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[Resolved] No internet connection?

[Resolved] Removed Kazaa now no internet

[Solved] Eversince I got Broadband. Can you help?

[SOLVED] bad connection and i can't fix it

[SOLVED] Modem problem?

[Solved] No Access

[Solved] Slow pc and no network connections. need help please!

{Advice Offered} - Intel pro v 100 adapter will not find network or connect to the internet

A Problem I have had with Google & my ISP sometimes

Able to connect to network but no internet connection

access a network that has no internet connection

accessing internet in wi-fi

ADSL connection trouble

ADSL Modem + Wireless Router = no Internet

ADSL Modem Issue

ADSL modem problems

ADSL woes - The dang internet just stops working!

After Using MalwareBytes problem

After virus removal slow internet

all network connections look good but no internet

Android phone connected to WIFI thru virtual router but unable to browse or download.

Another problem with Wirless.

Antivirus System Pro Left with No internet connectivity aftering using Malwarebyes

Are there options to having no internet modem in my house? and still getting email?

Aser aspire ipv4 and ipv6 not connected cant get onli

AUTO eth0 connection active but cant browse

Belkin Basic Router is connected to a Comcast modem but no internet access

Black screen and no internet

Broadband connects but no wireless access

Browser Not Communicating with DSL

Browser won't use wifi after installing cell modem

Browsing problems on a wireless desktop

Buggy internet also

Cable Modem/Ethernet will not stay connected

Cable modem connected but no internet?

Can Access teh internet

Can access Internet but not log on to anythin

Can access internet but not network

Can access internet

Can Access Network but not Internet

Can access other PC's on ntwk but not the Internet

Can connect to LAN but not to Internet

Can connect to the internet but cannot access my router

Can connect to LAN but no internet connection

Can connect to wifi but cannot access internet

Can connect to WiFi but no Internet access

Can Not Access Network and Internet

can no longer access the internet

Can not connect to the internet yet it says Im connected

can not access network or internet

Can not use wireless

Cannot access internet after downloading win upgrade?

cannot access internet even though i am connected to internet.

Cannot access brand new router. HELP!

cannot access my internet through my adsl router *please help*

Cannot connect to certain wireless and hardwired networks

Cannot Connect to Internet after Hard Drive Install

cannot connect to cable modem (long to give much info)

cannot connect to the internet but wireless is connected

cannot connect to the internet has connected to the router but no internet

Cannot connect to web over wired connection but wireless ok

Cannot connect to internet through wired router with SDE

Cannot run internet on Wireless after resetting to factory settings

Cannot use the internet thou im connected

Cannot use the Internet

can't access web pages from wireless devices

can't access internet with router

Can't access enternet and it says I'm connected

Can't access internet (LAN problem)

Cant browse the net after installing a notebook wireless card

Can't connect my Netgear cable router to my laptop

Can't connect to internet on wired connection

Can't Connect After Spyware Removal

Can't Connect to Internet Using Internal Modem

Can't connect to internet thru hotspot

Can't connect to the internet although it says i'm connected

Cant connect to network after virus removal

Can't Connect to my Wifi (moved from XP forum)

Can't get online without router? ***NOT WIRELESS*

can't have internet if router is connected

Can't Open IE with wireless connection

Certain internet services not working

Changed out a router but still cant connect to the internet. Pls help!

Command Services Problems

comp says connected

comp. says connected but no internet access!

Compaq Presario C300 wireless connected but still no access to internet

Computer cannot access internet on working network

Computer connects to network

computer is connected to the internet but is not actually connected?

Computer Internet Went Away - Help

Computer keeps trying to connect to the internet even though it is connected to

computer not connecting to internet etc.

Computer On Network Not Connecting to the Internet

Computer says that it is connected to the internet but its actually not

Computer says I am connected (wireless)

computer says dsl is connecting but cant access internet please help

Computer says connected but can't axcess internet

Computer says im connected but cannot access internet at all

Computers in my network are unable to access internet when my laptop is connected

Computers connected to domain but no Internet?

connect issues

Connected to network but no internet

Connected to network but internet not working!

Connected to network but no internet access!

Connected but "No Internet Access"

Connected but showing no internet activity

connect to network but no internet

Connected to router with no internet access.

Connected to network but no network access

Connected but its not.

Connected but no access?!?!

Connected to Network but Not

connected but no internet - help!

connected but will not let me access the internet

Connected to the Domain but no internet yet

Connected Internet but can't access to Internet

Connect with wifi but not in internet ( no internet access)

Connected but no internet.

