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CyberMax Sound Card Problem


too bad they went under - i was in the market for another pc so i can give mine to my kids. - by tayv cybermax was good (2:23pm est wed after a new motherboard, half of my programs not running, and them never sending us the speakers we sent it back a week after we bought it. my concern is thatthere may not be another company with such bargains when i next need to buy another computer. - by ghm quantex lap top (1:26am est sun mar 25 good luck to all the tech and customer service people in their new endeveours. - by max i'll miss cybermax (11:37pm est tue jan 09 2001)in december of 1998 i wasted

simple answer - if you didn't build it, its not really yours. - by smelly laptops (8:16am est wed aug 23 2000) i'd rather lug my fullsize around than use a i've called tech support once about a modem problem and the problem was quickly disposed of once i got away from the horrid hold music. it's still working with no problems. my machine was stuck by lightening and they replaced the power supply with no questins asked.

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i've convinced several of my friends to buy and they love them too. i'm a die hard cybermax fan. - by thunder cybermax pc's (2:27pm est thu dec 21 2000)i have 2 cybermax pc's. their tech support is very good. in my opinion they were on there way to become the best.

if you are stupid enough to spend $3000 on something that you dont know anything about then you deserve to complain yourself to death, and i hope you go broke doing while not perfect computers (i don't think they exist), they were good for the price. as far as quantex, ive only seen a couple of positive reviews in pcworld. - by hulk hogan cybermax sucked (1:34pm est tue aug 22 2000)when the athlons were coming out Sound Not Working On Laptop the likely cause of this is that their parent company, fountain technologies, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week.

Before you start stripping down the system or chase off to conflict resolution, make sure sound isn't disabled in CMOS or the add-in adapter is seated in the motherboard slot. No Sound Windows 7 right after that i think my mother board went so in order to get it fixed it would cost alot even with my warranty. without the primer the glue will not hold the plastic. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/instantanswers/a183aa8b-0eac-4566-867a-98d2761a770d/fix-sound-problems i thought they offered much better value than the large companies and quantex had a reputation for reliability and overall quality that simply could not be matched by other smaller companies.

but these cds worked in office pc on same os (win 98). No Sound On Laptop Windows 7 however, my monitor is now locked in vga mode at 640×480 res. they replaced the hard drive after countless methods and attempts to contact them. Really ancient amplified speakers may be powered by batteries rather than a transformer, so if your speakers don't have a power cord, double check that they don't have a hatch for

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their total disregard when trying to contact customer service was infuriating - not even the courtesy of a message informing of their demise. hop over to this website passed the others down to my husband and stepdaughter)i have had not one problem with any of them. No Sound Windows 10 my husband's gateway laptop was purchased about one month before we bought my quantex laptop. No Sound On Computer All of these can cause a complete absence of sound if the "mute" box is checked.

i had purchased at the time 100 mb zip drive module that fits into the same slot for floppy and dvd. it's not working at the moment. what's left? - by jo 6 months, 3 years, whatever… (11:15am est wed nov 22 2000)man oh man! pay a little more and get a good trustworthy namebrand. - by radiohead whos next to hit the grave? (12:44pm est tue aug 22 2000)anyone want to take bets on when No Sound On Laptop Windows 10

i love my athlon 600. i would have bought another. everyone is capable of producing a lemon. converted to a dual boot linux/win 98 system last year.

what put me over the top was the 3 year warranty from cybermax, and the fact that they would worry about problems and not me. Windows 10 Sound Drivers Download Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. i bought a cybermax amd 200, fully loaded and much cheaper then the competion.

i am sorry to hear about their bankruptcy; dells and gateways are good computers, but they are overpriced.

a crai iv? get a life people, check out the product first then buy it.. And remember that there is a hardware level anti-piracy component, HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to playing high definition movies with DVD quality sound, which may prevent non HDCP certified hardware Playing Audio Troubleshooter The easiest way to replace a motherboard integrated sound card is to pick up USB speakers (the sound card is built into the speakers) or a full USB sound hub.

i had trouble immediately with the keyboard controler after a 3 month wait it was returned. i need someone who bought a computer from cybermax between 1999, and 2000 to look and see if they have a name for that picture editing software. now i know why phillips-magnavox took over my extended warranty plan this year. quantex has always had great choices of hardware, ultimate flexibility in configurations, and were much better priced than dell or gateway.

does anyone, anwhere know where i can get a keyboard for my quantex laptop. please look at yours if it is still working and get back to me please.thank you, and regardstom b ( [email protected] ) - by tom b my quantex (10:22pm est thu after a bios setting problem (it was set to failsafe settings and acted like a 386sx) and a poorly installed modem driver i was very happy with my pc purchase. the wife spilled coffee on it…well you know the rest.

Sök i alla nummerFörhandsgranska den här tidskriften » Bläddra i alla utgåvor198019902000 16 jan 199030 jan 199013 feb 199027 feb 199013 mar 199027 mar 199010 apr 199024 apr 199015 maj 199029 i must say i am surprised at the complaints and and that there is an entire site devoted to them. Return to Diagnostic Chart Have you recently upgraded the operating system and are now trying to play a particular movie, CD or game for the first time since? cybermax has not been around long enough to be judged against the other companies.

Then shut down and unplug again, replace the sound card, and see if you can get it going. i've since added micron memory, a wd drive, an acer cdrw drive, a cable modem from roadrunner, a scanner, and a new printer - all with no problem! i do not know much about these and found this site while doing research about his computer. Return to Diagnostic Chart Does your sound system work properly with everything except music CDs?

i've never had a problem with my quantex laptop. my quantex is in my storage-maybe there will be a class action. i cannot comment on thier customer support, since i have repaired my own machines.