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My computer is not installing sp3 of the microsoft update

My computer is overrun with malware

My Computer is Overworking

My computer is real slow!

My computer is pretty messed up

My Computer Is Posessed ! Turning on.

My computer is really messed up.

My computer is really dragging at the start up

My computer is posessed!

my computer is really slow!

My computer is possessed. Exorcism requested.

My computer is possessed

my computer is running a little sluggish

My computer is runing slow

My computer is running incredibly slowly

My Computer is really slow. Help!

my computer is running really slow!

My computer is running loudly and slow. And the sound is weird.

my computer is running slow. hijack this log

My computer is running slow Help?

my computer is running very slow

My Computer Is Running Very Slow - HJT Log Enclosed

My computer is running slow!

MY computer is runnning slower then normal

My computer is screwed completely.

My computer is running way too slow

My computer is screwed

My computer is Saturated with spyware

My computer is S O S L O W

My computer is running very slowly and I can not scan for spyware

my computer is sending and receiving?

My computer is shooting sour-smelling stuff out of the back of the case.

My computer is severely slow!

My computer is shot.

my computer is sick with viruses

My computer is sick

My Computer is slow :HijackThis Log

my computer is slow

my computer is slow when im working on it

My Computer is slow slow slow

My computer is slowing down for some reason!

My computer is slow why

My computer is slow.Hijack This Log

My computer is slowing; Which processes should I keep?

My computer is slowing

My Computer is slow. Please help me!

my computer is so slow

My computer is slowly dying

My Computer Is So Annoying

My computer is slowing to a crawl opening app's

My Computer is slowing way down.pls help

My computer is so slow.look at my hijack

My computer is sooo screwed up

My Computer is soooooo SLOWWWW.

My computer is SOOOOO slow

My computer is sssllllooooowwww :(

My computer is suddenly freezing and hanging up.

My Computer is soooooooooo slow

my computer is spazzing

My Computer is Stuck in Purgatory

my computer is stupid

My computer is too slow hyjack log included

My computer is too full what can I do to fix it its slow

My computer is totally messed up :(

my computer is too slow.

My computer is totally screwed. Please help!

My Computer is very poorly.Please help!

My computer is utterly annihilated

my computer is very slow

my computer is very slow/hijack this log

My computer is VERY slow. Need help asap please. hjt file included

my computer is virused bigtime. please help me

My computer is Windows XP

My computer is very sick.

My computer is wacked; it started with touch pad.

My computer is very slow and is using very much cpu. any clue?

my computer is very very slow

My Computer Issue

My computer just isn't the same

My computer Just shuts down.why?

My computer just.blew up.

My computer keeps adding random programs

My computer keeps automatically shutting off

My Computer keeps closing itself down

My computer keeps crashing and I don't know why

My computer keeps freezing up (hjt log inside)

My Computer keeps freezing/Rebooting

My computer keeps locking up!

MY computer keeps telling me that i am in deep trouble AND I MEAN DEEEEP TROUBLEE!

my computer likes Led Zep!

My computer lags (HijackThis Log)

my computer loading slow on vista 64bit

My computer laggs playing every game

My computer logs off everytime i hit L button

My computer looks and responds terribly.

My computer lost modem drivers everytime it starts

My computer locks up every 45 minutes with no BSOD or relevant event log info

my computer locks up really bad

my computer need help

My Computer not opening

My computer Norton Virus announcement

my computer only let internet explorer to acess the internet

My computer not starting up right!

My Computer opens very slow

My Computer opens slowly and displays the search light for ages ?

My computer over time has gotten really slow

My computer performance isn't as good as it should be

My Computer PLEASE HELP!

My Computer Randomly Shuts Off! This Is My Hjt Log.

my computer is slow and getting slower

My computer reboots whenever I try to install SP2

My computer running slow

My computer restarts ad Infinitum - Motherboard?

My computer restarts wene i play video games and its really annoying

My computer restarts whenever I exit a game

My Computer 's been Hijacked! Please Help!

my computer running very slow.

My computer says :Adaptec DirectCD Wizard

my computer says "no knownDLL" help please!

My Computer Says I have a floppy Drive

My computer says

My computer seems to be riddled with spyware! Please help!

My computer seems to be overtaken

My computer seems to be going pretty slow!

My computer seems to be running slow.

My computer seems to run slow

My computer shuts down automatically.Please help me tech guy

my computer shuts off on its ownl.what can i do

My computer shuts down when I view certain websites

My computer shuts off.

my computer slow

my computer slow opening

My computer slowed down

My computer Slow down?

