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Looking PSU For Old PC


I was careful to short out the capacitors with a well-insulated screwdriver, and had no problems. I can see how an old power supply may cause a problem, but generally re-using things that are perfectly fine should be systematically encouraged. That is the total amount of power that the supply can handle overall. I've found a few other supplies, which have thermal control of the cooling fan, which can make them a lot quieter. (the fan runs at a lower voltage, unless the main

All I needed to make it work was a load on the +5 PSU bar provided by my Belkin but any +5 volt resistive/inductive load, such as a case fan or Make sure you follow not only the circuit diagram but the LM317's pinout. Connect the Green Wire to the Power Switch7. There does not appear to be a short in the stereo unit--it shows several thousand ohms between the power wire and ground, which is roughly the same resistance as the fan. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/260583-28-looking-computer

Can I Use An Old Power Supply For A New Computer

I didn't even have any speakers connected to the stereo when I connected the power supply to it, yet the power supply shut off immediately. I even tried to Google the number printed on the amplifier IC inside the stereo, but came up empty-handed on info. I wired a 1K load on the output.

Result: around .5 volt dropped but still varying .1 to .3.

2. Some manufacturers are reliable and make power supplies that perform up to or even beyond their specifications.

The result is a high capacity power supply that can output 3.3V, 5V, 12V and -12V. Finally plug any required PCI-E power connectors into your graphics card, then double-check all of the plugs to make sure they are securely seated. This is discussed in the steps below. Repurposed Pc Power Supply Enter my old power supply from where I found it under the bed.

Jason Poel SmithMy name is Jason Poel Smith. Using Old Power Supply New Motherboard Your changes have been saved. Computer Forum Mod | My PC Setup | Monk Reply With Quote 2012-04-13,06:11 PM #5 Amiright View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads The Patient Join Date Feb More Help Otherwise you can find them online for about $8 plus shipping.

Exercise caution when opening the supply, and anywhere near those caps.. How To Connect Power Supply To Motherboard Rules Be respectful to others Don't ask to be spoonfed a build No facilitating/recommending piracy or grey market software Don't cite rumors and anecdotes as fact Post sales & deals in So we had a massive stack of ATX supplies looking for a purpose. Tried everything, pc still says no signal.3 · 4 comments I need help removing this gtx 260 any advice?· 2 comments New build· 2 comments MSI's support form is an abominationNeed help deciding on a 1080/FreeSync monitor3

Using Old Power Supply New Motherboard

Yes, we are oxidizing the copper pipe. Anzeige Autoplay Wenn Autoplay aktiviert ist, wird die Wiedergabe automatisch mit einem der aktuellen Videovorschläge fortgesetzt. Can I Use An Old Power Supply For A New Computer Reply Eric Wilborn December 25, 2012 at 2:59 am I've used an old one to revive a friend's computer more than once. Reusing Old Power Supply Replacing a power supply is a surprisingly easy process.

The easiest way to keep this neat and organized is to make the connections with crimp spade connectors. There are alot of each type ... 3 Step 3: Presenting The PowerOK from all the other tutorials I've read there are a lot of different methods of connectors for connecting Modern motherboards accept a 24-pin primary power connection, but some old supplies will only have a 20-pin plug available. Already got into an argument in another instructable where someone converted a supply, where they claimed there were _NO_ caps with that high a voltage rating. (yet, the schematic they provided What To Do With Old Power Supply

Others, well, not so much. I had a couple fail, and eventually opened them. LED Diode of course blow up :) but also my power supply is somehow damaged. On the side label ot states that 12V out is 15A.
any tips to get hihher current output ?.hi, this is just what im looking for except one thing.

Less money spent, less stuff to worry about, less trash. How To Replace A Power Supply Advertisement Also of interest is the section that describes output for each specific type of voltage. I would now like to use it to power a couple of RGB LED strip controllers and their attached strips.

In most cases, a 10 watt 10 ohm resistor will work.

Add Labels For Each Pair of Terminals Advertisement Step #1: Identify the Wires on the 20 Pin (or 24 Pin) ConnectorNextPrevThe wires on the main 20 pin (or 24 pin) connectors Finally, I have one at age of 18. With your new power supply at the ready, insert it into the exact same position that your old power supply occupied. Using Computer Power Supply For Other Uses Step #9: Connect the Wires to the Appropriate TerminalsNextPrevConnect the black wire to the first black terminal, then connect the other black terminals to the first one with short jumper wires.

An old 12 volt car battery charger could easily power an LM323 3 amp 5 volt IC but it would take a week to get it. It popped and smoked a little. Trace the outline of the USB connector onto the side of the housing, then use a sharp knife or a rotary tool to cut it out. Solder the green wire from the 20 pin connector to one side of the switch, then solder the second green wire to the other side of the switch.

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You could be wiring it wrong somewhere. The 20-pin plug should work but it can become a problem if the power limits of the connection are exceeded (the 4 additional pins are used to provide additional power).