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Is This A Good RAID Config?


The following equation gives the storage efficiency of a RAID 60 in terms of total number of drives in the system (N) and the number of RAID 6s in the stripe There are two disadvantages of just mirroring your data on additional internal disks: your backup is physically in the same location so if the PC gets stolen or there is a Obviously, though, even though you have sold 290 Western Digital ATA100 80.0GB WD800JBs, the odds of a drive failure are only 1.72%, or roughly 5 drives out of the 290, so If I use RAID 1, what is my effective capacity?

SerenityEnjoy the silence in your studio, lab, home or office. A RAID 0, often called a "stripe," combines disks into one volume by striping the data across all the disks in the array. But if you want to make sure your backups are viable I would store them on a raid 1. RAID 60 arrays also provide high data transfer speeds. https://www.prepressure.com/library/technology/raid

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Reading that article made me realize what has been wrong with my computer for 2 years. Because you cannot prove that one drive will go bad in the first hour, even if you have 200 drives on at once.But you CAN have a exponential curve formula that They think, wrongly, that if they have two drives in a system the odds of a single drive failing are 100% greater than if they had but a single drive. Sorry I am a bit confused Reply Laurens says: July 27, 2016 at 6:46 am I would personally opt for dual mirrored 3TB drives instead of 4x 1 TB.

Could I ask what cloud service you are using? give me back my darkroom and Negs! ( actually, i don't really miss those either, but they were analog in comparison, at least.) Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email With 2 disks, selecting RAID 1+0 effectively gives you a RAID 1 set. What Is Raid 6 Violin Memory, for example, implements a proprietary Raid technology called vRaid.

I even fell prey to the hype myself once! Raid 5 Explained I'm having a bit of a dispute with my local Computer Company. The last two years are also on separate drives that are stored in a safe deposit box. page Use cryptographic checksums if you want real data integrity checking.

The RAID controller's software would have notified me of the impending failure, actual failure, hot spare rebuild…etc. What Is Parity In Raid For NAS, as when I check if using NAS in Thunderbolt, so pricey and need around 4 to 6 bay HD, all these HD are 3.5”, so come out the NAS The weakest link for me also is the time span between the shoot and the movement of the new files to the desktop system. If you have ample amounts of storage and aren't worried about maxing out, take the performance benefit of theRAID 10.

Raid 5 Explained

Reply Laurens says: February 17, 2016 at 10:40 pm If I understand your first question correctly, you are wondering if you can use a smaller drive for parity compared to the http://superuser.com/questions/3233/what-raid-configuration-is-most-appropriate-for-a-home-user Depending on volume density and how confidential the data is, you might want to look at contracting a data warehouse for backups aka "cloud computing". Raid Configuration Calculator Reply Jonny says: March 15, 2016 at 4:57 am What happens when the 3TB fails? What Is Raid Technology The Dobro was always causing problems so backups often didn't happen.

Also note that the total capacity of a RAID 5 setup will be the sum of all of the capacities of the drives used in the array, minus the capacity of Disagree in using raid on a backup system. However, I don't differentiate between archives and backups since my system contains every data file I ever created and which I want to keep. Raid is implemented in many variants. What Is Raid 10

Get another 3TB drive and make a 3TB raid 1 array. Accidental errors like incorrectly deleting a file or misplacing it or data corruption are more common and a bigger worry. Thanks. http://magicnewspaper.com/what-is/what-provides-the-greates-storage-capacity-raid-0-or-raid-5.html An added benefit was the 700.00+ savings that resulted from the change! :) Just awesome service from you guys here!

BackBlaze is $50 per year unlimited for one machine. Raid Performance Comparison why is it required to have RAID 6 for double pairity ? The other disadvantage is that you cannot go back in time and recover a file you accidentally deleted two days ago.

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Since high end enthusiast machines are some of our most common builds here at Puget, we frequently are asked to build machines with RAID when it doesn't make sense. Plus an offsite cloud copy is a great idea as it is so inexpensive. I want to address performance on reading/writing and protection of these imagesThanks in advance.Jovi 9 answers Last reply Dec 14, 2011 Best Answer Dec 13, 2011 More about best raid file Raid Levels Explained Pdf This being said, I feel that regardless of your approach with back up systems, you need to test and document restoring your back ups before you system does crash.

Sound off in the comments! Reply Pete Marovich says: November 17, 2016 at 10:46 am Time Machine should only delete the oldest backups first. But which RAID configuration offers the most benefits for SMBs? http://magicnewspaper.com/what-is/which-raid-is-best.html Chanakya m prasad says: July 5, 2016 at 11:28 am thanks for reply.i just wanted to know, parity is a program or algorithm and does it takes space in disk too?

I already own some older Sonnet Fusion enclosures (2 x 4 drives = 8 total) and can max those out at 24Tb which is more than enough) but my question is A mirrored 16 TB RAID 1 system gives you 8 TB of effective capacity, which means you'll run out of space again pretty soon. The exact storage solution depend on how much space you need and what kind of backup your going to do. However, those differences are practically nill compared to, say, the odds of the drives falling out of RAID, or any other of a half-million controller-related issues.

It does not know it is garbage. If a drive goes bad I can just switch to the other one. In the interest of preventing downtime in the future, I went with RAID 1 this time. At at a time when nearly every modern motherboard has built in RAID, they have to offer it just to be considered as feature rich as their competitors.

No problem! So if one drive fails, your files and folders are not lost. RAID 0 offers no protection against drive failure, since this mode does not write any duplicate or parity information. Reply John says: May 18, 2016 at 9:47 pm Still don't get why RAID can't be used for backup.

Spending $300 on an expensive controller only to stripe or mirror is a waste of money, those are not complicated procedures and don't need a complicated brain to run them like As its name implies, RAID is a way to pair multiple drives together to improve performance, redundancy, or both. It means that if you are reading and writing a large number of smaller files, the performance benefit will be very minimal. Just how much faster depends on a huge number of factors, and can vary from not at all to nearly twice as fast.

This technology is based on tensors and promises to put all other RAID to shame. Let's Tar and Feather the lot of them! *Goes to General Store to pick up Tar* "Hello kind sir.