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(Solved) The Cleaner - Trojan Detector (Big Problem)

(Solved) Viruses and Trojans OH MY Please Help!

**READ** Trojan Infection solved - Culprit

?email virus/trojan?

?McAfee found Trojan

[Resolved] Confrentations on my PC {trojans & spyware}

[Resolved] Datom worm in C:\_RESTORE

[Resolved] Adaware log {peper trojan and other stuff}

[Resolved] KeyboardPanic Trojan

[Resolved] help with a trojan horse

[Resolved]Trojan horse virus.

[Solved] Attack by Trojan

[SOLVED] cannot remove downloader trojan virus

[Resolved] peper a trojan

[Solved] do i have a trojan ?

[Solved] do i have a worm or virus here is log

[Solved] Help~Trojan/Spyware?

[Solved] Help Please Download.Trojan Virus

[Solved] Help! Trojan Problems

[solved] Can't get rid of trojan and HJT please!

[Solved] help removing trojan!

[Solved] Please help me remove a dialler program

[Solved] Trojans/virus in my comp

[Solved] SPYWARE. can some help me?

[Solved] Removing Trojan

[SOLVED] Virus/Trojan

[SOLVED] Trojan virus

[Solved] Need help with trojan horse

[solved]Does my computer have a trojan?

[Solved] Virus/trojan help needed

[Solved]Help with trojan removal

[solved]Trojan horse virus.

[Solved]3 viruses and a trojan

[solved]Have trojans

[Solved]Help! Trojan horse--can't remove!

[Solved] What is a trojan and how do i prevent it

[solved]Please help remove spyware

{Needs Wareout Help} Mysterious Invisible Trojan or Worm in XP

2 viruses and a trojan horse. Items listed and detailed from scan. Windows Vista

2nd system restore after trojan disabled my net

3 Viruses/Trojans found. Please Help

3 trojans need help asap laptop is unusable

3 Trojans having trouble removing

4 Viruses some trojans can't remove them

8 Trojan virus' found!

A bunch of Trojans that I dont understand!

A lot of trojans

A possible trojan virus

A Trojan

A trojan/virus that can't be found

a Trojan! help me remove

A trojan spyware attacked my computer.please help me!

A trojan virus problem

A trojan virus that can't be removed

a.Need Trojan Help.

A trojan attacked our computer what to do now?

About Blank-Trojan Horse--HELP !

Accidentally downloaded a trojan and need help removing

Acer Laptop has possible trojan/worm from Perfect Optimizer

advast says i have a trojan

adware and trojan horse.need help please

After removing Trojan

After trojan virus problems.

aim profile worm or trjan?removal plezzee

Am I Infected With Trojans

Anitvirus found trogen

Another Hijack This Log! Plz Help! New Trojan/virus Thingy

another virus. please help on how to remove

Another Trojan Help

Another spyware/trojan problem

Another winXP trojan

Anti-Virus scan reports that I have trojan horses

Arggg! Unbelievable trojans and viruses. Please help.

avast trojan

AVG Has Found a back-door trojan!

AVG can't clear up new trojans and worms

Back Door Trojan Horse? Windows Update Error - 80070020 & AntiVirus 8 Malware Problem

backdoor trojan and other viruses - HELP!

Bad Trojan - Need Help

Been Hijacked / Trojan ? - Help

Being redirected but cannot locate worm or spyware

Big problems with trojan/virus

Big Trojan.Logger problems

Bleeping Trojans

Can anyone help get rid of the Trojan Dialers

Can anybody help me to get rid of a Trojan horse?

Can a trojan or virus follow you?

Can I remove trojan by restoring?

Can Viruses/Trojans Hide From Anti-Viruses?

Cannot clean files of trojans.

Cannot delete Trojan

Cannot Get Rid Of Trojan Horse

Cannot get rid of trojan virus.Help please

cannot fix this Trojan

Cannot get rid of a Trojan horse

Cannot get rid of Trojan

Cannot delete self replicating virus


Cannot solve Trojan Issue

can't clear trojan horse

Cant delete Trojan.

Can't find info on this trojan & my hijack log

Can't get rid of 8 trojans

Cant get rid of spyware/trojan

can't get rid of trojan

Can't Get Rid of Trojan Horse Viruses

Can't get rid of Trojan message

Can't get rid of Trojans

Can't get rid of these trojans!