My Computer slow to respond

My computer spazzes out (best I can describe) and screen gets messy.

My computer sounds like its on helium

My computer starts lagging while playing fallout

My Computer Sucks

My computer suddenly getting lag/choppy sounds for some reason.

My Computer STILL Locks up over and over

My computer taken hostage by PSGUARD someone please help

My Computer taking forever to display contents

My Computer Talks to Me.Help!

My Computer takes forever to load

My Computer TALKED and I don't know why!?

My computer thinks it's a notebook computer

My Computer Very Slow Loading

My Computer Was Hijacked

My Computer Wants To Explode

My Computer unusable

my computer was taken over

My Computer Very slow to open

My computer was Hijack

My computer when double clicked gives the flashlight

My computer will freeze while playing gunbound

My computer will not connect to the internet.

My Computer will not install

my computer will not turn on after i put a wirless adapter

My Computer will only boot in safe mode! Please Help! ASAP! Hijack this log inside!

My Computer will randomly play ads through my speakers for no reason at all.

My Computer won't go to Google!

My computer wont let me download on limewire

my computer won't let me visit the paypal website

My Computer won't let me load or install

my computer wont let me download windows sp2 - HJT log

My computer won't let me uninstall a "PhotoJoy US ToolBar".

My computer won't obey!

My computer won't recognize my printer.

My Computer Wont Stop Downloading!

My computer won't stop trying to go on-line. Can anyone help with this HT report?

My computer won't stop downloading. I don't know what it's doing.

My computers been a little slow lately

My computers have been taken over

My Configuration files hacked or hijacked

My connection won't transfer.

My conputer has been hijacked

My copm has been taken over. Need expert's advice

my desktop display

My fan is making alot of noise.

my friend's computer is seriously hijacked

my hardware

My History Icon In Explorer Got Hacked?

My In-Laws computer has been hacked.I believe

My IT guy worked on my computer and now i get this message

My computer is seriously infected.more info & hijack this log attached.HELP!

My Laptops Hijack Rep

My New laptop is being hijacked!

my pc wont accept pics

My pictures won't download on my computer

Need a lot of help with my computer

need help cant get into my computer

need help cant really use my laptop

Need help finding info on a computer!

Need help fixing up my computer plz.

Need help for a friend with hijacked computer

Need help with an extremely slow and probably hijacked computer

Need help with hijacked computer

need help with laptop.been hijacked

My computer in awful shape

My computer is so slow. I have the hijack report.Please help

Need to know the total watts of my computer

new computer.hijack it all good?

New Help With HiJacked Computer

new pc runs wierd

No "My Computer"

Noisey Comp Fan?

Noise/fan problem

Norton Anti Virus 2004 and slow computer ?

Norton -- Slows Computer -- Pain To Use

Noise on startup coming from the back bottom of my computer the PSU i think.

Norton 2004 slows computer

norton anti virus was unable to scan your computer for infections

Norton Speed Disk Is So Slow!

Not able to find "My Computer"

Norton issues I think

Not sure whats happening to my computer

Not sure what's wrong with my computer

nothing will open on my computer - box comes up "open with"

Nothing visible under Libraries in My Computer

OMG My computer is running so slowwwwwwww. What happened?

Online gaming crashes my computer

only hearing windows open

over working my computer? HiJack This included

parents computer hijacked.

PC acting funky- read hijack file please

PC crashes when dialing. Help me!

PC freezes a Lot

PC hacked HELP please

Pc is crawling.suspected hijacking.

PC has been comprimised

pc keeps on hanging

PC is hijacked

pc keeps cutting off

PC Slows to a crawl when I'm using a certain program

pc will lock up during game & forced to restart

PC won't communicate with printer

Performance problems with my computer

Personal Security has taken over my laptop

Personal Security has taken over my computer

Please Advise - Puter is Sooooo Slow!

Playing random music virus

please help me get rid of this virus

Please Help hacker and possabible virus here!

Please help my computer :(

Please help my work PC has been taken out!

Please help with my computer problems

Please help with virus affecting Norton

Please help! My computer is very messed up.

Please help! My computer's infected and I'm afraid it's terminal.

Please help! Something's definately not right with my machine.

Please help! i cant fix my pc.

Please help! My computer and IE are running slooooooow!

please help! something WRONG w new computer

Please help. What is wrong with my PC ?

Please help. can't figure out what wrong with PC.

please look at specs and tell me whats wrong

Plz check my computer system running very slow

Portable Media player with Samsung HDD location not recognised by My Computer

Possible Trojan & other weird computer problems

Prevent a user from accessing my computer

Printer not being recognized

probably virus or hacking 'something'.

