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Is This A Good Enough Power Supply?


Anyway, start with CPU and video card peak power consumption watts -- honestly, everything else is almost a rounding error beyond that. Saturating 95% of a PSU's total watt allowance makes it work harder, run hotter, and ultimately take a dive on the efficiency curve. These web sites, usually free, let you select components, then calculate the total. Power supplies have the job of converting mains electricity into something that the PC can understand and utilize.

This is what we typically see when looking at PSU specifications on a retail website, like Amazon or Newegg. Hardware Mods & Upgrades Power Saving BIOS Settings Most Recent Comments More "We don't have an 860K for the bench (but hope to buy one out-of-pocket for testing), but do Related: Components Consumer Advice PCs You Might Like Shop Tech Products at Amazon