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MB Issues

mb or other problem

Laptop Checkup

mDNSResponder.exe- Application Error

Meaning of "ping" in computer jargon

meaningless **** i had to put here

media player7 vs real judebox 7

MegaBrowse and Spigot Malware Help Please

Memory Question: What is CL2 / CL3?

Metadata: What is it? And is it safe to delete?

Microphone/Guitar and Speaker Issues

MIDI Doesn't like me

MIDIS Instruments

Missed Malware-Virus or Hijacker?

missing memory count

missing Mystery dll causing all kinds of trouble!

Mirc : News Bot Assistance

Modem frame sizes

Modem Selection

More unexplained Wifi activity

Most important compenent to produce great networking speeds

Motherboard and chipset

Motherboard help/suggestions

Moving up to DDR Ram

MP3 Compression

MP3 created on dates

mp3/mpeg playback

Mpeg Layer 3 Format

ms Accesss > Can this be done ?

MS Office 2000: Remove Hidden Data?

MS Office 2007 Groove is ticking me off

MS Outlook 2002 type moving on it's own


msmsgs and phantom read writes

msmsgs.exe disabled but.

msmsgs.exe (MSN Messenger) ALWAYS running.

msmsgs.exe problem

msmsgs.exe (MSN Messenger) Ending use

msmsgs.exe accessing internet

MSN: Same email

mstsc sessions explained

Multi-Boot with No Timeout

music file contents

My computer's awaiting death

My screen

My videos are all MPEG-3 for some reason?

mysearch speed bar

Mysterious green square

Name/Password not recognized after upgrade from 2000 to XP



NAV registration registry keys

need a url address please

Need assistance removing BearShare

Need assistance with server smtp/pop3

Need Backup Software and/or System

need general security advice and help in identifying viruses

Need help database concept (Access 2000)

Need help on spyware

Need help recovering pc from Trojan damage

Need help selecting a compatible replacement mobo

Need help understanding BlueTooth technology

Need Help with possibly malicious program

Need Neworking Help

Need proxy server with dial-on-demand

Need registery entry defn for exe files.


Need Advise (ftp server)

nero put my computer in a coma



Net use & Net Bios

NetPerormance error message - what is it?

Network packet

Network Help Needed - DNS

network roaming

Network Sniffers

Network File Sharing Question

Network Routers

Networking with routers.

Networking Availability

Networking Through HPNA

never dealt with viruses before--help!

Networking - Router

new ad-ware discovered (desktop)

Neurotic Bi Polar PC Need Help

New hard drive. FAT32 or NTFS formatting?

New HD upgrade NTFS or Fat32

New Kind of WEP Encryption

New ISP and other computers

New net concept - "BLOGGING"? What is it?

New Viruses - Tracking Cookies - Big Problems!

NIC/router problem

NFS connectivity

No Boot Problem

No More Spyware (try This If You Have Probs)

NO video - NOTHING

No Video possibly no boot? Grrr.

Norton Antivirus Update Daemon

Not sure whats happening.

Not using DHCP

Not really a thread only question!

notepad is opening help and support feature


ntfs issue. need feedback

NT RAS cannot add modem(s)

Nvidia/ATI and SLI/Crossfire

Odd Bios post or first boot


OK I don't know what is going on maybe malware

OK i somehow deleted a "rundll32.exe" file and programs arent working help

Old ISA Network/Modem Combo Card HELP!

Old Ultra Laptop

One of my harddrives running in raid 0 has changed itself to sata jbod

Onestep and other Spyware

online gaming high latency?

one sql needed

OOP parameters

Open Proxy? need help

Operating system or BUG?

Operating system reboot

Operating system/login

Operating system restart

Our these two files dangerous?

outlook 2002: shortcuts link to wrong folders/folders missing

outlook 2003 unicode

Outlook Express Windows 98 Need Calendar\Agenda

Outlook: ANSI-ost to unicode-ost

Overclock problem

Outside parties maliciously attacking my computer

Overclocking Problems

p2p virus questions?

PAE or not to PAE


Packets Are Sent

ParetoLogic and FileCure

Panther folder.what is it?

Parity what is it?

