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(LOOK AT THIS) Upgrading to Windows XP Home with FAT32

(Hijack.ControlPanelStyle) I Cant Get Rid of It

(Resolved) I want to KILL "Messenger Service"

(mic) I Have To Scream.

(Resolved) tmp_pk file extension? What is it

(Solved) Computer lingo what is a crack?

(Solved) Help with a program message needed

(Solved) North AntiVirus Professional edition?

(Solved) Solitaire

(Solved) What is this?

.jpg applications

.NET-based CMS - Language Packs?

.What Is Bloodhound.Exploit 6.

? About RAM

/ what is this

? regarding OEM & UPgrade to Ultimate

;what is a missing ldtr?

[B]garbled registry entry[/B]

[Solved] do all trojans reside in files they have created?

[SOLVED] damn virus

[Solved] HIJACKER/SPYWARE: Downloading new Spyware onto system at Startup!

[Solved] Insane Amounts of Spyware

[Solved] Some Devices Not Connecting to Bridged Wi-Fi

[Solved] trojan is taking help help!

[Solved] Star-up programs and extras.

{Advice Offered} - W98 client

{Advice Offered} - NT 4.0 server profiles

{Advice Offered} - raid server - NT server

{Advice Offered} - TCP/IP printers

{Resolved} - Can't see network with RAS

{Solved} - domain controller not found on RAS dialup

{RESOLVED}No power to my hd

{Advice Offered} - Printing from Win 2000 & NT Workstation

1. how can i make my domain name email accounts to be more secure with TLS or SSL?

“K-Lite codec” must play 99% movie file format

2 identical process

2nd computer needs braudband-help

2GB Radeon 4850 on an SLI motherboard

3 Viruses Found

90 min/790 mb CDs

70% + Memory in use when doing nothing

a base.

A clean registry is . . . ?

A more powerful computer or a server?

A question about BIOS

a link to Win anti virus pro 2006 problem

About Networking

About RAM memory

About Router

About SLi and FB

about netowkring

A router.

About paypal.

about domain and workgroup

Access - Skipping Records when Arrowing

AC adapters for digital cameras. a few questions.

Access tables

Access problem using Auto Kook-uo query

Access Internet in My Company

Accidentally deleted Critical Files in XP

ad.doubleclick popups? (HJT Log)

Ad or Mal ware problem?

ad/radio malware

adaware with trojans in it?

Adding a FAT32 drive to XP w/ NTFS

Admin accounts: whats it all about?

ADSL Line reporting large upload of data

advice with avg rootskit

Adware / Spyware


Adware or Spyware

adware virtumonde attack my laptop

Adware and Spyware.

adware. horrible

Adware/Spyware problems

Adware Threat

Agent Dropper Issue

aim posting spam links

All about video RAM?

All these parts together? Optical Drive and AntiVirus

already started my network setup but.

Am I infected or is this computer junk

Amazon Z-shops

An anti-virus is attacking my computer!

antivirus information

Anti-spy killed my network connection

Any More Info on This Mouse?

Any Military Logistics Types in the House?

Anyone know about server clustering?

Application Data\Tocu\opaxu.exe Infection or Not?

Appears to be a Trojan Injector b Worm

Apple IPOD and DVD audio question


Are there any maleware watchdogs?

Ata 100 & 133?

ATAPI: cd-drive failure

Ati with sli ?

Autocomplete problems worm. please help

AVG Anti-Rootkit

AVG finds rootkit

avg root-kit advice

AVG Tuneup & Something doesnt seem right in my HJT Log

Back Door Trojan has hijacked my PC

AVG Rootkit

Back-up Strategy needed urgently

backup info

Bad adware

Bad Spyware

bad latency

Basic Network help needed!

Basic Question About BIOS

Bat.Trojan virus

Battery Power vs AC Power

Being attacked by malware such as Malware doctor

Best Latency

Best raid setup for server

Best processor to get the most out of the 8800gt in SLI

Big CSS Problems

bios cmos relationship

Bios and processor?