Connected but no internet. PLEASE HELP

connected but not connected

connected but can't access internet

connected through cat5 but no internet access

connected to internet but no internet access

Connected to internet but not network?

Connected through ethernet cable but no internet access

Connected to wireless network but no internet

Connected to wireless but no Internet access

Connected to wireless but no Internet please help

Connected to the wireless network but no internet.

Connected but cannot access Internet

Connected To Wireless But Unable To Use Internet

Connected But Cant Access Internet

connected to wirless but no internet access

Connected to Wireless Network for a Short While but Cannot Access to Internet

Connected but no internet - Windows XP

Connected but no internet access problem

Connected but no Internet Acess

Connected to the LAN but not displaying page.(XP)

connected with no internet connection

Connected to WIFI but no Internet ?

Connected with no Internet.

Connected to DSL but receiving nothing

connected to wireless network but can't get on Internet

Connected Wireless but no Internet Acess(Win7)

connected to LAN but no internet access

Connected to network but no internet connection.

connected to my network but no internet

connected to the internet, but internet cannot be found

Connecting to internet but no access

Connectify Virtual WiFi no Internet Access

Connection but no access

Connecting to Network(s) but No Internet! HELP!

Connecting to Internet but showing as such

Connecting to internet by ethernet - problems

Connected with limited access but no internet

Connection but No Connection?

Connection but no internet

Connection excellent

Connection Troubles

connects but cant access internet

connects to wifi but no internet access

Connection at startup problem

Connects to Network but not Internet

Connects to router

Connection status is perfect. Still no internet.

could not access to the Internet

d link router sending signal but no Internet.

Deleted Google chrome=no internet access

Desktop PC connects to LAN but can't access internet/websites/email etc.

Desktop with Windows 2000 can't access internet

Desktop not communicating with network/internet

Desktop Wireless Internet Broadband

Dialup connects but no webpage or email

devices connect to wifi but puter has no internet connection

Direct connect on AIM disconects internet

dlink adsl-2640t doesn't connect wirelessly to the cable net

Dlink 2750u shows connected But pc No internet access!

D-LInk AirPlus G error - other internet connection problems

DNS problem on Vista via Netgear N router

Done malwarebytes scan now my PC has no internet

DriverCure reports no internet connection

Dropbox error "No Internet Conenction"

DSL - No Internet or E-Mail

DSL Wireless Internet Connection Help :(

Email Access but no internet

EEK ! Can not connect wireless to network

Emails Windows XP - no access

Excellent signal strength but little to no internet connectivity

Excellent Wireless Connection Strength but Unable to Internet

Facing problem with Internet connection with Vista

First Router and Modem help plz

Free wifi in my apy will connect but won't connect w/ internet

full signal no connection

Full Network connection but no Internet?

Geurge.exe - No internet now - Pls Help!

Good connection but cannot access internet or email

Good Wireless Signal but No Internet

Good wireless connection but can not access Internet

Going nuts. dsl connects but not my pc

Great signal but no internet

Had Virus Now no Internet

Hardlined Server with No Internet Connection

Have some connecitivty issues here.

have wireless connection but no internet

help cannot connect to internet i am stumped

help me please new router

Help please - accessing web sites via Wireless

help with router please

Help! Internet wireless connection "connects" but no internet access

HELP! Internet is fine but desktop says no connections

help! I cannot use the internet on my new laptop and I don't understand why!

Help! Networks found & connected but no internet :(

HELP! No internet

Help! No internet access

help! wireless conection is there but no internet!

HELP: Wifi showing No internet access

HELP-No internet where i'm moving!?!

Hotspot created but no internet access :(

how to connect to lan but NOT to internet

How to put a computer on the LAN but NOT the internet?

HP laptop connected wireless but no internet

I am not able to access the Internet

I can get on the internet.but other programs say im not connected.


I have internet connection but no internet

I have Wireless connection but no internet

I see server but no internet

Identifying. No internet access. Identifying.

IE 7 Will Not Access the Internet--Please Help

ie wont work after router drops out

Internet Access but No Internet?

Internet access only after connecting with Notebook?

Internet but No.

Internet connect but showing no internet access

Internet connected but computer says it's not

Internet Connected but No Access!

