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Cant Hear Certain Radio Stations


Learn More | Add to Cart Take Control of Your Tinnitus—Here's How If your ears ring, buzz, chirp, hiss, click or roar, you know just how annoying tinnitus can be. Neil says June 12, 2012 at 5:02 AM Hi Jim: Quite likely the fan results in your hearing the faint TV playing. Reply Dr. I also have tinnitus and TMJD, so new things cropping up scare the hell out of me. check that

So all I do is focus on it and drive my self insane then I do my regular compulsions. My current ear infection?(fluid in the left ear) 2. You can get Inland Empire stations as far north as CA-58. Do certain radio wave frequencies (like those used by cell phones) pose health risks?

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I realize that song kept going under/through my fan for a least 10 minutes, before I fell asleep. However, they are subject to "skip" in certain weather conditions, and occasionally, you can pick up a station over 1.000 miles away, whose signal is bouncing off an atmospheric interface, something I've heard voices and music since i was five years old (not anything bad, just…like hearing it through a wall, though one time it was when I was staying at my Apart from thinking I can hear people talking I hear music if there is white noise or a rhythmic sound.

it was same words over and over again. Reply Neil Bauman, Ph.D. Every now and then, I will hear faint voices. Why Can't I Listen To Radio On My Computer Windows 10 I was once driving in western South Dakota, and picked up dozens of stations in the Carolinas, because there just happened to be a heat inversion between those two points to

staring outside for someone listening to NPR in their car. Streaming Radio Not Working I could listen to AOL online radio when I used Internet Explorer. To the northeast it's more complicated, as they aren't completely "lost" even in Grand Marais (about 100 miles NE of Duluth), but are so weak as to be unusable. I'm not surprised if your brain makes "sense" out of the sounds a shower makes and convert that into words.

You can learn a bit more about this at http://hearinglosshelp.com/blog/charles-bonnet-syndrome/. Radio Player Not Working Your dad probably went though the same experiences you are with MES. You might look at http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/ for more information on using your HOSTS file as an ad blocker. Reply Dr.

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says September 25, 2016 at 8:34 PM Hi Tia; You are correct that being alone (really being in silent surroundings) can be a trigge0r for MES. Reply Neil Bauman, Ph.D. Can't Stream Radio Online I'm just glad I'm not "losing" it. Internet Radio Not Working Comments Sarinne Fox says May 19, 2012 at 8:25 AM It's reassuring to know that this is normal!

My celphone is just in my hands. you could check here So why now all of a sudden is my brain bored and trying to be the next big DJ? For instance, when I was stationed at Fort Drum, you can get some Syracuse area FM stations. You are unlikely to get the truth there if it is different than the standard medical line. Why Can't I Listen To The Radio On My Iphone

Modified December 10, 2010 at 12:07:06 PM PST by Patches WildWilly 0 solutions 1 answers Posted 1/13/11, 4:03 PM I have a replacement HOSTS file which blocks undesirable web sites from It was a musical toy that sounded a little einstein theme song. Thus typically you hear it at night when your mind is at rest and it is quiet. Go Here See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Windows_Media_Player#Missing_plugin Read this answer in context 1 Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies.

I have great hearing, although I do oftentimes hear a high-pitched ringing when there are no other source distractions (probably undiagnosed Tinnitus). Streaming Radio Not Working Chrome I asked if she heard the music but sje did not. The shower always sounds like the next room over is playing rock music radio.

I had my favorite radio station bookmarked and could listen to it live while working on my laptop.

So curvature of the earth impedes the signals from going further than that. Your noise generator is doing much the same thing for you. I will have my answer. Windows 10 Internet Radio With all the transmissions running through are atmosphere it could be am radio, local tv (FTA) or anything.

I'm not terribly concerned about it, more interested. Cordially, Neil Reply Laurie says September 11, 2016 at 9:17 PM I am almost 60 and I've experienced on an off since my teens. I am musical and play an instrument but I think it is amazing how strong and pleasing this music from the white noise is for me. More hints radio-locator.com is a good website where you can query your favorite radio station to see how far away you can pick it up. 09-01-2012, 12:33 AM Sgoldie Location: Happy