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(2) iexplore.exe Files Running in Task Manager

(Solved) Missing Startup Item

(Solved) TUOVEUW WebDav Task Manager closing! Possible worm?

(username.exe) is taking alot of process

*32 in process list?

[Resolved] Controlling dual processors

[Resolved] regedit/msconfig/taskbar won't run

[Resolved] more task manager / msconfig / regedit probs

[Resolved] Task manger problem.

[Resolved] Task Manager Problem!

[Resolved] Task manager problems

[Resolved] task manager regedit and msconfig problems - won't run

[Resolved] taskmanager and regedit not working

[Resolved] Fixing task manager

[Resolved] Windows XP - Task Manager

[Resolved] Help: Other worm/regedit posts did not help me

[Resolved] taskmanager and regedit problem

[Resolved] regedit/taskmanager trouble

[Resolved] task manager and registry dead

[Resolved] Task Manager and Registry Won't Open.

[Resolved] Task Manager closes

[Resolved] Task Manager collapses

[Resolved] Task Manager Disappeared {klez symptom}

[Resolved] Task Manager Disappearing

[Resolved] task manager disappears

[Resolved] Taskmgr

[Resolved] Task manager gone!

[Resolved] Task Manager won't stay open.

[Resolved] task manager/ regedit/ won't open

[Resolved] task manager/virus help

[Resolved] task manger {no option tabs}

[Resolved] task manger disabled

[resolved]task manger not responding

[Resolved] the Usual Taskmanger+regdit w/diff twist!

[Solved] help: no task manager

[SOLVED] No Task Manager

[Solved] Unknown Processes - Harmful?

[Solved] task manager broken

[Solved] Task Manager Menu not displaying

[Solved] Task Manager problem

[SOLVED] Task manager and msconfig issues

[solved]unknown startup programs

{Advice Offered} - NT Task Manager Missing Functions

{Advice Offered} - Task Manager

{Moved from Tips/Tricks} CPU always running

“Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator.”

1 core showing with x4 cpu

15 iexplore.exe's in task manager!

1GB of Ram showing as 512MB

2 Laptops - Same Problem with Task Manager and RegEdit disabled

2 probs- no Control Panel/Task Manager

3GB ram installed

A lot of processes running?

A wierd prob with Task Manager

Access Task Manager to check wireless NIC status

Adding RAM - Count doesn't add up

After Running and closing my VB6 Program. Task Manager say's it is running?

Alarming Task Manager situation?

all my processes are hijacked

anable to open task manager or control panel

Annoying missing tabs and menu in Task Manager

Another task manager

Another regedit / TaskMgr problem

Blank Task Manager-XP Pro

Blank Task manager

Borders and tabs of task manager gone

Broken Task Manager :( :(

browser wont shut down under processes in task manager

Can I run 'add/remove programs' from the task manager?

Can not access Task Manager.

Can not open Taskmgr in XP

cannot access task manager

Cannot get 'right click menu' after spyware attack

Cannot get to Task Manager

cannot open DOS prompt or Task Manager

Cannot open Task Manager help!

Cannot Open Task Manager Please Help!

Cannot Open Help And Ms Config---virus?

Cannot open Task Manager or msconfig

Cannot run msconfig due to administrator restrictions

Cannot View Task Manager

Can't Access Task Manager.

Can't access Task Manager/ regedit/ msconfig

Can't Close Task Manager

Can't Boot in Safe Mode/Task Manager Blocked By Administrator

cant delete processes via task manager

Can't get to websites. Showing task manager disabled by admin

Can't get Task Manager from Ctrl-Alt-Del

Can't open regedit and msconfig because of undetected malwar

Cant open task manager/regedit/virus scan not working

Can't open Taskmgr

can't open task manager

Cant open taskmgr

Cant open cmd or task manager

Cant open task manager

Cant open task manager D:

Cant open TASK MANAGER in my home pc

Can't remove process "system" in task manager

Can't run task manager

Can't shut off "Task Manager"

Cant use taskmanager/regedit - Advanced Virus garbage!