Problem deleting virus w/ Norton

Problem: Opening a Drive in 'My Computer' Gives Me Search Window

Problems Exploring My Computer

Problems shutting off computer

Problems with extreme slowdown on my computer

Problems with my computer and software.

Problems with my repaired computer. HELP!

Program installed itself

Radio playing in background

Ran Norton 360

Random music was playing on my internet browser!?

Random music on my computer

Random music playing on my computer

Random Music plays while

Random turning off.

Random Video Slowdowns. Please Help.

Random EXEs try to access my computer

Really need help cant access my pc.

Really Need Help!My Friends Computer Broke From This & Now It Is Happening 2 Me

received a call saying my computer was going to crash

Regular freezing of my computer

Registered name changed! Really odd. Is my computer hacked? Please HELP!

Remote user has hacked into my computer

Replace a compromised laptop hard drive

Requesting Help with My Computer's Infection

REPOSTING: Pc Under First Hjt Log Please Help!

Restarts everytime i on my computer

rootkit and slow PC after running a speed up your PC program

Screen not starting up

Selling PC - Need a valuation

shutting off my computer

Site reports my pc sending personal info out to them/ Scam?

Slow Computer - Is It Security-Related?

slow computer and weird error message re McAfee

SLOW Computer. and Skype Security.monitor warnings ?

slow computer.hijack help

Slow computer and I don't know why.

Slow laptop and noisy

slow pc.nearly 4 yrs old.any ideas attached hijack log

Slow to populate"My Computer"

Slow running and no protection.

Slow Startup - Recent reload of XP

Solved: 1 Computer works 1 doesn't on Cable modem

Solved: Adobe Acrobat has taken my computer hostage!

Solved: Am I being hacked? Suspicious connection

Solved: Assistance with hijacked system apprecaited!

Solved: Cannot log on to my own computer

Solved: Can't Install Antivirus After beeing hijacked

Solved: can't remove norton and in need to scan my system for problems!

Solved: Cleaning friends computer

Solved: Cleaning up my computer

Solved: cleaning up my computer assistance please

Solved: Computer Compromised?

Solved: Computer has mysteriously appeared in my home LAN and I can't delete it

Solved: computer has been taken over by malware

Solved: computer keeps shutting down on it's own!

Solved: computer very erratic

Solved: Evidence Scan clogging my PC - help!

Solved: Got a phone call from overseas to say that my computer has a big problem.

Solved: hacked connection

Solved: Have i been hacked Need advice please

Solved: help- desktop hijacked -awfull stuff -daughter used comp

Solved: Hating my computer

Solved: Help My System Has Been hijacked.

Solved: Help my computer going crazy!

Solved: Help with unknown computer attack

Solved: Help! my computer is dying

Solved: HELP! My computer is running slow

Solved: Hijack Log- I think my PC is not clean

Solved: hoo being hacked ?

Solved: How can I tell what is making my computer so slow?

Solved: How do I get my computer to stop talking(?)

Solved: How to open my computer or run from command promt?

Solved: I can't download programs ot my computer.

Solved: I must be Hijacked - Please advise

Solved: I just had a spyware attack!

Solved: I messed up my computer and it is running really slow

Solved: I think my pc was hijacked already

Solved: I think someone is hijacking my PC

Solved: I think my computer has been hijacked - please help!

Solved: Is my modem too old?

Solved: Is This One Of Those Fraud Websites?

Solved: Is Someone Trying to Take Over My Computer?

Solved: my computer is very slow hel

Solved: My computer is running EXTREMELY slow

Solved: MY computer is running slow again please help

Solved: My Computer is Slow

Solved: my computer has been hijacked

Solved: my computer has gone crazy

Solved: my computer is running slow please help

Solved: My computer is blocking any other devices using the internet

Solved: My computers running generally slow

Solved: My computer is EXTREMELY slow

Solved: My Computer has become really slow!

Solved: My computer just started lagging

Solved: My Mom's Computer is Hijacked

Solved: my network: HACKED OR NO HACKED?

Solved: My computer will not let me install any software

Solved: My Computer will not POST i need help

Solved: My Computers Been Hijacked

Solved: my computer is really really really slow

Solved: My Computer is VERY slow. Please help.

Solved: my computers just slow

Solved: My computer has become really really slow

Solved: My Computer JUST Started Lagging - And I Can't Find A Reason Why

Solved: MY laptop has been hijacked.

Solved: My Computer is running really slowly!

Solved: My computer messes it up for everyone else.

Solved: My computer caught a virus called: TR/spy carberp

Solved: My pc compromised?