Parent's computer is infected with viruses/spyware

Password protecting a wireless router (not WEP/WPA key)

PC 2100 Dual channel ddr?

PC hacked with multiple applications affected.

PC is Overdosing on Processes!

PC loaded with bugs

PC will not run video. viruses and trojans found

pc-dvr/pvr question

Persistent Elodu Ad-Ware

Phishing Scam - what can this do?

Ping 208ms - Is this correct?

Ping test results

Ping/Speed Issues

Ping versus Bandwidth

Ping times -- is high latency but no jitter better than low latency with high jitter?

Ping'in on a network?

players at games sites reading my IP?

playing steaming audio/video

please explain "overclocking"

Please help a beginner get rid of his adwares/spywares

Please explain PC3200/DDR400 differences

Please help me regarding Blogging

please help me! virus is eating my computer!

Please help virus and spyware attacks

Please help with a code/script

Please help! (Trojan spy virus)

Please help! RPCRT4.dll error.

Please take a quick look - am I running the most effective spyware and antivirus?

PLZ help me my computer is full of spyware!

Plug in USB

poor unchached speed and memory performance.

POP 3 Accounts

pop3 smpt?

POP3 account



Pop ups and no spyware protection

POP3 and IMAP email accounts in MAIL

Port socket

Popups and a randomly generated exe

Ports and networking

Possible hacking with spoofing ?

Possible adware/spyware problems

possible spyware/ malware/trojan /virus problems

Possible Phishing Scam

possible spyware/adware

possible virus. trojans even? hijack log included

possible spybot32 virus

Possible virus? Erghhh!

Potential trojan (svcipa.exe)? - please help me fix it!

Potential worms/viruses?

PowerDesk - Organizing Files and Folders On XP

Powerfull Virus That I Ignore

powerpoint OS compatability

Prevention: Antivirus & Firewall Help

Printing from Score

Problem connecting to different WPA Algorithms

Problem during POST.

problem with CDR/RW

Problem with system post

Problems with anitvirus/firewall?

problems with spyware and adware

Problems With PUP and Trojan Viruses

Processor Terminology

program otto

program files vs op system files vs documents

Program for taking portraits

Prototypical Networking problem?


PUP Virus

pup~virus or something

PUP removal

pup virus on windows 7

PWSteal trojan found by Norton .what should i do?

question about designations by msft?

Question about Encryption Certificates in Web Browsers

Question about MP3 format?

Question about RAID 1+0

Question about Half/Full Duplex and Slot Time

Q's on RAID and fault tolerance

question about FTP sites

Question about Wireshark

question about direct x

Quick question about CD-r and audio files

Quick question about crossfire/nvidia

QVO6 virus hijacker

Qvo6 virus

Raid/SCSI controllers disappeared

RAM Information

RAM doesn't seem to empty

RAID or some odd error?

Raid Mirroring Question

Raid-0 or 1

Re: Anti-Virus and Security Information

Range Expander Question

RAS error stopping dial up connection

Really simple and quick RAID questions.

rebooting and rebooting

Reboot - Different

Regaring ZIP

registry editor -help!

removal of MSMSGS and msnmsgr?

Removing Bearshare Toolbar-Help!

Removing Qvo6

removing wupdater

Repeated virus attack

Rootkit detected on AVG scan

Router within a network

RPCRT4.dll Problem.

Roxio express labeler lightscribe project has no color

Rundll32.exe has to be shut down manually after adware removed?

rundll32.exe becoming a run-away process when I try to change time zones

rundll32.exe becoming a run-away process when i try to change ime zones

Running SLOOOOW .anyone notice anything from the hijackthis data ?

S-1-5-21 Virus: Hidden User

same spyware all the time

SATA question about RAID config.

scandisk & defragmentor

Saving Toolbars and Window Components as Graphic Images

Script Explanation

screen saver still needed?

SD & SDHC--What's the difference?

search.conduit Malware removal: Emergency

Secondary IDE controller failure

security systems virus

Sent packets

Serious Trojan And virus

Server RAID issue

Server RAID Configuration

Serious Spyware or Trojan Invading my computer (log Attached)

Server program to computers

Servers.what are they good for?

setting up FTP for dummies?