Can't get rid of Trojan Horse virus - hjt log attached

cant get rid of trojan

Cant get rid of trojans. Please Help!

cant remove a trojen hores

Can't remove Trojan

can't remove trojans

Cant Remove Trojen

Cant remove a Worm.please help

can't remove worm

Can't rid computer of Trojan Virus! Please Help!

cant remove puper trojan with mcafee! pls help!

Changing trojan virus

Cleared Trojan

clusap.dll i think i might have a trojan.

Computer caught a Trojan

Computer found malware and trojans

Computer infected with Trojan(s)

computer has trojans still messed up HELP

computer lagging trojan worm found please help

computer is telling me i have a trojan horse Downloader

computer is full of trojans i cant delete

Conflicting Spyware/Trojan at boot-up eventually seizes-up PC (Hijack scan attached)

could someone look at this log from my download.trojan virus?

Deleting a Trojan

deleting trojan infected file ?

Details of my fight with worm/virus (I lost)

Desktop was hijacked and Trojan Virus. Help!

Did I get rid of the trojan?

Did i succesfully deleted trojans?

Do I have some sort of trojan?

Do I have a virus or a trojan please help :(

Do I have a trojan infection?

Do I have a virus or trojan?

Do I still have a trojan?

Do I have a Trojan and Adware

Don't know how to get rid of virus/worm

downloaded a trojan virus that I now can't find

Download.Trojan Cant be repaired

download.trojan cant delete!

Download.Trojan Problem

Download.Trojan virus

download trojan! neeed help

Download.Trojan Problem -- Please Help!

Downloader.Trojan (cannot delete) HELP!

Downloader.Trojan virus

Download.Trojan completely cleared?

download.trojan problems

DownloadTrojan Virus

Email Trojan Infection help

eXact.downloader Trojan Help! trojan need help with removal

File has a trojan - trojan virus - helpppp!

Found a trojan downloader on my system

Found Trojan!

Formatting trojan virused com

General Trojan Horse Virus

gettin rid of these trojans

Gets trojans and not online

Getting Rid Of This Trojan.

getting rid of a Trojan

Got a trojan? am i in the right place.

Got a problen with a trojon

got a trojan

Got a Virus or Worm Please help

Got Trojan

Got rid of the trojan I had & still can't download anything.

Got trojans

Got Trojians in my laptop that I cannot get rid of! Please help

got a trojan virus

Hacked / Backdoor Trojans / Please Help Remove

Had some .(adware issues\Trojans)

Had a trojan

Had a trojan virus.

Had a Trojon Virus

Had a trojan virus and followed ur instructions.these were my results

Hard to remove Malware & Trojans

Have I still got a Trojan problem

have one or more trojans need help plzz

Have i got some sort of virus/trojan? Help please

Have trojan/virus or bad something

Have a Trojan

Have Trojan

have many trojans unable to remove

have trojan need help getting rid of it. hjt

Have replicating virus I can't get rid of

Havea a trojon virus

Haveing Problems w/ Trojan Horse Virus

Having trouble getting rid of Tojan

Hclean Trojan Help

Having problem with Keylogger.trojan & Download.trojan. Please help!

Having worm/virus Problem

Help - Malware/Trojan.

HELP - Trojan - I have a new virus - i

HELP : malware/trojan infection

Help - trojan

Help -- possible trojan or virus . . .

Help - peper trojan and/or other virus

HELP 4 Trojans 1 Worm

HELP - Can't delete trojan-relayer-midlenet

Help 12 Trojan Horses Helpppp!

Help a trojan and malware problem.

Help ! Trojan Nebuler has infested my PC

Help avast found a trojan

Help - Can't get rid of Trojans

Help 2 Trojans

HELP cannot get rid of trojan

Help cleaning up trojans

HELP . trojan log

Help cleaning Trojan viruses

help got a Trojan Problem

Help help help - trojan horse

Help fixing trojan horse downloader and other

Help I have multiple trojans on my comp and need help fixing.(full details inside)

Help i have trojan virus

Help I think I have a trojan

Help Malware and trojans

HELP ME PLZ! I got a Trojan

help in detecting trojan

Help me remove this trojan

Help me to remove this Trojan

help me (trojan)

HELP ME! I mayby got a trojan!

help me to remove a trojan

Help me removing Trojan Virus

Help me kill a trojan horse!

Help me kill adwares and trojans

Help Me Get rid of this Trojan

Help needed on trojan removal

Help needed to remove Trojans

Help My Computer Is Infected And I Have A Term Paper To Do!plz

Help needed pls attack of trojanssss

Help please - trojans?

