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Admin Problem in Installing and Downloading

Administrator problem?

Administrator Problems While Installing Some Apps

Admin account not recognized!

Admin Problems

Administrative tools > Services keeps changing on reboot/shut down

admin account problem

Administrator Password Continue

Administrator Account causing XP networking problems

administrator account won't allow me to change anything

Admin accounts permission problem

Administrator Account dissapeared from log on screen

adminisrator rights issues

Admin account lost admin privileges!

Admin Privilege Problem

Administrator Settings Missing

Admin rights prob.

Admin trying to make changes to users settings

Admin Rights. I cant access the C: Please help/

administrator privileges lost

administer i took my self of of it now i cant down load anty thing

Administrator approval problem in windows 10

Administrator doesn't have Administrator rights.what now?

adjusting volume stops programs

Admin Accounts saving on other users on Vista Ultimate

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 missing .dll link

Advanced users corner- windows won't load.

ADSL modem crashes Windows

Advanced power options keep changing!

Advent Laptop Running sooooo Sllllloooooowwww

Advice before installing programmes on Win10

advanced folder options

Advice upgrading Win 8 and 7 - should I apply updates first?

advance network connection

Adware Everywhere Popup IE Windows - Please Help

Adware pop-ups. Also getting Low vert memory msg

Adware fix leads to internet troubles.

Aero interface on Vista Basic

AE2500 local only connection on PC

After microsoft scanned confirmed ready to download W10

After 6/19/2016 Windows update.

After installation of Windows 10

After installing 19"lcd videos will not play

After installing 64bit keep crashing

After installing of KB3124263.I lost all audio and video.

after new windows update

After windows update

After Auto-Installed Updates

after removing a partition.

After desktop goes in to sleep mode - can't log back in

After hardware upgrade and Win reinstall

After re-install web browser is jerky!

After running Cleanup program second OS won't boot up

After Windows 10 update

after windows 10 update have no start button or sound

After DeFrag w/ MS

After login to my xp computer

after repair install

after repair nothing but trouble

After Windows Update lost connection with network

Advice on Staying with Win7 of going to Win8

After randon restart

After Standby

After upgrading to 10

Aero 7

Aero 7+ - another question?

After upgrading xp changed fonts

Affinity and process priority to max cpu's: missing something else?

After reinstalling windows will not find my microphone

After window start

after updating windows

After Windows 7 update bluetooth doesn't work anymore.

After updating to 1607 Cant login to windows with my passwor

After updating Windows 8 - Sites not available.

After upgrading from W7

Aggravating unnecesary window loads

AIM 6.1 will install but won't load

AHH! Another horrid error message! help please?

Airport Extreme + Vista + Printer?

after trying win 10

Ahead Nero problem

alert message from zone alarm

all desktop Items ask for "Open with window"

All applications unresponsive

All memory not recognized

All Games Keep Minimizing to Desktop

All antispyware utilities unable to dial home

all desktop icons stopped working except one

All icons missing from almost every application

All games minimise when I try to run them while using google desktop

All Else Failed Computer has major problems

All Folders Open to My Desktop

All installs hang up pc

All fullscreen programs randomly minimizing

All media players: Lag/Distortion

All My Files and Programs are Missing

All Programs menu does not open

all programs missing

All Programs Disappeared

ALL programs missing.please help!

All Programs does not open in Start

All my games crash after update to Windows 10?

All updates blocked

All of my Windows sounds have reverb on them!

All programs will not work

All of my ethernet ports have failed

All Programs link on Start button no longer works

All of a sudden my computer doesnt see my sound card

All the Fonts are now messed up

All programs seem to run in some sort of fullscreen

All Programs selection has disappeared . . .

All programs button going nowhere.

All burning programs cant see DVDRW

all windows settings lost on startup

all programs open up in tiny windows

All Programs page is blank?

all windows keep on minimizing and deselcting themselves. very frustrating !

All Programs trying to open in Incredimail

All Video and Audio Laggy. Games Too

Almost all of services at services.msc always gets disabled then returns to normal af

All Files Lost

All games are slowed down terribly and wont load!

All personal files vanished after update

All my programs crash.

alt+shift changing language issue:

Am I wrong to use an admin account?

All Programs Won't Work!

AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series drivers problem

an update made my computer unusable .

