Hijack This Attached

Logon unusually slow despite regular virus scans and maintenance tasks

Loud fan w/XP Prof only

Loud noise from fan

machine acting funky

Major problem - Spysheriff locked up my computer

MAJOR problem! Computer hijacked i think HELP

Malware holding computer hostage!

malware or keylogger or remote access to my email

MalwareAlarm has taken over my computer!

memory disk doesn't upload to my computer any more

Microsoft Calls me to tell my computer is Hacked

mouse appears to be under someone elses control

Music and Commercials (Audio only) play with no apparent source?

Music is playing but nothing is running

Music plays via net in audio under unkown channel

Music start playing randomly on my computer in background

My case fan all of a sudden got REALLY LOUD!

My compuer has been taken over!

My Computer

My Computer - Long Load.

My computer "attacking" a site - ?

My Computer .properties blank tabs

my computer always hang

My Computer AMD Duron hangs when playing media files

My Computer always Freezes

my computer became very slow

my computer being hijacked

My Computer Button

My computer bytes.

My Computer Acting up. please check HJT thank you.

My Computer can't install games help!

My computer can't run games

My computer changed completely after downloading and opening.F Secure 2006 virus pr

My computer cant survive w/o spyware! HJT Included

My Computer contents

My computer continues to run slow no matter what i do

My computer crashed and I've been working on it for about 3 days now.

My computer crashes when I play graphics-intensive games.

my computer delets everything i click on

My Computer Dislikes FF7

My computer does not pick up my internet connection

My Computer doesn`t Work.ARGH

My computer doesn't like keyboards or mice.

My computer doesn't let me install anything at all nor search for updates

My computer doesnt recognize or add camera

My computer empty

My Computer extremely slow to open ?

My computer fan is acting up.

My computer explorer works on one network

my Computer folder

My computer games please help

My Computer Frezzes Up All The Time

My Computer Got Hacked by someone

my computer gets slow

My computer get frozen

My computer glitches and freezes when I try to use a game or cd

My Computer hanging (flashlight icon)

My computer got hit hard last

My Computer Goes To a Blank Screen When I turn it on

My computer has a problem. HJT log included

my Computer Hangs up alot

My computer Hangs when

My computer has a mind of its own.

My computer has been acting up lately.

my computer has been ambushed

My computer has a mind of it's own

My computer has become unuseable! Help!

My computer has been decimating the whole house's DSL access

My computer has been getting pretty slow lately

My computer has been hacked what do i need to do?

My Computer has been Hijacked

My computer has been hacked

My computer has been infected by 'Trojan horse rootkit-parkes.u'

my computer has been invaded; please help

My Computer has been highjacked

my computer has been taken over

My computer has been taking over

My computer has deleted everything!

My computer has been taken hostage!

My Computer Has Begun To Skip

My computer has died?

My computer has frozen

My computer has gone crazy.Vundo.dll

my computer has gone insane

My computer has gone mad!

My computer has gotten reallllllllly slow!

My computer has gotten really slow =\

my computer has just died

My computer has spyware overload. HJT scan.

My computer has slowed down and getting the BSOD

My computer has like 2500 viruses

My computer has several mini-freezes!

My computer has slowed down - HELP

My computer has Trojan.Vundo

my computer has Win32:Bredolab-BE and Win32/Alureon.Gen!U

my computer hates the internet.

My computer has vundo/virtumonde

My Computer Hates Change : Explorer.exe

My computer icon trouble

My Computer Icon

My Computer icon on XP Pro

My Computer Icons

My Computer Icon on Desktop - Windows 2000

My Computer icon freezes

My Computer icon issues

My computer is a mess

My computer in critical!

My computer is a pervert

my computer is acting strange after downloading spybot

My computer is acting weird! HJT Log

My computer is acting up.Hijack this log included

My computer is acting really screwy!

My computer is acting weird-look at HTL

My Computer is barely breathing

My computer is as slow as a slug and I can't get HOTLLAMA off my (D:) Drive! HELP!

My computer is being attacked

my computer is badly infected ! *hijack log inside*

My Computer died

My computer is being a noisy bum.

My Computer Is Being Invaded


My computer is completely black out! Please help me

My computer is completely overrun with viruses!

My Computer is Crazy

My computer is being taken over with viruses

My computer is acting extremely slow.

My computer is demonic

My computer is constantly downloading

My computer is definitely hacked

My computer is crazy! please help HJT log attached

My computer is done i need help

My computer is driving me mad

My computer is extremely slow

My computer has taken a turn for the worse

My Computer is getting SLOW.

My computer is getting "hiccups".

My Computer is Getting Perverted

My computer is going crazy (Need some help)

my computer is going insane

My computer is going slow

My computer is getting slower

my computer is going so slow

My computer is in a complete mess.pls help me

My Computer is infected with Antivir virus/ generic18.bhmi. Can someone help me?

My computer is infected with trojan.nebuler

My computer is infected with a virus in file pptp32.dll

My computer is jacked up!

My computer is kind of slow.

My Computer is like.Dying.

My computer is literally dead - please help!

My computer is getting slower and slower :(

My Computer is messed up And I don't know whAt to do

My computer is messed up.

My computer is not protected

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