Solved: notnotspy.exe won't leave my computer. Please help.

Solved: Open(double clicking) My Computer Opens Searching "Flashlight" Icon

Solved: pc wont download software

Solved: Please Help with my comp's infection ><

Solved: Possible Virus/Hack on my PC

Solved: Printer not reading my computer

Solved: Problem when opening "My Computer"

Solved: programs installing themself

Solved: See what is being done on my computer

Solved: Slow My Computer.

Solved: Slow loading of My computer

Solved: Solved: WinFixer Investation - HighJack

Solved: Something is downloading

Solved: Suspect my PC's hijacked!

Solved: The installer on my computer isnt working.

Solved: Think my computer is hijacked

Solved: Trojans Scare Me

Solved: Virus Cleaned "I Think?"

Solved: What does my computer have that might be bad or unnecessary?

Solved: When to replace a computer?

Solved: Why is my computer acting weird?

Solved: Why does my computer slow down?

Solved: WINANTIVIRUS 2007 has attacked my computer !

Solved: XP; delaying opening "my computer" & programs

Solved: Yet another person needing help with viruses

some body help me I've benn hijacked by PCGUARD

Some program sending mail from my computer when it's connected to the router

some is using my computer at night

someones hacking into my computer!

Someone hacked my friends pc!

someone hacked into my cpu!

someone in my house using my PC

Someone's tring to hack into my computer! Help!

someone calls me to tell me I have a virus?

someone who has remote access to my computer

Something is downloading from my computer when it is idle!

Something has taken over my computer!

something is wrong with my computer

Something takes over my pc.

Something's trying to enter my computer!

Something Got Me.hijack Log Here!

Something is wrong with my PC please help

Something is WRONG with my PC. help!

Something has taken over my desktop

Something has taken over my friends computer please help


something is killing my computer =(

Somethings slowing down my PC !

something running in background. Can someone check my HJT log? I can't find it.

somethings wrong with my computer help.

Someone hijacked my accounts - really want to thoroughly check my computer's security

something's controlling my internet!

Something wrong with this website on my computer

Something's hijacked my "My Computer" screen!

Something gone wrong with my PC

something wrong w/ my system

something wrong with my computer

Something IS REALLY REALLY Wrong with my computer! HELP!

Someone planted a RATon my PC. Need help with HJT logfile.

something wrong with puter!

Something just took over my laptop!

Something running and slowing my computer

Something Taking Over My System

Sound playing on my computer

soundtrack is causing problems on everything

Spyware taking control of computer

Spyware problem slowed my computer.please help

Steam causes system crash

Strange activity before & after reformat

Strange music keeps playing through Speakers.

Strange computer problem; no viruses ?

Stuff Keeps wanting to install on my Computer

Sudden Lag with Computer

Suspected Virus Please help

System Freezing up

system hacked please help

System Hijacked - Help!

System running slowly and loudly

Tech help for a frozen screen

the color red wont show on my computer

the PC is safe again! or is it?

There's something on my computer.

think im haked

think my computer has been hijacked!

there is something wrong with this pc

this is on my desk top not this computer

This is wrecking my computer. Help needed please!

Tired with Slow PC

Took Over a Network

Totaly messed up Network

Totally messed up my computer. Help!

Totally Lost I've been Hijacked & Need Help

Trojans and a suspected worm - Computer sluggish/some freezing

Trying to clean a friend's computer

Trying to fix a friend's hi-jacked computer-HELP!

tsclient is running without my having launched it. Was my computer hacked?

type in aminstrator password-was i hijacked?

Unable to Access Hotmail Account from my computer

Unable to resolve IP address after finding two trojans

unauthorized access to my system

Unauthorized Sharing of Hard Drives

Unauthorised Acess to my system :-( Any Help?

Unknown Drive

unknown problem that slows my computer down

Urgent! Spyware is making working on my PC impossible

Useing My Computer

very important my computer freezing up all the time

Very compromised PC

Very strange nosies and fan slowing down sometimes - HELP!

Very strange problem with XP Laptop

Video is slowing down my computer

Virus help pls!

Virus problem help!(please)

Virus has HiJacked User Account

Virus hostage

Virus on computer but Norton saying 'Protected'

Virus Please Help Also Computer Logging Off Slow

Virus Problem solved?

Virus or what? Please help me remove it!

Virus Slowing Internet am i being Hijacked

Viruses & Installing Norton

Viruses acting up

Vista and My computer. any ideas?

website virus took over computer

Weird netstat - Am I being hacked?

What exactly is making my computer slow?

what is going on with my computer?

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