An issue with my sound

Alt-tabbing out of game slows mouse pointer speed

Anniversary Update

Annoying file opening problems

ANNOYING driver resetting

annoting issue on start up

Annoying new system tray icon

Annoying blip sound when I open and close programs

Annoying Folder Prob

Annoying mouse problem

animated desktop wallpapers? Want to create my own. windows doesn't support?

Annoying error after successful RAM upgrade

annoying msn ad?

Annoying Problem Keeps Locking Up Laptop

Annoying crackling/popping sound when capturing video. Please help!

Annoying Search Setting 2.1 Message

Annoying icon in tray.

Annoying Crashes on Games

annoying window

Annoying WMP problem

Annoying Problem with Windows 7

Annoying when i cannot control my laptop

Annoying Pop Up ALERTS

Annoying Security Center Alerts!

Annoying pop-up message from Windows

Annoying beep I want to get rid of

Annoying connection problem

Annoying vista crashes

Annoying Splash Screen and Sign-in Screen

Anniversary Update not completing.

annyoing wifi problem! Ahhh

Annoying Pop Ups and Blank Desktop

Annoying pop ups and high system ram usage problems.

annoying windows 10 icon

Another 0xc0150004 error

Annoying Wireless Issue on bootup w/ Laptop

Annoying Issue

Annoying XP taskbar problem

Annoying Vista Problems: Slow Internet & Crashes

Another Big Update?

Another Freezing Cursor

Annoying WinXP >> arrows in the Start Menu

another full recovery drive

Annoying wifi problem!


Annoying Start menu

Another BSOD in Win10

Annoying Application Error. Infamous '0xc0150004'?

Another Nero problem

annoyng windows installer trying to install "Copy"

another problem with installing windows.

Another small XP annoyance

Another pc creating another problems

Another One: Privacy Danger Screen

Another Option Then Incredimail?

Another soundcard question/problem

Another Win 7 glitch? Printer stopped working.

Another WIFI problem - Windows ME

Another regedit issue

Another Wireless Network problem

Another Round of GoBack Install Problem(s)

Another Windows - No Disk error {needs Security Help}

Antivirus has been disabled

Antivirus programme dissappears

antiVirus 2010 removed but theres something else.

Anti Virus Suite?Fir windows 10

Antivirus not working

Antivirus wont work

Anoying error i cant get past

Antivirus not opening

Antivirus live. deleted wrong registry key

Antivirus off while updating windows!

Antivirus System Pro - What a nightmare! help!

Antivirus programs disappeared

Anti-Virus Won't Run/Install

Antivir stopped working

Antiviurs LIve -- Blocking laptop- Vista

Any more info on the MS06-015 - My PC is just knackered

Antivirus System Pro nightmare

Any issues w/new Windows Updates? Especially KB931768?

any update crashes my computer

Any updates for RAM Drivers? PC Crashing due to new Memory!


Any programs to add extra "desktops"?

Any way to install a theme without a third-party app?

Anyone ever heard of this Reg. tweak?

Any way to keep original icon after restart?

Anyone here ever opened up a centrino laptop before?

Any possibility of monitor incompatability with new computer?

anyone ever lose the desktop?

anyone know where to still get the Windows 7 beta?

anyone seen an issue like this with laptop?

Anything wrong with Windows validation?

Anyone use Schedule Tasks?

aol 9.0 not responding

AOL trashware problem

AOL keeps kicking me offline

anyone install a pci card to resolve usb issues? ideas?

AOL causes windows reboot after 5 min on new computer

AOL+need to setup a "old school" dialup connect+dialup settings+help

AOL keeps closing down on me

AOL Software has stopped Working every 5 minutes

App close bar taskbar confusion

Appearances Tab andf Vistaluna - I need help

Appearing/dissappearing taskbar button

Applications hanging after login.

Applications won't open after hibernation

Applicationds crash HJT log

Applications Have No Internet Access

applications won't open after spyware battle

Application windows change constantly

Applications won't open

Applications not detecting all of my ram

application not working in microsoft windows

Application wont launch

App that restores opened windows / software after restart?

Application Error 0XC0150004

application error 0xc0150004 please help

Applications randomly closing/malware

Application focus

Application Error - 0xc0000006

Application Hangs both end task and reboot fail

Application windows deactivate randomly.