Help me get rid of trojans

help please for trojan/spyware removal

Help Please.2 trojans affecting entire system

Help needed with trojan / spyware

Help on Trojan SCAGENT.EXE virus

HELP please with trojans

Help numerous Trojan horse detected

Help plz: Back Door Trojan :(

Help Please. Can't Remove Autorun Trojans

HELP PLEEEEZE! Trojan from hell

help removing trojan

help removing trojan horses?

help remove trojans please

help removing trojan please

help plz! can't shake trojan/hijacker

Help removing downloading trojan?

Help removing Trojan and Worm

Help remove trojan

Help please with Trojans and associated malware

Help Removing Trojans!

help system tools worm in my computer

Help remove Trojan please

Help removing a trojan!

Help removing a Trojan and Adware :(

Help Trojans :'(

help trojan virus

help virus/worm

Help Tojan

Help to remove Trojan in ME

Help to remove virus/trojans

Help to check for any trojans

Help with a Trojan

HELP with a Trojan Pleeeease

Help with a Trojan Virus

Help with a virus/trojan!

HELP with Malicious Trojan

help with potential trojan/spyware

Help with removing a trojan

Help with removing trojan please

Help with Removing Malware/Trojans/Viruses

help with trojan and worm

Help with Trojan Removal.

Help with trojan?

Help with removing Trojans

Help with this trojan

help with trojian removal please

Help with Trojan/Virus Infestation? HJT Logs Listed/ TIA

help with trojan and spyware

Help With trojan removals

Help with Trojan & Spyware pls.

help with trojans

Help with removing a Trojan please

Help with virus/trojan removal

Help with Trojan Horse please!

Help with Trojan on Laptop!

help with trojan problem

Help worm in my PC

HELP with Trojan virus

Help with trojans/viruses

help worn and trojan.

Help with virus/worm

help with WinZod32 trojan

Help with Trojon

HELP! Backdoor.trojan need to remove it from Vista

Help with worm and trojan and possibly others

HELP! AntiVirus Soft infected & some trojan

Help! Computer Virus! Possibly a Trojan?

HELP! Can get rid of VALERA and LKJH Trojans

Help! I have a trojan horse and it won't let me download anything at all

Help! I Can't Get Rid Of This Trojan Horse!

Help! I have Troajns!

Help! my machine has been trojaned!

HELP! presumed trojan/virus/spyware


help! serious virus /trojan problems

Help! Think I have a Trojan Horse

Help! Trojan and Malware found.

HELP! Trojan malware

Help! Trojan something infecting

help! Trozan

HELP! spyware and trojans have taken over my cpu

HELP! virus and trojens!

help! trojan horse

Help! trojan horse/spyware. HJT

Help! Trogans!

HELP! Trojan or Virus?

Help! Trogan horse virus

HELP! Trojan vrs

help! Trojan/ virus removal help

Help! Trojan problem - fixed most

Help!Download.trojan virus

Help! Two Trojans

Help! Trojan on my laptop

Help. I can't get rid of a trojan

Help!I can't figure out Trojans

Help. Virus and Trojan

Help.virus or trojan on my computer

Help: Trojan Viruses

Help:Trojan Winshow AB Please check HJT

Help.Trojan Viruses on my computer

HELP: Some sort of Trojan Virus

Help: Trojan Virus or spyware?

Help-malware-trojan horse

helppppp I got a virus trojan horse backdoor trojan. and others!

heur/trojanhorse!cylazd on W7

Help: Trojon virus

hidden trojan

HiJack scan help me with worm please thank you

Hijacked? Trojan Viruses? please help

hit by Trogan Virus need help

HJT log: Started with a msn virus/trojan

How can I get rid of Trojan

How can I get rid of trojans? Can you help?

How can I remove trojans

How do I erase this Trojan?

how do i get rid of a trojan

How do I get rid of a Trojan? Helppp!

how do i get rid of blackcore and tagasaurus trojan?

How do I get rid of winupdate85872743 trojan?

how do i get rid of this trojan thing?

How do I get rid of these trojans?

how do i get rid of this virus (trogan)

How do I remove a Trojan?

how do i remove trojan spyware

How do I remove this trojan

How Do I Remove Trojan

How to get rid of Trojan virus?

How to get rid of a Trojan Virus

how to kill trojan virus

how to get rid of trojans and spyware for free

How to remove trojans and malwares

How to remove trojan?

How to remove Trojan ?

I am infected by a Trojan!

