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Is It Possible To Add Any Device To My Power Supply?


the comp looked like a freak with a power supply welded to the outside of the case with wires going everywhere. All rights reserved

Welcome to the Make: Community! Will this raise the electric bill? I don't get it.

Most monitoring utilities allow you to set threshold values. Specifically is it at a 45 year high? It regulates the voltages by rapidly connecting and disconnecting the load circuit (switched-mode power supply). Is this possible?

Power Supply Wattage Calculator

This PSU is rated 90W max and supports 15-24V output voltage. just replace it...I suggest a good 500-600 watt only to get max efficiency out of it. I don't see a power ports on my hub. Components rated for higher voltage generally cost more or have less desirable characteristics, so picking the right voltage tolerance for the components in the device probably got significant design attention.

At 83%, approximately 17% of the wattage is lost as heat. Newer PSUs will often provide both a 24-pin ATX connector that doubles as a 20-pin connector. Did you put a meter on it? 500 Watt Power Supply Cut the VCC (red) wire of the USB cable that connects the hub to the computer.

saint4God November 9, 2010 10:38 AM This is what I was looking for, a clear, concise answers to my questions about power supplies. Usb Power Supply Later Julian Paul LOL, nice story about PP, but it's doubtful that he's related coz i'm indian, just not american indian! I used to design products for AMF Research Lab, so I am a fairly good authority on things electronic and computing. More Bonuses Then I start getting random reboots, the situation progrssively gets worse until one day I go to my office b/c I hear this rattling sound, it's the PSU.

Most ATX PSU's will supply more than 500mA on the 5V rail. 500w Power Supply Besides, the stereo should only be drawing its maximum power at its highest volume setting during the loudest portion of music. I start notice that when I put my machine on Stand-By for the night, I come back in the morning and the machine won't come back on. Go ahead and try it out, i'm pretty sure it would work.

Usb Power Supply

Just as your house's fuse box includes both a large main breaker and a smaller circuit breaker per circuit to ensure the smaller-branch circuit wires do not overheat, high-capacity PSUs divide Yonian If you're ever going to use molded dual banana plugs you should space your jack pairs 3/4 inch (19mm) apart. Power Supply Wattage Calculator I ask because it does not have any chips on it.

I found this instructable while trying to find out if USB splitters require circuitry.

Do you know if USB hubs require controller Pc Power Supply But manufacturers like John Deere and Apple don’t like that idea.

Falling on oh so convenient Ad Hominem Tu Quoque? These contain additional circuitry that can tweak the output voltage up and down. Take Action It's time to speak out for your right to repair Dear Nebraskans, This year, the people of Nebraskans have a chance to guarantee their right to repair their equipment—like The original monitor PSU (PA-1650-68) was fixed at 19V and 3.32A. Best Buy Power Supply

Idahoser I would also take a look at Anderson Power Poles instead/in addition to the 5-way binding posts. If a voltage drops below or climbs above the acceptable range, the monitoring utility generates an alert. I had two 550 watt ATX Antec power supplies in it and the only thing I had to do to make it work seamlessly was to connect one wire (I want http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/power-supply-makes-clicking-noise-when-i-press-power-button.html This will require additional power resistors.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the 5v Power Supply The idea is to connect everything and charge the phone at the same time.

Ok, so in your case you shouldn't cut the red wire. share|improve this answer edited Jun 19 '13 at 22:44 answered Jun 19 '13 at 21:57 Jay Greco 1,420426 2 The PS3 Controller won't charge without enumeration.

However, be careful.

The 13.8V rating………. Thanks for signing up. It's rated to produce 21A at 12V, which should yield 252W. Atx Power Supply It is a factory unit, so I have been unable to find any specs.

Anonymous Sorry Julian, I'm back! Some devices can even be damaged by too low a voltage for extended periods of time. Sajjad Haider Plz tell me how to make webaugur For our makerspace classroom I designed a laser cut case that slips over a standard ATX supply and hides all the wiring, http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/graphic-card-power-to-power-supply-or-connector-on-motherboard.html More resources See also solved pc turns on for 2 seconds, then off for 2 seconds, then on for two seconds, and so on.

A power supply with a higher wattage rating is capable of delivering more power to your computer. Advice from Brian Bilbrey At home, I keep a new ATX12V Antec power supply on the shelf. same p solved Do I need two power supplies? is now off the master psu, it should have enough juice to power the mobo.

There are too many other questions and too few answers, such as are backvoltage, ground loops, etc. This means that two or three years after buying your computer, you may find yourself with a perfectly functional desktop that one day decides either not to power on or to These wires could connect to an ardunio and many other things. I would also check for any OS issues, you can look at Event Viewer to see what's going on, that could also be your Video Card.

I didn't even have any speakers connected to the stereo when I connected the power supply to it, yet the power supply shut off immediately. http://www.mrseb.co.uk Sebastian Anthony Thanks for the input :) Anonymous Julian, you just made my day!