Internet Connected but No Connected

Internet connected with no connection

Internet Connection but cant connect to wireless network

Internet connection established but no internet

Internet connection I cannot get connected on my laptop

Internet connection not picking up

Internet Connection on PC stopped working (Vista)

Internet Connectivity but Cannot Access Network Files

Internet does not function even though connected to internet; please help.

Internet Does not work. But PC shows connected to Router

internet error - please help me!

Internet Icon issue

internet inaccessible but connected

Internet is connected but NO internet access

Internet is connected

Internet Network Access Help Plz

Internet not connecting but LAN works

internet not working - registry keys deleted by malware

Internet not working (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

internet not working - disabled?

internet not working after connecting to wifi

internet not working after mcafee uninstall

Internet not working but connected to wireless

Internet not working after removal of malware using AdwCleaner

Internet not working on friend's computer

internet not working on desktop

Internet Problem - ADSL link

Internet problems after running Malwarebytes

internet problems not Lan ?

Internet Problems. I Cant connect through programs.

Internet Routing but no network sharing?

Internet Says Connected But No Internet

Internet says it is connected

Internet shows connected

Internet status appear connected but no connection

Internet Stopped on One PC in Home Network

Internet stops working out of the blue.

Internet wont load [hijack this included]

Internet won't work after removing viruses

Internet working fine but no connection through ethernet

Internet works but no network access

Internet works but network does not

IP address / no internet connection

ip4 connectivity no internet access

ipv 4 Connectivity No internet Acces

ipv4 & ipv6 not connected - no internet connection

IPv4 and IPv6 not connected and Windows Firewall unable to connect

Ipv4 no internet but ipv6 has internet

Ipv4 Connectivity: Internet

IPv4 IPv6 Connectivity issues

IPv4 no internet access

internet of the computer hardwired to router not working

Keebox wireless router is not giving me internet access

LAN (internet) problem

LAN (Router) connects but internet will not connect

LAN and Internet working but LAN status window not showing

LAN but no internet - please help

LAN connected to internet but any explorer not getting connected to internet

LAN Connection but No Internet

LAN Connection Status Is "Connected" While No Website Can Be Opened Using a Router!

LAN Icon yellow caution & Linux(ubuntu 11.04) cannot find LAN

LAN is connected but Internet is not getting connected

LAN limited connectivity Cant find IP address Nvidia

LAN not giving connection to internet

LAN not allowing internet access

LAN problem -=As soon im connected

LAN says it's connected but can't access the net

LAN with no internet

Lan working internet is not

LAN wont connect to internet

Laptop - No internet despite "connected" status

Laptop "connected with Internet access"

Laptop can connect to network but no internet access

Laptop can't access internet.

Laptop connected but internet not working?

Laptop connected but cannot access the Internet

laptop connected to network but can't access internet

Laptop connected to wireless but will not connect to internet

Laptop connected to Wifi but no internet connection

laptop connected to wireless network but no internet connection

Laptop connected to wireless setup but cannot get acees to internet?

laptop connecting to wireless network but not internet

Laptop connects but I cannot get on IE

Laptop connects to internet and network but the Internet Connection disapears

laptop connects to network but

Laptop connects

Laptop connects to wireless router but with no internet access

Laptop does not access internet

laptop first connection via wireless/no internet

Laptop Internet Connection

Laptop internet issue

Laptop is connected to network but can not get connected to the internet

Laptop not getting internet

laptop says it's connected to internet but i can't access the internet

Laptop shows connected but not in Wifi network

Laptop thinks perfectly fine router is faulty

Laptop unable to access internet.

laptop wireless connect - no internet

links not working even though connected

Linux crashes after renewed modem dial-up

Local area conncetion problem pls help no internet

local and internet but no internet access

Long shot - modem problem

Malware alerts and no internet access

malwarebytes' anti-malware busted Internet connection

Limited or no connectivity on my wireless Netgear WGR614 connection!

Lost internet on one PC

MN 700 & D-Link Wireless - No Internet

Modem connects but browser fails to display

Modem connected still NO INTERNET CONNECTION

Modem Connects - But No Data Moves

Modem failing to connect

modem probs-no dial

Modem working but no internet

My computer cant connect to the internet through my modem.

My computer does nothing no internet ect.

My computer says I’m connected but I can’t access the internet.

my connection setting not active

My Ethernet Card won't connect to the internet

my internet stopped working. says no internet connected.

