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Need Help Debugging HDMI No-output

diff --git a/xfsettingsd/displays.c b/xfsettingsd/displays.c index 095e323..af70256 100644 --- a/xfsettingsd/displays.c +++ b/xfsettingsd/displays.c @@ -415,6 +415,7 @@ xfce_displays_helper_screen_on_event (GdkXEvent *xevent, XfceRROutput *output, *o; XEvent *e = xevent; gint event_num; + gint j; guint Tried several power supplies, etc, never got anything after splashscreen. find quote goochie Junior Member Posts: 1 Joined: Apr 2014 Reputation: 0 2014-04-29 17:25 Post: #13 Edit to remove erroneous post! (This post was last modified: 2014-04-29 17:33 by goochie.) find Any suggestions?

xfce4-settings(displays): Detected CRTC 448. More resources See also solved PLS HELP! quite troublesome when you're trying to make linux work as your daily drive, haha. *Confirmed fix* w/ the patch suggested on xfce's bugzilla: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11107#c53 Download the xfce4-settings source, apply the patch, The workaround for me was to disable xfsettingsd in the GUI Settings under "Session and Startup": 1) In the "Application Autostart" tab I unticked xfsettingsd. 2) In the "Session" tab I

HDMI Audio: To select digital audio output from the HDMI port. See my signature for the email address of WeTek Support.3. There is another fix in this thread that I'll try later this week -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2221496 JeanLuke (james-jasa) wrote on 2014-08-20: #26 I added the options: Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0" Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP-0"

xfce4-settings(displays): RRScreenChangeNotify event received. Just contact WeTek Support by email. Here is my build and what i already tried: Quote: CPU: AMD FX 8350RAM: 2x 8gb some badass corsair sticksGPU: evga gtx 970 SCPSU: Corsair TX750MoBo: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 r1.0HD1: 256gb sata3 Related Resources Newb needs help w/ complicated gpu/mobo/psu connection problem.

Chuck McManis (chuck-mcmanis) wrote on 2016-05-19: #119 Scratch that, forgot to autogen.sh first, did it earlier but did not repeat after resolving the last dependency. pushka Junior Member Posts: 7 April 2015 #11 tdw197;n6632 said:I had the same problem with hdmi output in openelec - using one of these fixed it:HDMI TO HDMI JOINER COUPLER - minikodi:~/.kodi/temp # cat kodi.log 09:01:37 17.512617 T:1967747072 NOTICE: special://profile/ is mapped to: special://masterprofile/ 09:01:37 17.512873 T:1967747072 NOTICE: Previous line repeats 1 times. 09:01:37 17.512939 T:1967747072 NOTICE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 09:01:37 17.513021 T:1967747072 NOTICE: If I buy Garry's Mod, will I need other games to play it?

However, I am not sure if it will help. I have to run 4.10.1-1. Non-relativistic FTL is trivial. The only time the majority (yes there are a few exceptions) of TV's output true DD from their optical is when you are using their internal QAM or ATSC tuners.I see

Stefan Fleischmann (sfleischmann) wrote on 2016-12-26: #135 Note that there is a Ubuntu package of 4.12.1 available now http://packages.ubuntu.com/zesty/xfce4-settings which can be installed at least without dependency issues on Ubuntu 16.04. When resuming my Samsung TV from standby the HDMI wouldn't wake up and thus no picture. Please supply a link to where I can find it, and some detailed instructions on how to apply it. Not the answer you're looking for?

They're in /usr/share/xsessions/ for running completely standalone. 2) Running a really minimal WM that doesn't try to manage screens at all like Openbox. When the TV comes up there is a handful of change events and the end result is that the output gets disabled but not re-enabled. xfce4-settings(displays): RRScreenChangeNotify event received. Is the coax digital output bad on your Oppo?Just a couple other things to think/try.

xfce4-settings(displays): Detected CRTC 65. Weston (westont) wrote on 2014-06-05: #13 I am experiencing the same with Mythbuntu 14.04 and an AMD A10 APU. What output is expected? Browse other questions tagged vlc-media-player speakers surround-sound audio-output or ask your own question.

Separable differential equations: detaching dy/dx Could a creature have eyes that change color based on their mood? Here is the output that was generated when the monitor was unplugged and replugged. The app can then add a ViewController to the new UIWindow that represents the second screen and off you go.

I can now switch off my TV connected with HDMI cable and when I switch it back on it works.

When this option is selected, compressed audio bit streams will decoded by the DVD player. If the inputs didn't work or were assigned incorrectly, then PCM also would not get through, right?An, sorry. You free to rock and roll..... The only time the majority (yes there are a few exceptions) of TV's output true DD from their optical is when you are using their internal QAM or ATSC tuners.I see

According to my current understanding (which might be completely erroneous) of how the code works, this is wrong and it could hint to the actual cause of the issue - which I found that xfsettingsd had crashed. 6) Executing "sleep 5; xfsettingsd" on the ssh session and switching to the Xubuntu machine restored the video. 7) I diff'ed the "before.txt" with the The options are:• Raw – Passes the encoded multi-channel digital audio unaltered. You do not need a PayPal account to make a PayPal donation.

Please report bugs to . Mythbuntu is running on a Gigabyte Brix GB-BXBT-2807 with 4gb ram, 120gb ssd, DVB-T usb tuner.