Sharing of Drives -Default

Shell or not to Shell. that is the question

Should I do more about this Virus

Side Affects of Adware Removal Software

Side affects after adding RAM

sli and crossfire mobos

SLI/Crossfire ?

Slipstreaming Critical Updates

SLI vs

slipstreaming problem

Site Trouble


Skeptical Of ISP Pronouncements

Slipstream and then some

Slowed screen activity

slower then a turtle

smss.exe error

smss.exe problems

smss.exe Virus?

So what's the catch with this web hosting?

So what is broadband

socketed bios

Software Gone Crazy.

Solved by Frank: screen 90 degrees out of phase.

Solved: 1394 Connection?

Solved: Adaware Site Planting Spyware.

Solved: Adware/Spyware Problem I think.

Solved: Are these programs safe to remove for me.

Solved: Backing up Certain files

Solved: Blue background w/ Black box stating Spyware Infection

Solved: C:/$Extend/$UsnJrnl:$J:$DATA Deletion/Defrag/Cleanup

Solved: Can anybody explain 4 billion packets

Solved: Can I remove some of these programs?

Solved: CA Internet Security Suite is blocking my "reply to post" option

Solved: cannot use outlook conflicts with dial up

Solved: Dreamweaver Memory Problems

Solved: EIDE and IDE

Solved: explain dig SLR please

Solved: Full up with spyware!

Solved: Help Me Identify this Software

Solved: Help with Internet Speed Monitor Pop Ups

Solved: Help with Malware/Adware-SpyWare/Virus

Solved: Help! Security Toolbar 7.1 Wont Go Away!

Solved: How Do I Find Out What Is Eating Up My Memory?

Solved: I need a program

Solved: i think agobot got me totaly disabled?

Solved: Infected with something

Solved: iMesh search controls Firefox tabs

Solved: Is it ready for the GLUE Factory?

Solved: Is my msmsgs.exe safe or should it be removed ?

Solved: Layered network with subnets

Solved: LaunchMSN.exe: what is it?

Solved: Lost the smilies on msn

Solved: Mailware i think?

Solved: Major spyware Problem

Solved: Media Players (RealOne+WMP9)

Solved: msmsgs.exe keeps showwing back up

Solved: msmsgs.exe Never Stops Starting Up!

Solved: My Mom's Computer is Filled with Spyware.HJT Log

Solved: Mystery partitions?

Solved: Need advice on installing mobo

Solved: Need help removing Internet speed monitor!

Solved: Need Help With Trojan and Propable Backdoor

Solved: need programs.

Solved: New Malware.u - Trojan

Solved: NT IP Question(s)

Solved: OEM Hardware? OEM Software? Confused!

Solved: OS Kernel vs Drivers

Solved: Please explain what KB means in pics

Solved: Please Help!. Spyware Detected on Your Computer!

Solved: Question About MS OEM Software License

Solved: Raid 0 max performance

Solved: Replacing eSATA in XP

Solved: Ruined hyperlinks.

Solved: should i remove these programs?

Solved: Spyware Detected on Computer Wallpaper.

Solved: Stange happenings

Solved: Spyware Infection (Blue Wallpaper)

Solved: SPYXZJVW ? HJT included. (Not Urgent)

Solved: Spyware detected on your computer!

Solved: spyware? Viruses? Are they here?

Solved: Spyware Is Taking Over

Solved: Start Menu — Shorten it up

Solved: Stopping Outlook (2003) from dialling up when it loads.

Solved: Strange happenings

Solved: Strange MSN Messenger Alert!

Solved: Superfetch

Solved: This is really strange. Please have a look.

Solved: Unexplained WiFi activity

Solved: Virus/Spyware - cant delete - alters wallpaper

Solved: Virus And Hacking Questions

Solved: Vista Removal

Solved: Virus/Trojan/Adware combination

Solved: Warning Spyware Detected Blue Screen

Solved: Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!

Solved: Warning! Spyware has been. blah blah

Solved: Warning! Your computer blah

Solved: What exactly is the system registry and how does it relate to an OS?

Solved: What is Kontiki?

Solved: What is the difference between a bootable CD and not?