My lan is gone from network and can not access internet

My pc reads the network and connects but there is no internet


Need help connecting to modem control panel

my internet says its connected but there's no internet access

Netgear N600 / Motorola 6141 -- no internet connection

Netgear DGN2200 won't firmware upgrade because it says no connection to internet

Netgear Router working fine

Netgear wgr614 internet issues

Netgear DG834G connected but no Internet

Network - 1 Computer - No internet

Network connection OK

Network but no Internet

Netgear router: Can connect to Internet

Network connection on one PC intereferring with the rest.

Network but no Internet - Wired

Network adapter connecting w/ router - but not able to connect to internet

Network access but canot connect to router nor internet

network but no web

Network connected but can't access internet

Network but no internet - HELP!

Network & access to the internet with a new laptop

Network connection states excellent connection but browsers state no connectivity

Network Card Works but still no Internet?

Network connected but can't connect to Internet.

Network is fine in the system but internet is not working

Network recognized but no internet?

Network setup issues w/Vista?

Network says it's connected

Network not using internet

Network on. No Internet

Network shows connected

Network Works fine but PC does not Show

Network: No Internet Access

Network/no internet

Network works great! But one computer doesnt have internet

Network said connected

Network Connected but no Internet

Networking problems between my and my friends computers

networking yes.and nothing else

New D-Link Modem/router connected but no internet access

New Laptop = No Internet

New laptop accesses internet

new memory no internet access

New Router - No Internet

No access to internet

No access Internet @ removing antivirus 2010 +

No Connection to the Internet is available

No Connectivity with Wired LAN

No connect to internet/

No default gateway and Limited/local connectivity (IPv6/4)

no connection to ADSL

No internet - new desktop icons - "run virus scan"

No Firewall No Internet Can't run hjt

No Internet Access but still connected

No internet access but strong signal and can access via Wifi

No Internet Access after re-install

No Internet (wired)

No Internet access for Users in XP

No internet acces ipv4

No Internet Access Infected With XP Antivirus 2012

no internet access

no internet access after trojan removal

No Internet Access - again

No Internet Access - but the internet works

No internet Access (IdentiFying)

No Internet Access when VPN is on?

No internet at present on a new computer


No internet + avast error 10050

No internet connection - res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm

No Internet and Complete Chaos

No internet after removing spyware

No internet access on laptop

No Internet after removing Trojans/Virus

no internet access wired and wireless-windows 7 acer aspire 5741 series

no internet connection after removed programs

No internet access with Internet Security

No internet connection through router

No internet access on 5Ghz band with Dlink router

No internet connection after virus/malware removal.

No internet connection through VPN

No Internet + Connection Failed - Help Please

No internet access on long LAN cable

No Internet connection to my laptop

No internet connection

No Internet connection and MyOSProtect.dll error

No Internet Access-Please Help!

No Internet Connection Using Router

No internet connection at all

No internet after Vista Sec pack install

No Internet after Windows reinstall

No Internet Connection w/ Router

No Internet Access on Windows 7 HP Laptop

No Internet access on wireless network and w/cable

No Internet - but connected to wifi

No internet at all.

No internet w/direct connection

No internet through router

No Internet on laptop :(

No internet through switch. Again

no internet but its connected. argh !

no internet connection; wireless network not recognized

No Internet Access through Wifi Router in Laptop

No internet but router says otherwise?

No internet access through wireless network

No internet - tried just about everything !

No internet

No Internet on Laptop in Evening but Phone OK

No internet connection? Yes I do!

no internet connection on my desktop! PLease HELP

no internet on desktop autoconfig 169.254

no internet connection on networked PC

No internet access after Systemworks uninstall

no internet connection on laptop

No Internet After Virus Removal

No Internet Connections

No internet connection on primary desktop HELP

No internet. Wireless working

No Internet! Tried Everything!

No Internet through wireless router?

No Internet after Installing Anti-Spyware

No internet after installing Win10 and removing malwarebytes

No internet Exploer " Invalid syntax error"

No Internet(wireless)

No internet connectivity

No Internet connection modem+router

No Internet Access: Wifi or Wired

No Internet connection but connection to network OK

No internet connection thru wifi or cable connection

No internet when connected to router

No Internet- DNS failed

No internet connection even with cable

no internet connection on 1 workstation

No Internet Connection. Please HELP!

no modem found in limited account

no internet connection found

No internet when Ethernet is plugged in.

No Internet on main computer.

No internet access on strong WiFi connection

No Internet Access on Win 7 Start-up

No Internet Access While Good Wifi

no internet connection from usb

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