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{Advice Offered} - Shortcuts For DOS Executables


vDOS is a fork of DOSBox specifically intended for character mode DOS apps. To use it, you must assign a shortcut to the command as follows: From the Configure menu, choose Preferences. He's authored or co-authored four of Que's best selling Windows books.Bibliographic informationTitleSpecial Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP HomeSpecial Edition Using SeriesUsing SeriesAuthorsRobert Cowart, Brian KnittelEditionillustratedPublisherQue Publishing, 2004ISBN0789732793, 9780789732798Length1141 pagesSubjectsComputers›Operating Systems›GeneralComputers / Click on OK. (This works best if you make the words under the icons as short as possible). check my blog

You favorite cmd is only one click away. But you can still have the command line in Windows 95 and the graphical interface. Result : -------------- create table noch_try( jnum int, jwrd varchar(50) ) -------------- Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) -------------- show tables -------------- +-----------------+ | Tables_in_test | +-----------------+ | event | Now, extract TextPad's settings from the registry: Click Start and run REGEDIT.EXE Using the Export command on the File menu, export the following key to HKCU.REG: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Helios\TextPad 4 Export the following

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Be aware that data on flash drives may have a shorter shelf life than that on properly-stored discs. Automatic directory listings after the operation confirm the copy/move. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. at the command prompt to review the available command-line options.

For programs that do not accept command-line start parameters, one ordinarily would start the program and then have to issue a series of commands to get to the start-up screen of As discussed earlier, these take up a lot of room. A companion virus will write a .com file to echo an existing .exe file, but with the virus attached. A Computer Uses ________ To Organize All Of The Different Files And Applications That It Contains. These will execute much faster than if they had to be read from the hard drive every time. 4DOS users have part of this capability built in if they use

Hausky You can also use D-Fend Reloaded which is is an open-source, graphical interface for DOSBox. The reason for this is, that we can give the current file or the current workspace name to our tool. The DVI viewer as a program: Program: yap.exe Parameter: -1 -s $Line$FileName $WspBaseName.dvi Initial directory: $WspDir Insert your favorite DVI viewer instead of yap. -1 tells yap to reuse an open look at this site All data will be lost after restart." -t 59 than change the icon of the shortcut at (right mouse) properties > change icon type in the upper text box pifmgr.dll (press

Computer operation is slowed down when DOS has to look through unnecessary file names. Windows 7 Tips And Tricks Pdf Windows will type the full path of the file into the box. Windows eventually removes items from the Jump List when it runs out of space, but you can override this. DOSBox’s environment is separate from your computer’s file system.

The Properties Dialog Box Always Will Have The Advanced Tab, Although What It Displays May Differ.

You may test this by first making sure BREAK is on, then running the program, exiting, and checking the BREAK status again. I say "likely" because the integrity of the data is not looked at. 50 Windows 7 Tips And Tricks If you only mount one of them at a time, add just one letter. Windows 7 Tips And Tricks 2015 You get the point.Pin Folders to Favorites and Start Menu Explorer's Jump List shows your seven most frequently visited folders, but you can manually bookmark some favorites to the top of

Bypass the Password You can bypass the Windows NT log-on prompt and automatically be logged into Win95 and the NT domain. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-7/advice-offered-config-nt-files-in-professional.html For an example of one, see EDZIP.bat in Advanced Batch File Examples II. Make a note of which one is your USB key, based on the capacity. Open Dialog Right-click on the command line of any dialog box and you'll get a handy context menu with options to Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Select All. Windows 7 Tips And Tricks For Users

In the list of commands, choose "PageUp". Advertisement Windows + Shift + Left and Windows + Shift + RightIf you're using two or more displays-and you are, aren't you?-memorize this shortcut to easily move a window from one Connect with him on Google+. news While this theoretically will not destroy your data, we recommend you back up your files first.Convert WMC Recordings for Use with Vista and XP Windows Media Center (WMC) improved in the

Having a print out from before any changes are made makes it simple to restore settings if need be, but a hard copy can also be used as a check list. Windows 7 Tips And Tricks Lifehacker The operating system, after all, should be a background player in the computing experience-a means to an end, with the end being web surfing, content editing, and wanton destruction in the To create a report on your PC's energy appetite, press the Windows key and type cmd in the search box.

I use the excellent Kensington "Expert Mouse", Model #64215 both at work and at home.

Then, if you create data files, make subdirectories for that data with one directory for each category. In addition, for many programs, the keyboard is much faster than the hoops through which one must jump with a mouse to navigate typical program menus. Thus you may type those commands and then leave the keyboard to do other things while the program runs unattended. Windows 7 Tricks And Secrets You can download Ctags from: http://darren.hiebert.com/ctags/ In TextPad configure a DOS tool with the following setup: Parameters: ctags -x -R | grep "^$Sel\>" Regular Expression: ^[[:alnum:]_]+ +[a-z ]+\([0-9]+\) +\([^ ]+\) File

As well, if an error occurred or the computer lost power/was shut off before a program had finished and was exited, these files may remain to clutter your hard drive. Click Close. This allows the command prompt to return or programs to continue, so you may work while disc writing goes on in the background. More about the author Besides greater efficiency and flexibility for many routine tasks, another reason to learn about Command Prompt is that there is still much good software that was written for DOS and can

Get Personal Right-click functionality is useful for a number of operations in Exchange. This will display five new unindexed folders, each corresponding to a different global region. DOS checks more frequently when BREAK is on. By default, Win7 uses AutoPlay for all media and devices; this can be unchecked, and from there you can personalize AutoPlay actions like a madman.

As this example above suggests, you can open Notepad from Command Prompt just by typing Notepad. (You might need to adjust your path to include the folder where the program notepad.exe From this you can see that Command Prompt is no mere throwback to an earlier era of computing--it's a sophisticated tool for power users. Give the shortcut a name. (Note that the message won't actually be sent until you launch Exchange.) Order, Order Right-click on the column bar of your choice in the Exchange Now, whenever you want to send a document to a member of your workgroup, just right-click on it, select Send To, then the name of the person.