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Unable to customize toolbar

Unable to connect to wireless?

Unable to connect to secure wireless network XP/Ubuntu 12.04

Unable to Cut & Paste in Readerware database programmes!

Unable to connect to internet through IE

Unable to contact DHCP

Unable to connect to the net

Unable to connect to YM console

unable to connect to wifi

Unable to boot laptop - lsass.exe

Unable to contact your DHCP server

Unable to connect to Net via WiFi

Unable to authenticate 2 WinXP computers

unable to authnticate original disc

Unable to connect to Wireless Network Connection

Unable to boot Windows 7 installer

Unable to Accept Calendar Requests in Office 2003

unable to delete email in netscape 6.2

Unable to access "Internet Options" in IE5.5?

unable to connect to the DHCP to renew ip address

Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

Unable to connect to Pogo

unable to create new partition for installation

Unable to connect to wifi network

unable to connect to wifi dell cpx (Moved from XP forum)

Unable to find

Unable to Download (update) from Trusted Site

Unable to connect MS Media Player to internet

Unable to create instance of required object

Unable to get rid of Vundo malware

Unable to connect multiple devices to internet using Huawei EchoLife HG521 router?

Unable to finish burning to disc

Unable to connect to wireless network

Unable to delete favicon.ico in Temp Internet Files

Unable to get to Setup on my Dell Laptop

unable to exit email without exiting IE

Unable to delete registry key

Unable to Download .JPG

Unable to Cool Gas Sufficiently to Maintain Holographic Emitter

unable to create registry key

Unable to get to my registry

Unable to access many MS sites

Unable to Extend the partition size

Unable to find file problems

Unable to follow Hyperlink in MS-Word 2007

unable to decompress files

unable to dowmload

Unable to find installation package SYMSC.MSI

Unable to defrag (hijackthis log included)

Unable to extract the setup contents.

Unable to get Trillian to run

unable to download activeX control:

Unable to get assistance from Foxconn

unable to format

Unable to download an appropriate decompressor

Unable to format CD/RW

Unable to get Windows to recognize my sound card.

Unable to find pictures in "my picture" folder

unable to delete winupdate.exe

Unable to Change Internet Features (Active X Controls)

Unable to find adware-type popup on both chrome & ie

Unable to format new HD

Unable to end RDC session

Unable to format partitions

Unable to give windows control over wireless connections

unable to connect IIS

Unable to host Nascar Races

Unable to host Halo Games

unable to get spyware blaster to run

Unable to copy files with Windows XP after unistalling Roxio software

Unable to deliver message

Unable to access web - but internet works. + HJT Log

Unable to connect PC to domain.

Unable to download or view MS update webpage

Unable to download anything! Please Help!

unable to create \WINDOWS\system install error

unable to connect using wireless connection

Unable to detect NSLU2

Unable to enter safe mode after Blaster worm infection

Unable to enter setup

Unable to download from

Unable to access web pages as I was before

Unable to find certificate to log onto network?

Unable to Edit GPEDIT.MSC

Unable to communicate with Epson connect server (-2) error

Unable to import .pst file in Outlook 2000

unable to download software

Unable to get rid of Trojan.Vundo.H

Unable to disable/remove Faronics Anti-Executable

Unable to ENABLE DMA

Unable to connect with

Unable to connect world of warcraft

unable to display

unable to enter BIOS

Unable to delete mirc

Unable to download amd graphics card driver

Unable to display current owner

Unable to access Remote Server

Unable to create driver disk.

unable to initiate tubesock. unable to communicate applet af

Unable to connect - via WiFi

Unable to get Internet Access

Unable to Display Image

unable to fax

unable to connect 1 computer

unable to contact DHCP server - problem connecting to wireless router

Unable to download software upgrades

Unable to access the internet! Help!

Unable to Contact DHCP Server~Limited or No Connectivity~Cannot Assign Network Addres

Unable to insert in a OL2K reply

unable to find locale data files

Unable to get into this site . . . Moe needs Help !

