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How Critical Is Power Supply FAN?


And it’s strategically located in front of the vents that lead to the outside of your computer case. Ball bearings have more longevity and cost more, sleeve bearings may be less expensive and their life expectancy is considered much less than a quality ball bearing Fan Speeds to Dissipate Otherwise, why derate at higher temperatures? This will help prevent the PSU intake fan from sucking in carpet fibers and helpless dust bunnies caught in the crossfire.

As can be seen from the chart, if a power supply's fan is operated with a high exhaust air temperature at perhaps 80°C (176°F) its life expectancy may be a short heat. A few in the Yahoo! you forgot something...Like you said, yes load temps are the issue for you, so...

What Is A Power Supply Fan

You are invited to contact me with your questions and comments. On the other hand, you might just want to replace the whole PS as they are cheap enough, and upgrade to a higher capacity. Some computers use a special plug that links the power supply to the motherboard. Kozierok.All Rights Reserved.

I could have lifted the unit up so that there was air beneath the unit as well, but in truth, I don't think it would have made much of a difference. I have a Xigmatek S1283, PSU is a OCZ StealthXStream. As a result, you need to be cautious when you buy a PC system. Power Supply Cooling You may want to do this because the fan is defective, or to install a different type of fan, for example, an illuminated one.

At anyrate, it could be that the PSU fan is affecting the CPU airflow in some way in test 2 (ie. A very important quality consideration when it comes to PC cooling fans is the quality of construction of their motors, and in particular, the motor bearings. solved Bottom mounted PSU upside-down? http://www.silentpcreview.com/article15-page1.html How much power is necessary for the “average” PC system, if there is such a thing nowadays?

There are some circumstances where it is a little too scary... Power Supply Fan Replacement can this power supply exist without the fan or not? Determining Which Way Your PSU Fan Should Point The direction of the PSU fan is crucial for airflow. The Enermax specification about its operating temperature states: 0' C ~25'C for full rating of load, decrease to zero watts O/P at 70'C If the output capacity of the unit drops

  • But that again depends on the case airflow.
  • Whether it's PCBs or something more benign, that smell always makes me a little nervous. (Come to think of it, maybe it was the hot glue used to attach the internal
  • This involves the quality of construction that has gone into the motor and its bearings.
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  • A PC that makes use of the optional fan monitoring signal FanM can detect a fan failure and sound an alarm to the user, or shut down the PC.
  • The graph below shows what happened.
  • There is little in the way of repeatable documentation of what happens when a normal ATX power supply is run without any fans: How hot does it get?
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  • For example, if your output capacitor normally has a 3,000-hour life span at 105°, at 95° it will last 6,000 hours.
  • The Increasing Demands on Power Supplies It seems that only the PC connoisseurs, those putting together or purchasing extreme PCs or top-flight gaming systems, consider the power supply to be the

Power Supply Fan Definition

My NZXT case has PSU at the bottom too, but it has a PSU vent at the bottom and a mesh filter over the vent. If not, disconnect the power cord immediately. What Is A Power Supply Fan That’s because your power supply is far more than just an unassuming gray or black box that you plug into an outlet before you crank up your computer. How Does Power Supply Keep Cool You can contact PSU manufacturers like Corsair, Enermax, etc or even email this guy http://www.jonnyguru.com who knows a thing or two and see what he says.

The concept is that the psu would help cool the interior of the case by drawing in warm interior air and exhausting it out the rear of the case. JohnnyLuckyFeb 4, 2010, 9:56 AM yiplong - Which case do you have?All modern power supplies exhaust air out the rear of the psu case. Never install a PSU with its fan facing towards a solid panel; without proper airflow, the PSU has no way to cool itself, and it will burn out quickly. the FAN in my power supply began making noise from time to time. Power Supply Fan Price

Typically, fans are located towards the back of the power supply. A computer power supply unit (Computer PSU) is the component that supplies power to a computer. You may want to do this because the fan is defective, or to install ... 1 Step 1: Before you startYou will need to know what kind of fan you need http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/power-supply-makes-clicking-noise-when-i-press-power-button.html Well obviously it can since it has been running without it for a few weeks.

There are also variable-speed fans that increase or decrease the fan's speed depending upon the sensed ambient temperature or the load required of the power supply. Purpose And Roles Of Fans In Power Supply Most fans use +12 V power to operate, despite the fact that the wires that run to them are normally red for the +12 V line, and black for the ground When the current drawn from a particular output increases or decreases, the voltage changes slightly as well, usually increasing as the current rises.

Overvoltage Protection prevents a signal from being received if the voltage exceeds a certain limit.

Once you’ve got things squared away, your PSU will be breathing happily. Graphics/CPU both started running 20-25 degress cooler than before and no more smell. What CPU fan?3. Power Supply Fan Direction The temperature remained at ~30C for a good 2 hours, during which time I used the system for a variety of tasks.

To finish off dealing with you (probably a 10 year old) http://www.frozencpu.com/help/h32/Power_Supply_FAQ.htmlAnd read the part where it says:"Does temperature affect your PSU's output efficiency and life span?Temperature greatly affects the life Based on my test above, mounting the PSU facing up has little effect on the components, except that CPU idle temp is 6c higher in this case, (that's significant, but CPU Are you sure it is the same for all fans? http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/graphic-card-power-to-power-supply-or-connector-on-motherboard.html Re: PSU recommendations?

If you've added a lot of new components to your PC, you may be overtaxing your existing power supply, so look at getting a bigger, better one. With faster and hotter processors becoming the norm, maintaining optimal temperatures is critical for the smooth running of any system, and overheating of a system often causes irreparable damage to the Hot air will rise pushing cold air down, regardless of whether or not air is flowing through the case, and this movement is airflow. A bottom mounted PSU even fan facing up will draw in far less hot air than a top mounted one b/c hot air rises.

So your idea sounds plausible at first glance, but it is actually nonsense when you think about it.