BIOS & CMOS Questions

Bit of info required.

Black Desktop Screen with Spyware Warning

BIOS computer information

Bit oh help

bit torrent downloads where are they

bios related and display

BLOGGING- What is this about?

Blue screen with "Spyware detected on your computer" message

Bobrowser took over my laptop

Boardband over wireless network?

bootlegged software

brand new laptop but 94 processes running

Broadband connection?

broadband connction

Broadband - *veryl*

Broadband connection being used by something

broadband based on Cell Phone Specturm+Cant find info+techtv+help

Broadband to DSL

Build: What's the difference?

buying refurbished "new" printer. What should I know?


Can Any One Explain Me what is unispace server.?

Can an image be brighter than white?

Can anyone tell me if this looks normal? (ipconfig)

Can New Spyware affect MSN Login?

Can Microsoft outlook do this?

Can Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2000 be installed on the same pc?

can somebody explain what pdf

Can Someone Help Me With This Malware/spyware

Can Spyware do this ?

Can video card do the job?

Can you identify this?

Can you get a ip address connected into a modem?

Can you see thru NAT

Can't access websites that begin with the same numbers as internal IP addresses

Caught between bugs and problems:- Help!

CD megabytes problem

CD/r/rw problems

CD-R/RW multi-session blues

CDR/RW Problems

CD-rom or CD-RW

cdr vrs cdrw and multi-sessioning


CD-R CD-RW problems

Ceras pop up

CD-R 185 MB-can't read or write to anymore

CD-RW/CD-R What should I use?

CD-RW's constantly Playing up

Changing document file names automatically

Cheaper boards don't perform basic functions?

Chipsets & motherboards

Clean instal - in a bit of a quandary!


cloning opp system problem

cmso / bios

Cmos And Bios

CMOS and Hardware Trouble

coach08882 printer info

CMOS/BIOS memory issue


codecs incompatibility or hardware or?

CODECS! what? where? how? why?

Comments? for fellow IT professional.

Computer "losing" files - need monitoring method

Computer BIOS help plr

computer dragging

computer crawls numerous trojans

Computer invaded possibly to steal banking info

computer looping

Computer loops

Computer probes

Computer with lots of spyware problems.need help please

Computer Write Access

conduit/bing malware/virus

Conflict Device No I/O Range Resources

Connect to myself in a virtual LAN ?

Connect playstation3 using Netgear wpn824 v3

connect two networks to just Access devices

connecting to internet without default gateway?

connecting to WPA encrypted network with WEP?

Constant invasion of spyware/malware

Constant Interruption During Boot Process

corrupt nt 4.0 files

Coulple of questions about implementing RAID 0

cpu and cmos changed

CPU speeds

CPUID cputin auxtin help ?

crossfire vs sli

Crossfire and SLI

Crossfire concept with either x1300 or x1600

Crossfire/SLI quick query


D#%m Toshiba Thotkey!

Daily dose of MS Technical emails

Database help

DCOM- what is it?

DDS scan not workng

DCOM Service

Deciding on types of RAID

Defragmentation Question

Defrag did this!?

Defragmenting my HD

Delete Slmss.exe file

defrag is wigging out

deleted netwaiting no internet

Delay in storage transactions

desktop wallpaper turn blue infected by viruses or spyware

Desktop: Warning! Spywared Detected . . . .

Desktop Task Bar Or Menu Bar

Desktop wallpaper/spyware warning hijack

Difference between "SLI" and "CrossFireX"?

difference between newsgroup and usenet

different subject

DHCP.say what?!

Different Dial up Speeds? uneducated questions !

Direct X - What is it?

directx question

Direct X questions

Disconnect Issues with RAS

ditching MS Instant Messenger

DNS and Domain Help

DNS and IP

dllhost.exe hogging memory

DNS with NAT

Do I still have a trojan or grayware?

