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Please Help Me With My Layout!

I am trying to embrace minimalism and convince myself that I don't need anything flanking the fireplace. Haven't discussed with my husband yet (he came home to see that after a full day of work I rearranged the living room and painted a closet, and asked if I Then, I would buy a sofa table that is pretty long (maybe 55" or so) but only about 12" deep. Undo Rina Oh, PS -- I darkened the grout on your fireplace.

We originally planned for a table like that and ended up discarding it. Browse Outdoor Photos on Houzz View all Outdoor Photos Popular Productsaccent chests · bookcases · mirrored sideboard · window curtains · metal dining chairs · black dressers · linen duvet cover I believe that removing it is not an option :( Thank you so much for digging up those pictures of sinks with bay windows! Float the sofa perpendicular to the FP facing the window. http://www.houzz.com/discussions/1108028/living-room-layout-please-help-me-with-a-better-layout

How do others feel about that and also about having the only sink in the small island? I'm attempting to keep the cleaning zone separate from the food prep/cooking zone. Will Logan be able to catch The Gears, save her love life, keep her newspaper column, and get into the writing camp of her dreams all through the use of astrology? Does this make sense?

I'd also ideally like to have some space around the sink(s.) My main conditions are to not move the fridge (don't see how it really works in such a narrow space,) I suspect I would have to make it smaller in order to accommodate the upper cabinets on the far right kitchen wall. It's 36 x 24. 1 Like Bookmark April 10, 2014 at 5:35AM Thank you for reporting this comment. Good luck. 1 Like Bookmark April 9, 2014 at 11:51AM Thanked by parke342 Thank you for reporting this comment.

Undo palimpsest Here is the other view of how it works with the kitchen, with the fridge column to the left: [ ](http://photobucket.com) Like Bookmark December 19, 2010 at 11:44AM Try moving the corner chair away from the fire place just a little to bring it into easier conversation with the sofa. Undo palimpsest You may actually want to try a U arrangement again with the U facing Down. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community/question/?id=159374244474479 How would the fridge work in that plan.?

Undo jenny1963 Palimpsest, hmmm. Burke is a companion to ePublishing with InDesign CS6 by Pariah S. Undo Pamela Reilman Was just going to say the same as Warner Decor. Undo lisa_a Dang, I was afraid there might be a hitch in my drawing.

Read Me! http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2690846/please-help-me-fix-this-layout Undo parke342 Sorry, I tried to show that with the two pictures....what's the best way to provide a floor plan? Here are some other examples. 1 Like Bookmark April 10, 2014 at 6:24AM Thank you for reporting this comment. Its a small enough area that an open U is still an efficient plan.

Like Bookmark August 9, 2014 at 5:32AM Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo lisa_a I can't make out any of the dimensions for the space. Like Bookmark December 19, 2010 at 12:52PM Thank you for reporting this comment. The sofa faces the island with the clean up sink.

You'd have to use side tables and hassocks instead of the big ottoman, but a Moroccan style long couch all along that wall, leaving just the nook for the desk/pantry, would The goal was to create a more open plan that is conducive to entertaining while blocking the view into the bathroom as much as possible. The DR is wide enough for a 42" x 72" table with a 24" buffet table on the left wall with plenty of room around the table and between the peninsula When not traveling, Pariah lives in the greater Boston area where he writes (a lot) and creates (many) projects and publications Empowering and Informing Creative Professionals™.

That gives you a passage behind the sofa to act as an entry area, which you could perk up with art on the wall (where the TV now is) -- a replace the red curtains and de clutter the room just a bit. I am open to combining the dining and kitchen area.

It's just slightly too wide for good use of the middle.

I don't like the way the bathroom door opens into the kitchen. 2. I just happen to have the plans from the previous homeowner. Folded up against the wall with lamp and pix above, it's an attractive picture itself. His messy room is in the "guest room".

A Few Routines Help a Home Run More Smoothly By Alison Hodgson Not a Naturally Organized person? I moved your banquet to under the windows. By Laura Gaskill Love an open layout? Consider putting the piece of furniture labeled "records" on the wall opposite the door.

Like Bookmark October 1, 2013 at 1:50PM Thank you for reporting this comment. Usually no complicated multi-course dinners, because I'm not particularly organized. and I think you will be ok. Here's a couple of pics of our island (36"w x 72" long, 12" overhang): [ ](http://s1011.photobucket.com/albums/af234/farmhousebound/?action=view¤t=100_0763.jpg) [ ](http://s1011.photobucket.com/albums/af234/farmhousebound/?action=view¤t=100_0764.jpg) Like Bookmark December 19, 2010 at 10:18AM Thank you for reporting this

Undo Ann I like deco's idea, but to me, it looks like the room isn't wide enough to put the furniture opposite how it was originally. We could switch the layout around but it seems awkward to me to have the sofa anywhere but against the wall/window. There is other heating nearby, but I don't think it is enough. But with the living room set we have I'm not sure how else I can arrange this.

Heads up, if you choose the latter and it's not the norm in your area, it may hurt you at resale. Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC + 1 hour Powered by phpBB Forum Software © phpBB Group Visit our sponsors: When I go to friends' houses, I DO like sitting at an island, but that doesn't mean I have to have seating at one. ePublishing with InDesign: Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks will teach you: Understanding Fixed-Layout eBooks Planning a Fixed-Layout eBook Creating Fixed-Layout in InDesign Adapting the HTML Editing the CSS Adding Advanced Features Creating Read

Undo jenny1963 Am I Julie? Undo decoenthusiaste Photo vs drawing, it looks like you left the coat closet door our of the floor plan. These tips can help you tackle the onslaught of papers, meals, laundry — and even help you find your keys Full Story 89 Browse Latest From Houzz Stories on Houzz See What do you guys think?