Changing the priority of a program

changing programs to high priority

cleaning up my system process

Cleaning Windows Task Manager

Closing of a process is the only way I can see my desktop.

Closing System processes in Task manager.

CloseAll.exe - How to remove virus

CMD And Task Manager

cmd and taskmgr?


Computer reboots/Task manager disabled

computer reading 4GB RAM (4X1GB Dual Channel) as 3GB (windows XP)

Computer slowing down and too many processes in my Task Manager

corrupt or missing DLL file and task manager disable after java dialog

Corrupt TAsk Manager File

Corrupt Registry after Virus Removal

Could someone explain CPU usage to me.

CPU Usage (XP Task Manager) (moved from XP)

CPU/RAM Usage; Internet Connectivity

ctr+alt+del won't open full task manager

Ctrl Alt Del Task Menu 2 Get Here.Dam Trojans

Dell bios says 1gb but windows says 512mb

denyed access to task manager/run-hijackthis log posted

Details of Task Manager required?

Disabled Task Manager/Regedit/CMD/folder options

Disabled Taskmanager

disabled Run Folder options and task manager

Disabling Task Manager/Registry Editting

Disabled By Your Administrator! Can't Access Anything

disabled run program and taskmanager and missing shutdown options

disappearing task mgr

Disabled Task Manager II

Do I Need So Many Processes & Services?

Do I really need all these Running Processes in Task Manager?

Do I need all these processes?

Does this have to be loaded in task manager processes?

Double Entries in Windows Task Manager

Dual Processors and Windows 2003

Eliminating extra running processes

Enable Task Manager

Enabel task manager

End Task Problem

Ending a process

Ending a process in task manager

Ending Process

End Task in XP

End Task: Hidden Window

Errors when loading Task Manager

Everest says 1 core not utilized - AMD Dual Core

Error with Task Manager

Extra column on Task Bar

Faulty Task Manager in XP

Few suspicious things in task manager

Finding User Created Tasks "Vista Task manager"

Fix Diagnostic manager virus

Game Program stuck in task manager

giving access to Task Manager to a user

Greyout of Taskmanager

Harmful running processes and audio problems

Have to delete Windows exe on Task Manager to start Computer

Having task manager problems

help disabeled taskmanager & more

Help mirar malware . disabling the taskmanger !

Help needed to remove Processes

Help no control panel/task manager.Help w/hijackthis and winpfind3u logs

HELP PLEASE (can't access windows task manager) pop-ups


Help task manager help

Help task manager keeps closing itself!

Help with TAsk Manager

Help with task manager - continued from:

Help with Task Manager and Self-Sending Virus on MSN Messenger

help with windows task manager

HELP! Hijackthis Log - System Infected - task manager disabled

Help! Internet Home Page Hijacked/NortonAntivirus Disabled/Regedit Disabled

Help! File Copied? Task Manager Locked?

help! task manger disabled

Help! Tansk Manager Issues!

HELP! task manager and folder options gone

Help! Unable to close programs

HELP! Task manager

Help.task manager and several other system32 does not work including regedit

Help.please. Task Manager Disabled

Hidden Process Monitor

Hide or block a process in task manager from been closed

HiJack This log - a few task manager processes keep coming back

Hijak This - Very Bad Virus

HJT log - regedit and task manager disappearing/disabled

HJT Help Task Manager and Reg Edit disabled by Pestie

How can I hide a task that is running under task manager?

How can I find out if there are processes that I should get rid of in Task Manager?

How can I call up Task Manager? Ctrl+Alt+Del not getting it.

How come I can't access MSConfig or the Task Manager?

how do i "enable" my task manager (ctrl

How Do I Disable Task Manager

How do i open START though the task manager

how do u get rid of application kill

How many tasks for task manager

How to enable 'task manager' to be turned on at reboot?

