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Building Old Computer. Psu Problem. Or Something


I recommend about 30A on the 12V rail if you would like to run a moderately powerful video card. That's the reason why I switched back to W7. motherboard has no visible indicator lights to check but i did a throughout cleaning of all fans, case, etc. When they are new that might be okay, but over the years, adding more devices (extra optical drives, additional hard drives, etc) as well as poor soldering joints etc. internet

It would briefly boot to windows then off no BSOD. Then remove the four screws that hold in the fan and slide it out. No, seriously. Start ups take a minute or so as well, but no problems when running.

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In the end, the only other devices that powered up with the computer with a working PSU were the system case fans. It just needed a tiny little push to snap into place. A motherboard will often run without with just a 4-pin connection but it may be unstable in certain situations, such as overclocking. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

  1. However, if you are a cigarette smoker or the computer is in a dusty environment, rest assured you will be replacing your PSU sooner rather than later.
  2. I go with you on your choices of PSU's.
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  4. You don’t want all that hot air blowing around inside the case—or worse, blowing directly at your pricey graphics cards.
  5. Rick Reply Dwayne says: October 8, 2010 at 7:37 am I would say it's been a "stroke of luck" on your part.
  6. If your lucky and 2 wires that power the fan unplug, you can work easier, if not, simply slide it out far enough to work with it.
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I suspect the UPS here even though it's less than two years old. You will think it is one thing when it is the PSU. Make sure you are not maxing out the wattage with the additional equipment you install. How To Test Power Supply Or is there another issue?

These are built on a budget for desktop manufacturers like Dell and HP and are expected to power only basic home and office computers. It looked like it was plugged in. I've even tried using a new power outlet. At this point it is very possible you are simply "brownout" your system.

Even know it fit physically and look identical, it would not work. Best Buy Power Supply Power Supplies can really be a challenge to diagnose. I am going to try to replace the CD WRITER/DVD ROM with a spare CD/DVD WRITER and see if this could fix this ghost problem. If not, check all your connections and make sure you did not knock something loose (like memory modules).

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Hermes New Builds 38 November 14, 2008 08:51 PM Building my first computer, need some opinions... Can it be trusted to last? Pc Building Guide List 10 Ways to Power your Raspberry Pi Article What To Do When Windows Freezes During or After Login List 3 Easy Ways to Clear CMOS (Reset BIOS) List How To Power Supply Tester Some coolers, including stock AMD and Intel models, ship with thermal paste preapplied.

Folks, Frank is a friend of mine who was born with the gift of troubleshooting electronics, computers and clocks. here LondonGirl8 years ago from Londonvery helpful, thanks katyzzz8 years ago from Sydney, AustraliaInteresting information, keep on informing us. I guessed I had never had problem with power supply. Reply John says: June 23, 2013 at 12:36 am Update to my previous post…Prior to starting my computer today I used a hair dryer to blow through the Power Supply fan How To Build A Pc

The form factor of the Dynex matched my system perfectly. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution ? Third symptom that occurred was that the computer would suddenly shut down. find more But other parts can be salvaged.

I've seen a symptom or two from your list myself. Pc Power Supply Dirt/Foreign Substance (cigarette smoke, house dust, etc.). I have 1 stick of 8GB, and when my pc reboots it only says 4 is available...originally i thought it was a cooling issue, but my temps average around 35 degrees

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For example, if your +5V line is measured at only +4.5V, your PSU isn't delivering power as it should. When these two symptoms occurred, I often rebooted and worked with no problems and would not experience these symptoms again for days. Be sure you've exhausted all of the other troubleshooting advice I've given above before replacing your motherboard.Note: I highly recommend that you test your computer with a Power On Self Test Computer Wont Turn On Reply John Mendoza says: January 15, 2013 at 8:59 am I have a Sony Vaio PCV- RZ16G Desptop computer with a 480W power Supply and would like to know if I

The hard drive wouldn't even spin. Search Visitors to What's On My PC 2,758,432 WELCOME What's On My PC The intent of this blog is to share my knowledge base of computers, software, gadgets and information technology If you upgrade your equipment with an extra hard disk drive, a better graphics card, a new DVD drive or more memory than the PSU can handle, it may start to http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/building-new-pc-powersupply.html Once you have installed all your components, give the case a thorough once-over to ensure that everything that should be plugged in is plugged in, and plugged in correctly.

So for now I unplug it after it shuts down and plug it back in when I need it . For example, it took me 1.5 to 3 minutes to boot up prior to the replacement.  Following the replacement of the power supply, my computer now boots to the Windows 7 Reply Don Wolf says: April 15, 2016 at 5:45 am Thank you, n I appreciate all your input!! In my opinion, if it was a cheaper brand of computer (you get what you pay for!), you also have a cheap power supply.

A supply that fails can, in the worst case, take out other components in your PC or even catch fire. The power supply should exceed your system's requirements by a minimum of 20%. Matt Smith December 20, 2012 20-12-2012 4 minutes Can I Reuse My Old PC’s Power Supply In A New Computer? Sorry There was an error emailing this page.

I bet you have experienced this!