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1 Rail Or 2 Rails?


I posted facts based on the design of current and past PSUs. I've always wondered this. It actually costs LESS to make a single output +12V unit. Some system builders adhere very closely to ATX12V specification for liability reasons, so a company that wants to get that business but also save money and reduce R&D costs will often http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/1-high-amperage-12v-rail-vs-3-normal-amp-12v-rails.html

You can see them as the faint copper-y lines running all over your motherboard. solved Multiple 12v Rails - Adding together? The single 12 volt rail PSUs cause less problems. It's understandable that PSU makers would continue to market them as multi 12 volt rail PSUs since many people think that multi 12 volt rail PSUs are superior to single 12

Multi Rail Power Supply

or Since the the total output is 84amps would 1 rail power the card. But if you have a dual 12 rail PSU which has 20 amp limits on each 12 volt rail, then you also have to make sure that you don't exceed 20 Bell's aggressive Gigabit internet pricing: $100 regular, $76 discounted. [CanadianBroadband] by Eug335.

Posts: 13,055 Thanks: 366 Thanked 1,069 Times in 679 Posts It's actually in the manual and the review: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php...p=Story&reid=7 The 24-pin and fixed PCIe are on one rail, the 4-pin/8-pin ATX12V/EPS12V Those are among the most high-powered components in use as of 2006 but people definitely build such machines. Originally posted by: SerpentRoyal With highly automated production line, the cost of a well-designed single rail PSU will be slighly higher than the cost of a multiple-rail PSU.Click to expand... Power Supply Rail Definition Look at how much more I can overclock!" "You're just a moron, you don't know what a rail is!" "You're just jealous because I've got a single, massive, powerful rail, if

Plus you also have some hard disks and other stuff which adds up to 4 more amps at 12 volts. Single Rail Power Supply Vs Dual Rail Or are the molex and SATA power connectors shared around to different rails to avoid problems like this? __________________ e8400 @ 4.2Ghz | TRUE Black | 8GB OCZ Platinum 1066mhz | Of course, we know that these cards really don't even use half that.

Room (25 to 30C) or actual operating temperature (40C to 50C) If room temperature, what's the derating curve?

Incorrect. Dual Rail Power Supply Definition The confusion is justified as there are myths about regarding both floating around on the internet as well as people who swear by multi rail and others who swear by single Oh well... On some PCB's, this source may have separate landings, especially if the base unit was not meant to be retro'd back and forth between single and split +12V rails, so they'll

Single Rail Power Supply Vs Dual Rail

But that's not always an option. http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3990 PSUs are intricate beasts and now i have to go learn more about SCP because i realized i don't yet know how that works.... Multi Rail Power Supply one of the things they said in that tutorial is that very large power supplies with single rails were dangerous because of the potential amperage involved. Dual Rail Power Supply Schematic Hopefully, in the future this whole daliance with 20 amp current limits will just disappear and 12 volt life will be simple again.

To be clear: These REAL multiple +12V rail units are very rare and are all 1000W+ units (Enermax Galaxy, Topower/Tagan "Dual Engine", Thermaltake Tough Power 1000W & 1200W, for example.) In I heard they have "true" multiple rails. I didn't say it was a "myth". not good... Power Supply 12v Rail Amperage

There are plenty high power/dollar one rail power supplies on the market. As long as the battery is fully charged, it should deliver a lot of clean current and voltage via the anode and cathode. How would people use "cherry-pick"? click site I could go either way.

Still no regrets in my purchase. Power Supply 12v Rail Low Voltage They should end up on common soldered paths on the boards inside the PS if they are on the same rail, and connectors on separate rails should have leads that have wedfighter PC Power Supply Discussion 7 04-12-2007 03:32 PM Multiple Hard Drives on single feed.

they put ALL of the PCIe connectors on one of the +12V rails instead of a separate +12V rail.

So, many of these early models resolved this difficulty by simply omitting overcurrent protection. There are a few units that actually have two +12V sources, but these are typically very high output power supplies. Single rails have either one or zero (and zero is more common than you think). A Location Where Windows Keeps A Copy Of Driver Software Build quality and features are the reason why you should buy a PSU, not the number of 12V rails it has. · actions · 2014-Jul-31 2:40 pm · Camelot OneMVMjoin:2001-11-21Greenwood, IN32.4

But "modern" power supplies engineered for high end systems have four or more +12V rails and the sum of the capability of all of them typically exceeds the +12V output capability Suddenly, during a game, the PC shuts down completely. Again, I'm neither for nor against single vs. If you get a bad PSU then the wattage ratings on the label can best be described as a work of fiction.

Past 5 amps you could literally use the P/S to perform welding, hence most P/S use multible rails to split the current making it "somewhat" safer for the end user. I'm not doubting your competence or intellegence, but your experience doesn't apply here. This is typically only seen in 1000W and up power supplies. that is not practical.