Application won't launch

Are drives by default sleeping or on standby in Win 10?

Apps don't work with one user

Applications wont launch sometimes?

AOL Shuts Down Computer

Application Windows are Screwed Up

Application windows too small

Are my Windows Updates on or off?

Apps not starting properly

Applications wont open.

Are there temporary folders options or something?

Are there any tools for saving open folders for Windows?

Applications won't start!

apps and store do not open in WINDOWS 10.

Apps won't open with Netscape open

apps not remembering personal settings?

ARGH! I want to create Folders under Drive C in Windows 10.

Are there any "good" free smileys to use in Outlook?

Arrg Windows restarting problem/can't reinstall

ASI error log WinXP pro

Apply button not working in Folder Options

Apps keep stealing focus.

Associate Windows 10 upgrade to newer motherboard.

Are updates causing BSDs a hardware issue?

ASUS &Windows 10

Asterick Sound Repeating and Random Sites on Frequent Page?

Asking for log On to Windows

ASUS Flickering taskbar and software win 10

Asus G74sx win 7 ultimate issues

ASUS laptop incredibly glitchy/buggy

Asus Notebook VSOD Crashing

Asus windows 10 infinite restart loop please help

Ati 3850 hd problem

Asus Z97-AR - Windows 10

ATI Mach 64 family display adaptor not found

ATI Radeon 7500 Problem

ATI Radeon 7500 screen flicker and diagnal lines during games.

ati mobility radeon hd 4600 not detected.or in device manage please help.

Asus K55A Boot loop following upgrade to Windows 10

ATI AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series issue

ATI radeon - video in not working

attaches and pps can't open

atomatic restart Problem: need major help

ati radeon driver HD 3450 BSOD issue please help

Attempting to restore true Administator privileges to the Admin account

Atheros 802.11 Disconnects repeatedly

Attention! Brother HL Series Printers And Windows 10

Audio & Video crashes after Vista update

Audio & Video Skips in Program

Audi\Video Playback in Windows 7

Attempting search freezes computer

Attempting to enable read/write permissions for XP Pro over LAN

Audio card trouble

Audio Card Won't Work

audio causing issues here or what

ATX system won't turn off automatically

audio and slow computer problems

Audio CD's wont automatically play

Audio Device Problems.

Audio Driver Problems

Audio CDs won't play on CD-rom drive

Audio CDs won't playback or rip

Audio and Wireless not detected

Audio CD not recognized.

audio doesn't work

audio device help

audio device on usb bus driver missing

Audio doesnt work after deleted some registry files

Audio Driver problems with Vista Can't play ANY music!

Audio Device problem

Audio mutes when screen locks

audio is messed up

audio drive problems


Audio lag and distortion

Audio Driver issue in Vista

Audio Driver. May not be right Section

Audio in XP Pro echoey

Audio files crashes my PC

Audio Driver Issues: Worked Once before

audio only background ads and some popups. also wave in the volume mixer resets to 0

Audio Disbables Randomly On My PC

Audio drivers gone

Audio crackles and stutters in iTunes when Internet is active

Audio not working in Windows 10

Audio driver dosent work

Audio Problem - No Sound

Audio is choppy

audio driver not working

Audio Issues - Caused by WLAN driver. Please HELP!

Audio Drivers not working well

Audio default device problem

Audio playback distorts during video playback on browsers

Audio working intermittently

Audio playback does not work for anything

Audio completely dies on whole system when I arrive at certain websites

Audio problem now.

Audio glitches on my PC

Audio Stuttering Problem

Audio glitching is giving me media and performance problems.

Audio glitching Windows 7

Audio Device Difficulties

audio driver problem

Audio gone after re-installing Window ME

Audio output issues

Audio Suddenly Skipping

Audio CD's burn extremely slow

Audio pop ups explorer fails if multiple tabs open

audio:multiple outputs?

Audio Troubleshoot

Attention! W10 Insider Users Who Have Kaspersky

Audio Problem Windows ME


Audio playback problem

Auto installing Windows

audio skips

Audio missing through computer speakers

Aunts networking issues

Audio problems.