Do I have an EIDE interface?

Does all hardware need firmware?

Does such a router (still) exist?

Domain name registration & Web hosting (what's the difference?)

Domain Or Workgroup


Don't understand CD-burner

Downloaded I can get it off my system

drive change during defrag.

DSL and Cable on Same Network?

DSL router v. Satellite

DSL vulnerability to intruders during boot

DSL dropped packets

dumb network/virus ? (those r the easiest?) What is this?

Dumped Software

DVD Burning vs. DVD Ripping

DVD Lead-in Area


eHome files in my computer

EI6 messages between different operating system


Email Pop Accounts


Ethernet works at home


Ethernet connection works

Exchange & Pop3

Expalnation of speed results.

Explain this traceroute?

Extremely Slow delete/ multi rundll32.exe / random dll names

fast cable or DSL may be available ?

FAT32 & NTFS on same computer

fiesty burner and soundcard. woe is me!

FAT32 files on XP with NTFS files

File system types in XP Home.

Files snuck onto computer

Firewall Concern

firewall suspicion

First wireless network attempt - first problem

Firewall Software Going Out

Flash MX Drama

Folder Levels

Folders in Windows Directory

Found a really useful site describing Spyware and legit Tasks

FSB. what is it?

ftp or something

FUBAR Internet

FTP Information

Gateway/DNS Suffix

General computer questions #2! (upgrading)

Gen: Variant. Kazy Help Please

General Question: What is C:\$Extend\$UsnJrnl:$J:$DATA

Getting Trojans when i run antivir and applications

ghz vs fsb


GHz help

Go-Back and defrag

good internet connction

Good internet connection

GPRS modem

Graphic Card facts

Graphics card stuff

GSearch Malware - so what's the solution?

Great ping

Had a few tiny problems since the last spyware infection.

Hacktool detected by Symantec Endpoint - Need help!

Hacktool problem

hacked? spyware and malware

Hard drive or OS? Caused by spyware?

Have 2 trohans need help

Having trouble with my WAN and LAN Port Cables


HD vs FDD? Why can't we jsut get along?

HDD RAID Questions

HDMI used to work.

HDMI 1.3 usable in 1.4 ports?


HD or CPU?

Help - Whats the name of the component that teh external hard drive plugs into called

Help connecting to an existing network/gateway

help choosing a raid configuration

Help me please! Malware or virus attack!

help me out with MTU and DSL / wireless router

help new to this all

help on using BIOS

Help needed w/ wincom32.sys Trojan Removal

Help switching from DSL to Broadband band

Help Spyware or Virii

Help Spyware!

help spyware is all over my computer

Help understanding router's status info

Help with DDS scan?

help with choosing raid setup

Help With Spyware?

help with spy ware

help with raid card choice

Help! Adware.gen Virus Has Infected My Laptop

Help! Could spyware have caused this?

HELP! databasing

Help! Privacy in danger spyware

Help! What Is This?

Help! Trying to avoid major virus!

help.more spyware

Hi malicious downloads on my computer

Hi! I have a virus! :(

High Speed Internet. at 400ms ping times!

High latency only in online games

Hijack Log! Pc not in good state at all


Home Network through my Gateway

Horrible Spyware/Adware/possibly virus problem

host computer?

Host names and IP addresses

hotkey.exe file?

Hotkey.exe problems

How Bios writing changes

HotSpot & Networking

How can I apply a password to router getting it feed from an ethernet cable.

How can I get both digital AND analog audio?

How can I use a usb connected adsl modem and a dial up modem on the same pc?

How do i convert Realplayer files onto a VCD?

How do I know what is being downloaded?

how do i remove Imesh Spyware?

How do I remove Dealply?

how do i know if i bought a crossfire master card or just crossfire ready card?

How do I stop msmsgs.exe from loading?

How do I treat an infected network?

How does my Security Set-up look?

