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My Computer Is Getting Slower And Slower :(


Hi beverduster, Mine is working perfectly. or what? Cleaned my macro cache and chrome cache. You can open the Font Book app and go through your collection- removing any fonts that show a problem.

It is running so slow I am wanting to just give up Farm Town, but I have been playing FT since day one! :confused::( I just don't have the patience for Since you and your husband are having trouble with slow loading I would suspect it is either you have too many programs running in the background or your internet is slowed Can Taz please send me a new code that goes up to Farm 24? Taz DDec 10 2014, 06:39 PMWell, my farm town has been slow to horrid in loading.

Computer Running Slow Windows 10

Thank you. It's a first for me when an old timer says it takes to long of a chore for them. History shows the reason is that there are too many non-active members. Fill the ticket with as much details as possible and submit it.

That said, I have never seen the reinstallation of FCPX solve anything. After 30 minutes it's still "loading user". can one determine which server is used while the game is stuck on "loading user"? Reason For Computer Running Slow Watering or fertilizing has lulls and takes time before the applications are completed.

It would work much better if FB would use static ads if any, and stop the blinking and scrolling. Computer Running Slow Windows 7 Harvesting/planting crops is taking longer than usual. My trouble started Sunday when I first logged into FT. http://www.techlicious.com/tip/reasons-why-your-computer-is-slow/ The only reason your library grows when you keep duplicating projects and altering them.....is if you render them all. -i would argue that leaving files external vs.

A few observations I have made: -The more text that is in a project.....the more bogged down it seems to get -I delete all render files until final delivery. Why Is My Computer So Slow All Of A Sudden Usually if this happens in a family one can work just fine and the other has problems. You both know that there are many links between you and Facebook's app servers as well as on to the Farm Town servers. At the time, the code only went up to Farm 19.

Computer Running Slow Windows 7

Is it me or is it Farmtown? Should I be managing my media differently? Computer Running Slow Windows 10 We can get to your farms but we are going to the server and not into your computer. Why Is My Computer So Slow Mac I would greatly appreciate it.

Your computer config is very close to mine. Going on now for 2 days. I hope my problem clears up soon, because I have quests, crops and such that need to be attended. Took me 20 minutes to work 9 farms of factories just now and that is CRAZY! Why Is My Computer So Slow Windows 8

It is early for an update which usually does cause this type of sluggishness. several times today as well.... Thanks and if I can help just yell! Click on "remove" juste near the application 8.

very frustrating when you set aside time and that time becomes a complete waste MKStenglSep 26 2014, 12:11 PMcan't tell you what server I'm on because it won't load maclean47Sep 26 Slow Computer Fix Have you tried running a test of your "real-time" upload/download" speeds? Well, my farm town has been slow to horrid in loading.

With the addition of the co-op quests and the farm cash for the regular quests I find more of my neighbors are back playing as often as they can.

  • I have a relatively new computer with Windows 8 and according to Kaspersky, no infections!
  • I got a thunderbolt dock and edit everything off of an SSD.
  • Just all around slow in doing applications.

EradaniAug 21 2014, 12:04 PMMST-Mountain Standard Time - in Tucson, Arizona we don't fiddle with out clocks wow! If it was your firewall you would not see Farm Town at all as it would block it. After 20 min. Slow Computer Fix Free Only FCPX has the slowness problem though I'm not sure exactly what it's doing.

My project is under 2 hours and original media is only around 130GB but my library file is now at 400GB. Sure wish they would isolate the problem and fix it. However, there are many times that I sense that SK is changing things and that is probably what bogged us down yesterday and last night. Hopefully the above helps.

Went to Firefox and farms would barely load. The top part keeps blinking and scrolling across trying to get us players to click on another game to play. thankyou sj Taz DDec 10 2014, 07:12 PMHi Taz... Noticed this today when posting on my personal page and wanting it to just be seen by my Farm Town list.

sorry Taz but something has been a miss for sure - some where anyway... I cleared the cache per instructions, and it still won't open. Yes please i'd be happy for you to do that! History shows the reason is that there are too many non-active members.

Trying again and waaaaaiting. Since there are so many browsers available I will try to explain in generic terms. I gave up! I have a new neighbor who is only at level 50 and doesn't have much on his farm and it took FOREVER to load..

slow but fine.... Working factories is taking FOREVER for them to load to the next farm and I am not even moving farm to farm since I have 2 trains running. HarleyloverNov 24 2014, 08:47 PMThanks Taz for moving my thread but the issues you are pointing out are not the issues. What the heck is going on at the servers?

Barb in CASep 26 2014, 11:10 AMI am in now - only took 4 minutes this time. My educated guess is that it has to do with your IP. BigTime310Dec 27 2014, 09:40 PMMy wife is trying to move trees to a different farm. I am on WF4 (server).

I have a new neighbor who is only at level 50 and doesn't have much on his farm and it took FOREVER to load..