Unable to install Bespelled

Unable to create partition Windows Setup

Unable to connect to vista netowrk computer

unable to conect

Unable to get rid of surfsidekick2

Unable to enter Protected Mode

unable to determine remote server

unable to edit registry

Unable to create system image on ext hdd and other weirdness

Unable to connect to


unable to download software updates.

unable to get into chat with java

Unable to get rid of Happili

Unable to Connect to Network

Unable To Connect Wifi

Unable to get rid of malware. MSE and Malwarebytes try but fail

unable to download update

Unable to email movie clips and temporary directory settings

unable to initialize installer GUI

unable to delete .avi file

unable to connect to sky sagem router via dongle

Unable to initialize onboard USB Hub

Unable To Download From Microsoft Servers

Unable to delete registry key or view permissions in XP Home

unable to download while internet connection is present

Unable to get $sys$DRMServer removed

Unable to delete Trojan File pcs_0021[1].exe

Unable to install after windows 2008 R2 server

unable to delete ymmapi.dll

Unable to delete virus: A0402682.CPY => C:\_RESTORE\TEMP\A0402

unable to initiate tubesock

Unable to download windows update KB2536276

unable to find ccplg.xml

Unable To Format D:

Unable to detect wired connection

unable to access printer error

Unable to Connect to Server - Error Mozilla

Unable to connect wi-fi

unable to connect to web server

Unable to edit RCA 201 video with Windows Movie Maker

UNABLE TO DL sp1/ sqmappi.dll missing

unable to do anything

Unable to e-mail from MS Word 2007

Unable to host any services

unable to initialize to modem message.

unable to get on internet explorer

unable to instal

unable to contact your DHCP server problem

Unable to connect to my wireless network!

Unable to install .NET Framwork 3.5

unable to install AOL bt voyager 105 drivers

Unable to format USB

Unable to format XP

Unable to find driver for driver for SAMSUNG X11

Unable to install a new IOS on 2950 switch

Unable to Host on

Unable to extract messages from stored DBX files

Unable to delete programme

Unable to download

unable to format drive

Unable to Browse Network

Unable to initialize device - CMD PRINT/D:\\

Unable to Download HijackThis!

Unable to complete secure transaction message

Unable to complete secure transaction problem

Unable to download IE6

Unable To Connect To Ccd Process.

Unable to install any windows in Hp notebook

Unable to get anything on boot

Unable to get updates for SuperAntiSpyware

Unable to backup documents

Unable to connect to Microsoft for Updates (HJT log included)

Unable to connect wireless Plese help!

Unable to delete [corrupt?] temporary internet file folders

Unable to find webcam- Samsung NC110

Unable To Download From Windows Update Web Site

Unable to download Messenger

unable to download drivers

Unable to download and install HIJACKTHIS.

Unable to install Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Unable to install Windows XP Home Edition

Unable To Install Windows

Unable to Locate Component

Unable to locate network connection

Unable to install mobo drivers

Unable to Locate Component - lsass.exe

Unable To Load Game Images

Unable to kill Trojan.Zefarch

Unable to install WinXP Pro on new 160GB WD HD

Unable to locate lowping servers for BF2 on vista! . Help!

Unable to launch SymAddIn

unable to load graphics conversion

Unable to locate wireless-g access point in the network

Unable to load products in

Unable to locate component: This application has failed to start because msvcrtdm.dll

unable to locate broadband blaster

Unable to locate virus

Unable to load graphics conversion filter

Unable to install downloads.

Unable to install Sygate Firewall

Unable to load

Unable to install msn messenger

Unable to log back in Live Messenge 2011

unable to install table due to internet sec. setting error.

Unable to install Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Premium

Unable to load jit compiler?

unable to load theme engine

Unable to locate DLL - Physical memory dump - NT4.0

Unable to install trust webcam driver

Unable to load a .DLL file

Unable to install updates in Windows XP

unable to load a report to you

Unable to install OS updates

Unable to load this one site -

Unable to log in after log out whilst running two use accounts

unable to load any security

Unable to install PDF virtual printers - Windows 7 and 10

unable to log on to email wants password

Unable to left click in IE5.5

Unable to install East Asian Langauge Pack

Unable to install driver for my CHIC USB Optical Mouse

unable to load m

Unable to modify services

Unable to open Links in Vista's "Windows Mail"

Unable to load mscomm32.ocx

Unable to install kaspersky workstation 6.0

Unable to open shortcuts in desktop

Unable to load BxxS5.dll

Unable to launch restart.exe

Unable to install programs and very slow

Unable to Install/Register DLL File

Unable to install East Asian Language Pack

Unable to locate DW WLAN Utility

Unable to open

Unable to Install Windows 7 sp1 Have tried a lot

Unable to open address book in Outlook Express

Unable to load Yahoo Pool game

Unable to Login to Windows!

unable to open folders/files

Unable to open

Unable to open "" site

Unable to install Vista Ultimate 64 bit OEM

Unable to install KB944338 (AGAIN !)

