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It should pop up a small dialog to let you choose an ender. (You can also assign the macro to a keyboard shortcut, toolbar, or menu: See here.) Tip: After you It is just setting this particular alternative choice that doesn't work unless you use the above simple macro or enable the same macro command in the QC macro found in the Here's how. ☼ Indent a paragraph with dot leaders. ☼ Need to reset page margins on page 2 (if there is a page 2) back to the one-inch default or some Everything works fine (so far asI know now) EXCEPT the address books.

I don't need to belecturedabout looking for similar posts. Here's how to reassign the Typeover function on your keyboard to another keystroke combination -- and keep the key in Insert mode in WordPerfect. ☼ Force WordPerfect to save the Select Zip, click Insert, and then click Close. It turns out that one of the solutions (copying theWP9address book to the WP11 address book directory) offered by later poststothis thread is a essentially a repeat of one posting in

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When saving a document, does the cursor move to the bottom of the screen (in WordPerfect 11 or later version)? On mysystem it is C:\Documents and Settings\Barry\My Documents\CCWin\AddressBook. To create standard address labels, use the following workflow to format your address labels: Select First Name, click Insert, and then press Spacebar. Or see the final download post here by Klaus Pfeiffer for the ready-to-use expanded version for WP8+.) • See also "How to quickly change printers (WP8+) back to the default after

To learn how to use them: See WordPerfect's online help (F1 key) and search under the Index tab for "hyperlinks"). In Windows Explorer, I located the address book folder for WP11. Everything works fine (sofarPost by Barry MacDonnellasPost by Nelson MoffatI know now) EXCEPT the address books. Word Perfect I jotted thisdown, and did the same thing for the rest of my ABs.

corel.wpoffice.corelcentral10 Discussion: WP11 address book blank after WP10 uninstall (too old to reply) Erin 2004-07-15 17:36:46 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I upgraded to full WP11 about 2 weeks ago. The Macros & Merges Forum at WordPerfect Universe can answer your questions. ☼ Having problems converting a Microsoft Word document (.DOC) or other program document to a WordPerfect document (.WPD) or Related tip: The DeSpacer macro can help remove all existing extra spaces in a document. Numbering some (but not all) graphics ...

Click File, Print. Avery Label Template Click Tools > Merge. Thenpost back for more info. :-)--Joell Haugan -Corel WPOffice/PresentationsVolunteer C-Tech (Canada)*Please Respond Only to newsgroup*http://www3.telus.net/jhaugan/presentations joell haugan 2004-07-16 19:11:14 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Whew! :-)JoellPost by ErinThanks, Joell!Address book back in all If you don't have them, right-click on the toolbar, choose "Edit," then under the Feature Categories list in the Toolbar Editor, choose Edit, then Back (or Forward).

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I went from WP8 to 10 to Family Pack to full version WP11. A list of address books should appear. Wordperfect Avery Templates A new document is created that includes an address label for each of your contacts. Which Of The Following Is Not A Good Use For Mail Merge After that, WP11 will import an abx file.

All in all, I have found the upgrade to be worth someof the changes I don't like from WP8. To quickly change the View, Zoom setting, hold down the key while you rotate the mouse wheel. (Many other Windows programs work this way.) ☼ Need to calculate a new Each time, the WP11 program created 5 files (with a newnumber as a suffix) for each of the ABs.4. Click Open and the program should then convert it to an ordinary WordPerfect document. [Thanks to Roy "lemoto" Lewis for this tip.] [Notes: [1] This only works if you have disabled Wordperfect Help

Does it have many strange codes in it? WordPerfect normally treats the parentheses as spaces which gives an erroneous count, unless such a workaround is used. ☼ How to select a rectangular block of text so that you can Try disabling (un-ticking) the "Auto generate" checkbox in Tools, Reference (at the bottom of any of that dialog's tab, a line below the Define button; see screen shot here). [If you See this thread at WordPerfect Universe (see also the other suggestions at the end of the thread -- especially those about NOT using File, Document, Default Font). ☼ Need to create

See here and also scroll down through the thread, which should explain why you need to turn on "Use WordPerfect 9 text selection" before playing the macro. ☼ "Document page size" If a Project has an embedded macro or macros, and you turned macros off when asked to do so by a dialog that popped up after installation or reinstallation of the See see the EZMenu macro in the Toolbox Library.

New WordPerfect users: • How familiar are you with WordPerfect? • Need help with basic WordPerfect features? • Need a User Guide or a good reference? • Searching for something in

The remedy for this bug is the same: disable the option.] ..." [From" How to Create an Index in WordPerfect (PDF file, 2009) by Barry MacDonnell; see related information about indexing I can't "open" a new address book--althoughthere's a menu, no options are shown. See Greg Turner's post in this thread at WordPerfect Universe. In WordPerfect 11/12/X3, try disabling (un-checking) the box, "Use Outlook address book/contact list," in Tools, Settings, Environment. ☼ Does your WordPerfect 11/12 Document Compare feature not work properly (e.g., you get

If you do not have an envelope feeder, choose a manual feed option. Now I get the templatefor the address book, but no content--in fact, it's merely the shelltemplate: the parallel windows show the background of what's behind it,e.g., the letter I'm working on. Does a Project not work in your new version of WordPerfect when it used to work in your earlier one (such as the WP12 Memo Project)? These are normally accessed on the Text property bar or from the Format, Font menu.

Note: In Reveal Codes, line breaks are indicated by a [Ln Brk] code; paragraph breaks are usually indicated by a [HRt] code or a [Para Style] code. For example, you can convert $123.45 to One Hundred Twenty-Three and 45/100 Dollars ($123.45) with Mike Koenecke's ConvNum macro. See WordPerfect Help (F1), "shadow cursor, settings" for more information. ☼ The Table of Authorities feature: See Corel's article, "How to create a Table of Authorities in WordPerfect" at here. Quoting from the article: In WordPerfect, a template is a document on your disk with a special filename extension, ".wpt," where the "t" stands for "template".

These should appear in the Insert, Symbol dialog. [More...] ☼ How to number the lines in WordPerfect columns. Then use it in place of File, Open. // Macro begins OnCancel([email protected]) FileOpenDlg(AllFiles!) Label([email protected]) // Macro ends To copy this code into your WordPerfect as a functioning macro, see here. ☼ However, it can't hurt to send an e-mail to(-: Jack C_Tech Barry MacDonnell 2003-08-26 12:55:06 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by Ed LittleI think you may have just found a new way Then clicking on one to bring it forward, then using Windows, Separate, lets you send that file to a new (separate) instance of WordPerfect X6 (and later) -- which might be

I followed instructions from Charles Rossiter ("out of memoryerror"-8/14/03) to install SP1 which I did. So if the message becomes annoying, simply de-select that option to disable it. [Also, in some versions of WordPerfect this option can erroneously cause selected text to fail to print, or This allows the imporation of a WP8 style Address Book (.abx) into a Corel Central book. I followed instructions from Charles Rossiter ("out of memoryerror"-8/14/03) to install SP1 which I did.

Everything works fine (so far asI know now) EXCEPT the address books. I jotted thisdown, and did the same thing for the rest of my ABs. For WP9/sp4, I found that Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For more on this, including how to turn macros back on, see this thread on WordPerfect Universe. ☼ Which template did a document come from?