How to identify 'Bad' .exe's?

How to re-enable Task Manager?

How to reduce task manager list?

How to unsort processes in Windows Task Manager?

I can not run task manager and I am the adminstrator

I can't acces task manager need help

I can't get my Task Manager to open

I can't restore/ use task manager?

i entered suspicious site is my hjt log clean?

I have a virus that disables task manager; but no program can detect?

i got issues! it's locked me out of task manager now!

I have no Task Manager!

I think a virus has disabled my Task Manager

Identify unknown message at startup

IE and chrome instances in task manager

IE popup see it in task manager but not in window

iexplore.exe process doesn't go away and more.

IEXPLORER.EXE appearing multiple times in task manager

IEUser.exe launched trojan downloader. (maybe?)

In task manager all CPU usage is 00

In task manager

Infected with something task manager will not run

Info on Task Manager

Internet Problem relating to Task Manager?

Intrepreting taskmanager?

Invisible RAM?

Is it safe to delete background running processes?

Issues opening Task Manager

Issues with taskmgr.

Ive shut down all processes/services via task manager. how do i get them back running

Just help me to find the unwanted process from the log

Laptop Loading Slowly / hundreds of processes on task manager

Locked out from Task Manager

Locked out of the registry and task manager

log/ no control panel and cant get task manager/help help help!

Lost Task Manager

lst tabs in task manager

MAJOR problems with task manager

Malware Win XP Lost Control Panel & Task Mgr

Many programs running in Task Manager

Many problems Task Manager closes automatically

Memmory usage is more than available

Memory Being Reported Incorrectly for me too different

Monotonous Task Manager/Regedit problem

more taskmanager closing problems.

msconfig and task manager will not open

MSCONFIG/REgedit/System restore don't work

Multiple problems (task manager

My access to the task mgr. is greyed out

My icon on the Task Manager

My task manager is gone

My Task Manager Closes In 2-4 seconds.

My Task Manager & Ms Config is disabled

My Task Manager

My Task Manager isn't working correctly

My Task Manager might as well not be there.

My TaskManager is fine

Necessary running processes

Need help with task manager problem?

Need help with Task Manager

Need Help. Virus Alert! in taskbar. Task Manager

need task manager help

New in task mgr

New program in Taskmanager

New Process in Task Manager - Is it Malware?

no buttons on task manager

No more Task Manager

no run button and no task manager option and cant run system restore.

No Task manager

No taskbar/task manager

No Task Manager - no error msg

No Task Manager Access / Random Re-Booting

no task mangaer

No Task Manager Window!

no task manager or msconfig

No Taskmanager?

No Task Manager and other probs

Norton Antivirus and task manager disabled on XP

Not able to open taskmanager

Noticed Eln.exe in my Processes

Odd .dll in Windows Task Manager - Virus? Trojan?

Odd taskmanager problem

Odd task manager problem

Odd Task Manager Entries and other Problems

odd task manager activity

Odd startup has no name?

Ok to stop processes by renaming? Plus

ok i have a hijackthis log.but i cant open my task manager

Only 1 core of core duo turned on at manufacturer

Only one processor used

Opens to processes only

PC doesn't "find" itself in Network tasks

PC infected.Control panel + Reg edit + task manager disabled

PC running slow + Task Manager Disabled + No Folder Option

Pleadr Help! Task Manager Is Disabled By Administrator! No Turn Off Button On Start M

Please Help - Task Manager

Please help can't restore my task manager


Please help remove suspicious processes.

Please Help! No Task Manager :(

Popups gone - regedit/task manager inoperable

possible BISBY.B; kills regedit and task manager. help!

Possible malware infection - disabled task manager/reg edit

Possible virus has removed my task manager's toolbar.

Problem related to task manager.

problem with task manager on win7

Problem With Task Manager! Please Help.

Problem with Task Manager !

