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Help With A PSU-related Issue


I have resolved my issue as of yet, mainly i had a lot of school work to do. Basically I have had my computer build for less than a year. Since power supplies do not contain many user serviceable parts, for most people, this means replacement. GPU Crashing (Possible PSU issue..?) Help with possible PSU Issue.

Note that you must check the output voltages while the supply is under a load, which means that it will be installed and running in the PC.Caution: Power supplies can be Don’t forget to remove the four- or eight-pin CPU power connector located near the CPU socket on the motherboard,and the 24-pin power cable connected to the motherboard along its mid-line on my guess is you may have switched it off accidentally. That sounds so simple, I hope it works.

How To Check If A Power Supply Is Working

But fear not. If connecting the computer directly to the wall outlet still does not work verify the outlet works by connecting another electrical device to that same outlet. Unplug all cables from the back of the computer and open the computer and reseat all expansion cards and memory in the computer. A new PSU, or motherboard are alot more expensive and a repair shop would probably be double than a PSU or mobo, so the cheapest posible solution is a PSU tester

For example, if your +5V line is measured at only +4.5V, your PSU isn't delivering power as it should. In some situations, you may be able to temporarily get the computer to boot. solved Computer randomly turns off and sometimes won't turn on - possible PSU issue? Power Supply Troubleshooting And Repair This type of meter is preferable to the older analog VOM (volt-ohm meter) because the DMM injects only 1.5 volts into a circuit when conducting continuity tests, while a VOM typically

Terms and Conditions Privacy Cookie Policy Tradem​arks Articles & News Forum Graphics & Displays CPU Components Motherboards Games Storage Overclocking Tutorials All categories Chart For IT Pros Get IT Center Power Supply Problems And Solutions However, if you are a cigarette smoker or the computer is in a dusty environment, rest assured you will be replacing your PSU sooner rather than later. Sometimes the motherboard or GPU cause a blank display so you have to give the system time to warmup and discard weather is a factor. Symptoms are usually intermittent, and include unexpected reboots, startup failures, USB device failures, and hard-disk or memory errors.

Man I really need to get spare PSU then. Computer Power Supply Problems And Solutions Pdf You could borrow a PSU if possible, or test your PSU on another computer.. Warning: Try this method only as a temporary workaround or as a last resort to get any valuable information off of the computer. Or is there another issue?

Power Supply Problems And Solutions

you unplug which connector from the mobo? To do so: Determine the wattage output of the power supply by referring to its packaging, manual or the label on the power supplyLabel on Power Supply: Max Wattage for Power How To Check If A Power Supply Is Working Use the right equipmentMost of the experienced technicians I know use good quality DMMs (digital multimeters, see Figure A). Power Supply Failure Symptoms It turned out the power supply had zapped every single component in the computer except a single DVD-ROM drive at the very top of the case.

If you plan on doing the repairs yourself, we suggest that you replace or swap in parts from another computer that is known to work. http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/psu-issue.html Some may only have 10 amps, while others output 65 amps. This article outlines how to diagnose a faulty supply by testing its voltage outputs, as well as how to replace the defective unit.The symptomsJust about any intermittent problem can be caused The price normally reflects the number of special features built into the meter. Signs Of Power Supply Failure

In the words of a famous comedian, the power supply gets no respect! I recently had to clean my house and move my desktop from the top of the desk it was on to the bottom. ChicanoFeb 15, 2013, 2:09 PM jpkang said: So it affects the PSU even when the computer is off? If the power supply connections look ok, but the computer still cannot turn on your computer has a bad component we recommend replacing the hardware in the following order.

jpkangMar 11, 2013, 10:53 AM Thanks for the help. Power Supply Failure Causes Note: When inside of a computer make sure you are aware of ESD and how to protect your computer from ESD. Finally plug any required PCI-E power connectors into your graphics card, then double-check all of the plugs to make sure they are securely seated.

Here's how to check your power supply If your PC or laptop has been behaving erratically, it might be your PC's PSU.

The HDD probably wrote corrupt data from a lack of voltage.I can't test the PSU under load because without a drive, I can't run the GPU. Incorrect power supply If you are building a computer, or it has never been turned on it may have a defective power supply that is not supplying enough power. But hoping to do a final test before I RMA my board. Power Supply Troubleshooting Pdf The order in which you should replace these parts is the motherboard first, then the RAM, the CPU, and finally, the power supply.

Page 1 of 15 Next > + Share This 🔖 Save To Your Account Related Resources Store Articles Blogs There are currently no related titles. A number of different power connectors lead from the power supply and power the different components in your computer. If the computer has never beeped, keep the monitor or display connected to see if any change occurs. When they are disconnected, try booting the computer again.

I connected everything back to my computer and did not bother to turn it on because I have a razer mouse connected to it and it glows when the power is If this fixes the problem or allows the computer to POST, connect one card at a time until you determine which card is causing the problem. Was this page useful? The computer needs to breathe, or it will overheat and die.

Advertisement The Blue Screen of Death May Indicate a Failing PSU So, Why Do PSUs Fail?Power supplies just fail. There should be at least +12V, +5V and +3.3V inputs, along with their actual measured voltages. Tech Reviews Tech News Tech How To Best Tech Reviews Tech Buying Advice Laptop Reviews PC Reviews Printer Reviews Smartphone Reviews Tablet Reviews Wearables Reviews Storage Reviews Antivirus Reviews Latest Deals Please help.Thanks. 16 answers Last reply Mar 11, 2013 More about possible issue bigcyco1Feb 15, 2013, 12:47 PM That is odd i don't have a answer but the PC Power &

Failures can be instigated by something you've done but sometimes, the unit simply gives up. Keep it, along with the rest of the computer, under 80 degrees. These load reductions are sometimes used in emergencies, like during a heat wave when everyone is using their A/C. Occasionally cleaning the system out will also prolong its life.

Step Power good signalStep Step DCStep Step ACPIStep Step BrownoutStep Step Power supplyStep Step Back probingStep Step Surge protectorStep Step Form factorStep Step POSTStep Step UPSStep Step full towerStep Step Mini-towerStep Now you’ve got a PC that’s ready to run for years to come without issue—or at least without PSU-related issues. Age: Most warranties last from 5-10 years, but that's no guarantee.