How Much Hard Drive Cache Is Enough?

How i conect ps3 to internet wih d-link 321b?

How is bandwidth measured?

How is this Core.

How insecure is 110 for email?

how to define the faster speed of laptop?

How to find out what is reading/writing to my HD

How to open this video file

HTML/Framer Threat Detected? What is this?

I caught C:/a.bat -> ZapChast.reg trojan help

I have 2 new laptops that do exactually the same thing.

I need a great networking person. Can't get internet on network

I need help with SNMP

I need help with understanding if this computer would

I need the right modem networking card.?

I think i have a trojan. I need help badlyy!

IDE bus promblems

IDE Controllers

ide expansion

im infected trojan.kotver VIRUS please help

I'm not sure whats happening.

I'm not sure what's happening!

I'm having some big problems with Real Player/Nero 7- please help!

Im So Confused with my burner!

Im trying to aquire i-net 6 or higher for windows 2000

imesh virus

Imesh won't delete!

in terms of files

Increaseing The Clock Multiplier

Infected with [emailprotected]

infected with [emailprotected].need help!

Infected with Spyware/Virus: Log uploaded

Information about RAM

Insight into Windows 7

Instafinfer and kazaa! help me please!

installing office 2000 on 2nd computer

Installing window application

Integrating Domain and Workgroup

Intel driver needed

Internal Router

Internet Being Used by Spyware or something

Internet connection and TCP/IP

Internet delay?

Internet Hyperlinks

Internet LAN

Internet ping question

internet slow: dsl: other broadband options ?

Internet Speed good download speed bad.

Internet speed vs download speed

Internet speed test results vs. average connection speeds

internet upload

internet uplaod/download speed?

Iphlpapi.dll File Cannot Start error message

Is .doc file a Word document?

Is it because of Java or?

Is it my browser? Or is it their server?

Is it my computer or my DSL provider?

Is it the computer or the monitor?

Is it the Modem or the Phone Line or Worse?

Is it the Router

is Microsoft .Net standard on some computers?

Is my temperature ok? What is SYSFANIN


Is Spyware/Malware the Cause?

Is there a simple explaination for CSS style sheets?

Is there a small program out there that simplies modifies hue/saturation?

IMAP Emails.

Internet speeds are fine

Is this a good RAID config?

Is this a malware ?

is this amazing or is it just more raid?

Is this malware on p2p a real thing and was it common

Is this processor unlocked?

Is this program infected?

IS this spy or adware

Is this vista?

Is this supposed to be in my Registry?

ISO Help

ISO problem with Nikon D5000 and more

ISP needed with DSL or broadband?

Issues w/cd-rw


istvc what is it

Its meant to Protect NOT infect

I've got a lots virus attack!

Ivesting in a SLi/Crossfire system

Java vs. JRE?

JDBC methods


knctr help - solved

Lack of RAM

LAN and VLAN--which one's for me?

LAPTOP CPU 100%--HJT LOG (1st timer)

Laptop with FDD ?

Latency and Lag Explained

latency > 500ms

Learning about FTP

Learning Tablet PC hardware?

LEGACY files in the Registry

Legitimate Spyware

log to read

logging it

Loosely used SQL.

Lost a Change of Color-Function

Major Spyware Malware Problem Please Help

major spyware problems! not sure where to start!

making a boot disk (Do not be fooled)

Making back up copies!

Malware affecting my bank account

Malware and Viruses - Please Help!

Malware Attack

Malware or spyware question?

malware or spyware problem

Malware results

malware/spyware NASTY HELP!

Malware/Virus/Worm on Computer causing it to shut down during virus scanning(HJT)

Malware? Spyware? Virus? Not sure

Malwarebytes found 2 PUPs

Malwarebytes Found Threats

Manufacturer battery or no name brand

Many Infected Files - So I am Told.

Mapping to Win98 Unavailable Until Pinged

masking an icon on my local network

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