Problem with XP Task Manager

problem with taskmanager

problems after virus - No Task Manager Access

Problem with windows task manager

Problems Closing Programs in XP

Problems running Task Manager in XP

Problems With Computer and Task Manager

Problems with my running processes

Problems with task manager

problems with task manager and regedit (i have read previous threads)

Processes running-Task Mgr.

Processes not terminating in task manager

Processes run but don't show up in task manager?

Problems with Windows Task Manager

Processes in my computer

Processes List in Task Manager

Processes Running that I don't need?

Process seen in Task Manager

Processes in Task Manager

Program Priority

Processes Running in Task Manager Help!

Programs not closing

Program won't start and inables taskmanager!

Programs not ending? Still in task manger.

Question re. processes running in Task Manager

Questionable processes in taskmaster

Questionable Tasks running

Quick Launch exe in Task Manager

RAM in Task Manager?

reading the task manager

Re-enabling Task Manager

REgedit / Task Mgr Hijacked

Regedit & Taskmgr Disabled

regedit and msconfig not working

Regedit and task manager not working (HJT included)

Registry and Task Manager Problems: virus?

Registry Settings for Task Manager

Registry Editing/ Task Manager

Registry Editing/ Task Manager disabled Error.

Regedit and task manager disabled by adm.

Regedit and MSCONFIG close immediately

Regedit + Task Manager problem.

Rootkit help. Showing Koos.exe hidden process

Run option and taskmanager inactive plz help !

RUN in starup program missing

Running Tasks - unfold the mystery!

Security Task Manager Log -- Whats this?

Services tab in task manager

Server 2K3 SBS detects 4 HP Xeon CPUs

Several popups and task manager doesnt work

Shutting down extra processes

slow and tons of processes in task manager

Slowdown after virus removal - suspect hidden proc.?

Software I cannot kill.

Solved: 3GB of RAM only detecting 1GB

Solved: Alcan.a and netvisor and task manager problems

Solved: Broken Task Manager

Solved: Cannot close Task Manager ! !

Solved: Can't Access Taskmanager or regedit

Solved: can't open task manager

Solved: Can't Enable Task Manager

Solved: Computer Laggy and can not open task manager

Solved: Control Panel disappeared/Desktop restricted access

Solved: Ctrl+Alt+Delete no longer brings up task manager

Solved: Ctrl+Alt+Delete Won't Work Please Help the Task Manager is always suppost to work!

Solved: Dell Inspiron 5000e only recognize 1/2 memory installed

Solved: Desktop and Task Manager Virus

Solved: Does Windows 7 Have a Program to Kill Firefox?

Solved: Dual Core processor showing up as Single

Solved: Error Message: Task Manager

Solved: Error: Task Manager (again)

Solved: have Access appl to run in Task manager

Solved: harmful or harmless processes in task manager? how to find out?

Solved: Help - Possible Trojan - Task Manager not openning up

Solved: Help! Can't click the Task Manager

Solved: Help! I need Task Manager BACK.!

Solved: HELP! Tabs of Task Manager box have vanished!

Solved: HELP: Virus that blocks task manager

Solved: I broke the task manager somehow

Solved: Malware removed; 'folder options' etc missing

Solved: Malware that has changed IE menu and disabled Task Manager

Solved: Malware from Proxy.Org creating Task Manager and Browser issues

Solved: Memory Reported Differently in Control Panel and Task Manager

Solved: Malware loss of task manager

Solved: Missing Win.ini cannot run restrui - trying to restore

Solved: msconfig/task mngr wont work spyware

Solved: My Task Manager Keeps Closing And Im Oblvious To How To Fix It!

Solved: My Task Manager's top menu options have disapeared.what gives?

Solved: need "task manager" fix

Solved: No taskmanager

Solved: No Task Manager! HELP

Solved: No users showing on Task Manager

Solved: Notepad & Taskmgr.exe freeze

Solved: only 1 CORE working


Solved: pls check out this hjt log please?

