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How Do I Stop Msmsgs.exe From Loading?


In this article, the author takes you step-by-step through the process of removing programs in Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams Are you finding Ling-Ling's head? NOT MSN. However if you simply want to stop the Messenger Service from starting, perform the following steps: 1. http://magicnewspaper.com/what-is/what-is-msmsgs.html

You can disable it from running in start control panel administrative tools services Messenger. Uncheck "Run this program when Windows Starts". In my case, Norton Antivirus tries to keep msmsgs running in the event it needs to popup a warning to the sender. i'm currently trying to delete it, but can't seem to find a way! This Site

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Spinning msmsgs.exe is not very dangerous for most intents and purposes. Therefore, you should check the msmsgs.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. Im not sure why windows has MSN 4.x built into its OS and i dont know why it doesnt atomatically remove itself or get replaced when you upgrade to a 6.x I kept deleting in Task Mgr after every boot and it kept reappearing sometimes three times and still locking up.

  • terencio Sometimes a Trojan downloader with a legal XP-MS file name.
  • If you delete it, be prepared for system instability and the failure of certain programs to work.
  • Very suspicious.
  • Need to install Windows again?
  • msn version 4.7 I've done all this MSN Messenger Service starts each time I log on, but it isn't in a Startup group.
  • He's not talking about Windows Messenger, the alerter service, rather Microsoft Messenger, and MSN Messenger. ;) -Idaho Don't look at me, I am SO out of here.
  • Before I posted I went back and checked.
  • Catweazle's News Desk Search the expert answer database 'Flame free' PC games discussion. 0 DuncanIdaho 2 12 Years Ago Wonderful, that should solve this one, Catweazle. :) -Idaho Don't look at

Not really that common... Whoever has Norton, scroll up to rvoltaire's sage advice, it works like a charm. My one gripe is that you can't really uninstall it. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Licensing Advertise International Editions: US / UK India Security Task Manager Windows Processes Security Task Manager What is msmsgs.exe?

Can connected to worm_agobot.ab or worm_wootbot.bd See also: Link Lenisterman Quite malicious and annoying at times, but normally harmless. I disabled it, which cures a LOT of popups!! it's the file u can use to send messages over a network, by using NET SEND in the msdosprompt! http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/msmsgs.exe-3386.html XP is so unbearably sluggish that I'd much rather have ME's 90% chance of the BSoD.

Log In or Register to post comments niap21 (not verified) on Aug 5, 2004 Ive been having the same problem as some of you, i noticed that msmsgs.exe (process that runs That's how it's configured on my system, and there's no sign of the problems being reported here. Either can be used to access the same .NET Messaging Service contacts, so if you're chatting with your friends and family, it doesn't matter which one you use and changing from jose I have uninstalled windows messenger and only use msn messenger.

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And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite. There is also the possibility that you have a Windows XP Pro system running the FAT32 file system instead of NTFS. What Is Ctfmon In Startup Sep 17, 2006 #2 nikfriend TS Rookie Topic Starter I had tried this too. Windows Messenger SlowPoke :mrgreen: 0 dlh6213 27 12 Years Ago Karki, The easiest way to stop MSN Messenger from starting automatically is to open it, click on Tools (at the top), and then

It affects usage, net speed, and is a pain. kitkat On June 7, 2005 I went to MSN messenger and unchecked run in background and run at startup. UncaAlby I have no file on any of my hard drives called msmsgs.exe, yet the task manager always shows it as running. ogre8fluffy All I know is there is no way to stop this fromrunning in your background processes unless you uninstall it permanately!!Everything else just seems to disable it for a short Igfxtray

lol Second: I'd try renaming msmsgs.exe, and seeing if MSN Messenger IM client still runs. Msmsgs.exe is a file with no information about its developer. if you need it, you can put back proper name. Uncheck "Run this program when Windows Starts".

The 4 that you should be concerned about are labeled, "Startup (user)", "Startup (common)", "HKLM/Run" and "HKCU/Run". Acrap HINT: Windows Messenger (msmsgs.exe) may be needed for Remote Desktop Help (RDP) to successfully work. Bye. 0 Bear 1 12 Years Ago I use this little utility HERE from Doug Knox, it allows you to disable or completely remove Windows Messenger from your computer.:) **System Information**

Common sense?

It also opens if you hit Hotmail's website, (odd that). thats not the best of ideas, dude... Hell, if it works... ------------------ Frogblast the Vent Core! --End of Line-- "In the beginning, the Universe was created. the downloaded msn messenger isn't the same file , right.. You can even combine the use of both -only one will run automatically on startup- but not with the same .NET Passport.

Kane The Dork Showed up after a reboot. NO IDEA it is trojan,and very annoying one hard to get rid of jouni I removed MSN Messenger from my computer as well as Windows Messenger. Hope this helps. Starting OE does not cause problems.

Stop the service (disable it), remove any registry entries for msmgs.exe, and for Windows web messanger (you have to edit the permissions for the key and set to allow access to NOT MSN. Realizing immediately that this was a scam ... Didn't found more articles on this yet!

TechSpot Account Sign up for free, it takes 30 seconds. msn live messenger appeared to show me as offline to all my contacts though i was online. WSM Uses C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe to connect to your PC, so make sure you have it on your Firewall as Prompt When Active, or Whatever your Firewall Option Gives you, Im Using Outpost Be sure to adhere to our posting rules.

Task Manager showed a hidden instance of IE which I ended, and I deleted the program. Bye. 0 antioed 53 12 Years Ago heh...ok i was kinda avoiding this thread for a specific reason...I already know this problem and I don't think there is a solution...maybe an I like to have my computer running only essential processes so this is great. booya doesn't go away after renaming the files...sounds like a worm to me!

Do this by selecting each group and then clicking on the "Deny" checkboxes. listen rvoltaire and mossepa - if you delete this file and it reappears nearly instantly and you have norton, open norton(I run 2k5) and go to option threat cat advanced uncheck after killing the msmsgs.exe process (business pc, no msging software is on it) the control panel was accessible. Read also the 261 reviews. 1700 users ask for this file. 85users rated it as not dangerous. 22users rated it as not so dangerous. 72users rated it as neutral. 48users rated

My point is that MS should have done something about those spammers in the first place instead of relegating their sloppy work to a third pary like ppl at grc (didn't