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Low Volts On ATX Power Supply Pin 19 (I Think) But Is Considered Ok. Why?


The motherboard will normally read the rpm feedback from the fan tacho. where i should connect the orange the green which is data+ or the white which is data- ? The information was very good in helping me choose a power supply replacement fan.At 18 April 2012, 1:06:54 user Ogawa wrote:[reply @ Ogawa]On the web found this interesting cable, this could To be sure that the fan is a BLDC, you should look for the controller.

I should have used google captcha with text to speech. Student Learning Objectives In this chapter, you will Learn about the various power supply form factors used in PCs today Study the connectors used with power supplies, including a connector used So that i don't let the fan work with voltage, but purely by spinning it by hand and still read out the tachometer? Strange.

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Then the computer would not even power up. After I read this page and understood some more about the difference between 3/4 pin fans I hope I could tweak for him some little pcb to drive his CPU fan John P. I might not even still be bitter by then :-) I should quickly mention that the Antec Sonata case (in the photo) is one of the quietest computer cases I've ever

If none of the fans and your hard drive doesn't spin up, you most likely do not have +12v. bcon76, Apr 25, 2002 #1 Rockn Joined: Jul 29, 2001 Messages: 21,334 Usually there has to be some kind of load on the power supply to get the correct voltages. It's does make a pretty display though. A Connector On A Motherboard That Consists Of Pins That Stick Up From The Board We purchase through Distribution - Tech Data Corp.

This tells the PSU to remain off. Power Supply Problems And Solutions So, I would like to know if it makes sense that my mobo won't boot up with this new (23 pin) PSU but it will with my old (24 pin) PSU. Any dollar of revenue lost, IS LOST forever. If it is OK, Skip the following and go on to the next step in the next section.

Open the case and unplug all the drive power cables and the power cables feeding the motherboard. Computer Power Supply Repair Manual Measuring the voltage on an unused drive power connector, which obviously doesn't have any current flowing in the wires, gives an accurate reading of exactly what voltage is being produced by THAT'S 3 weeks....... Computer power supplies are particularly tricky, because there's been a shift in the requirements since the 1990s.

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If it does change state successfully, skip the next paragraph and continue. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/learn-to-troubleshoot-power-supply-problems/ To most people, the power supply is a rather nondescript, unglamorous metal box that sits inside their systems, something to which they pay virtually no attention at all. Power Supply Problems Symptoms ATX Power Supply Unit Fault Isolation: Checking the PSU, +12v, and the Power On circuit We have now tested both the 5v Standby voltage, the PSU On signal and the circuitry Power Supply Troubleshooting And Repair Your customer service rep told me "from the Antec store." Well I had been to the Antec store, and was AT the Antec store when I called.

The fan may have previously stopped in a position that the fan will not spin when the coils are energized again. My antec SL350 watt psu pulled this trick on me and is now on it's way back for replacement, but I figure I will just buy a better unit instead. The power supply may instantly turn itself off again if there if there is a short circuit in the hard drive or if the load is insufficient. Here are some suggestions on how to quickly spot a faulty supply and how to replace it. Computer Power Supply Problems And Solutions Pdf

If you are running with dual PCI Express video cards, try running with just one and then just the other. This is unacceptable at the highest level. I have a old printer with a 3-wire fan and need to figure this out before buying a replacement fan.At 26 April 2014, 11:24:58 user Scoute wrote:[reply @ Scoute]I was watching http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/power-supply-makes-clicking-noise-when-i-press-power-button.html What is the most troubling about it, however, is that cheap manufacturing IS NOT limited to the power supply!

So, the number of wires has only to do with the application you plan to make.At 18 April 2011, 8:41:50 user Neil wrote:[reply @ Neil]im planning of constructing a USB cooler Computer Power Supply Repair Pdf I have an ASUS P5LD2-VM Motherboard. All of the high end video cards require more power than can be supplied through the PCI Express slot on the motherboard, so they are fed directly from the power supply

While waiting on the new power supply I used an old Aopen 300W power supply and this one didn't heat up while the computer wasn't running (so it wasn't caused by

What does Antec think I am going to do with the replacements they send? There is only one item left to address, from a PSU standpoint, that could be keeping the PC from starting the boot process and that is the Power Good\OK signal. I bought an antec 430 because people rated them highly. Smps Troubleshooting Step By Step The NeoHE power supplies worked fine on other brand motherboards and also the Asus motherboards worked with other models of Antec power supplies.

I have never test it thoughAt 17 April 2012, 10:40:55 user Ogawa wrote:[reply @ Ogawa]I have a question, just got a motherboard with 3 case fan connectors, two are 4 pins Should it be working either way? This indicates a high or logic level 1. http://magicnewspaper.com/power-supply/graphic-card-power-to-power-supply-or-connector-on-motherboard.html To my surprise the metal just above the power supply felt hot while the pc hasn't been running for the last 24 hours!

Jarda OK1MKXAt 27 July 2010, 13:10:39 user Kammenos wrote:[reply @ Kammenos]At 12V, the current through an 1K resistor is limited to 12mA, not a big deal for damaging something.At 27 July