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I Hate Outlook


I'm not quite sure if I could do it anyway. We can't promise it will ever be a speed demon, but follow our advice and most likely you won't feel stuck in the slow lane. The Windows Live brand was discontinued in 2012. Also, when you receive emails sorted by "date" they appear similar to how they did before - one email after another.

We don't need change either. Now?! It's just ridiculous. great operating systems like Windows XP) or webmail (e.g.

Why Is Outlook.com So Slow

Good bye and good riddence MicsroSUCK. Please tell me how to get back to my original display for my email at msn.com, Thank you. Appreciate it. Ready for the roster?

  1. Its hard to explain and I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job of it.
  2. The original Surface Pro still holds its own in the 2-in-1 world Your go-to laptop guide Introducing our ultimate laptop buyer's guide Xbox Greenlight?
  3. This is not about MS's 'rights', this is about MS getting confused as to which is current and which is still not ready for release yet.
  4. Plus Outlook has so much extra crap that every menu is incredibly long.

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After reading a lot of more pages it turns out that the recent outlook.com is a fundamentally different service than the earlier one (e.g. hate to see how bloated the coding for the operating system is... What's happened to the check boxes so you could select a number of emails to delete? I probably should've made myself clearer I use outlook (mail) preview in the browser not through an email client so a registry change isn't an option.

I dont know if they even bother with our feedbacks, just so tired of being forced to something I hate, why cant you idiots leave things they are, some shithead thought Why Is Outlook Live So Slow There is also the Mail Desktop App which comes with 10 and syncs with Outlook Mail. We don't need the other bolt on crap. What a nightmare it has now become.

Why Is Outlook So Slow 2016

Peter saysMarch 19, 2013 at 7:41 pm I hate it and they switched it on me. Hotmail was and is my main email! Why Is Outlook.com So Slow Windows 7 was awesome. Microsoft Outlook Issues Today I have decided to transfer my Email account to gmail.com and "giveup" on Microsoft!

Apparently Outlook uses a different service to view attachments which does not work. When I sign in on my windows phone browser it is slow, freezes a lot, closes down for now reason and it won't allow me to click on any links in If anybody finds a solid long-term alternative, please post here. not that big really, not even close, but I liked the idea and your own personal imagination has never been as important as now. Outlook Very Slow To Load

I have given up trying to deal with you incompetent people. Old password worked but it's all blank no older mails or history like starting new but at least it did login. FIX IT! Sincerely, Reply Matthew January 14, 2016 at 10:57 pm I use the Thunderbird e-mail program.

Most of us use Gmail, our own mail servers or some form of cloud backup... Outlook 2016 Slow To Load I dont mind paying 5 bucks a month for added security. It takes too long to load, and it's sluggish when it sends or receives mail -- in short, it takes too long to do anything at all.

i am switching over to gmail.

Outlook has always been a beast. You could make a simple script switch to change the entry if you want. AND, it takes over two minutes just to load the email page. Problems With Microsoft Outlook Email Outlook Mail is the front-end while Outlook.com is the back-end.

I should have been redirected to an authentication site when I tried to log into my account or when I logged into my account an automatic authentication should have occurred. If I wanted to use ‘Outlook', I would have installed it. Zoe saysJuly 27, 2016 at 1:24 pm In the settings cog i cannot ind option to switch back , i hate this miserable outlook, its a great mess! If you can't I am going to change to gmail (despite all the inconvenience of changing) and stuff you all.

Let's see what else doesn't work OH the little "?" icon didn't work for two weeks...AND previewing PDF's STILLLLL DOESN'T WORK, plus attaching a document is horribly confusing and not intuitive Not flipping happy Reply Lynda July 27, 2016 at 3:15 pm There are things I like better about Hotmail, and there are things I prefer having seen Outlook in Office 365. However, you should find that many of the fixes we offer below work in Exchange environments as well. if forced I guess I'll start using PM on facebook for my email...

Now I cannot discern a junk mail the connection with Microsoft Outlook 2010 has been severed. Outlook's RSS Feeds editor is a great feature, but using it can significantly slow things down. Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads MrMobile Old is new? So, I go into the settings to set rules for delivering to folders (indeed empty!) and go on to re-enter them.

This didnt happen before with live.com. Thank You. Now I miss out on the streams I watch due to the fact that there is no notification of me getting emails.