Unable to install Windows 7 - Incompatible BIOS

Unable to open intranet site

unable to install mcafee in windows xp sp2

Unable to open forwards from friends

unable to log into websites

Unable to install xp

Unable to open windows

Unable to open PRF file

Unable to open jpeg saved by Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

Unable to move unopened e mail from inbox

Unable to open microsoft office

Unable to open Quicken 2001 from floppy

unable to launch *.exe

unable to open a self extracting zip file in XP

Unable to log onto Win2k

Unable to log onto network from workstation that has been turned off for months.

Unable to open Microsoft sites / Win Update / Zune / Media Player updates

unable to open a site on IE and firefox

Unable to network three computers

Unable to launch games

Unable to open .eml attachments in OE

unable to open routers webpage it doesn't open

unable to install norton anti virus 2004

unable to play sudden strike

unable to prepare waveform #127: error #10705

Unable to load roller coaster tycoon 3 saved game

Unable to log you on because your account has been locked out. cant log in as admin

Unable to open shortcuts

unable to open pdf files in IE 6.0

Unable to install norton ghost 9.0

Unable to paste images into RTF document/editor like wordpad or PolyEdit

Unable to receive mail from outlook after installing the XP service pack

Unable to open

Unable To Load Saved Games Resdent Evil2 On Xp Pro

Unable to reach internet

Unable to remove Illustrator cs2 on Vista.HELP!

Unable To Partition

Unable to open any attachment ending in .swf

Unable to Locate Component - msefrms.dll ?

Unable to open Internet Explorer 7.0

unable to receive hotmail

Unable to network

Unable to listen to port 6515

Unable to locate DLL

Unable to mail merge in Office 2007

Unable to read file

Unable to Maintain Connection.

Unable to reach SpamInterceptor

unable to ON the NC6000 HP Compaq

Unable to install McAfee antivirus because of Nortons

Unable to recover deleted items

Unable to read file (Excel)

Unable to remove Isearch AVG virus

Unable to install InfraRecorder

Unable to install installshield scripting runtime

Unable to open application

Unable to print due to script error on page

Unable to reformat computer

unable to load library

unable to print from Outlook 2003

Unable to print within network

Unable to remove Laptop top cover assembly!

unable to locate ISafeIf.dll

Unable to reactivate sound output after deactivating it

Unable to print email from Outlook Express

unable to register

Unable to open pps files in windows mail

unable to print from Quicken

Unable to Read

unable to remove Mislead.App

Unable to register at

Unable to open DKLite.

Unable to open transport \Device\NwlnkIpx

Unable to print from Adobe Acrobat 6.0

Unable to register the dll/ocx

Unable to remove MySpaceIM

Unable to Print in Word 2007

unable to open faxsetup.inf

Unable to install Ghost 12.0

Unable to read disk?

unable to print.

Unable to open .pps attachments in Windows Mail

Unable to Register the DLL/OCX:RegSvr32

Unable To Make Radio Connection

Unable to remove NDT2.sys or INDT2.sys

Unable to Install Hijack This - error message pops up

unable to post on forum using infected pc

Unable to post on forums on my home pc

Unable to Restore XP to a previous .

Unable to set new owner problem.

Unable to Print from IE 11 on Win 8.1

Unable to read files

Unable to print from excel and words document

Unable to open email attachments in office express 6.0

Unable to print on the network printer

unable to read Configuration for drivers

unable to read the security descriptors data stream error

Unable to remove Soundblaster and Webcam drivers in control panel

Unable to Run Spybot or Adaware or AVG

Unable to read URL

Unable to print from microsoft

Unable to post on XP message board

Unable to open email with IE 6.0

unable to right click and close

Unable to Search For Memory at Samsung

unable to read files on rw CD

Unable to join a game server.

unable to open html files in browser

Unable to remove Spy Program Adware-Keen Value

Unable to play old games

unable to print quicken docs in XP

Unable to open shortcuts and connect to the internet.

unable to remove spysheriff from system

Unable to reply to websites

Unable to save settings on 3rd monitor

Unable to setup wireless router

Unable to reach POST

Unable to remove viewpassword from my desktop

Unable to Remove Autorun.vbs

Unable to remove infected yosimanu.dll

unable to log on to several bbs's

Unable to Install network a printer on a NAS

Unable to renew IP Address.