I can not get rid of my trojans

I cannot get rid of a download.trojan virus

i can't delete some trojan virus

I cant remove trojans

I can`t deLete files that have Trojan Virus.

I can't get rid of this Trojan!

i found a worm how do i get it off my computer

I downloaded a virus on MSN help!

I detect an awful trojan hit - help!

I got a trojan virus! Help!

i have ( or had) trojans!

I got a trojan. HELP!

I have a trojan i cant get rid of

I have a Trojan Virus

I got the Trojan Bug TOO!

I have a Trojan I cannot get rid of!


I have a trojan and programs running in register

I have a trojan and viruses and need help please as I don't know what to do!

i have a trojan virus. help

I have a trojan and I can't get it out of my PC

I have a worm attacking my computer how do i get rid of it?

I have a Trojan. Can you help please?

i got a trojan how do i fix it

I Got A Trojin

I have a Trojan.Dloader.BUP on my pc how can I remove it?

I have a virus and trojan horses that I get removed. HELP!

I have been trojaned.

i have a virus/trojan :/

I have a trojan

I have Trojans? Please help

I Have Trogans Need Help Please

I have the Trojan Virus - please help!

I have had a run in with a trojan!

i have trojan on my pc

I have trojans. help!

I have been infected with a trojan virus

I may have a worm on my computer

I need help in removing a tesller a trojan

I need help removing some trojans

i need help getting this trojan off my computer

I need help rmoving a trojan

I need help with a Trojan

I need help with trojan

I need my computer tomorrow at work!:mad: Vicious Virtumonde and Trojan Downloaders!

I need to know how i can report someone that sent me a trojan thru my email

I need some help with a virus /trojan

I really need help with this trojan virus!

I need Trojan help

I really need help! I think I have a serious trojan or something!

I think i have a trojan on my computer

I think I have a trojan spyware

i need to get rid of a trojan horse downloader

I think i have a worm/virus on my comp PLEASE HELP

I think I have a trojan virus. please help!

I think i have a trpjan virus

I now how to stop all these trojans

I think I have a virus/trojan

i think i got a virus/Trojan

I think I cleared out the trojan - am I right?

I think I have a Worm on my computer!

i really need help to get rid of Trojan generic

I used avg and adaware to delete a dialer trojan

I think I have a Trojan Virus . . .

I think there's a Trojan virus in my computer - Please HELP!

I think my computer has an trojan.

I think I have a worm or virus

I think i have a trojan infection

I'm finding it hard to remove these.

Im Being Attacking By Trojans

im infected with trojan in my computer.

I'm really stuck and i don't know how to get rid of all the trojans and viruses

i'm 99.9% sure i have a trojan horse virus

I'm plagued with trojans. Can YOU help?

In need of SERIOUS help! Trojan problem

INFECTED - Several trojans on my system.

Infected by Trojan

Infected by trojann downloader (I think ive got a worm)

Infected by trojans

infected computer with the conhook_dh trojan virus

Infected or not? (trojan/virus/hack)

Infected w/trojan

Infected with a trojan need help! :-(

Infected with a Trojan

Infected with a trojan I think! HELP!

Infected with multiple of Trojans

Infected with some sort of malware/Trojan

Infected with Torjan

Infected with trojan

infected with Trojans

Infected with Trojans and Malware.

Infected with trojans. help!

Infected with Trojans/viruses! Help me please!

Infected with trojans and worms

Infected with Trojans. Help Needed

Infected with Trojan's

infected with trojans+viruses

Infected with W32.Kwbot C.Worm Virus. Need Urgent Help!

Infection by TROJAN and unable to remove it.

Infection trojan. Help cant delete

infested? trojan/malware? HJT included

invisible trojan/malware Help please

Is it a Trojan or What?

Is it a Trojan?

Is It Possible to Remove Trojans From the Infected Files?

Is my computer clean of trojan and virus?

is there a safe trojan?

is there a trojan on my machine? thanks

Is there any tojan or virus?

Impossible NTRootKit-J Trojan/Worm

Infected with trojan & virus - Don't know which one

Is there trojans in this system

I've got a trojan that can't be deleted

I've got Trojan Horse Viruses what to do?

Ive had trojans

Just can't get rid of Trojans

Just cleaned 4 Trojans - Need your Help!

Just Removed a Trojan

keep getting trojan virus

Kill and Clean trojan

lappi infected with trojan.plz help.

laptop has worm. A good removal tool?

Laptop Infected Trojan/Malware

laptop infected with trojan

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