Audio not working-Device Driver Issue

Audio won't work despite general fixes

Audio software trouble

audio problems.yet again

aupdater.ex and syconf.exe How to get rid of them?

auto dial up to internet

Audio Problem - No Sound on Startup or the Internet

Auto dial-up on system start?

Audio set up not working

Audio Probs.

Audio sound problem

Audio Device deleted from Hardware Manager

Audio Posessed My Laptop

Audio Randomly Not Playing for New Programs

Auto updates killed my computer

Audio Issue (Winamp Stalling)

auto priorities on program startup?

Auto refresh doesn't work

Audio No Longer Switching Playback Source

audio messed up

Audio/Sound Card not working?

Audio stuttering on all forms of media

Auto alt tab occurs when there's a network connection.

Auto install of printers

Audio not working; Drivers installed.

Audio Trouble

Audio troubleshooting

audio device issues

Auto Standby and Hibernation Mode

Audio software and bass problems

Audio software up to date but not hearing any sound

Auto System Backup Problem

auto copmlete names in win mail?

Auto reboot + messed up graphics

AutoCorrect in Windows

audio problems (audio stops working)

Auto-hide Wont Hide

automatic dialup after win. 98 boots

audio screwing up after OS reinstall

Audio switches between headphones and SPDIF interface!

Automated Backup To CD

Automatic file backup

Audio Sometimes Doesnt Work

Automatic Windows Update Downloads

Automatically updating all drivers in one single step?

Automatically connect DSL at startup

automatic decrease volume (sound)

Automatic Windows Update Licensing Agreement Question?

Automatic Updates - Files already installed?

Automatic Windows Update Slows Laptop

Automatic Windows Updates: Have you disabled them?

automaticly dial after restart

Automatic Shutdown Issue after Win 10

Automatically loading programs in order on start-up

Automatic Updates Wont Enable

Automatic Update that I already have

Automatic deselect/minimize application problem

AutoPlay DvDs Won't Work

Autorun.exe won't work

AutoRoute 99 on WIndows XP?

Auto Update broke my Laptop !

autorun file at Windows 10

Automatic Windows Update gets turned off always

Autorun Malware - Cant restore

autoplaying movie cd

Autostart in Windows No Longer Works

Automatic Updates - known issues?

Autoplay Does Not Work On Cd/dvdrom

Auto-hide on Taskbar Quits

Automatic Updates Disables

Automatic network login problems

AutoStart DVDs

Automatic Update Crash

AutoPlay: External USB Drive

Autoplay for DVD+R/W drive not working

Autoplay for Audio CDs

Avast update messed up computer.

AVG can't remove 10 viruses

AVG - Start Menu Problem

AVG Auto updates using excessive bandwidth!

AVG install fails and Task Manager not opening with no access denied message

Avg 2011 problems

AVG and .bin troubles

AVG just detected "Proxy" virus in exe file I ran a year ago

AVG Detected Problem but can't fix - different computer

avg minimizes on its own

AVG Won't Load

AVG won't run

AVG Startup and Network connect.

AVG good alternative to McAfee?

Avira update failed and 'You got pwned' screen

avi/divx to dvd burning and poor quality

Awful sound distortion

AVG-spy sweeper compatablilty?

Avoiding Windows 10 Upgrade Related Updates

awkward repair what

Background themes

Backing up Recovery Partition D:Drive

Backing up automatically

backing up microsoft update files

back to Windows 8 from Windows 10

Backup / transfer VPN / Dialup connections

backgroung and thumnail problem

Backup Status and Complete Backup Options

Backing up in Win10

backup files error

Bad freezing and lockups

Bad sound issues

Bad Resolution

bad update

Bad USB?: won't turn off

Bad windows10

bad times lost $MFT file or something

Backup VPN / Dialup connection

bad input device/ cant get to record on my computer

Balloon Tips causing problem with Taskbar

Bad network connectivity after Windows Update

Bar above taskbar is missing

Bar is displayed on bottom of screen during power up

Bare-bones XP running?

Bad lag in WoW after fresh install

Beeps and deselecting

BD-DVD rom drive cant get to play DVD's or Music CD at all

Beeping at Windows XP Log In

Battery Indicator/Meter error.

Before I Clone and Wipe Out a Drive

Been Installing Window Update for 2 weeks.

Believe Virus won't let me delete!

Before switching over to win 7

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