Unable To See Boxes In Winpfind In Safe Mode

Unable to remove an Instant Access Dialler

Unable to send graphics via emai

Unable to send html forms (Security Settings)

unable to log on some sites

Unable to renew IP address/Not able to connect to the Internet

Unable to run any installers or run HJT

Unable to Share

Unable to remove BYVSQQ.DLL

unable to send internal email due to static nat

Unable to run any MS Office 2010 programs. ?malware

Unable to remove XP Plus

Unable to renew IP after SP2 update

Unable to run Device manager

Unable to publish in FrontPage

Unable to remove SuperAntiSpyware

unable to send pictures or pdf files with windows live

unable to remove

Unable to reload office97 after format

Unable to reload windows

Unable to run anything - including HijackThis

Unable to remove

unable to send pictures/graphics

Unable to send test email in Outlook 2002

Unable to open the Help&Support in XP pro

Unable to remove - svcd\svchost.exe

Unable to see replies in WLM 14.0

Unable to remove/uninstall Pushy un-desirable Program

unable to pull up internet host page

Unable to remove Trojan.Goldun

Unable to remove "windows System Suite"

Unable to install xp sp2 after getting the hdd an external usb casing.

Unable to receive "some" messages

Unable to Print to USB Printer from XP

Unable to reinstall Windows XP

Unable to remove Trojan.Goldun (pxysdb.dat)

Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3

Unable to receive mails in Outlook 2003!

Unable to run Lavasoft

Unable to log into 192.168

Unable to run .exe

UNABLE to receive my MSN mail?

unable to remove Trojan.Vundo

unable to pc text

Unable to renew IP - Wireless

Unable to pull up WoW

Unable to perform backup

unable to reslove the servers dns address

Unable to log into any site and always runs into "security confirmations" as well

Unable to run Script Debugger in IE 5.5

Unable to open address book in win xp

unable to run virus scans

Unable to resolve server's DNS address

Unable to see extra email accounts in Outlook 2013?

Unable to renew IP Address resulting in limited or no connectivity

Unable to read my Sandisk Ultra SDHC 8GB camera card

unable to save

unable to save to the desire folder

Unable to remove "Command Service" -spybot

Unable to start computer :-/

unable to set homepage in IE7

Unable to start driver for PML (pmlDvr.exe)

Unable to remove orbit downloader

unable to run Smitfraudfix

unable to perform disk check

Unable to play Asheron's Call

unable to read my word documents

Unable to remove virus! kscsvs.exe

Unable to install NT Server

unable to start firewall after virus removal - {Moved Thread}

Unable to open Outlook.pst

Unable to perform recovery

Unable to open in fullscreen mode

Unable to save/locate Access 2010 file

Unable to start the spool manager

unable to remove Adware-OneStep

Unable to see Local Computers

Unable to remove win 98se java virus

Unable to save attachments in Outlook 2000

Unable to Remove BoboTurbo Malware

unable to scan

Unable to Start Graphics Engine due to improper system configuration

Unable to remove Win32.Agent.pz

unable to launch setcdfmt.exe!

Unable To Open Cd/floppy Drives

Unable to send or receive messages

Unable to repair or access C:\windows\system32\unlodctl.exe

unable to scan explorer.exe

Unable to start in safe mode

Unable to set new owner of " C:\ drive"

Unable to perform searches

Unable to publish with Frontpage 2002

unable to save pictures from websites.

Unable to uninstall - "windows explorer has stopped responding"

Unable to Scan with Xerox XK50

Unable to ping local IP

Unable to subscribe to virus defs for NAV2000

Unable to share printers!

unable to start up

Unable to query host name

Unable to share files using TCP/IP

Unable to Sign In to MSN or Hotmail

Unable to share the Internet from the server

Unable to Start Vidalia when loading Tor

Unable to recover data after migrating from windows 7 to windows XP

Unable to sign on to Facebook "Sorry

unable to start netlog on

Unable to share files/printer

unable to start windows

Unable to restart

Unable to use WPA-PSK

Unable to play games on

unable to quit the internet

Unable to view jpg files in IE 6

Unable to log in to

Unable to Remove 2 Recently Acquired Viruses

Unable to play H254 .MKV

unable to reinstall XP(Ghost blocks it)

Unable to start

Unable to log into Windows 2000 machine

Unable to read file when attempting to open .xls

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