Solved: What is this DISM I keep reading about?

Solved: What is this things name?

Solved: What's this please ?

Solved: What is Kontiki Messenger ?

Solved: What is using my memory?

Solved: What Is Nvidia Away Mode System missing drivers

Solved: What's that thing called?

Solved: What is considered a strong password?

Solved: whats with switches?

Solved: Win32:Adware-gen. [Adw] trouble

Solved: win32/heur

Solved: Windows 7 idles and Task Manager doesn't show up

Solved: WinPcap 3.1 - What is this program for?

Solved: Wpa and wep prompts

Some Bug's With my Hardware

Some Infection But Can't Find It

Some Housekeeping

Someone explain what this means 'running out of IPV4' means

Somebody want to set up ftp for me over remote admin?

Something nasty has found its way on to my pc!

Something runs in background and uses memory

Something it eating up my rresources FAST! HELP ME!

Something is eating my bandwidth!

Sound Loss With Security Tools Virus

spam attacks Help

Speed discrepancy between ISP and self run test?

Speed Test Results

Speedtest Below Average?

Spyhunter HELP!

spybot done

spyware (what to do)

Spyware and adware

Spyware Ad Problem

Spyware and Virus infected

Spyware & Adware

spyware dammage to my 3g dongle

Spyware / Adware problem

Spyware causing popups and slow cpu! Please Help

Spyware Infected

spyware cookies

spyware or adware

SpyWare Crashes Computers On Purpose!

Spyware took over my wallpaper

Spyware virus via email. NEED HELP!

Spyware Wallpaper won't go away

Spyware programs not running properly

Spyware Problems (Security Toolbar).

Spyware taken over wallpaper and other stuff

Spyware took over my Desk top image

spyware malware infection

Spyware secure

Strange new dog Icon

Streaming Media Does Not Work

Streaming audio and video

stuck with mywebsearch(HJT log)

Suspect Spyware/Malware/Hacker Part 1 of 2 - Please Advise

svchost? What is it?

Sysprep tool ques

System BIOS

System Bug

Symantec DWH Problem

system lagging

System Reboot

system restart?

system ram

system registry data

System Security Spyware

System Re-start

System32 Folder Changed?!

Testing for Existence of Key-loggers and Truly Malicious Spyware

The value of using NetStat and what is it detecting?

thoughts on reformat versus cleaning registry

To NAT or not to NAT.

To dual-core or not

Trojan and Norton - need removal of both!

Trojan issue Need Help!

trojan removal help plz

trojan.fakeantivirus.gen detected

Trojan sends e-mails? How to find the program doing it

trojan/virus/hijacked browser hjt log and screenshots included

Trojan_Win32.Generic a.k.a. & Strongvault

Trouble setting up wireless network

Trouble with "Configuration"

tv out device?

Two drive info sharing

Two DirectX Questions

typing the same thing

Two Programs found viruses

Ultimate Stupidity: Forgot which Encryption Software I Used

Underclocking software / adware / viruses?

Unchecked Buffer in Locator Service Could Lead to Code Execution: Jan 22

uninstall bug on imesh!

uninstalling combo fix etc

Uninstall WebCake problem

Unknown Trojan/Virus/Adware -- res://ptlge.dll/index.html#12802

unknown process running and sometimes an error on restart

Un-named partition

unwanted Pups Found

unsolicited connection

Upgraded-software or hardware?

Upgrading software



URL Numbers.what are they?

Use More RAM and Fewer Disk Accesses

Using Modem while on Network

Various Terminals

Vertical Sync?

very annoying adware takeover

Very swift decline in internet connection speed

Vertical sink on video cards

VHD and Partition

Video Card? - What does it do?

Virus / Spyware / Speed Help

virtunmonde.sdn still lingering; rootkit i think

Virus and/or Spyware

Virus found.what is a CPY file? HELP please

Virus or no virus?

Virus or Trojan or Something Else Bad

Virus Software Help

virus protections help

virus protector problem

Virus not sure what Kind.

virus/malware attack

Virus/Worm Problem

virus protector Hunt.and firewalls

Virus Sapping My Internet?

Virus stealing my bandwidth?

Visiting network user

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