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Please Help Me Fix My Ff8


Go here If that is the file you have, you will need a torrenting program to then download it. does anyone have any idea how to go around that? I installed both. Freespace 2.

i always read them just in case theres something dodgy about the site InsomniacJun 23, 2007, 08:30 PMive read enough emulation site policys to know what im talking about, You obviously For the FF8_Launcher and FF8_EN exe files, set to allow adminstrator for each under properties. Don't troll - It's okay if you have an opinion that most people do not agree with, however posts or comments intended to stir up drama may be deleted. Semedo Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support 32 01-19-2011 03:49 PM Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may

Ff8 Windows 10

Or has anyone a working German Geforce patch V1.2 for FF8? I had the same problem with you all. Anyone? So i ended up emailing several companies over the course of time.

I've never had to do any extra steps after the installation. By the way, my system specificatons are (maybe it has something to do with it): Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack: 1.0 Memory (RAM): Capacity: 256 MB with no graphic or movie bug. The program i used to make iso's was "Magic Iso" Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

Game says its still running fine. And why post a week and a half later, after previously posting and ignoring my reply. After a dozen tries on verifying cache integrity, uninstalling/reinstalling, making sure my computer was updated on DirectX and Video Card, etc etc, my game proceeded to give me an unknown exception http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=48.0 If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue.

After that you go to “Compatibility” 8. Remember that there may be people reading that are new to the franchise! [X kills Y!](/spoiler) = X kills Y!] Subreddit Rules Be civil - Please be polite and respectful to Silver_JohnesSep 30, 2007, 07:26 PMSolution to run Final Fantasy VIII under Vista found.:luxhello: After installing the patches (Which you can get from here: ********videogames.yahoo.com/pc/final-fantasy-viii/file-3206 0), you have to move the .exe Regardless of how many times you've bought it in the past, it doesn't give you the right to go out and steal it.

Ff8 Pc

Top romaragregado Fresh Fish Posts: 3 Joined: Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:46 pm Primary Device: Coby Kyros MID8024-4G Operating System: Android OS 2.3 ROM: Final Fantasy VIII Re: Final Fantasy VIII I highly recommend installing those tracks anyways(if you haven't), especially if you've played through it already. Ff8 Windows 10 The German savegames sure are the same as the ones in other countries. Start, run and type in dxdiag and wait for it to load.

Enjoy! when I configure FF VIII, in the "8-bit palet texture" (or somehting like that) says failed, and when I run the game, the Eidos video apears but then the screen turns I tried all compatability modes and nothing like that would work. Hope this helps Regards S InsomniacMar 21, 2006, 04:45 PM5 On the lefthand side open Software, Square Soft Inc, Final Fantasy VIII and finally click on the 1.00.

Thrall PC Gaming Support 19 02-28-2011 08:33 AM CoD Black Ops problem Hi guys, i am new to this forum. 2 days ago i installed CoD Black Ops. Because I never found a patch called FF8SqeaNVPatch.zip yet(Sq for squaresoft and ea for electronic arts). Is there any fix for this issue? P.S I bought the game. vBulletin v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2017, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

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The new one is called FF8EidosGerNVPatchV12.zip and finally removes all those problems with geforce cards. Chances are that if you actually, honestly needed to reset your pc, which keeps your files but would remove all the programs forcing re-installs of everything, there was very likely something I turned on the TV the other day and I saw Britney Spears doing "My Perogative".

Legally, and ethically, it's stealing.

I run windows XP pro. We allow self-promotion at a 10:1 ratio of general comments/posts : links to your material. Check the CD. What is the problem?

Which version should I play? The thing is, it works fine on my other computer which is about 3 years older. Thanks in advance:cheers: hintJul 13, 2007, 12:55 PMTo run ff8 on vista.... I turned on the TV the other day and I saw Britney Spears doing "My Perogative".

Then go to the Sound tab, and turn down the Acceleration notch by notch and see if that helps. Please help me if you can because this game is still great! Thanks :) biueskyAug 25, 2007, 10:45 PMI recently got a copy of FFVIII which had 5 cd's (install cd and cd 1-4). I don't really know where to begin but I am hoping somebody can help me.

Yea, that's not working for me. Ary2000May 07, 2006, 07:14 AMa while ago i had the same problem.