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(Resolved) I Want To KILL "Messenger Service"


And if anyone is worried about IM viruses, I must point out that you should be scanning all files you receive via IM anyway *before* you open them, NAV just does If I disable NAV's Messenger Protection, the process stops and is removed automatically from the Task Manager. It was an installer and was not located anywhere else. Problem solved. have a peek at this web-site

armed forces is a proud tradition, and West Virginia has the credentials to prove it. "If you came home on leave here, everybody gave you a big hello," said Norris Long, i think its both times connected with me disabling msmsgs.exe since it pops up and tells me if people eg logged in to messenger, even if i had messenger not running, You’ll receive free e-mail news updates each time a new story is published. You also need to go into Windows Live Messenger and go into options and turn off the autoload on Windows Startup and also to run in background.

What Is Ctfmon In Startup

Xtra_Zero annoying but not dangerous... May you do the same, That's up to you, OK. At the Marine base in Twentynine Palms, Calif., last week, 33 ceremonies, more than five times the weekly average, were performed at the wedding chapel. Scroll down and highlight "Messenger" 6.

This displays the rollback command and parameters. because i dled and they it prompted me to restart the computer. I've tried everything to get rid of it, renaming files, anti virus scan, removal from registry but it just keeps coming back, entire local network is infected helpmeplease It is normally In regard to it being an old version of MSN Messenger, maybe for some.

AumuA spyware, not messenger Jef (windows xp) i opened msconfig and found this file. See also: Link Solution It is Windows Messenger (not Live!) and in my case it was used by Norton AntiVirus 2004. He convalesced for a year and has never regained full use of his left arm. if you try to click on it , no luck.

I could not delete or rename the file initially because the file was running in the background. See also: Link Robert Ketron not all what looks harmless IS harmless since many trojan/virus/backdoors use standard file names, but they usualy resides in other directorys. Young Ook Choi, 32, a cobbler who owns Eagle Shoe & Boot Repair in Clarksville, said she decided not to hire a new employee and will "wait and see" how things DML just makes me have to minimize some games to close the app.

What Is Msmsgs.exe In Windows Xp

Last week, the focus was on mobilization, and nowhere did Americans have a better look at the scope of the U.S. http://tweaks.com/windows/37118/get-rid-of-messenger-service-pop-up-ads/ I got rid of it. What Is Ctfmon In Startup See also: Link Rats it's NOT MSN Messenger but it IS necessary for MSN Messenger to run. Igfxtray Looking back on it, it was a positive experience.

Zayouna msmsgs.exe is the windows messenger program, but the name is also used to maliciously infect your computer with the ZLOB trojan, or a similar variant. http://magicnewspaper.com/what-is/msmsgs-exe-msn-messenger-ending-use.html It can be several things...most commonly Windows Messenger's exe file or a virus. (If located in the System32 folder) For me it was the normal messenger, but it liked to hog Kane The Dork Showed up after a reboot. Thomas it sets of an auto-dailer for 80 euro cts/a minute wildebras this files keeps running in the process, even after totaly disable it pops up on the tool bar at

The the shutdown hang and have to turn the computer of manually. I then went and opened windows messenger (msn messenger) from Start All Programs Windows Messenger. author is Eternal order of the impossible triangle,I agree with jamie,think it has something to do with winmx. http://magicnewspaper.com/what-is/what-is-kontiki-messenger.html Its to weird to be safe Aqua 2 I had set MSN Messenger to not run in the background, but msmsgs.exe was still listed in Task Manager.

Removed it according to instruction from another forum but it has reloaded. But for those who fought the last American war, this confrontation with Iraq in the Persian Gulf is likely to resolve itself into a question of commitment -- ours, not theirs. This attempts to log data several times an hour and this is verified through my firewall.

See also: Link mykeeX its is indeed for the basic windows messenger, "Techie" was so so so wrong and doesnt deserve to call himself a techie for saying its the windows

after killing the msmsgs.exe process (business pc, no msging software is on it) the control panel was accessible. Timber Wolf I have tried everything to disable this file, I disabled it in msconfig, in 'services' it must be a virus or spyware of some kind takes too much RAM Sanchez said he had not thought much about the Persian Gulf, but going to war would not have bothered him. "One day you gotta die, right?" Gugliotta reported from Marlinton, W. It tried to go on even though I didn't have it set under tools to start at windows startup, and if you end the process from taskmanager, you would see it

You’re all set! I killed the process via WIN TaskManager, RENAME msmsgs.exe false_name_msmsgs.exe. After saving these settings MSN messenger removed the entry "c:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.exe /background" from my registry. have a peek here Then I tried the Norton AV option while watching my task menu in windows task manager I saw that once the option MSN scan was turned off the task msmsgs.exe went

sckoobs MSMSGS.exe first showed up on my start up and I found it because I my puter froze and I lost my mouse and part of my keyboard a tech told It should be in C:\Program Files\Messenger folder; if not is a virus! Not sure if that means anything but I deleted them anyway just to be safe since I dont use MSN Messenger anyway. run regedt32, nav to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService.

Be wary of strong drink. It worked for me, seriously. SECURITY ADVICE: if RDP not used turn Remote off (Control Panel - System - Remote) and disable Windows Messenger.