Solved: printing windows task manager

Solved: process explorer and task manager problems

Solved: Re-Enable Ctrl+Alt+Dlt

Solved: Registry File & Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator

Solved: Regedit and Task manager will not launch

Solved: Something that disables the regedit and task manager.

Solved: Something unknown blocks task manager

Solved: Solved: Tast Manager error

Solved: Spyware issue with restricted access to control panel

Solved: Start Task Manager

Solved: Start up list in task manager

Solved: suspicious items under msconfig startup

Solved: task manager and regedit gone

Solved: task manager locked

Solved: Task Manager window won't open

Solved: Task manager bugged?

Solved: Taskbar Disabled

Solved: task manager won't come on

Solved: Taskmanager disabled and pc might be infected

Solved: Task Manager disabled

Solved: Task Manager Looks Different?

Solved: Taskmanager not wrkn

Solved: task manager won't work!<<<

Solved: task manager menus missing

Solved: Task manager does not show user as logged in.

Solved: Task Manager not executing

Solved: Task Manager - how to see all processes

Solved: task manager glitch

Solved: Taskmgr

Solved: Task Manager-no Commands On Display

Solved: Task Manager has been disabled

Solved: Task Manager Problems

Solved: Task Manager not showing fully

Solved: Task Manager not working after Malware removal.

Solved: task manager - start items

Solved: task manager a bit weird

Solved: task manager not working also running slow plz help

Solved: task manager and folder problems

Solved: Task Manager opening then Closing

Solved: task manager is disabled and gpedit.msc canot be found

Solved: Task Manager disabled + No run command + No folder option

Solved: Task Manager Is Disabled?!

Solved: Task Manager Problems/Possible Virus?

Solved: Task Manager Won't Load

Solved: Task Manager Tabs

Solved: Task Manger wont display right

Solved: Task Manager Issue

Solved: task manager window problem

Solved: Task Manager isn't right.

Solved: Task Manager & Regedit do not work (I get an error message)

Solved: Task Manager not all there

Solved: Task Manager acting erratically

Solved: task manager acting weird

Solved: Task Manager not opening at all.

Solved: Task Manager and Regeedit closes!

Solved: Task Manager on XP

Solved: Task Manager disabled by your administrator.

Solved: Task manager Doesn't Open

Solved: Task manager shows duplicate process

Solved: Task Manager Won't Close?

Solved: Task manager issue - Virus?

Solved: Task manager will not open!

Solved: Task Manager Not Accessable

Solved: Task manager issues


Solved: taskmgr.exe using high CPU

Solved: Task Manager changed

Solved: Task manager HELP PLEASE!

Solved: They have been disabled

Solved: Task Manager help! :o

Solved: task mgr not in registry

Solved: Title Bar of Windows Task Manager's Dispappeared

Solved: Unable to Activate Task Manager

Solved: Unable to run Task Manager or access the registry editor

Solved: unknown program running the the background

Solved: unknown malware lost some admin privileges

Solved: Unknown Program running in toolbar again.

Solved: Viruses and Spyware blocking Task Manager

Solved: What happened to my task manager?

Solved: Where Is My Task Manager

Solved: why can i not use my task manager?

Solved: Win Antivirus- Pop Ups- No Control Panel- No Task Manager

Solved: windows 7 taskbar and task manager

Solved: Windows Explorer lists - disappearing (processes in task manager)

Solved: Windows task manager

Solved: windows task manager doesn't appear normal!

Solved: Windows Task Manager Processes

Solved: WINDOWS TASK MANAGER. how to read it.

Solved: Windows Task Manager.probably an easy solution.

Solved: windows xp sp2-two differnt items in taskmanager-what are they

Solved: windows xp taks manager

Solved: Windows XP task manager turned off

Solved: windows xp task manager?

Some kind of trojan (disables Task Mgr) with HJT log

Some questios about things running in task manager

Something keeps disabling my Task Manager

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