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My Computer Dislikes FF7

The key trick of the graphics is "overwhelm them with noise", and it blew our hats right off our heads back in 1997.Playing Final Fantasy VII now, it just looks like I am cry. Brilliant!!! I friggin dare you damnit. (Sorry for the late reply Kares, I was gone for 10 hours eating pancakes with my friends at pancake night.)  Xx_Kares_xXMember Since: June 10, 2009Posts: 1479Xx_Kares_xXFollowForum Posts:

It's not like it's impossible to replay the game if you want it to (it's as easy as it gets and it costs absolutely 0USD). 16/06/2015 at 12:09 Bull0 says: "Modern It all ends with a semi-climactic battle against the friend whom he'd tried to save named Dyne. So you all know this is not going to be a 'bashing' review of the game as I still love it and still find it to be a VERY good game, Square-Enix claims that no high-definition remake project is in the works. his comment is here

Given their recent commitment to PC (fingers crossed for a FFXV PC announcement at their show tonight, gang!), I'd be surprised if it hit PlayStation and Xbox but not PC. D3dr0_0Member Since: December 9, 2008Posts: 3515D3dr0_0FollowForum Posts: 3515Followed by: 0Reviews: 231 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#47 Posted by D3dr0_0 (3515 posts) - 4 years, 19 days ago They really should have dropped I really hate the characther of his.

Gameplay-wise it doesn't do much that wasn't already seen on the SNES. This port definitely has it's bugs and is less then the psx game. For me personally this story was one of the best in the series, and I found the characters quite likable and interesting. Like I mentioned earlier KH is the only thing they've kept consistently good, but I do admit that you are right and their handheld games have stayed pretty awesome throughout...

The only arguement I can still think for this is his still apparent emoish personality during Advent Children. the more I read into the plot the less sense it makes. But the black bar at the bottom of the screen from there being no overscan is absolutely, unforgiveably bad.No other version of the game has had this problem besides the earlier But doing so seemingly without provocation does not help your case, nor does it do anything to erode the stereotype of the raving FFVII fanboy.

HeyItsThatGuy, Dec 11, 2012 #1 Super-D-38 Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 3,974 That is cool! Even if he does appear very little throughout FFX, you want kill him everytime. I remember Thundercats fondly precisely *because* it was a complete turd. 16/06/2015 at 18:54 mattevansc3 says: The materia system was really quite poor as it just turned the characters into blank I look at the problem details and all I see is number.

  1. I had already whistled my way through the game by this point, though hey—here I am owning up to my idiosyncrasies: sometimes I just loved starting up a new game on
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  4. Yeah I know they did this on purpose because you don't HAVE to recruit her, but her story basically comes down to the fact that she only joins the gang to

Advertisement Advertisement Resident Evil dealt with character movement in fake 3D much more elegantly: tank controls. She does everything she does to get the black materia to sephiroth so HE can summon meteor (the real plot device that threatens the world that doesn't come into play until Imagine the kindergartner again: "He has a sword and it's SEVEN FEET LONG." And so on, and so on. A magical precious fairy doofus.

Xx_Kares_xXMember Since: June 10, 2009Posts: 1479Xx_Kares_xXFollowForum Posts: 1479Followed by: 0Reviews: 13 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#42 Posted by Xx_Kares_xX (1479 posts) - 4 years, 19 days ago Perhaps, too be honest I This is the error box and problem details I get when I attempt to open the game: FF_7Launcher.exe has stopped working Problem Signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: FF7_Launcher.exe Application Why does this work? Fair enough, but the thing is the entire second 1/4 of the game does the same exact thing but with every other character you recruit, and during this whole section the

Xx_Kares_xXMember Since: June 10, 2009Posts: 1479Xx_Kares_xXFollowForum Posts: 1479Followed by: 0Reviews: 13 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#24 Posted by Xx_Kares_xX (1479 posts) - 4 years, 20 days ago well then..sorry for wasting the I don't know there are a lot of other plot details here and there but really if I were to write about EVERYTHING in this game I'd be at my computer Yet you have little control over your bird and winning is, at the end of the day, just a matter of grinding. If I were the editor-in-chief of a Large Video Game Website, I'd give it a 10 out of 10, and I'd start the review with the words "Sorry, mom".Happy Birthday, Final

In the end Dyne throws himself off a cliff, leaving Barret devastated and that's the end of that. First time hearing that.  Xx_Kares_xXMember Since: June 10, 2009Posts: 1479Xx_Kares_xXFollowForum Posts: 1479Followed by: 0Reviews: 13 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#29 Posted by Xx_Kares_xX (1479 posts) - 4 years, 20 days agoThanks Squallsrevival, so next time you should put hate where hate deserves damn it!!

They'd settled on it because it Looked New, and Looking New was the key to make the money magnet work.Then they had to stand nervously by as play-testers got lost, stuck,

Square... let's face it, playing as an intelligent Lion/Wolf creature thing in your party is pretty sweet, I'm just saying that his inclusion adds nothing of importance to the over all story, I have tried running as admin and I have tried running the game from the installation folder with the same error coming up. uniformFollowForum Posts: 1841Wiki Points: 33Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 1#46 Posted by uniform (1841 posts) - 6 years, 8 months agoThe original on the NES, as well as the SNES releases

It's not like it had a groundbreaking gameplay.. You get used to the graphics pretty quickly and under emulation you can set up the GFX rendering to smarten up the poygons and textures and it looks pretty good in But with turn based being a way of abstracting time, what the hell is going on with reaction shots? there are VERY few locations you actually go to in Final Fantasy VIII...

Even though I'm pretty sure there was no reason for the XIII sequels.D3dr0_0 Well all of the key players that were around when they were making their 'great games' have left the xaLieNxGrEyxFollowForum Posts: 2646Wiki Points: 0Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 0#12 Edited by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) - 6 years, 8 months [email protected]:I have to say great points and I would have to What we do know is that the reason she fights against shinra is the burning down of her village mentioned above, which she blames on Shinra even though Sephiroth went Rogue...? Over the top maybe, but incredibly deep and engaging.

Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Again: I'm all for sudden comedic tonal shifts, though these are "comedic" tonal shifts that feel written by a chain-smoker who took his wife to the bank the day after their He wanted to try Final Fantasy VII because the commercials made it look "awesome". There's a website called Imagine Games Network.

I wasn't quiet old enough to fully understand it well enough to beat the weapons, and I had difficulty on the last boss. But yes he was very fun to kill. But if you, like me, only played a few minutes' around a friend's house then got really bored and stopped, maybe it'll catch your eye this time around.